NOTE: There was a small rewrite to this chapter. I had to address the matter of Tom's Horcruxes and how they didn't resurrect him. I used an actual method often practiced to keep the soul of a person from reanimating back in the old, witchy days of our own world, although lining the coffin with the object was the preferred form of usage.

I also had to adjust Snape's age. He was seventeen when Hermione came to visit him, not eighteen.

Chapter 1 Tweaking the Past

Eighteen year old Hogwarts student Hermione Granger, Professor Severus Snape and Headmaster Albus Dumbledore walked into the Head boy's room, Hermione clutching a small object in her hand attached to a necklace strung around her throat.

Albus closed the door and looked at Hermione soberly, as did the Professor.

"Now, Miss Granger…you are sure you have the proper calculations?" Albus asked her for what must have been the hundredth time.

"Yes, Headmaster. I've checked and rechecked. I will be able to appear in the proper place at the proper time within fifteen minutes of the exact moment I need to be there," Hermione reassured him, again for what seemed the hundredth time.

"You have the pensieve I prepared, Miss Granger?" the Potions Master asked in his silken voice.

"Yes sir. I have it," she said, patting her robes pocket. Severus stared at the young witch a moment, then turned to Albus.

"Headmaster, may I speak to Miss Granger alone? I have some last minute instructions I should like to give her concerning her mission. . A journey through time to the same space a second time is impossible to do without going out of sync. She will only have one chance to get it right."

Albus nodded.

"Certainly, Severus," he responded, then he looked at Hermione.

"Good luck, Miss Granger…if you are successful, you will have changed everything. Everything."

Hermione nodded, and the Headmaster left the room. Severus warded the door behind him with a silencing spell, then turned toward Hermione and stared at her for a moment with his dark eyes.

Hermione stared back at him silently.

"Miss Granger, you are a brave young witch indeed to attempt to do what you are going to do," Severus said to the witch. "In actuality, you are facing death when you appear in this room…my room on the designated night. Your sudden appearance will put me on the defensive, and there is a good chance I will hex first and ask questions afterwards. And because you will have to reveal you know my secret, most likely, I will want to silence you. Permanently. I was not a good wizard then either, and much more hot-headed. You might not even have a chance to speak. There were no spells to disclose the use of an Unforgivable…and my younger self will not hesitate to use it…unless I have good reason to hesitate…"

"What would make you hesitate, Professor?" Hermione asked him.

Severus looked her over appraisingly, then arched an eyebrow at her.

"I was quite anti-social, Miss Granger…but still…I had the same urges and randiness of any other seventh-year wizard at Hogwarts. Think about it," he said, turning and heading for the door.

The Potions Master removed the silencing spell, placed his hand on the doorknob and looked back over his shoulder at Hermione.

"Use that mind of yours to the best of your ability. It means life or death, believe me. Good luck, Miss Granger."

The wizard exited the room.

Hermione stood there a moment, doing just what the Professor said. Thinking.

Harry Potter had been killed by Voldemort three years ago. Both he and Hufflepuff Champion Cedric Diggory. They were both competing in the Tri-wizard Tournament against two other wizarding schools. The cup they were trying to collect which would declare the winner was secretly turned into a port key, which transported both of them away from Hogwarts during the final competition. No one knew at first where they disappeared to, but their bodies were found in a remote graveyard the next day by a caretaker. Harry was lying on top of the grave of Tom Riddle Sr., his eyes wide and staring skyward. He had been hit with the Killing Curse by the Dark Lord. He didn't deflect it a second time. Voldemort finally got it right.

Shortly afterwards, the Death Eater attacks began again, Voldemort garnering even more support and becoming more powerful than ever. There was no way the Order could hope to defeat him.

It was Hermione who came up with the idea to travel back in time and stop Severus from creating the elixir that changed Tom into Voldemort. Hermione was prepared to kill him if necessary…but she didn't want to. As cold and snarky as the wizard was, he had spent the majority of his life trying to save the wizarding world. It hardly seemed right to murder him in his youth.

Hermione made her decision. She had to make sure young Severus didn't hex her on sight. The Professor said he was as hormonal and randy as any other wizard. He wouldn't have said that if he didn't want her to take advantage of that fact.

