"Breathe…" murmured Kim. She inhaled sharply. "Breathe…"

Kim repeated this several times in a nervous mantra, and Fiona was watching with a quirked eyebrow. She grinned as Kim's face went from blushing to deathly pale repeatedly.

"D, you're going to pass out or hyperventilate." The clone flicked her donor's ear.

Kim startled, eyes darting to Fiona with a glare. "I'm trying to calm down!"

Fiona rolled her eyes. "Seriously, you're sooo gonna pass out if you keep that up. Why don't you go have a sit and I'll start filling the plates?"

Kim fidgeted, dusting off her pants, pulling her blouse down to straighten it from invisible wrinkles. "She'll be here any minute." Her eyes were trained on the trail entering the cove.

"And in that minute, you'll be calmly sitting mysteriously in the shadows and rise to greet her when she gets here." Fiona gently pushed Kim towards the iron wrought table and chairs set for two.

Kim started pacing, not making it the short distance to the chairs. "Maybe this was a bad idea. What if it's too much? What if she doesn't like it? Do you think she'll like it? Is it not enough?"

Fiona watched her babble for several startled seconds before she huffed and pulled out a flask from a pouch in her guitar case. She unscrewed the lid and pressed it into Kim's hand. "Drink."

Kim tipped the container to her lips without even looking at what she'd been handed. Fiona's eyes went wide when several large gulps followed before Kim's eyes bulged and she quickly righted the container coughing.

"W-*cough* What the hell?!"blurted Kim, glaring daggers at the flask in her hand. "You gave me whiskey?!"

"Well you-"

"Wait, why are you drinking whiskey?!" interrupted Kim. "You're too young!"

Fiona sighed before taking away the flask and screwing the lid back on. "Sloth decided it was a good idea to stash some on me so if I ever started playing while she was around she could take shots."


"Yeah, the Carabinieri almost found it when they asked me to move along when I was playing in a town square in Italy. Of course, I think their drinking age is lower there, so it might not have mattered." Fiona shrugged.

"What the hell are they doing with you?! You're not the same age as me, damn it!"

Fiona chuckled. "I'm not complaining. I've seen some wild party's 'cause of those two."

Kim growled. "You're grounded."

"What?! You can't ground me!"

"I can and did," rebutted Kim. "I made sure to get legal documents saying I'm you're guardian in case something ever came up and we needed to explain your existence."

"And you didn't ask me?!"roared Fiona. She poked Kim in the chest. "I'm not a little kid!"

"Who else was going to?" asked Kim with a dismissive shrug.

"We look identical!" raged Fiona. "Who the hell is going to believe you're my guardian when you look the same age as me?!"

Kim waved a hand airily, cheeks slightly flush. "Psh, all of my ID's are original, so they can't say I'm not my age. I'm also a public icon you know? Doubts can't be had."

Fiona frowned. "Are you drunk?"

"Nope!" Kim popped the 'p'. "Just feeling awesome!" She preceded the remark with a little bouncing fist-pump. She scrubbed her hands through her short hair to give it that sexy bedhead look before strutting to the table and draping herself across the chair. She glanced at Fiona's gaping expression. "You getting to those plates?"

Fiona's gaze dropped to the flask. "Seriously?" She huffed, turning to replace the flask before heading to the little cart holding warming containers.

A soft squeal made her start when she was just about finished with the second plate.

"She's here!" hissed Kim. Kim bounced in her seat excitedly before taking a deep breath, donning a cool expression. "Right, time to make this perfect."

Fiona's eyes darted to the path to find that Shego was indeed coming their way. The woman was leisurely listening to the little boy hanging off her arm, her other hand holding the wide brimmed hat she'd been wearing earlier. The boy was bouncing around and kept up a nearly endless amount of chatter, his free chubby little hand carrying a lantern that he was waving around in excitement. Fiona hummed at the woman's simple choice of clothing, used to seeing the woman in more risky ensembles. She was also amazed the woman had managed to keep her white pants clean of any dirt or other filth.

She turned to see how Kim was reacting and found her donor reaching for the first of several switches hidden close to the table. There was a predatory glint to the other redhead's eyes, and Fiona found herself swallowing before slipping further out of sight.

A telltale clunk was loud in the night air, and Fiona could faintly see Shego twitch in reaction to the unexpected noise.

