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Everybody loves Yaya

Chapter 13 : Home Sweet Home

Ever since the resolution to the 'incident' regarding the Quahog Chamber Pot and the breaking thereof, Yaya had been having a much quieter time in Quahog. The past few weeks have been relatively free of incidents. Well, large-scale incidents that is, since living with the Griffins could be called anything but normal.

The past few weeks, Yaya had witnessed her share of insanity. Peter-chama had brought home a cardboard cut-out of Boba Fett from a Star Wars convention and had treated him as a part of the family until Lois-sama had secretly thrown it away with the trash. As a result, Peter had sit on the lawn in front the house for days waiting for Boba to come home.

Then there was a package delivery with a big E-bay sticker on it for one S. Griffin. Yaya signed for the package, opened it and found it was filled with canisters of weapons-grade plutonium. But Stewie-kun had spirited it away rather quickly, but only after loudly calling Yaya a nosy yuri-worshipping lolicon, and that was the last she had seen of the plutonium.

Nothing compared to dealing with a terrified Tsubomi after she had caught Brian-sama and his dimwitted girlfriend Jillian while they were in bed making love. Even though Brian-sama had later come to Tsubomi and told her that 'what she had seen was a beautiful thing', Yaya feared that Tsubomi had been scarred for life yet again. And the poor thing hadn't even seen Urotsukidoji yet...

But these were all the incidents of note... well, aside from Peter-chama's Miami Vice/Dukes of Hazzard cosplay addiction, Lois' brief infatuation with Furbies and the ICBM Yaya found hidden in the bushes near Stewie's sandbox, of course.

Yaya was now simply enjoying her few remaining days in America and had started the day by doing her paper-route. Of course, she'd spent just a little too much time cuddling with Tsubomi this morning, so it was no surprise she was running late. She started cycling a little faster and throwing the papers to the doorsteps a little faster while she sped over the curb.

In between throwing papers and trying not to his pedestrians, Yaya checked her watch. She sighed when it sank in that she would never make it back home in time to catch the bus to school. And indeed, when she had finished her route and sped on, she saw the back of the bus as it rounded about the corner and she saw a very angry looking Tsubomi standing on the driveway in front of the Griffin house.

-"Yaya..."- Tsubomi started.

-"You could have taken the bus,"- Yaya tried.

Tsubomi held up Yaya's backpack.

-"Ah, there is that,"- Yaya said. -"Well, no use crying over spilt milk. Hop on!"-

-"It doesn't matter,"- Tsubomi said while fastening Yaya's backpack and taking a seat behind her girlfriend. -"We'll never make it in time."-

-"Oh?"- Yaya smirked.

Tsubomi gulped. -"Yaya-chan... don't you dare. I mean it, don't you dare!"-

"Arriba! Arriba! Andele! Andele!" Yaya shouted and sped off. As fast as her legs could provide locomotion, the bicycle raced alongside the curb. While Tsubomi held on to her tightly, Yaya leant forward and put all her strength into her cycling.

She slalomed around a milk van and several slow-riding sedans, finally putting years of rigorous Japanese PE to good use. Tsubomi squeezed her eyes shut when Yaya took a turn at full speed, skidding across the asphalt at a 45 degree angle at the very least. With the smell of burning rubber apparent, Yaya continued straight forward, towards the school.

-"YAYA!"- Tsubomi cried out when she saw that Yaya was picking up speed and headed towards a board that was conveniently placed on the low brick wall that surrounded James Woods High, probably by a couple of a skateboarders.

-"Don't worry,"- Yaya grinned. -"Everything's under control."-

The bicycle hit the plank, and like a much more successful SuperDave, Yaya launched her bike into the air. Tsubomi screamed like a girl being chased by a horny tentacle monster while the bike flew into the classroom through an open window while the teacher was taking roll-call. The bike crashed in the back of class and the two girls rolled over the floor towards the two open seats in the back.

Yaya and Tsubomi quickly sat up straight. "Present!" Yaya called out enthusiastically at the flabbergasted classmates and teacher. Yaya started digging in her bag for her books, when Tsubomi nudged her.

-"Na, Yaya-chan..."-


-"This isn't our class, ne!"-

Yaya blinked.

-"Oh,"- she finally said and quickly put her books away again. "Gomen Nasai!" she told the class and she picked up her bike and left the class together with a rather red-faced Tsubomi to find the class that they were supposed to attend.

"Hehehehehhehehe!" Peter giggled in his own characteristic way while playing the ball back to Yaya. Yaya, in turn, tried to catch the ball to blow it back to Peter.

So far, the two were enjoying the game they made up on the spot : leafblower fussball. Basically, Yaya and Peter were moving a light ball back and forth between two juiced up leafblowers.

"I got it! I got it!" Yaya dove in front of the ball with the leaf-blower, only to overshoot it and letting the ball roll onto the sidewalk in front of the house. "I didn't get it."

