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Welcome, this is a sequel to UNIT: Night Wolf – Beginnings, but you don't…necessarily need to have read it (or it's precursor Sorcery, UNITed Independence, Space), reading Night Wolf Beginnings will give you more insight into who the characters are and how they got here.

It is (more or less) possible to understand this without having read Beginnings.

Chapter 01

Sorcerer Lieutenant Harry James Potter leaned back in the rickety wooden chair and looked out across the desolate landscape that was the outskirts of Las Vegas, even from here her could almost taste the buzzing of the charms, anti-cheating spells and every counter ever created vibrating around the city of gambling, lights and high crime rates.

Harry leaned back and stared up at the dark early morning sky watching the stars slowly disappear as the Earth rotated to face the sun and wished not for the first time on his road trip that he was up there in the stars…

It had been two and a half years since he destroyed Voldemort…two and a half years since he applied a creative use of astro-physics and destabilised a major sequence star to destroy Tom Marvolo Riddle.

In the time following that and the end of Hogwarts he'd been…a little bored.

He'd admitted such when after only 3 months of not planning on how to destroy an enemy that had plagued him for…well his whole life and not plotting secret plots to keep himself alive and away from the manipulative arms and wands of Dumbledore Harry Potter admitted to General Lethbridge Stewart that…

"I'm going mad…the metaphorical rather than the literal 'I want to take over the world'…mad Brigadier."

General Lethbridge Stewart raised an eyebrow at the young man sitting on the opposite side of the desk.

It had been barely 3 months since he'd officially seen Harry Potter after he met Ms Hermione Granger when she was introduced to Night Wolf. When they'd departed at that point Harry was adamant that he would 'enjoy living' his life instead of running and fighting for it….that was what he'd said all those years ago…

Lethbridge Stewart watched as Harry stood up seemingly not even wanting to sit still and began to pace his hand behind his back.

"You said when I was ready if I wanted I could have a career with Nigh Wolf Brigadier…I think that I want to explore what working for Night Wolf is."

That had been the beginning of what was actually a one and half year exploration and training which found Harry both exploring and working and in some ways setting a standard for those who wanted to be a part of Night Wolf's space and research activities but no knowing exactly what they wanted.

Throughout those 18 and a bit months he worked, learned and experience much of what UNIT did while they weren't on Earth.

Harry worked in the processing plants of Research Outpost 1 Night Wolf's mining outpost where much of the materials that constructed their ships was sourced from.

He learnt to fight a zero gravity fire, and how to put up an protective enclosure in -100 degree winds.

He sat in a class room on Earth and absorbed the procedures and practises of being an officer in UNIT. He spent many long months on board various ships going about their daily duties and learnt and understood what it meant to be on a UNIT vessel, the hardships, the stress and the pain it cause.

He found out what it meant to save lives and by the end of it, after 18 hard and fast months he'd decided what he wanted, one of the harder, more stress filled jobs on board the UNIT vessels, the Secondary Systems Coordinator.

That's when General Lethbridge Stewart had ordered him on 6 months leave.

He'd actually asked Harry first and then when he'd said he'd prefer not to Lethbridge Stewart had sighed and ordered Lieutenant Potter on 6 months leave.

He'd spent a month and a bit travelling around his new country of residence; Australia, however travelling back from Perth across the Nullarbor his Triumph Stag overheated…that was after he'd applied multiple cooling charms and protective spells against the dust, heat and whatever else.

It probably hadn't helped he'd hit an Emu earlier that day going around 150km…

The Triumph Stag…his father's car was being rebuilt in a small mechanic's outside of Melbourne while he was travelling.

He'd decided on America…randomly mainly, UNIT didn't have much of a foothold in the US so it was the perfect place to go for a genuine roadtrip without getting involved with anything magical or extraterrestrial.

The Brigadier had even told him to be careful…certain government groups still didn't look favourably on UNIT individuals in their country, saw it as an affront to them being able to maintain security…and that wasn't even the half of it.

Despite this there was still a small UNIT office maintained in the US… which only advised, there weren't any UNIT troops in the USA…in an official sense.

Harry reached over to the other chair and removed his Powerbook and set it on the table alongside glass of freshly squeezed juice and powered it up.

Rummaging around in his bag he removed what looked like a small bowl with a cord attached and plugged it in.

