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Chapter 12

Harry drew himself up ready for a fight.

"Well, that's anti-climactic." Tony muttered from behind him.

"What were you expecting DiNozzo?"

"I dunno boss, traps, guns blazing, complicated logic puzzles."

"In which case Tony you would be the first person to be 'finished off'." Kate said to Tony.

"You fancy yourself as the hero Kate you and Gibbs blazing your way through the end of the film?"

Harry rolled his eyes and wondered if those two had heard of URST.

They were standing in a rather nicely proportioned entrance and facing toward a currently unattended reception area.

Gibbs took the lead and walked toward the reception area, which didn't seem to have anyone there, except a computer screen, which lit up as Gibbs approached.

"Welcome, please state your customer ID number and the correct passcode for entrance." Said a woman on the computer screen.

"Agent Gibbs, NCIS I want to see whoever is in charge here."

"Please wait…" The screen went blank.

"As long as it doesn't do what my computer at home does."

"Show porn?" Kate asked Tony idly.

"No Kate, I can't believe you'd think that of me."

"Of course not, I'm sure you call it erotica Tony." Harry commented as he was looking around the space.

"Your designation is not recognised, you have no clearance."

"That didn't sound good." Tony said.

Behind them, where Harry had knocked a hole in from outside a large steel door slid down covering their escape.

"So not good." Tony muttered to himself.

Harry walked over and knocked on the what appeared to be steel door.

"Woven Kevlar, reinforced titanium and a steel intermix." He said to no one in particular.

"No quick escape Lt Potter?"

"Not unless you have a cutting torch or some high explosive handy, and sadly I didn't bring any C4 on this particular venture." Harry said looking around the room. "You know it's odd that they'd just trap us in here." Harry mused to himself…and Gibbs who was near by.

"Tony what are you doing?" Kate asked after a moment of watching Tony breathe in deep through his nose several times.

"I'm smelling the air Kate, what does it look like?"

"What for or is it just an new found compulsion you've found to be annoying in complicated circumstances?"

"I thought I could smell almonds for a moment."

"Almonds?" Kate asked slowly.

"Yeah…" Tony looked over at Kate who was thinking about something a worried expression coming over her features.

"Gibbs! They're pumping cyanide in!"

Gibbs looked around wildly for…some way out.

Harry nodded at this latest piece of information, colourless and fun Cyanide…it wasn't what he was expecting, though Harry was expecting to be shot, so on reflection an attempt on their lives by gassing was a welcome change to being shot at.

Although you couldn't fight gas, gaseous creatures maybe, but not malign semi-deadly gas.

Harry removed his wand from his sleeve and walked over to the NCIS agents and without telling them cast three bubble head charms over their heads and one for himself.

"Breathe gently…"

"What...what, what?" Tony said almost sounding like a chicken for a moment.

Harry shrugged, but as he breathed could still smell hints of the bitter almond fragrance.

Oddly enough 'the effectiveness of using a bubblehead charm in protecting yourself from being gassed with cyanide' wasn't something Professor Flitwick covered and at Night Wolf there were other methods for breathing which the bubblehead charm wasn't good for…Maybe that was why he could smell some of the gas because it wasn't effective.

"Move carefully and try not to puncture it…it's not totally effective. There's got to be something around here that leads into the rest of the building."

"Can't you do your…" Tony waved his hands around.

"No…" Harry said after a moment's thought, there was a stronger sense of a biomorphic jamming field in operation. "There's a string jamming field in operation…probably doing terrible things to any wildlife around here." Harry said as he walked around to the other side of the reception area.

There wasn't anything of use, no phone, just some cables going under the desk.

"Nothing here, go out along the walls…" Harry shouted, probably using up much of his fresh air that he had in the rapidly filling room, not that you could really tell, it being practically invisible.

Harry walked over to the left hand side wall and ran his fingers over the wall looking for seams, cracks and any indications that there was a hidden door. The others were following his and Gibbs suit and doing the same.