"Heheheheheh, two-nil! Oh, yeah, it's Peter-time!"

Yaya switched off her leaf-blower and readjusted the cap she was wearing: a cloth baseball cap with a big Y stitched on the front.

"Come on, let's go play some more," Peter said.

Yaya sighed and looked away. "I'm going home tomorrow, Peter-chama," she said, a serious edge in her voice.

"Oh, yeah, that," Peter sighed. "I was hoping you wouldn't remember that. Like 'Oh? Japan? What's that screwy country I never heard of? I lost my memory after hitting myself in the head with a frying pan, so I might as well stay here with the Griffins and never remember Japan or going back there ever again. Oh, hey, country I never knew existed, I don't wanna go back to you because the US is much better and has fattier food."

"I'd love to stay longer," Yaya looked sad. "I miss my friends, but... I sure have a hell of a lot of fun here in Quahog."

Peter sat down next to Yaya... and after some prompting from Yaya, switched off the leafblower that was blasting hot air through their hair.

"It's going to be different," Yaya nodded. "I love the freedom I had here. Just to go home after school and have fun with the family. Just go to school and have fun. At Astraea Hill, you have to be obedient and correct, and wear that stupid white uniform all the time even during your free hours. I don't think I can go back to being a good little Japanese student, Peter-chama. I never really appreciated how much good it is to go home after school, have dinner and hang around the house watching TV, listening to music or playing a video-game."

Yaya looked at the window to her temporary room. "Last night I'll be sleeping in the same bed with Tsubomi-chan. We won't be sharing a room back at the dorms. We're going to have to work something out, because Tsubomi-chan's roommate hates me with a passion. Perhaps... Hikari-chan and I can work something out, since she stays with Amane-sempai most of the time. I... just don't know."

"I know!" Peter grinned. "You can fake your own death! We dressed up a bunch of pillows in your clothes, but you behind the driver's wheel, brick on the pedals and drive you straight into a nuclear power plant. And after the meltdown has passed, nobody will ever know... You'd need a fake name. How'd you like to be called Britney Lohan Griffin? Or Chicky Cool Griffin? Or Batgirl Griffin? You could stay with us forever!"

Yaya smiled. "Actually, I'd sorta like that. But what about Tsubomi-chan?"

"Hmmmmmmmmm, let Peter think," he rubbed his chin. "Ah! Peter has an idea. We'll dress up another dummy in her clothes and have her jump off the Quahog bridge and suffer a tragic skull-smashing bungee-jump accident."

"Hm," Yaya smiled. "Then we could stay here, have fun, freedom and make love every night in our very own room. Tempting."

"Wow," Peter's eyes glazed over. "That's so hot..."

"It'd never work," Yaya said. "Tsubomi-chan is already getting homesick for Japan."

"Hmmmmmm, let Peter think again," he bit his lip. "If we hit her over the head with a piece of wood, she'd probably lose her memory and we can reprogram her like they did in that movie Total Recall. She could be a mysterious pink-haired assassin from the Martian colony with a heart of gold and a gun the size of a bazooka who drives around on a sexy sleek quad-bike and has never heard of Japan!"

"Who's going to hit me over the head?" a scowling Tsubomi emerged from the kitchen and placed her hands on her sides.

"Peter is," Yaya said. "And then you'll be a sexy assassin without any knowledge of Japan whatsoever."

"Rrrriggght," Tsubomi rolled her eyes. "I see the average IQ-level has dropped below freezing point."

"Oh, don't be such a spoilsport, Tsubomi-chan," Yaya giggled. "We're only kidding around."

"Kidding around, ey?" Tsubomi narrowed her eyes. "Shall I tell you a story about Yaya-chan then? A dirty rotten secret. You want to hear it? Here it is: Yaya-chan passes wind in bed!"

"TSUBOMI!" Yaya blushed.

"Flapping the duvet doesn't help, Yaya-chan," Tsubomi looked on smugly and crossed her arms. "Especially not after you've had a curry."

"Oh? Oh? Oh?" Yaya fumed and rose from the lawn to shout at Tsubomi. "And what about all that stuff you do in bed with those carrots?"

"Nani?!" Tsubomi blushed.

"What kind of girl chews carrots in bed?" Yaya said. "I swear, I can hear you crunching away all evening. Who are you? Bugs Bunny? Neeeeeehhhh, wassup Yaya?"

"I like carrots!" Tsubomi retorted. "They're healthy and good for your eyes."

"And that's why you eat three pounds of carrots a day?" Yaya smirked. "That's called an addiction, Tsubomi-chan."





And as the two girlfriends started rolling over the lawn wrestling each other down, Peter looked on silently.

"Wow," he said. "That's hot."