It was actually a mini-satellite transceiver that he used to piggyback data off of the European Space Agency's satellite, to send and receive emails from…well mainly Hermione.

Hermione hadn't wasted her one and a half years either, nor had she attempted to take a break after school…

After learning Harry's big secret…Night Wolf she'd thrown herself into study…and for around a month and half was just focused on that, studying and learning all about this world, this organization and all that it held before she actually worked out what she wanted to do.

Harry clicked the program that would begin the download of emails from the UN server that he used, he could only use the satellite for his 'personal communications' at certain times of the day, which was usually just before sunrise while he was in the United States.

Harry wasn't really expecting an email from Hermione, the last message he'd received she'd been off planet on a dig as part of her Xeno-Archaeology, Linguistics double degree…she was also taking minors in various other things, without the aid of any devices which mucked with time travel, which was a good thing all round, yet she still had time to be in Night Wolf when ever Harry had not been on board a ship or off planet.

Shrugging he was about to disengage the satlink when a program lit up, the 'secure communications program'. Harry raised an eyebrow.

The program was a means of communicating securely while within the United States, practically full proof.

Harry slid a finger against the casing of his laptop beside the screen there was a hidden fingerprint scanner.

The program launched asking for a password, followed by a security sentence, and then today's code word.

After entering all the information a simple window opened up stating.

'Initiate counter observation.'

Harry close the laptop lid and went over to his car, a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang and grabbed from the back seat what looked like an umbrella.

As he sat down he opened it up muttered a simple sticking charm.

The umbrella wasn't just for keeping the rain off, it was layer with various spells and charms which made it almost impossible for any 'observation satellites' to see him, any American satellites that is.

'Counter observation measures open and ready.' Harry typed and waited for the second or two as the information was encoded using an advanced and complex code and transmitted. Around 4 seconds later a response came in the form of a long message.

'Requested you attend to incident in Alexandria, Virginia. Incident; auction being conducted selling artefacts, observed by external agents. Night Wolf requests you handle personally.'

'I thought we didn't handle anything within the USA, that's what the General…and others told me. Artefacts get sold occasionally, I thought we can't interfere?' Harry typed into the laptop, he didn't bother asking about the external agents, that was just a euphemism for MI6 spies, a few seconds later a reply came.

'Artefacts were stolen from UNIT safe houses in the 1960s and 1980s during purges, positive identification of Dalek weapons technology and biological samples. UNIT cannot interfere with military troops, you will be acting alone as an agent of UNIT.'

'Who's investigating?'

'NCIS.' Harry looked at the computer…NCIS….

'Why the Navy?'

'Naval Criminal Investigative Services had an operative within the auction, for unknown reasons, external agents also witnessed two naval men also entering auction. Events unknown, auction now crime scene.'

Harry leaned back in his chair for a moment.

'Status of agents?'

'Retreating to secondary cover, unable to assist.'

'Fine, I'll be there, is NCIS already on scene?'

'ETA 5 minutes.'

'I need coordinates, out of the way…have car…dimensions follow…' Harry typed in his car's dimensions, he knew whoever it was on the other end knew of his abilities…despite the fact that he hadn't really practised moving a car further than about 100 kilometres…but needs must, and he didn't want to end up with his car half inside a building.

'Coordinates following, utilise UNIT pass and your passport, information will be added giving freer passage…Keep the other intelligence agencies away from this case, Night Wolf Out.'

As the coordinates came through the connection shut itself down.

Harry stared at the coordinates for a second remembering them before packing up all of his things and throwing them into his car.

Checking his map just in case he sat in the car and held the side of the door and the dashboard and thought hard for a moment, concentrating.

The 1970 Ford Mustang swirled for a moment, and melted away into the wind…and reappeared in a back alley of an abandoned building, some 20 kilometres from the crime scene, the sun had well and truly risen while he'd been talking to Night Wolf.

"Fun." Harry muttered to himself as he started the engine and flicked the radio on.

The sounds of The Who's 'I can see for miles' filled the 1970 Ford Mustang as it tore out of the alley way its engine growling.

Harry got out of his car and pulled on his battered Basilisk jacket, it had survived upwards of 60 degree weather, extreme UV levels and being exposed to vacuum…but it was still his favourite jacket, tucking the UNIT id into it and making sure had a weapon inside his jacket…and not just his wand, a regular gun as well, as well as various spell catalysers and other things secreted about his person he strode up to the law enforcement officer standing by the crime scene tape.