"Boss, Harry over here!" Tony called from the other side of the room beside in the left hand corner of the room.

Harry and Gibbs walked swiftly over, Tony was pointing at an almost invisible seam that ran along the entire wall.

"Probably stays open when they're not expecting visitors, can you open it Lt?"

Harry nodded and slid his wand once more into his hand, he was pretty sure they couldn't tell precisely what it was.

"Alohomora." Harry muttered firmly. The door shuddered but didn't open.

Harry frowned and tried again, this time nothing happened.

"Lost your magic Lt?" Kate asked critically.

Harry was caught by some forgotten memory. "It's an unlocking charm Ron…it's not going to blast the doors off their hinges!" Came an annoyed voice of Hermione from somewhere in the depths of his memory.

Sliding his wand back into his sleeve Harry grabbed at the door and gripped against the roughness of whatever they painted the door with and slid.

The others rushed forward to help and they slowly, slid, pushing against what felt like some sort of mechanism to open enough to clamber through.

They got through into what was more or less a corridor.

Harry looked back at the door and was about to move to close it when he heard some sort of mechanism whirr into life and it shut again.

Harry sidled up behind the agents and cancelled the bubblehead charms, there were four muffled 'pops' as they each broke and they could breath the un-fetid air once more.

"That was a bit convenient." Tony said looking at the door.

"That it closed sparing us from the…oh yes…" Kate started.

"I wonder what test is up next." Tony said grinning.

"I wonder…" Harry started sarcastically. "Maybe chessboard flooring with electrified pieces, seemingly mythological statues coming to life and asking philosophical riddles, logic puzzles written over walls of thousand year old structures, mazes galore and then stealing a golden egg from beneath a dragon…" Harry finished.

"Really a golden egg?"

"Trust me it only ends in heartache and death." Harry muttered darkly.

"So boss what'd we do?"

"Do Tony? We're here to arrest the people responsible for Seamen Byrne, Petty Officer Irvine and Agent Cornell's deaths."

"I mean should we stick together or…" Tony paused. "Split up."

Harry shook his head and wondered if there was a cliché meter going somewhere.

"Next someone is going to say 'These corridors all look the same'." There that's it Harry thought I've just made the cliché meter explode, cue the electrified chessboard flooring and a reappearance of Voldemort.

"We're not splitting up DiNozzo. Through there, we'll clear each of these rooms…any advice Lt?"

"Aside from snarky comments about clichés." Kate said as she un-holstered her weapon.

"Keep both the energy weapons, you two as well as the standard weapons on standby, and when Tony, if you come to fire the sonic weapon, the white part is to the front."

"What happens if it's the other way around?"

"The sonic waves shatter most of your bones and vibrate and then your soft internal organs make a 'squelch' noise…"

"Not pleasant."

"No, but then the people who created it were a bit different…Lets get going before Gibbs whacks you on the head again."

The first lab they went into revealed no one, though it seemed that some people had left in a hurry, there wasn't too much of interest.

Various alien technologies had been laid out and were being tested.

They made their way through at least 4 labs before they came across something which could be classed as 'interesting' it was in a large room that seemed battle scarred with an array of systems Harry didn't recognise, but once they were inside he recognised the thing on the other side of the room that had thick cables hooked into it that appeared to be power cables, it appeared to have been assembled from at least two distinct and different casings, the bottom 'skirt' had blue globes around it, while the top was extremely battle scarred and off beige colour, which most likely came from the Shoreditch Incident.

"Oh shit."

"Lifeforms detected!" The thing on the other side of the room. "I must…I must…OBEY…OBEY…my orders are to OBEY…EXTERMINATE…"

"Cruk…cruk, cruk…." Harry muttered as he and the NCIS agents threw themselves behind a desk as a blast of energy came their way.

"They've obviously got more than one weapon." Harry said to himself as another deadly energy beam hit the table Gibbs most have flipped over to provide some form of protection.