Lois noticed how quiet it was in the house without Yaya and Tsubomi with them. The trip to the airport ended with a teary farewell, with Yaya and Tsubomi hugging everybody and promising to stay in touch and write. A very sad looking Yaya had practically demanded the Griffins to visit her in Japan next year during school break, or maybe that she and Tsubomi would be coming back to America the year after that to visit them.

And at the same time that their surrogate daughters had left the country, her son Chris returned. Chris raved about all the friends he had made in Japan. He came back wearing a red kimono and carrying all sorts of Japanese foods, dolls and assorted knickknacks his friends had given him. He had particularly liked a girl named Sharon for some reason, even though from the stories Chris told her, Lois surmised that the girl hadn't been very nice to Chris in return.

Right now Chris was up in his room, apparently acting as a therapist for the imaginary Evil Monkey that lives in his closet. Chris claimed the Evil Monkey was thoroughly traumatized by being bullied by the pink-haired Tsubomi for months on end.

Her immediate concern, however, was her husband Peter.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Peter sobbed uncontrollably as he pressed his face into the pillows of the couch. "I want Yaya! I want YAYA!"

"Hey, Peter," Lois said. "Look what I've got here. You want a lollipop? You want a lolly? Sure, you want a lolly."

"NO!" Peter sniffed. "Go away with your stupid lolly. I wanna play with Yaya again. Waaaahhhhhh... Why did she have to go back to that stupid screwy country? Why didn't you stop her, Lois? If Yaya gets raped by tentacle monsters in Japan, it'll be YOUR fault, Lois! YOUR FAULT!"

"I know you miss your friend, Peter," Lois said. "But she had to go home. But you've still got Brian and Joe and Cleveland and Glenn's back in town tomorrow."

"Quagmire isn't Yaya," Peter sniffed.

"There, there, Peter," Brian said, rubbing his head gently. "Think of it this way: Yaya has gone to a far better place."

"Heaven?" Peter asked meekly.

"Close," Brian said. "An all-girl school."

"Lesbian Heaven?" Peter perked up. "You think she's happy there?"

"Like a dog in a butcher's shop, Peter," Brian said. "Come on, Peter, let's watch some TV. It'll cheer you up."

"Hi, I'm Tom Tucker."

"And I'm Diana Simmons."

"Break news today. Osama bin Laden has surrendered himself to American troops in Afghanistan and, in a surprising move, has converted to Christianity. We go live to Asian Reporter Trisha Takinawa on the scene.

The scene switched to an American army base in the desert where the famous terrorist was being escorted to the brig by two beefy US marines. Three more marines were restraining somebody in the back.

"Thank you, Tom. I'm standing here at Camp Charlie where the mastermind himself has surrendered quite unexpectedly. Mister bin Laden, do you have something to say about your surprising change of heart."

"I don't care, I don't care what happens to me. Just keep her away from me! Keep her away from me! Oh, save me Lord! Save me, Jesus! Oh, all things bright and beautiful..."

At that moment the hood covering the second restrained person fell off as she shouted after him. "Don't go! I only want to love you!"

"Oh my god!" said a flabbergasted Brian. "That's MEG!"

"Who's Meg?" Lois asked.

"Meg?" Peter frowned. "I think you just made up a name that doesn't exist, Brian"

Brian blinked. "You know, forget it. I'm going upstairs."

"Well," Stewie said as he watched Lois from the top of the stairs. "Those two Japanese nitwits might be done, mommy-dearest, but I have another Japanese surprise in store for you. You there, doll!"

With a dainty stride and leaving a trail of black feathers behind her, a gothically dressed living doll with long grey hair, a malicious sneer on her face and malice in her red eyes made her way to Stewie's side. "Watch yourself, human," the doll threatened. "Treat me with respect."

"Just remember our agreement, Suigintou. We take care of each other's mortal adversary," Stewie said. "And by 'take care' I mean 'horribly murder'!"

Suigintou grinned as she looked at her target. "No concerns, little human. I'll turn your Lois into junk... Fu, fu, fu..."

"Yeah, well, in the meantime, your Shinku has a napalm grenade with her name on it. HAH!" Stewie grinned evilly, and for a moment, Stewie and Suigintou tried to outdo each other in the maniacal sneer department.

That moment, Brian strode onto the overpass from the bathroom. He looked at Stewie. Then at Suigintou. Then at Stewie again.

"I don't even wanna know," he said and started walking down the stairs.

"Yes, walk away, dog!" Stewie chuckled. "I finally found a true equal!"

"So where'd you find this one?" asked Brian while looking over his shoulder. "Toy R'Us bargain bin?"

"Internet chatroom," Stewie shrugged.

"You two deserve each other," Brian sighed and stepped down again.

"Yes, dog," Suigintou said. "Leave with your tail between your legs... and a surprisingly small tail it is."