He could see the NCIS vehicles already there both the agent's big van and the Medical Examiner's two smaller vans.

Harry flashed his id with a smile, the local LEO barely looked at it as he walked through.

Harry shrugged and continued on into the building and observed for a few moments.

"…got a time of death Ducky?"

"Gerald has already begun loading the bodies…from what I can tell…inconclusive."

"Why's that Ducky?" Harry moved across the hall opposite the door so he could see in a mirror reflecting the image, it was a woman who asked the question.

"Because Kate the thermostat is broken in here…but it wasn't on according to the manager…"

"But it is now…so…"

"No fixed room temp…" Another man's voice.

"And who are you?" Harry turned and saw a man with grey hair poking out from underneath an NCIS cap who had come through the door, he had one hand on his weapon.

Harry smiled and reached for his pocket, the man tensed.

"Just reaching for my id…" Harry pulled it out and opened it in front of the NCIS agent.

"Kate, DiNozzo." The man barked.

"Boss…who are…"

"Kate check his id." Harry smiled at the two agents and continued to hold his id out, if they were NCIS agents they would have at least enough clearance to know about UNIT enough to check who he was.

"So…who are you?" The man DiNozzo said looking at him.

"He's holding out his id Tony…" She raised both eyebrows as she read it.


"You what it?"

"Why don't we continue this inside here…I'm rather interested to know what exactly they were selling." Harry said as he walked past them into the room.

"Huh…" Harry said as he looked around, there was some a lot of kit laid out around the room, some had already been bagged and tagged, other items were still on tables.

"Well Kate who is he?"

"According to his id he's from UNIT."

"Again what's UNIT?" DiNozzo complained as he pulled out another set of bags for the room.

"Who is he?" Gibbs stared at the man who was walking around the room hands stuffed in his pockets not touching anything, which was good at least.

"Lieutenant Harry Potter. He is who he says he is…"

"When we get back I want full details on him." Gibbs said as he grabbed a bunch of evidence bags out of Tony's hands and walked towards Lieutenant Potter.

"Fine I'll bite, what's UNIT Kate?"

"They're a United Nations group, part investigation, part army, they don't operate much within the US though, I remember the President being called away from a meeting to speak with a UNIT representative…they deal with some…esoteric stuff Tony…" Kate said with a small scowl. Tony grinned.

"You get that cute dimple when you're angry Kate, so what's he doing here?"

Tony said looking around the room.

"Kate DiNozzo, stop chatting and get to work!" Gibbs shouted.

"What's UNIT's interest here?" Harry turned as the man…Agent Gibbs walked over to where he was standing looking over the tables of…items.

Harry had already noted several…worrisome artefacts, various pieces of alien technology, some badly backwards converted items dating from what appeared to be the 1980s and several magical items.

Harry stared at the man and looked around the room, there were still some law enforcement officers milling around, and the two other NCIS agents bagging tagging and performing other tasks.

"I couldn't just be here for…" Harry paused for a moment searching for the correct piece of double speak "…'Inter-departmental work'?"

"No. Put these on." He handed Harry a pair of gloves. Harry easily put them on.

During his 18 months training he'd worked with the Night Wolf pathologist, learning how to recognise various causes of death, he'd also been shown how to work a crime scene…he'd actually attended that 'course' out of curiosity for what it entailed, along with a variety of other classes, courses and studies, just because he was curious.

"I'll just have a wander around Agent Gibbs…just to make sure there's nothing that will kill us…or prematurely end the world." Harry said as he walked away from the Agent.

Walking around the tables he passed several items which which ever Ministry for Magic probably wouldn't have liked to be seen auctioned; two time turners, one broken, its main rotational wheel had snapped a second looked to be complete.

"So…What'd you do in UNIT?" Agent DiNozzo said as he sauntered up behind Harry and picked up the not broken time turner staring at it and was about to try and turn it on its axis.

"Be very careful with that Agent DiNozzo…" Harry almost shouted, drawing the attention of the two other agents.

"Why, what is it?"

"Just…Just be careful with it…you wouldn't want to accidentally disappear." Harry said as he gently took the time turner out of the Agent's hands and grabbed an evidence bag from the Agent's pockets and sealed it up and handed it back to him.