"What the hell is that thing?" Gibbs shouted as he opened fire with his gun, there was Harry noted a satisfying noise of bullets penetrating metal.

"Well it's a patched together biomechanical creature, this one looks to be from two different time periods and battles." Harry rambled Kate looked at him.

"Sorry, it's called…doesn't matter, just aim for the eyepiece of the torsoe, that's where the main…systems are."

"Bullets or the fancy weapons?" Tony asked with glee. Harry shrugged wiggled his hands and a large fireball appeared above his hand which he lobbed over their makeshift protection and ducked down as another beam of energy passed over them.

"Really felt that one…remind me to get us checked out by your M.E. when we get back."

"What for?" Tony asked as he squeezed the sonic gun, there was a warbling as the sonic waves crashed into the Dalek, and something exploded, Tony ducked down as Gibbs moved up with the Cybergun, there was another different noise and an explosion.

Harry lobbed another two fireballs at the Dalek.

"Those energy beams are generally deadly if you get hit…but this one has probably been taken apart and put back together a few times judging by…" There was a noise as the Dalek fired again and it impacted on the table setting it on fire.

"Ok one concerted effort." Harry pulled two weapons from his jacket.

"One, two…Now." All three leaned up from their now smouldering defensive position and began firing, sparks flying off the Dalek as it attempted to fire back…and then exploded sending a wave of energy around it and sparks flying back to the wall where it was…plugged in.

"Interesting…" Harry muttered as they walked over, there was the remains of a Dalek creature in there but a lot of the internal systems appeared to be damaged. Not that he was an expert, he knew how to fight them, some of their battle strategies and generally how to kill them, and if they're captured alive to keep back in case of a self destruct.

This mix and match didn't have that problem, and obviously had no power supply judging by the charred cables leading to a large box at the back of the room.

"Something for UNIT to sort out Lt?"

"Very likely Agent Todd, better that than…" Harry trailed off.

"Than our government?"

"Your words not mine Kate."

Before they left the lab they checked over the various things which hadn't been damaged by the Dalek, Harry meanwhile withdrew a bag from his jacket and walked a small circle around the Dalek making a circle of white powder right around the Dalek.

"What's that for?" Kate asked quietly as he finished.

Harry looked at the white dust and muttered something making it glow for a few seconds.

"Just something to stop any remains escaping."

"But we destroyed it."

"Best to be sure Kate. Come on it looks that Gibbs has had his fill of this room…lets see what the next lab brings."

"Another piece of deadly danger awaits us guys come on!" Tony said loudly from the door.

"You're enjoying this too much Tony."

"Called looking on the bright side Kate, other wise I'd be all morose and…"

"Like me?" She glared at him as she walked past.

The next lab wasn't deadly danger, it wasn't roses and puppy dog tails either.

It was worrying though Harry thought as he went in; the lab was divided into three an observation room, which they'd entered a metal chair with restraints and cabling leading to the third.

"So he did perfect his procedure overseas…" Harry muttered looking through the window and was glad that he read so many of the UNIT files.

Inside was what appeared to be a larger device based on the Keller Machine.

"Who?" Kate asked.

"It looks like a torture scene." Tony muttered.

"Or an experimentation area."

"Emil Keller, he's probably listed next to Victor Magister and a bunch of others…he posed as a Swiss scientist selling the virtues of the Keller process…not that it was in any way practical, useful or even safe."


"His process." Harry thought for a moment. "World Peace Conference, 1970s London…?" Harry looked to the three, Tony and Kate shook their heads, Gibbs looked thoughtful. "Nothing? Doesn't matter. Just I think we'll stay on this side of the plexiglass protection for now."

The final door to check was at the end of the corridor, aside from a lab which seemed a cross between a potions lab and a chemistry lab and another with some plans and calculations there didn't seem to be much of anything.

"Well final door time." Harry said as they walked through.

They were almost immediately shot at by what was a very green…although not necessarily killing curse.

"Oh fun, brilliant."