"HAH! So delightful," Stewie said before high-fiving Suigintou. "Come on, I'll show you my anthrax collection, Suigintou. I have all 27 subtypes!"


"Well, that's the last of them," Tamao sighed as she wiped the sweat from her brow. In front of her was a huge dumpster, now filled to the brim with girl-girl pornography and stolen women's underwear.

"You got rid of it all?" said Quagmire, whom had helped her move the magazines and clothwork out of her room under the cover of night. Of course, Quagmire was stuffing a few of the more hardcore magazines into his overcoat.

Tamao smiled innocently. "I kept a few of the more tasteful magazines and some yuri manga's for under my mattress."

Quagmire and Tamao moved back into the woods, making sure they weren't seen by any of the nosy students.

"I'm sorry, Quagmire-sensei," Tamao bowed deeply as she and her sensei stood in the woods near the swim team's locker room. "I suppose I just don't have what it takes to be a Pervert."

"Nine out of ten Perverts fail in their first year, Tamao," Quagmire said. "There's nothing to be ashamed about. Hey, you could just settle for being a Pervert Lite, as many Perverts who are in a relationship are. Heh. heh."

Tamao smiled wistfully. "I don't know what'll happen between me and Chiyo-chan. God knows I'm not totally over Nagisa-chan, and I don't think I'll ever be."

"Oh, come on!" Quagmire said. "Do you know how many women are on the planet? No? About 3 billion of them."

His eyes glazed over for a moment. "Oh, wow... 3 billion. 3 billion chicks! AAALLLLRRRIIIGGGHHHTTT!! Uh, oh, uh, sorry. Drifted off there for a moment. Anyway," he said, wrapped an arm around Tamao's shoulders and pointed out to the sea. "Whenever you're feeling down in the dumps, just take a look at that beautiful ocean there and imagine what a beautiful world this is... a beautiful world filled with 3 billion chicks who all wanna have steamy hot sex with you."

"All at the same time?" Tamao asked.

"Sure, why not? Heh, heh, alllrrright."

"Wow," Tamao gasped and closed her eyes to daydream. "Giggity," she concluded.

"It's nice to daydream, isn't it?"

"Quagmire-san, you can have Shizuma if you like," Tamao said, still fantasizing.

"Giggity-giggity-goo!" Quagmire grinned. "Bring on the duct tape!"

Tamao and Quagmire moved back to the dressing rooms. "I guess this is it, Tamao," he said as he started to remove the belt of his coat.

"I suppose," Tamao looked sad. "Can I write to you, Quagmire-san?"

"Sure, why not?" Quagmire said. "I mean, you might not be a full-fledged Pervert, but that doesn't mean we can't still be friends. You take care of yourself, Tamao. Now Quagmire's leaving in style."

"Goodbye, Quagmire-san," Tamao bowed deeply. Quagmire nodded, removed his raincoat... and promptly ran into the swim team's dressing room.

"GIGGITY-GIGGITY-GIGGITY-GIGGITY-GIGGITY-GIGGITY-GOO!" sounded from Quagmire as he streaked through an army of changing girls, and their screams soon mixed with Quagmires' giggities until he came out the other end, ran back to scoop up his raincoat and kept running towards the exit, waving Tamao a quick goodbye as he passed.

Amane and Hikari were waiting for Yaya and Tsubomi to come out of the arrival terminal at the airport. As Etoile, welcoming the students or, in this case, picking them up when they returned from a school-related trip abroad, was their duty. Of course, Hikari would have insisted on picking up her friends anyway. As the day that Yaya and Tsubomi would return crept closer, Hikari had grown ever more excited. Amane suspected that Hikari had missed her friends a lot more than she had led on.

-"Hikari,"- Amane stressed as Hikari held up a sign with the Kanji of both Yaya and Tsubomi's names high above her head. -"They know who we are, darling."-

-"Snookie,"- Hikari retorted. -"What if they miss us or get lost? We might end up roaming along the airport for hours."-

Knowing better than to argue with Hikari when she had an idea in her head, she resumed waiting until their friends arrived.

Yaya, surprisingly energetic after a 14 hour flight, pushed a trolley with on it two suitcases and four times as much bags containing gifts, candies and other assorted goods while a rather tired looking Tsubomi was trailing her. The pink-haired girl looked about ready to drape herself over the suitcases on the trolley and pass out.



Amane winced as the two girls squealed like, well, two young girls and embraced happily. Yaya immediately took hold of Hikari and started swinging her about.