"There, better sign it, chain of evidence and all that."

"Why don't…" Tony stared, the UNIT guy had already walked swiftly across the room.

Harry was moving quickly because he saw Agent Gibbs and …Kate, whatever he last name was getting ready to open a Perspex container to get at what was inside, the Perspex looked like it had already cracked.

"Have you got any biohazard containers?"

"We have back in the truck." Kate looked to Gibbs.

"Why should we do that Lieutenant Potter?"

"Because you're going to want to use a biohazard container…probably full upper body protection and make sure you seal it properly and treat it…" Harry paused trying to think of what would be a good analogy for what was in the box…what he thought was in the box. "Treat it as though you would treat a biological agent capable of decimating a city."

"Do we need to call in the…"

"No." Harry cut her off. "When dealt with…it is safe enough…it requires prolonged direct contact." Harry said staring at the small sample of the dark green sample which resembled a small bulb in its dormant state, he'd only ever seen a sketch and a low resolution image of a Varga Plant, however the description that the Doctor gave in a casual conversation with the Brigadier in the 1970s was enough to worry him. Like Devil's Snare, the Womping Willow and a bit of vampirism all on steroids…and bio-engineered by the Daleks, made for a freakish image. Harry was additionally worried that there was a sample on Earth, a sample that had been auctioned off in America of all places.

He shuddered to think what their intelligence agencies would do if they got a hold of a useable sample of Varga plant.

Harry continued to walk around until he got to a small section behind the stage that they'd separated, there was what appeared to be a small explosion…then he saw it, the large box on wheels…and what was left of the man…and his shadow baked against the wall.

Quickly he backed away from the area.

He found agent Gibbs watching him.

"You found something?" He said taking in Harry's worried expression.

"Has you ME left yet?"

"DiNozzo, get Ducky!"

"Do you have a Geiger counter in your truck?" Harry asked very calmly.


"Yes boss." Agent DiNozzo spun around in a half run and stared back at them.

"Get the Geiger counter, middle row left hand side in the truck."

"Right boss…" He turned to run out the door. "Hang on Geiger..."

"Get a move on."


Harry dug his hands into his pockets, while he enjoyed working alone, and han't minded it before UNIT and Night Wolf, his 18 months training and working out what he wanted and needed to do had taught him some things, such as working as part of a team, having back up…and knowing how to operate alone…on something as big as this…if they weren't in America he'd have back up, even some back up of some kind…it was weird being back alone…

Gibbs studied the young Lieutenant before him, he was…interesting, and if he was from UNIT that would mean something else entirely…

But it was the Lieutenant's eyes that stood out, bright green…eyes that had seen a lot, more than his age gave away.

Tony came running back with the Geiger counter, Ducky and Gerald trailing behind him.

"Here boss…" Harry grabbed the Geiger counter from Agent DiNozzo's hands and switched it on.

The needle stayed where it was. Harry let out a sight and walked toward where he had been standing, listening and watching the counter.

"Boss shouldn't we…?"

"DiNozzo do you know what a Geiger counter is?"

"Yeah…so?" Tony said evidently not really knowing what it did.

"Tony it detects radiation!"

"Yeah but only background stuff, if it wasn't we'd all be like dead…wouldn't we?"

"Are you worried that you're not going to be able to carry your legacy?" Kate muttered.

"Gotta carry on the DiNozzo line." He grinned.

Harry watched the fluctuating needle as he approached the large box that had been hooked into the three phase power supply.

It worried Harry for one that he recognised it, and two because if it worked it was boarder line lethal.

Walking right up to the box the needle jumped slightly, but it was no where near even a dangerous exposure.

The body had been a man's…he guessed, and had most likely taken a lower charged though still very lethal part of the blast throwing him back and baking him partially into the wall and carpet.

"Badly phased projected energy weapon…" Harry muttered to himself heaving a sigh of relief that the radiation wasn't lethal.

Harry walked back and handed Agent DiNozzo the counter.

"You can go in doctor…"

"Mallard…everyone calls me Ducky…and you are…"

"He's helping us Ducky…let's go and see what's there…"

"Oh my…Gerald you'll need to get the tools from the van…"

"The heavy duty ones doctor?"

"Yes and several specimen jars just in case we can't move him in one go."