"Being shot at, again Potter." Gibbs said as they dived behind some packing crates.

"Welcome to my life agent Gibbs."

"Same drill?" Harry shrugged at Gibbs' question.

"Give bullets a go." Harry said as he crawled past Kate and Tony to get a better angle.

"Tony, Kate…on three, one two…" The three of them crouched up, just as a beam of green controlling light leapt out of distance and struck all three, making them shout in agony.

Harry looked back at agonised screams.

"Cruciatus …it's beginning to feel like England." Harry looked out above the boxed and tried to find the source of the spell but it was obscured by some bright lights.

"Accio!" Harry waved at the three he came spinning and stumbling to the ground and then slid towards Harry.

They were still shaking as Harry beant over them.

Harry patted down his pockets trying to find something to assist in their recovery.

Removing various packages he's brought with him he sniffed them trying to find something as they continued to have aftershocks from the Cruciatus curse.

"Star anise…" Harry muttered sniffing a muslin bag. He put that next to the stalks of rosemary and stuffed everything back into his pockets and grabbed Gibbs forcing his mouth open and placing some of the Rosemary and a star anise inside.

"Chew it…it'll help…" Not as much as an actual Night Wolf Cruciatus recover bar, but it would help naturally shock their awareness out of the worst of the Cruciatus curse, he repeated the process for Kate and Tony as the same spell continue to flare over them.

"Better?" Harry asked in a low tone.

They nodded.

"Keep your weapons handy I'm going to investigate…and try not to get caught in the spell again…it's not too good for you." Harry advised before crawling off towards whoever was continuously firing the spells at them.

"What the hell was that Gibbs?" Kate was still shivering.

"Torture." Was Gibbs only response.

"It felt like…" Tony started.

"Like all my skin was on fire."

"But it's more than that it was…" Tony's musing were cut off by Gibbs who was going through a set of stretches Tony had seen some special ops guys do.


"Stretch out your limbs DiNozzo, Kate too…got to get the blood flowing out, move around…and get after Lt Potter."

"You think he's in trouble boss?"

"I think he's trouble full stop Tony, but that too."

Harry crawled around till he was parallel with the person firing the spells…it wasn't a person at all, it was a big, thing with half a dozen wands plugged into it, and there seemed to be a liquid going around inside it.

"We meet at last Mr Potter." Said an accented voice.

Harry turned and looked as a man walked out holding a wand and a submachine gun.

Harry raised and eyebrow.

"Ummm…do I know you?"

The man chuckled.

"You knew an employer of mine." The man said with a malicious smile.

Harry was sure he'd never met the man, Harry looked again, the man was in his mid 40s with light brown hair and a hard face.

"Ok…who, Fudge or Voldemort."

"I knew of your hand in dear Fudge's demise, made my work so much more…fulfilling. However not, Mr Potter…the Dark Lord was my originally employer." The voice sounded vaguely South African to Harry.

"You're a Death Eater?" Harry asked surprised. The man chuckled.

"No, I was more…procuring and administration, not important enough to be branded with the Dark Lord's mark…" He paused and then smiled. "It seems I have you to thank for his demise, even if certain parts of the story don't make sense, it is still a tale…we shall have fun extracting."


"Positions!" He shouted and a group of armed men stepped forward out of the gloom.

"Ah…it's a little…"

"Dramatic Mr Potter. The Dark Lord always had a thing for it." He shrugged.

"Victims of the Keller Process."

"So you do know all UNIT's secrets then Mr Potter?"

"Not a long range legillemens then?" Harry taunted and then cursed himself, he was mucking on pretty thin ice with a lot of guns being pointed at him by brainwashed and most likely missing a lot of their tought processes people.

"Do you like my device special commission." Harry turned to the thing that was still reeling off shots. The man clicked a button on a remote and it stopped with a whine of power.

"So you've built a machine to fire spells."

"Commissioned by the muggles, you have to appreciate their ingenuity of the request. Not even the Dark Lord could have thought of this…" Harry spared a second glance at the fluid that was being pumped around the machine.