-"I missed you so much, Yaya-chan!"-

-"I missed you too, Hikari-chan, but..."- Yaya smiled. -"I'm over you, Hikari-chan. I am soooo over you."-

Hikari pouted slightly. -"Na, Yaya-chan. You didn't quite have to put it like that."-

-"Gomen, Hikari-chan,"- Yaya hugged her again. -"Didn't mean it that way."-

-"I know."-

-"So..."- Yaya turned to Amane. -"I hear your name is 'Snookie', these days."-

Amane winced at the silly pet name Hikari had deemed to label her with and felt swift action was in order. -"No,"- she replied. -"You did not hear that."-

-"Yes, I did. Just now."-

-"If Nanto-san knows what's good for her, she will never ever repeat that name in public ever again,"- Amane narrowed her eyes. -"Or Nanto-san might find herself stuck in detention for the rest of her academic career at Astraea Hill and possibly beyond."-

-"Nanto-san understands,"- Yaya nodded.

Satisfied, Amane watched on as the two friends chattered, but noticed that Tsubomi had stumbled over to respectfully bow in greeting. Amane bowed in return, but almost yelped when she saw that the smaller girl was about to topple forward and caught her by the shoulders before she would hurt herself. Tsubomi yawned an apology for good measure.

Amane decided to push the luggage while Hikari chatted animatedly with Yaya, who was dragging a tired Tsubomi along to the car. Of course, the car she was driving had been borrowed from Lulim's sister Hitomi. It was a small Suzuki Swift of which the backside was covered with Transformers bumper stickers and of which the interior smelled suspiciously like marihuana.

While Tsubomi lay on the backseat, it took Amane, Yaya and Hikari quite some time to figure out how to fit themselves and the luggage in the car. After some rather bad suggestions, which included strapping Tsubomi to the roof of the car, or simply buying a bigger car on the spot, Amane decided to load the bags into the small trunk and strap the suitcases to the imperial on top of the roof.

And so Amane drove the car back to the Hill. She watched in the rear-view mirror and saw Yaya in the backseat with the head of a sleeping Tsubomi in her lap. Ever so gently, she ran her fingers through Tsubomi's sakura-colored hair. In turn, the sleeping girl looked decidedly comfortable. Amane smiled to herself... the love between Yaya and Tsubomi was apparent. And, even more surprisingly, one of Hikari's hare-brained schemes had finally paid off.

Amane's train of thought was interrupted when Hikari kicked against the gearshift and pressed her butt against Amane's face. -"Hikari!"- Amane scolded. -"Get back in your seat, this isn't safe!"-

Hikari was hanging over the front seat to chat to Yaya and kicked about to keep herself in balance. Eventually, she propped herself up by pushing both her feet into the dashboard and hanging over the seat at her midriff. Amane shook her head. This drive would still go on for about two hours.

Seemingly an eternity later, Amane parked the car in the parking lot in front of the entrance to Astraea Hill. Home, sweet home.

-"I didn't know you could ride cars as well, Amane-sempai,"- Yaya chuckled while Tsubomi let out a yawn. Apparently the nap had done her some good, but she was still quite tired.

-"I am just full of surprises,"- Amane chuckled. -"And... oh..."-

Amane smiled when she noticed Nagisa and Shizuma standing at the side of the gate, saying goodbye to each other until the next weekend when they'd be together again. The ritual was quite the same each monday morning: Shizuma and Nagisa leant against the wall, engaged in a passionate, fiery kiss that would make many a couple jealous.

-"Nagisa-chan,"- Yaya smiled. -"She doesn't even notice we're here. Should I say hello?"-

-"Nah,"- Amane said. -"Nagisa-kun's brain is on kissage overload. Perhaps it would be better to wait till later."-

Just as it seemed that Shizuma and Nagisa would break off the kiss, either Nagisa or Shizuma would draw the other girl in for another round of professional tongue-wrestling.

-"Well, now I know why Nagisa-chan is always late for class on monday mornings,"- Hikari said.

-"Shizuma-sama'd better hurry too,"- Amane checked her watch. -"If she doesn't hurry, she'll miss her Shinkansen to the university."-

As the four girls passed, Shizuma and Nagisa remained oblivious to their presence, only revelling in their love.

Yaya and Tsubomi slowly walked behind the two Etoiles as they made their way towards the Dorms. It was much a homecoming for them, moreso for Tsubomi. But neither girl could deny that they had had a hell of a lot of fun in America.

Still, the smells of the trees, the crunch of the dirt beneath their feet, the solitude that the Hill offered. It was good to be home. More good news was that they'd be exempt from classes for the next to days to recover from the long trip. Of course, Yaya and Tsubomi were expected to appear in the cafeteria to regale the gathered girls there with tales of their adventures in the States.

-"Ano, Yaya-chan?"- Tsubomi asked.