"What happened to this guy Ducky?"

"I don't know Jethro…It reminds me of a case involving a murder who liked to dispose of his bodies in council incinerators…but one day he was putting one of his victims in and fell in himself…he supposedly survived at least two firings of the incinerator…"

"Did he escape?"

"Of course not Tony, but he did come out baked into what appeared to be a refrigerator…"

"What about this guy Ducky?" Gibbs said again.

"A bit of a mystery…to cause this much deterioration and burning of the flesh and clothes he'd need to have been on fire…but look around him…it's almost as if the carpet and the wall were superheated for a moment, without any of the signs of actual fire…I'll have to wait until we get him and the others back to the lab…"

"What made you so worried about radiation Lieutenant Potter?" Harry turned and walked toward where Agent…Kate was standing.

"I'm sorry I didn't catch your name…Kate…?"

"Agent Todd, NC…"

"Yeah I got that part the cap is a little obvious." Harry said smiling.

"She asked a valid question Lieutenant, and a straight forward answer…" Gibbs said.

"Can we unplug it?"

Harry shrugged. "Probably…did the manage say anything about a black out?"

Gibbs turned to Kate who looked down at her computer.

"He did mention the whole city block went out, then a few minutes later all the breakers blew in this building, he had to isolate this room."

"Then yes it is most likely safe to unplug it…"

"What is it that Tony's unplugging…"


"Unplugged." Gibbs stared at Harry Harry starred back at him.

"It's an energy converter and exchanger, relying on some form of betavoltaics in addition to pulling out probably all the power from the state for a short time." Harry reeled off.

"Okay…what does it do?" Tony asked after a moment.

"It powers something…and was most likely used against this guy." Harry jabbed a thumb downwards.

"What sort of something."

"Hopefully the something had been destroyed when they powered it up…" Harry said ominously with a smile.

"You can load it onto a truck and transport it."

"Is it safe?" Todd asked.

"About as safe as a smoke detector, or the Cassini space probe." Harry said dismissively.

"Kate order the truck to come pick it up. Tony keep bagging."

Harry wondered off allowing them to continue their work, outside of the main room that had been used for the auction there were other smaller rooms which were being canvassed by other NCIS officers.

Harry continued to walk aimlessly allowing himself time to think.

He knew that if the other agencies got wind of something with as many artefacts they'd be all over it.

It was fortunate that the Navy had a vested interest in this case with 3 of their officers down.

It would mean they would want to hold onto the case, above and beyond any of the other agencies…but it would also involve telling them something…something UNIT related.

In theory he didn't need to make them sign the official secrets act…and any information learnt either from him or in the course on the investigation the NCIS people would need to take up with their own intelligence agencies, considering UNIT didn't operate any 'military' force within the US…so telling these agents something was a possibility…

Harry found himself wandering back to the main room where the 3 agents and the ME were finishing up.


"Yeah. Some pretty freaky stuff for sale here."

"Depends on your point of view Agent DiNozzo." Harry said with a smile.

"You're coming with us back to NCIS."

"I'll follow you Agent Gibbs." Harry said smoothly.

"Follow us…"

"How did you think I got here? Walked?" Harry asked as he walked with them out to the road.

"Oh my god…is that…." Tony started to say.

"What?" Todd said looking around.

"I'll follow you back then Agent Gibbs." Harry said and made a beeline for his car.


Hermione Granger opened up her laptop and started it up warming her hands on the mug of tea in front of her as she tried to wake up against the cold.

She was sitting outside the communal tent at one of the benches, there wasn't much wind, but the blue sun that was still shining on the horizon provided little heat until the planet she was currently on rotated to face the other closer yellow sun.

Hermione smiled to herself, it was almost a grin, had someone told her two years ago that she would be working and learning with a higher than top secret organization and studying on another planet…well first she'd check that she wasn't talking to Harry and then she'd probably have called them mad.

She'd been on this planet for the past two weeks completing study as part of her in the field section on Xeno-Archaeology.

It was so…interesting and exciting, so much more so than the regular archaeology classes she took at Cambridge, here she was uncovering pieces that no human had ever seen, records never gazed upon by a human eye…and this planet never trodden on by a human being…

It was also most likely never to be settled as anything more than an Investigative Outpost for the duration of their visit, while the sensor report did state it had some unusual trace elements, it was a waste land…and there was something else.