"Is that…?"

"The life blood yes…a ministry official who thought to interrupt the muggle's efforts here…he was…recycled." The Man chuckled.

"To make a wand fireable by a muggle…"

"With magical blood…and his hand of course."

Harry wondered if all people did this, admittedly he'd faced more than one megalomaniacal person, but he was did want to start finding out stuff.

Harry spared a look back towards where he'd left Gibbs and the others, Tony was looking over the boxes watching them, Harry winked and waving two finger behind him, hoping Tony would realise 2 minutes to some help would be good. Or words to that effect.

"So what now Mr…I'm sorry I didn't catch your name."

"I didn't give it Mr Potter."

"And your employers?"

"Mr employers…know…" He trailed off. "My employers are the muggles and they know…what they know. I gave them a name…something to put in their boxes."

Harry raised an eyebrow mentally counting backwards the two minutes.

"Your employers care to enlighten me Mr…I'm sure mine would be interesting."

"UNIT of course and NCIS that you've allied with, and that dear lab technician Abigail."

"You're well informed." Harry said calmly as he placed both hands behind his back and moved into what appeared to be a thoughtful stance.

"The muggles here are far more advanced…" Harry cut him off.

"Interesting to hear a Voldemort supporter say that." Harry got a crimson colour spell fired at him for his interruption. Harry cringed partly from the spell and partly from the fireballs he was balancing above his hand, his sudden movement to duck the spell had singed his fingers.

"Advanced in the realms of surveillance Mr Potter. A muggle will scream just as loudly as a wizard, and both are susceptible to the same things."

"Cyanide for instance?" Harry asked, he had at last count probably 30 seconds before Tony, Gibbs and Kate made…whatever move they were going to, which would hopefully be something good, as it stood he was still standing with half a dozen armed people.

The man laughed.

"A test as Anthony DiNozzo deduced, though nothing as complicated as an electrified chess board Mr Potter. Hardly fitting for you though."

"Because I killed Voldemort and his followers?" 10…9…7…

"No because…" That was when the shooting started, both of energy weapons and standard bullets.

Harry barely had enough time to throw himself into a dive roll to get out of the way of the energy weapons being fired from behind him, and the spells and bullets being fired at him.

As he dived into his roll he threw the fireballs which hit between two of the people each blowing into a fiery pyre.

As he recovered he fired over a series of spells at knee level at the men surrounding the Man, who ever he was, and also landing a few low level strikes at the Man as well, though whether it did any damage Harry couldn't tell with energy blasts and bullets being fired over rather than at him.

Soon in fact very quickly the NCIS people and he himself ran out of people to shoot, Harry was the first up and over to the body, the Man was coughing up blood.

Gibbs ran over and was checking the other bodies.

Harry grabbed the man's wand and chucked it away from his body and then grimly levelled his own wand at the man.

He wanted, nay needed to know what was going on with this whole situation and the details would be here…

"You'll be learning this portion with Francis here Harry…" Birmingham said nodding to a man Harry had seen around Night Wolf who was also a wand user.

"The Brigadier…"

"No…Lethbridge Stewart doesn't like to use memory techniques against anyone and I agree, especially memory modification spells. But you did request to learn some more esoteric methods and there might come situations both here and out on other planets or other places where this might save you life…"

"And the Brigadier?" Harry asked.

"Has our full support, you don't need to learn this, there are others Harry, I'm not making it an order."

"But knowing some advanced Legillemency is useful, don't I know it…"

"We have professionals if it is ever nessacary. But Harry it comes with a warning, only extreme circumstances and full reports." Birmingham warned looked into Harry's eyes impressing the seriousness of this information.

"Sir…if I may ask…"

"There are things you don't need to know Mr Potter…and Francis is far better trained than I am in this particular form and other arts."

Harry nodded.

"Legillemens." Harry said softly but firmly as he aimed his wand at the man's left temple and grit his teeth through the pain of transition.

