Title: Smart Enough to Lie
Fandom: Step by Step
Main characters: Dana Foster/Cody Lambert
Genre: general/romance
Rating: suitable for kids (for now)
Summary: Dana has to lie to her ex-boyfriend, but doesn't realize her lie might turn into truth
Betas: The wonderful Alonso Fan and Rose Wilde Irish


It was one of those days when Dana wanted to kill all men again. She'd got dumped by her boyfriend a few days ago and on top of everything, JT kept annoying her all the time and she wasn't even able to insult him back properly. She thought a quiet Sunday morning in the coffee house would make her feel better, but she was awfully wrong. She ordered her drink and opened the book she'd been reading, and that was when a guy she'd wanted to throw off the tallest cliff walked in. He was closely followed by a blonde girl who looked a lot like Dana herself, only a few inches taller. The girl held the guy's hand and her laugh rang unpleasantly in Dana's ears.

Dana tried to hide behind her book and it worked for few minutes. Her plan was to quickly drink her coffee, still hidden behind her book, then leave the money on the table and leave. She herself couldn't believe how jealous she felt. Even though their relationship was over and of course she didn't love him anymore, she couldn't get over the fact he'd replaced her so quickly. The break-up was still eating her alive and there he was, holding hands with another girl, obviously all the days with Dana forgotten.

She pretended to read the book, but her eyes nervously followed the couple's every move. She watched them talking, touching each other's hands and laughing and she felt more and more sick. When she decided she couldn't handle it any more, she quickly jumped up, threw the money on the table, and stalked off. She had just reached the door when someone called her name and she froze.


She turned slowly. The guy who had caused her lots of pain smiled at her, and she wanted to punch him in the face.

"Steven..." even though she wanted to scream. She wanted to back off when he walked towards her, but her legs suddenly felt like they weighed a few tons.

"I'd like you to meet someone. I know it's probably too soon, but we are friends, right?" He gently pushed his girlfriend forward, waiting for them to shake their hands.

"Candy," the girl chipped.

"Nice to meet you," Dana said, trying for her voice to sound neutral. After all, it wasn't the girl's fault he was a jerk.

"So, how are you doing, Dana?" Steven put his arm around his girlfriend's shoulder as he spoke and Dana wondered if he missed her at all.

Dana quickly thought about plan B in her mind. She thought about not saying anything and just leaving, but that would mean he won. Before she could finish her plotting, the door to the coffee house opened and a tall guy walked in. The plan B was suddenly clear. She made a step towards him, grabbed his arm and pulled him closer to her.

"This is my new boyfriend," she smiled triumphantly. "Please, meet Cody."

Cody blinked a couple of times, and Dana wondered if he knew what to say. She kicked his leg, and understanding flooded his eyes.

"Hi, Cody," the couple said almost in unison, obviously surprised as everyone knew Dana had never liked Cody.

Dana noticed their faces; she didn't really want to explain people why she'd like Cody just out of the blue, so she pushed him out of the door that just opened as the new people walked in.

"Right, we have to go. Have a nice day," she said, and she followed him out.

To Be Continued...