Most people who had initially studied here got headaches…not just headaches, cramps, muscle pains and various other ailments, it was cause by a form of fall out.

It wasn't dangerous, and it certainly didn't affect Hermione…which was one of the reasons why she'd been allowed back here for a second month long study.

The Night Wolf people had used an array of sensors to determine what it was, it was only after Gilliam Brown had come down and positioned a theory that they knew what to look for.

Temporal fallout.

It was like radiation, except it wasn't…and affected people who didn't have any experience with a temporal field.

It could be beaten with various pain killers and whatever, it didn't occur immediately but it did start to irritate…

There were a however, people who had been exposed to a temporal field…or had travelled in time were immune to the temporal fallout.

Hermione Granger pretty much qualified for that considering she'd spent…a year time travelling…not that she'd thought of it that way…though after talking with the people at Night Wolf…and even pausing to think of what she had been doing…the damage to space time could have be huge.

But her year long experience was worth something even after all those classes…she got to work closely with…the leader of this exhibition Gilliam Brown where some of the other students who were on the dig could only last a few hours before getting bad headaches and whatever else.

Hermione pulled up the email program and watched as it connected to the local network that was set up here and downloaded her messages, well message.

They only could only receive and send messages around once a week when a ship passed within the maximum transmission range of their 4 meter wide dish that they had on the ground a short distance from their base.

The technology involved was interesting…and complicated, Hermione had asked…once and…it had something to do with signal modulation and bouncing the signal off solid surfaces of planetary bodies…or something.

It wasn't as though she or indeed many of the people around here could send messages home, there was only so many ways you could write a general letter that didn't give anything away or breaching the Official Secrets Act.

Mostly anyone you could talk to about what they were doing here was already here, or on the other side of the planet where the other team was stationed.

But Hermione received emails from Harry during his tenure training and then following being officially ordered off duty…

The program flashed indicating that it had finished uploading to her computer and decoding the message.

Hermione read through the email with a smile, it was always good to hear from Harry when she was away from Earth…she'd had to tell Ginny and Ron not to try and send her owls direct…that would be quite hard Hermione thought looking up at the orangey blue sky. But instead they sent letter to her parents house and they held onto them until she returned…Ginny and Ron still couldn't understand how she could be somewhere that owls couldn't find her.

Hermione stifled a laugh as she opened a picture that Harry had sent in response to her question of 'I haven't seen you for ages, how are you…you're not up to any mischief', Hermione totally failed to stop herself from laughing and decided just to laugh at the photo Harry had sent.

"What's got you laughing so early Hermione?" Hermione looked over her laptop screen at Prof…at Gilliam Brown, she still had to stop herself sometimes from calling her Professor.

"Just Harry sending me a photo with his email…" She shook her head and grinned turning the laptop around so her lecturer and team leader could see the image.

It was a picture of Harry lying on the bonnet of his car a red and black…car, he had his dark black wings fully out and he was lying in a…suggestive pose his shirt quite open and he was gazing…into the camera seductively.

Gilliam smiled and let out a small chuckle.

"He certainly is an interesting guy."

"Yeah…he's definitely that…"

"Is that why you're up at the crack of dawn to download his emails each time we get an upload?" Gilliam asked warming her hands on her cup of coffee.

Hermione shrugged.

"We just spent so much time together at school, it's just nice to be able to discuss what we're doing out here…" Hermione looked around them. "So what are we doing today…I saw you setting up the sensor grid yesterday…"

Gilliam smiled, Hermione Granger was one of the most dedicated and eager students she had, that wasn't to say that anyone else was less dedicated or eager…but Hermione had her own brand of eagerness…plus there was her ability to work for longer periods in the stronger areas of temporal fallout without any ill-effects.

"You, Geoff and myself are going into the caves that I had the sensor grid do a sweep of over night, there's some concentrations of…something in there, Samuel is going to be taking the others lower down the mountain to continue the transcribing work there."

Hermione nodded, Geoff had also had long term exposure to a temporal field…something about living in a lighthouse and a 'temporal baffle'…or something like that. Samuel's parents were antiquity collectors who'd had a pair of time turners on their mantle piece, supposedly just being around them as he grew up made sure he had some sort of resistance to a time field.

"Caves…lovely." Hermione said with trace amounts of sarcasm she'd picked up from hanging around Harry too much.