The transition through his surface thoughts into the deeper realms was about as smooth as Thai whiskey, and about as enjoyable as sexual relations with a cactus Harry thought to himself as groups of images and related sense experiences flashed through his awareness.

The man's name was…Harry couldn't make it out, it was like that portion was…obscured…removed.

Everlasting Chisel flashed through Harry's semi-aware state of mind.

Harry pushed harder forcing with his spell and his mind to focus in on the origins what this man was doing and what happened.

It was like he fell through ice, except it was hard and bleached out, it was a semi-shaken state in the room with the Keller Machine…brain washing and removal of personality memories…

There were people, the image shifted as the man shifted his head, people watching from the viewing area at him…the Man…in suits Harry (through the man's memories) make out the faces.

There was another flash of an almost montage as Harry 'watched' as other images passed through his mind, this Man's developments…and what he was doing everything including the auction, it all for his employers…Harry couldn't really make out much of their loyalties or appearances, but there were some answers.

As he was readying himself to try again he 'felt' the walls or whatever it was around him begin to collapse inwards.

Harry literally crawled his way out and he fell backwards against someone's legs.

He would have a headache for at least a week and then some, Harry wondered as he wiped the sweat and whatever else was on his forehead if there was a good brandy on offer at the moment.


"Yeah…I'm up…status?"

"All dead."

"Good make safe all their weapons." Harry said shaking himself.

"Already done that Lt while you were…" Gibbs gave him a look, part questioning part knowing and part almost smug.

"Getting some answers." Harry muttered. "Come on let's work out a way out before…his employers come looking."

They made there was through the room to the back where it lead into a loading dock and out the back of the building, Gibbs grabbed at his phone to call for back up.

"Don't." Harry shook his head.


"Gibbs…call Ducky get him to bring transport for him and the others." Harry gestured the body floating behind him, Kate was keeping a wide berth from both him and the body. "I think he'll want to double check his fingerprints against your case records."

Harry led the body after Gibbs and the others and set it down beside the cars and then went to his own grabbing a bag or two from his car and walked back off toward the building.

"Potter!" Harry heard Gibbs yell but wasn't really listening.

"Tony! Get after him!"

"Watcha doin Harry?"

"What does it look like?" Harry asked as they walked back into the building and Harry made his way for the labs.

"It looks like you're collecting a booty."

"Beenn watching a few crime movies Tony?" Harry asked looking at a piece of tech and placed it in his bag.

"Gibbs doesn't want you contaminating the scene."

Harry looked at Tony. "Who says I'm going to leave anything for him to investigate?" Harry asked calmly, as he felt the continued after effects play against his head from the extended Legillemency so close to the man's death.

"But…" Harry left him.

The UN's attitude to this sort of research, especially stuff geared towards subjugation and controlling of individuals was pretty much zero tolerance, and since this operation, from what he could tell was further than down the line than a 'black op' operation.

When Harry came to the Dalek remains he stared at it for a moment before delving into his pockets removing something smelling of sulfur and chucked it into the circle with pouch he'd mixed earlier and muttered a long stream of words concentrating as he did so, making his headache double in strength.

"It's at this point I should have brought a hipflask." Harry muttered to the smelting and smoldering remains.

Tony was lurking somewhere behind him.

Tony followed Harry out of the building gesturing the floating bodies with grim fascination.

"Now that you've got all you tech what're you going to do Lt Potter, you're still on US soil."

"I assured your director a resolution to this Agent Gibbs, and that will not happen if this building remains…intact." Harry said as he walked to his car and threw his bags of technology in, they would be sent back to Night Wolf for re-cataloguing and checking.

As Harry made his way back over to the edges of the building he silently wished there was a ship in orbit that could blast this building off the face of the Earth, however that would break an inconceivable number of rules, agreements, and other such government pieces of paper and discussions.

