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Everything was silent. All you could hear was the leaves in the trees rustling along with the wind. There were many bets placed, and this one match could determine the fate of many of them. Also, they had all heard of the Sand genin, Gaara. And then there was Niina, whom no-one, except for a certain hadnful, knew anything about. But they had seen her beat Neji, THE Neji, which was quite a feat. And the skills which they had already seen were a sight to behold considering she was only a genin.

This was the match.

Genma looked form one of the opponents to the other, glad that neither of the two had forfeited, though of they did, then he would have been anle to retire early that day, which would have been nice, but everyone else up in the stands didn't have the same opinion.

He mentally crossed his fingers...

"Begin!" He shouted as he quickly moved away from the two, or more like the red-headed genin. He didn't like the look the kid had in his eyes; the eyes of a killer, one who enjoyed the bloodshed. He hoped nothing too bad would happen to the blond, she didn't seem too bad.

Meanwhile, Niina stood stock-still, one arm wrapped around her waist whilst she held the other hand up to her mouth, covering it, showing that she was clearly nervous.

Gaara, however, was excited, he had been thrilled by what he had seen happen in her last match and he knew that his mother would like her blood oh-so-much. He licked his lips which were shaped in a wide and malicious grin.

He could wait anymore, his mother was getting too resltess, he made the first move. He removed the cork from his gourd on his back and let the sand flow out and gather in a ring around him, tentacles of sand swiping around. Suddenly, one struck out towards Niina, her eye flashed blue as she dodged at the last second.

Another tentacle readhed out towards her right arm, but Niina was still faster, managing to dodge it like the last. After another seven tentacles had attempted ro grab Niina, they stopped as none of them had succeeded.

Niina was in the mood, nothing around her mattered now, only Gaara and her fight with him. She would win.

Her eye turned to a glowing silver colous as winds began to pick up around her. She narrowed her eyes as she prepared for the attack. She swung her arm back and then swung it forward, releasing a razor sharp wind blade which headed staight towards the sand genin. She released a second one straight afterwards.

Gaara dodged the first one, but didn't notice the second one, which had veen in the first's shadow. It hit and Gaara got a deep cut in his left arm, blood running quickly down his arm and dripping off of his fingertips.

His right hand touched the crimson liquid and brought it up to his noose and gave it a sniff begore licking it off with his tongue.

This excited him. It had been so long since he had last seen his own blood, let alone in this quantity. The pain... he liked it.

Niina didn't waste any time as her eye glowed brown before she disappeared into the ground. Gaara quickly made a clone in his place with his sand.

But the clode didn't last that long as a pair of hands reached out from the ground and grabbed the clone's ankles, pulling it down to waist level, the next second, a pillar of water shot right through it and destroyed it as the mixture of water and sand turned it to mud, making it unusable for Gaara, who growled when he saw this happen.

Through the hoel Niina jumped out from the ground, some of the mud sticking to her clothes, though she didn't seem to care as she ran stright at Gaara, her eyes glowing a stunning silver, the pupil, not a star shaped, spinning wildly; the final stage of the Shiroyuri, complete control over the elements at once.

She moved to her left a meter away from Gaara then didged to the right, too quickly for Gaara to follow. She jumped up into the air and delivered a powerful hack with her heel, unfortunately, most of the brute was absorbed by Gaara's sand, though he still got a powerful hack to the shoulder.

With her foot secured on gaara, she swung the other leg around and kicked Gaara in the head, flipping off of him quickly as she did so.

She swung her arm, letting another razor sharp wind blade got fly towards Gaara, catching him on the side, though the would wasn't as deep as it was on his arm.

To the crowd, it was obvios who was winning, many of them were crying over the fact that they knew that they had lost their money, seeing as there was no way for Gaara to win anymore. But mostly, they were all rattled up and excited by the display shown down in the arena and were all cheering on.

Suddenly, all of the cheering stopped as they all heard the laughter of something which wasn't human, and it was coming frok down where the two genins were fighting.

The horrible sound was eing emitted from the mouth of the jinchuuriki from the sand. If possibøe, the malevolent grin was even wider then before. It seemed like all of the wounds and bruises sported by him didn't effect him. and that freaked out a lot of people.

"I knew that you would be good, but THIS!... This is... Better then I expected!" He shouted whilst he continued to laugh. Suddenly, the sand around him began to collect and surround him, eventually turning into a cocoon of some sort.

Niina growled and sped forward towards it with lightning cackling in the palms of her hands. But before she could plunge them into the sand shell, spikes shot out from all around and she stopped dead in her tracks as realisation of what had just happened dawned apon her. She had gotten too into the fight and had been enjoying it too much that she was beginning to get carried away.

The lightning disappeared and her eyes returned to normal as her arms began to curl around her small frame. She looked worriedly around her until she heard an enormous explosiong behind her and she whipped around to do nothign but stare at the massive cloud of smoke that was coming from somewhere outside of the stadium. Then there was another one, though smaller, coming from where the Kages had been seated. She turned around again to see what had happened and found that there was a huge purple box around the roof. She could see some cloaked figures standing outside of it and guessed that they were ANBU.

She then looked hurriedly to the audience to find that most of them where somehow asleep, the ones who weren't were at least chuunin level.

Lastly, she looked over to whre the otehr contestants were staying and nearly screamed when she saw two of them, two SAND genin, heading her way from there. They were Gaara's teammates. She hid behind her hands, ready for them to land a blow on her but all she felt was a slight wind. She looked up and noticed that they had jumped over her and now had Gaara, his arms over their shoulders, and then they jumped away...

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