"Hermione you're not usually that glib."

"I've been in a few caves Gilliam…"

"So have I Hermione, they usually end in danger, death, some running up and down corridor…"

"Meglomaniacs, complex puzzles, evil…" Hermione added.

"From the dawn of time etc…" Gilliam said with a smile, touches of her American, or what Hermione guessed was an American accent shinning through, they both chuckled.


Harry sat in his car behind the NCIS truck listening to radio and occasionally glancing at the temperature gauge, which was holding steady some where in the middle. The reason he was doing so what because he, the NCIS truck and if he leaned out he could see the ME's vans also stuck in the traffic jam, he was looking at the temperature gauge mainly because his Triumph Stag had a nasty habit of overheating in heavy traffic.

"Kate, what's Tony looking at?" Gibbs said staring out the front, the leos appeared to be deliberately taking their time clearing the road.

Kate looked over to Tony who was staring at the wing mirror of the truck.

"Looks like the Lieutennant's car."

"That isn't just a car, that's a Boss 302 Ford Mustang, one of the classic muscle cars…I always wanted one of those…" He muttered the last part to himself.

"What did you make of him Kate? Profile him." Gibbs said sipping from a Styrofoam cup that neither of the two agents had seen him obtain before they started their journey 40 minute journey back to HQ.

"He's young, early 20s…well educated, most likely in England…"

"But his accent was all…weird." Tony butted in.

"Thanks Tony, I was just getting to that if you hadn't rudely interrupted."

"Can't I add to the conversation?" He asked.

"Go back to lusting after the car Tony." Kate countered.


"Sorry Gibbs…Lieutenant Potter had a mixed accent, I'd say he spent most of his developing years in England…but he's obviously shifted there to one of the Commonwealth countries within the last 5 to 8 years…or he works around a lot of people from…" Kate paused thinking over how Lieutenant Potter had spoken. "Maybe Australia."

"He knows a lot more than he's telling us."

"Ya think Tony?"

"Gibbs…what do you know about UNIT?"

Gibbs continued to stare out the window.

"Kate says they deal with the weird and wacky." Tony grinned, Kate elbowed him in the ribs.

"I did not say that."

"Not enough…they're an intelligence agency. The only time I've seen them is in the distance…firing on some silver body armour clad guys…in Afghanistan…they evac-ed out before we could get there…" Kate and Tony exchanged a look, Gibbs almost never spoke about his past.

"Traffic's moving." Tony said breaking the silence.

Gibbs grabbed the gear stick throwing the NCIS truck forward into the breach.

Harry walked into the morgue where the ME Doctor Donald Mallard was just finishing washing the first of the 5 people who had been removed from the site was waiting.

"Ah Jethro…and Lieutenant Potter…just in time for the beginning…" Harry raised an eyebrow at Doctor Mallard's showmanship.

Harry walked over to the rubber glove box and grabbed two putting them on…after seeing what he did he wanted to check something…just in case.

"Do you mind Doctor Mallard…I just want to check something, before you go ahead and cut them open…?" Harry asked walking over to the body that Mallard had just washed down.

"Gibbs?" Harry looked over Gibbs just nodded slowly.

Harry didn't bother looking up as Kate and Tony walked through he door, instead he pressed his fingers at the points along the deceased man's chest, stomache and throat, it was these places that you were able to tell if someone had been shot with a powerful phased energy weapon…or that was what he'd been shown at Night Wolf…the internal organs and fine tissues in those places were super heated for a moment, killing the victim.

"Gibbs what…" Kate started, Gibbs held up a hand.

"Doctor Mallard…"


"Ducky…right…I'm not sure what you'll make of this man…"'

"How can you tell from just that examination."

"His insides were scrambled…a nasty death…"

"His insides…" Ducky started.

"Electrocution?" Kate Todd started to ask.

"We'll leave that up to the autopsy and Abby won't we?" Ducky said moving around the table.

"Gibbs the director wants to see you and Lieutenant Potter in MTAC." Gibbs stared at Tony.

"I'll see myself up…" Harry said moving through the doors, as they shut Gibbs turned to face Tony and Kate.

"Pull everything on UNIT's station in the US, and anything you can find on him."

"We were already on it boss when the director…" Gibbs was already walking out the of the morgue.


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