Harry crouched down and then sat down on the ground and allowed himself to fall into a form of trance, something that he hadn't practiced or attempted for a while. He was glad as he progressed into his trance that the Man's employers had build their building around such large ley lines, it would make it marginally easier…and all that more dangerous, but with the biomorphic jammer still in operation, something which Harry couldn't find, he had less options that he would have normally and even less than if he had some high explosives handy.

"What do you think he's doing boss?" Tony whispered looking at Harry who was sitting with a pained expression on his face, sweat running down his forehead.

"You think I understand half of what he's been doing DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked holding up the Cybergun.

"Right, sorry boss…what are you going to tell the director."

"Gibbs…do you feel that?"

Kate asked from behind them, she had an unreadable expression on her face.

"What Kate?" They moved back away from Harry back to the point a meter or so behind Harry.

"Like static electricity…" She said rubbing her arms.

Tony looked back toward Harry…that was when it happened, it was as though the air rippled from all sides around the building and then it exploded with the noise of several sonic booms and the building exploded and collapsed inwards on itself.

A few seconds later several somethings exploded within the building bathing them with a lot of heat.

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs shouted as he rushed forward to Harry, Tony shook his head trying to clear the ringing and ran forward to help Gibbs with Harry.


"Well come on Lt Potter. Explain why I told the CIA that the building just 'exploded on its own'." Gibbs asked. They were sitting on chairs which had been dragged up to the roof top of the NCIS building.

Harry still had a thumping headache, after the building exploded and he recovered he'd left almost immediately leaving Gibbs to deal with whoever came to investigate, his 'booty' was in a secure UN facility which they asked no questions about, he had a higher clearance than them, he'd deal with that later, but there was still evidence at NCIS to deal with.

But before he'd had a chance to grab that he'd been dragged up here by Gibbs.

"It was a darker than black ops operation, as I said you'll probably be able to match the man's fingerprints and DNA to some of the things recovered."

"You're not going to steal that away from us?" Kate asked.

"Not all of it, though I doubt you could take it to court…but it's closed and finished."

"What was it Lt? The building the weapons, what we found on the ships?" Gibbs pressed.

"It was all part of the same operation. The auction…and those previous was to stir up interest, promote research and whatever in the field, alternate routes and what have you."

"This was a government operation?"

"Most likely yes." Harry said simply. "Corrupt and breaking all human rights. Some of it was about obtaining technology. Others…I'm pretty sure the gillyweed was all about spreading it out there to make it less of a surprise when it was introduced."

"Start it out as illegal and then when it's introduced for normal consumption…?" Gibbs asked quietly.


"You still haven't explained what that…'gillyweed' is." Tony asked.

"If there's a pool around here…or if you feel up to swimming in the Anacostia river I can show you." Tony shuddered at the second suggestion.

"Who's Voldemort?" Kate asked staring at him.

"A mad man, a terrorist, a murderer, a bigot, an ethnic cleanser all of the above."

"You killed him." Kate said simply.

"Made sure he could never come back."

"And they do that in your line of work." Gibbs said, it wasn't quite a question.

"He did and it cost a lot of people their lives."


Harry sat in on the benches with Abby, they were waiting for Tony to get finished training, Abby had a cooler with a large sample of the Gillyweed.

"So you're sure this is 100 safe?"

"Totally, and there's all those sailors and sub-mariners that have been using it too…I've used it." Harry offered seeing Abby's concerned face.

"And what happened?"

"Rescued a friend got attacked by mermaids." Harry said casually, Abby laughed.

"You could always get in there with him."

"I don't do public nudity."

"Hardly nudity, and if it is I don't want to see Tony in that case."

"In what case?" Gibbs asked as he walked up.

"What'd the director say to the CIA people."

"Nothing, just avoid the office until Monday." Gibbs said as he sat down and put a big cup of 'Caff-Pow' in front of Abby.

"Did you get everything out of my lab Harry?" Abby asked.

"It's all gone, all the problematic evidence" Harry spared a look at Gibbs who just ignored him and sipped his coffee. "it's all away from nosy government types."