-"It's kinda weird to be back here. It was nice to live with a family again, even if it was a really weird one,"- her girlfriend said. -"Hey, Yaya-chan? Would you mind if I go visit my parents over the weekend?"-

-"We'll go together,"- Yaya smiled, -"and we'll go visit my parents the next weekend, okay?"-

-"Visiting the parents... I guess we're really a couple then, ne?"-

-"We are,"- Yaya said. -"I wonder why Hikari-chan went all quiet all of a sudden. All I said that the statue of Maria-sama at the entrance looked different."-

-"Amane-sempai sorta scowled at Hikari-sempai for a moment and muttered something about a cheap knock-off which was all they could get,"- Tsubomi said. -"I get the feeling plenty of stuff happened to this place while we were gone."-

-"In the meantime,"- Yaya chuckled. -"We've got about 5 gigabytes of pictures on my laptop to sort through. We'll keep the memories alive, Tsubomi-chan."-

Elsewhere on the Hill, two lovers lay intwined in each other's arms. In her room at Lulim, Chikaru was held by her Shion while the blonde girl was gently nipping at her collarbone.

-"Hm..."- Chikaru swooned. -"My, you've been so passionate this night. Not that I'm complaining, mind you."-

Shion smiled. -"Chris Griffin is back in the States! I'm free and I had to celebrate."-

-"You were invited to our farewell party for Chris-kun, Shion-koi,"- Chikaru smiled and embraced her lover for a gentle kiss.

-"Forget it,"- Shion said in between kisses. -"I would probably have been blown up, dismembered or shot into space."-

-"It's morning,"- Chikaru whispered in Shion's ear while she rolled on top of Shion and traced a pattern over her lover's chest with her fingernails. -"We're going to be late for class. Us council presidents have to set a good example, remember?"-

-"Screw class,"- Shion said. -"It's not important today."-

-"Yare yare,"- Chikaru chuckled. -"Who are you and what have you done to my Shion-koi?"-

Shion smiled and flipped a giggling Chikaru on her back. The blonde Spican smirked as she held Chikaru in place by pressing down on her wrists and hovered a few inches above her. -"Why don't I show you?"-

Chikaru giggled and wrapped her arms around Shion. Their lips met and just as Shion started to lead a trail of kisses down towards Chikaru's chest the door to the room floor open.


A stunned Chikaru and Shion looked in the eyes of an equally stunned Remon and Kizuna.

-"Dammit!"- Shion snarled while both she and Chikaru quickly tried to cover themselves up with the sheets. -"Don't you know how to knock?"-

Remon and Kizuna said nothing. A stream of blood ejected from their noses and they fell backwards onto the ground, revealing a rather unimpressed Kagome behind them. -"Oshibaru wants to know if you are coming."-

-"Not anymore,"- Shion muttered under her breath.

-"Shion,"- Chikaru admonished before turning to Kagome. -"We'll be right along, Kagome-kun. Will you please let us get dressed first?"-

While Kagome dragged Kizuna and Remon out of the room, Shion turned to Chikaru. -"Well, that's it for lovemaking today. I don't know how, but I swear that somehow Chris Griffin is to blame for this."-

In the cafeteria, Tamao and Chiyo were helping to set up the table for Yaya and Tsubomi to tell her stories. It wasn't much work, just shifting some tables and chairs around. Already, plenty of curious girls of all three academies had gathered before class to hear a few stories that their friends would tell.

In the meantime, Chiyo was arranging some flowers to spruce up the table. Behind Chiyo, Tamao took a moment to quickly take out a tape measure, unfold it and held it against Chiyo's back.

-"Huh?"- Chiyo turned around and found Tamao very innocently scribbling something in a notebook.

Thinking nothing of it, she returned to her floral arrangements. As soon as her back was turned, however, Tamao carefully held the tape measure against the back of Chiyo's head.

-"Huh?"- Chiyo asked again and turned around, once again finding Tamao very innocently scribbling something in a notebook. -"Tamao onee-sama?"-

-"Oh, I wasn't doing anything, just gathering data... precious, precious data,"- Tamao's eyes shone with a dangerous light.

Chiyo frowned, but decided to let it go. Tamao onee-sama was Tamao onee-sama, after all, and she was just happy that Tamao onee-sama was happy.

It didn't take long for the guests of honor to arrive and a chorus of cheers, greets and hugs. Yaya and Tsubomi were seated behind the large table and the girls gathered around and bombarded them with thousands of questions.

-"Did you see the statue of liberty?"-, -"Did you meet anyone famous?"-, -"What's New York like?"-, -"Did you eat American steak?"-, -"Did you miss Japan?"-, -"Do they have Gundam in America?"-, -"Did you meet Snoop Doggy Dog?"-, -"Are all Americans fat?"-, -"Does anyone speak Japanese there?"-, -"What's school like there?"-, -"Did you see any wild animals?"-, -"Are Americans rude?"-, -"Do they have Shrines in America?"-, -"Do they like sushi in America?"-, -"Are you an Tsubomi-chan girlfriends now?"-

The waterfall of questions ebbed when the Etoiles entered the room. Amane scraped her throat, causing the gathered girls to hush. She and Hikari took a seat and she motioned for Yaya to continue.

Tsubomi promptly toppled over onto the table and fell fast asleep.