The darkness surrounding them flickered before it looked like the stars themselves had fallen from heaven to hover in the jungle and create a fairytale like atmosphere. A second small click proceeded the faint tinkling of bells and flutes flowing through the quiet.

Shego's head snapped up, eyes wide. The little boy grinned mischievously as he slipped free of her slack grip and darted back the way they'd come. The cheeky brat sent the still dark table area a happy wave before he disappeared out of sight.

Kim's soft chuckle brought Shego's green eyes snapping in their direction.

A third switch lit a trail of lights in descending order towards the hidden table, outlining the path with a soft yellow glow.

Fiona herself felt impressed as the gazebo hidden in the darkness slowly began to light up as if a dimmer switch was slowly being turned on. Kim must have set that up when she wasn't watching.

Kim had managed to retake her seat before the lights even began revealing her figure. She was sitting languidly, one arm draped across the table, legs crossed. As soon as recognition lit Shego's eyes, Kim gracefully rose to her feet. There was a half-smile on the redhead's face as she stepped forward and walked down the three steps of the gazebo and waited at the end of the path. She lifted a single hand, and (to Fiona's surprise) had magically procured a brilliant red rose to hold towards Shego in offering.

Shego stood gob smacked, mouth opening and closing several times, hat laying on the ground forgotten. She took a hesitant step forward, eyes unblinking. After the first step, she slowly started walking forward in a dazed fashion.

Green met green, and with care, the red rose was slipped from one hand to another with a gentle caress.

"I've missed you," murmured Kim.

Fiona found herself feeling like an intruder, the moment so tender and charged. She skulked further into the darkness, attempting to get just far enough away she was out of sight and hearing. She would return after checking to see if they were finished with their meal.

Shego cleared her throat, eyes darting around quickly in awe before returning to Kim's warm expression. "I-this is-…" She blushed, fidgeting slightly as she took in the flower as she twisted it in her fingers. "How did you manage?" she asked at last.

Kim smiled, fingers brushing across the back of Shego's hand. "With a little help here and there."

"How on earth did you get so many damned lights?" breathed Shego, eyes darting to their surroundings. "And so spread out!"

Kim chuckled and winked at her. "It's a secret."

Shego blinked at her several times before sighing and rolling her eyes with a smile. "That's a silly secret."

Kim simply beamed at her. "Are you hungry?" she asked, waving towards the table in the center of the white gazebo. She held out her arm for Shego.

The raven haired woman couldn't help but smile widely, linking arms with the redhead. "You know, funny thing is, I am. My favorite restaurant refused to serve me, for some strange reason." She gave Kim a pointed look.

"How odd," Kim replied lightly, pulling out Shego's chair.

Once Shego was seated, Kim retrieved the waiting plates and brought them to the table. Once the plates were placed, Kim retook her seat and lifted a chilling bottle of wine. "Something to drink?"

Shego hummed with a smile. "Why Princess, you're spoiling me."

"Well, this label was a small challenge to come by, but I know some people." Kim winked, bottle opening with a loud pop. Kim poured them both a drink before setting the bottle aside. Her eyes drifted across the table to Shego's. She picked up her glass tenderly. "To the future," she murmured.

Shego shifted slightly, looking uncertain before she slowly opened her mouth to speak. "What kind of future?" She looked both excited and petrified at the same time. "Is… Is this what I think it is? Or…" Her voice failed her, hands wringing themselves in her lap.

Kim's heart clenched painfully. She found herself out of her seat and kneeling before the other woman before either registered that Kim had moved. Kim scooped up Shego's hands to still them, pressing a tender kiss to Shego's fingers. She looked up at Shego with a watery smile, even if her hold was firm. "Shego… I have no idea how you've loved me this long," murmured the redhead. "There've been so many things that have happened, the fact you still care as much as you do…" Kim shook her head slowly in awe. "It's amazing." She looked down at their twined hands. "I cannot promise I won't do stupid things. I can't promise the future will be perfect." A tear escaped down her cheek, and her eyes darted up to gaze at Shego openly. "But I can promise to be there for it, no matter what kind of future it will be."

"Truly?" breathed Shego, her own eyes shimmering with unshed tears.

Kim pulled out a very familiar pendant from beneath her shirt. "Truly."

A happy emotional burbling gasp escaped Shego's lips, a half laugh ending the odd noise. The raven haired woman threw her arms around Kim's neck, silently sobbing. "I've waited to hear that… so long…"

Kim simply held her tighter, heart singing even as tears streamed down her cheeks.