"So why am I doing this?"

"Because you've always regaled Kate about your physique and stamina Tony, now's the time to show it." Abby grinned at Tony who was hiding inside a dressing gown. Not that there was anyone to see them, they were inside one of the Navy's pools, which had been 'closed' for today for 'training purposes'.

"Come on get it off." Harry said.

"Bet you say that to everyone you meet Harry." Abby teased.

"Well I certainly don't wonder into bathroom while they're showering, I get enough thrills being shot at." Harry grinned that he'd at least been able to make Abby a little embarrassed.

"Where is the stuff?" Tony rubbed his hands together.

"Try not to sound like a user looking for his next fix." Harry muttered and opened the cooler.

"There you go, eat it all. Just one of them though." There were three small potions in the box.

"Where's Kate?" Tony asked.

"Personal time." Gibbs answered. Tony nodded understanding flowing over his face.

"So what do I do?"

"You eat it." Harry said watching Tony fondle the ball of gillyweed.

"It feels like something a fish might vomit."

"You might want to take the dressing gown off and be near the water's edge."

"Then eat it?" He asked.


Tony walked over to the water's edge. Harry pulled Abby up to watch as Tony put the gillyweed in his mouth and chewed.

"It's awful like rubber."

"Just swallow."

"That's probably what he…" Harry started Abby gave him a look.

The effect was fast and Tony had just enough time to pull off the dressing gown and fall into the water, Abby and Harry jumped away from the splash and watched as Tony's features morphed and changed into gills and flippers.

"Oh my…that's…"

"Fishy?" Harry offered with a smile. Abby grinned.

"Maybe we can leave Tony like this, keep him in a tank in the lab."

"Maybe…Keep an eye on him just in case." Harry said quietly as he rejoined Gibbs on the benches.

"A definite advantage Lt Potter." He murmured.

"You see the possibilities, or what they saw in this?" Harry said. Gibbs nodded.

"Is there more of this that we'll have to deal with?"

"Probably, but they won't involve you again, not after this."

"And this?" Gibbs kicked the box as he watched Abby laugh as Tony swam around the pool.

"If you encounter it again treat it like any other drug, though probably incineration would be best…or just ignore it." Harry offered and looked at Gibbs. "I'm sure you've done that before?" Harry pushed himself off the bench and walked over to where Abby was watching Tony splash around.

"Should be wearing off soon…" Almost on queue Tony started coughing and almost drowning.

"Did you see me?" Tony asked like a little kid.

"It was amazing Tony you were like 'fishman'!"

"Harry that was…" Tony shook his head.

"Now you have an appreciation for it…" Harry walked over and grabbed the box, and ignited the other two packages in there.

"Hey!" Tony called from the pool.

"I'm sure you can have plenty of fun without the gillyweed Tony." Harry called over and then placed the box down next to Gibbs and offered his hand. Gibbs shook it.

"It was good working with you and your team Gibbs." Harry said with a smile and shook his hand and continued over to Tony and did the same.

"Great working with you Harry…" Harry smiled and gave Abby a peck on the cheek.

"Thanks, remember curiosity is the best thing, open your eyes and everything else will follow." Harry said and turned towards the door.

"Hey Harry what about…?"

"Things to sort out, things to see, megalomaniacs to stop." Harry gave a wave and disappeared, literally around a corner.


That's it. Finished.

I admit there are more than a few clichéd moments in here, but as this is a TV cross with a crime show I think I'm allowed to use some of the conventions.

Next up keep an eye out (next week) for my next story tentatively entitled The Doctor Encounter. Which will also be in the TV-Xovers section.

There may also be in the future small fics called Night Wolf – Encounters, small fics which are part of the overall story but don't qualify for huge stories (still just an idea, so it may not come to anything, just some ideas I have). These may end up in the Harry Potter or the TV-Xovers, I'm not sure at the moment.

Thanks to everyone who has read thus far, and stay ready for The Doctor Encounter.