-"Well,"- Yaya smirked. -"Seeing my dear Tsubomi-chan is out of the count, let me start. First of all, America is great! I've had so much fun there! I made loads of new friends and my best friend there was Peter-chama. He took me to a restaurant where you can eat hamburgers as big as your head!"-

Ooooh's and aaaah's followed.

-"In fact, there was even a..."-

-"YAYA-CHAN!"- shouted Nagisa as she ran into the room. She stopped for a moment to pant before rushing up to her friend and hugging her tightly. -"I'msosorryImissedyouatthegateandI'msogladyou'reback!"- she said.

-"I saw you,"- Yaya grinned. -"You were quite busy. It's good to see you again, Nagisa-chan."-

-"Nagisa-kun,"- Amane said. -"Could you please take a seat? Yaya was about to tell us about life in America."-

-"Gomen,"- Nagisa bowed in apology. -"I just want to tell Yaya about this guy that was looking for her before I sit down."-

-"Huh?"- Yaya frowned. -"A guy?"-

-"Yeah,"- Nagisa said. -"He said he knew you, so I brought him here."-

Nagisa pointed at the doorway, and Yaya's blood ran cold. Standing there, yellow-feathered and eyes filled with rage, was a familiar face from Quahog.

"Holy crap!" Yaya exclaimed in English.

"BACOCK!" Before she knew what was happening, the Chicken Guy was barreling towards her and both of them were flying through the window. They landed on the dirt outside, amongst shards of splintered wood and glass. The Chicken Guy treated Yaya to a few punches to the gut before Yaya was able to break free of his hold. Before the Chicken Guy could get up, Yaya kicked him against the beak. The Chicken Guy recovered quickly and answered with a flurry of punches.

Yaya found out the hard way that the Chicken Guy had improved since the last time they had fought against one another and wouldn't be so easy to take out with a simple karate-chop to the neck this time around. Exchanging kicks and punches, the fight moved from the path outside into the forest. It wasn't long before Yaya broke off a tree branch and hit the Chicken Guy over the head with it. The Chicken Guy caught on and grabbed a piece of wood himself, leading to a frantic tree-branch fencing contest.

It wasn't long until Yaya and the Chicken Guy arrived at the cathedral, punching and kicking all the way. After a rather savage punch to the nose, Yaya wiped the blood from her upper lip and picked up the ferocious pace of the blows. With a couple of moves that could teach the girls from Ikkitousen a thing or two, Yaya kicked and punched her way up the stairway of the cathedral, but ended up questioning the wisdom of that move when they were fighting about 60 meters off the ground.

Disaster struck when the bells at the top of the tower started ringing the full hour. Both Yaya and Chicken Guy held their eyes in pain and lost their balance. The twosome sped to the ground, fighting, kicking, punching and maiming each other all the way down.

They landed on something soft that broke their fall, allowing the fight to continue. The two of them fought on, never noticing the broken body of Miator's sister Hamasaka laying prone on the ground pleading for an ambulance.

More kicks, more punches and still there was no sign of a winner. The two eventually arrived back at the Dorms.

Meanwhile, in the Dorms, Kaname and Momomi were preparing a bath before class. Momomi had already entered the bath and lay stretched with her eyes closed, enjoying the heat. Kaname hummed a tune as she removed her bathrobe and got ready to enter the bath so she could enjoy Momomi.

At that moment, however, to the surprise of both girls, the wall exploded outward. Bricks, plaster and tiles landed in the bath and beyond as both Yaya and the Chicken Guy slammed through the wall. Kaname was momentarily stunned while the two continued fighting on the floor of their bathroom. Momomi started screaming when the Chicken Guy grabbed Yaya and proceeded to try and drown her by shoving her face in the bathwater, which happened a little too close to Momomi for her comfort.

It was then that Kaname got involved. She savagely grabbed the Chicken Guy and threw him out into the hallway.

-"Ah, thanks Kaname-sempai,"- Yaya said as she rubbed her head. -"I was..."-

Kaname's fist against Yaya's jaw silenced her question. And like the Chicken Guy, Yaya found herself lying in the hallway.

-"And STAY OUT, you perverts!"- Kaname shouted after them before slamming the door shut.

"Man," Yaya told the Chicken Guy. "Can I just say that Kaname-sempai has a totally hot body?"

"Buck-buck-BACOCK!" the Chicken Guy clucked with approval.

Again the Chicken Guy was greeted with a kick to the shin and the fight resumed. It wasn't too long before they were rolling down the staircase, fighting all the way, rolling on until they ended up on the very spot where she had started this fight: the cafeteria.

The stunned girls looked on when Yaya finally got the upper hand and pushed the Chicken Guy to the ground. She pressed her knee into her back and grabbed his beak. -"Come on, come on,"- Yaya snarled. -"Let's hear that snap!"-

A harsh crunch followed and an exhausted Yaya returned to the table. She panted, her clothes in tatters, her body covered with bruises and cuts, a blackening eye, a bloody nose and a wounded pride.

-"So,"- she continued panting. -"Any more questions about the States?"-

The girls just sat there, slack jawed and amazed. Chiyo was crying but was held by Tamao.

-"There, there, Chiyo-chan,"- Tamao whispered. -"Onee-sama is here to take care of you."-

It was just then that Tsubomi woke up. -"Hm? Oh, not the Chicken Guy again."-

-"Fraid so,"- Yaya coughed.

-"Poor Yaya-chan,"- Tsubomi pouted. -"I'll go get the first-aid kit."-

-"Nah,"- Yaya said. -"I'll be fine, it can wait. How are we going to deal with this mess, though?"-

Tsubomi thought for a moment. -"So you're saying we can cook him?"-

-"Yes!"- Amane rose from her seat. -"Barbecue! I'll wear my hilarious apron!"-

As the girls started getting excited and started swapping possible recipes or speculation on the hilarity of Amane's apron, Tsubomi treated Yaya's wounds and bruises.

-"What would I do without you, Tsubomi-chan?"-

-"Bandage your own bloody body? Seriously, you always do this, Yaya-chan... You throw yourself headlong into these sort of situations and just let me pick up the pieces. I hope you appreciate this, Yaya-chan. You had BETTER appreciate this. God, you can make me so angry at you."-

And as her girlfriend fired off snarky comment after snarky comment, Yaya couldn't help but smile. Last year around this time, Yaya was angsting about being in love with her best friend who only had eyes for another. But now, Yaya felt content. She was deeper in love with Tsubomi than she had ever been in love with Hikari. And even as she was one big bruise and was confronted with an angry Tsubomi, Yaya felt complete.

-"Tsubomi?"- Yaya whispered gently.

-"WHAT?!"- Tsubomi narrowed her eyes.

-"You make me so happy..."-

That was apparently not the reaction Tsubomi was counting on. The pink-haired girl blushed and looked away. -"I, uh. I... Well, I, uh... let's just treat you now, okay?"-

-"Never change, Tsubomi-chan,"- Yaya smiled and embraced the other girl. -"I love you just the way you are."-

Tsubomi's expression softened considerably, her anger fading away. -"I love you too, Yaya-chan,"- Tsubomi said before gently kissing her beloved, if weird, girlfriend.

Two weeks later, in London, two Japanese girls were making their way through the dreary streets. It was raining cats and dogs, and the two girls walked underneath a big umbrella.

-"Why are we here again?"- Momomi asked.

-"Because the Etoiles wanted us out of the way for a while since Hikari is still scared shitless of me and enrolled us in the Exchange Student program against our will, remember?"- Kaname replied. -"No matter. Think of it as a learning experience before we graduate. And a free holidays."-

-"We graduate in two months,"- Momomi said. -"I hope we have enough study time."-

The two girls stepped in front of a apartment building. It was old and sort of in a state of slight disrepair. It looked small and uncomfortable.

-"Is this the place. I hope not."-

-"Yep,"- Kaname checked the address. -"We'll be living here for the next month or so."-

-"Shit,"- Momomi sighed.

Momomi and Kaname went inside, glad to be out of the rain for a bit. They walked up two stairs to the top floor and found the apartment where their host was living. Kaname took a deep breath and knocked. The door was opened by a friendly looking chap with a big smile, a tweed jacket and a rubbery face.

"Good morning," Kaname spoke in perfect English while bowing politely. "I am Kenjou Kaname and we are the Japanese exchange students who will be staying with you."

Immediately, the friendly chap bowed deeply... unfortunately he ended up accidentally head-butting Momomi.

"Ow!" Momomi yelped and fell backwards. To his credit, the friendly chap bit his lip and quickly helped up Momomi, while avoiding the murderous glares Kaname was sending him. He quickly led the girls inside into the single room apartment. Needless to say, the girls were not happy with the state of their apartment.


"Only one room..."

"In this dump..."

"Shit... Say, uh, mister, uhm..."

The friendly chap kept smiled. "Uhm," he spoke with a low voice. "...Bean."

-"This is going to be the longest month of our lives, Momomi."-

-"Kaname, it's a good thing we've brought all our books with us, so we can throw ourselves on our studies and forget all about this miserable place."-

Two months later, Kaname and Momomi graduated cum laude and with the highest end scores in the history of Spica.

Notes: Naturally, I don't own Strawberry Panic, Family Guy, Suigintou (drat) or Mr. Bean. :) Suigintou and Shinku are from the anime/manga Rozen Maiden and Mr Bean is a creation by British comedian Rowan Atkinson.

The hilarious apron line is lifted from Futurama episode 4 : Love's Labor Lost in Space.