Hermione shuddered, then fished the sealed pensieve out of her pocket that contained the Professor's memories, the memories he hoped would convince his younger self not to provide Tom's elixir. She placed this on the Head boy's bed. Then she placed her wand on it as well.

Slowly, she began to unbutton her robes.

"God, I hope this works," she breathed.

Seventeen-year-old Severus Snape was lying in his bed on top of the covers in his boxers, thinking about what he would do tomorrow. He had been working on Tom Riddle's elixir using snake venom for several months now, and believed he made a breakthrough. If he were successful and increased Tom's power, his own position of power in the newly formed Death Eaters would be assured. Then he would have friends, though he really didn't care about that. It was the power and protection he coveted.

The sallow-skinned, stringy-haired young wizard's face contorted, his large nose crinkling as he thought about the two people he hated most in the world…James Potter and Sirius Black. Gods damned Gryffindors. Soon they'd find out what it was like to be ambushed and attacked when outnumbered. Tom promised to kill them both if Severus could come through for him and Severus hated the two wizards enough to want to see that happen. It all rested on how well the elixir worked.

Suddenly, Severus got an odd feeling and sat up in his bed, grabbing his wand off the nightstand, his black eyes peering through the dim light shed by his turned down torches. He eased out of the bed and quickly darted to a darkened corner of the room. His eyes narrowed as something began to flicker beside his bed. He pointed his wand at it. Whatever it was, he was going to blast it to Kingdom Come.

The flicker became more solid, and the young wizard started slightly when he saw it appeared to be a witch…dressed only in white knickers and a white bra, holding a bowl in one hand and a wand in the other. The flickering stopped.

"Don't you fucking move!" he hissed as Hermione froze in place, "Drop your wand right now and step away from it if you want to live, witch!"

Severus held his wand on her with deadly accuracy. He'd kill her if she didn't comply. The only reason he hadn't blasted her immediately was because of the way she was dressed…or undressed rather.

Hermione dropped the wand and stepped back from it…not daring to even move her head. The voice that hissed at her sounded as if it meant business, and she wasn't about to test Severus' resolve.

Severus moved quickly and silently from the corner, keeping his wand trained on Hermione. He then bent down and picked up her wand, putting it into his nightstand drawer and quickly warding it, his eyes locked on the witch as he did so.

Hermione looked at him. Severus wasn't attractive at all. He was very tall, skinny and pale, his hair even greasier looking than it was in her time, and longer, falling over his thin shoulders in stringy strands. He had quite a bit of acne on his face too, and his nose was huge. The young wizard appeared…well…the best way to describe him was gangly. His hands and feet looked too big for his body and his joints were sharp and pointed. But still, he moved gracefully. Hermione had no idea how he managed that with his over long limbs.

"Who are you?" Severus demanded.

"My name is Hermione Granger. I've come here to help you," she said.

"Help me?" Severus repeated, his black eyes sweeping over her. She was short but had big breasts and ample hips. She wasn't gorgeous, but passable in a pinch.

"Help me how? Talk quick," he ordered the witch, shaking his wand at her threateningly.

"You're about to make a terrible mistake and unleash the greatest horror you can imagine on the wizarding world. Thousands are going to die." she said, "Tom Riddle is…"

Suddenly, Severus was on her, his black eyes wild and he jabbed his wand into the side of her throat, towering over her.

"What do you know about Tom Riddle?" he hissed.

Fuck. How did she know?

"I know he is going to torture you within an inch of your life every chance he gets," Hermione gasped.

Severus absorbed this, then his face contorted blackly.

"You're lying! Tom wouldn't torture me. I'm going to help him become the greatest wizard in wizarding history. He will be grateful. He will reward me. You know too much, witch…you have to die. No one is supposed to know what is going on," Severus said, preparing to cast the Killing Curse. He could transform her body and get rid of it later. Maybe turn her into a stone and throw her deep into the lake.

"Wait!" Hermione cried out desperately, "The pensieve…it's from you, the future you. It has your memories of what life is like serving Voldemort…Tom Riddle! Please! Please just look at it," she said.

Severus' black eyes shifted from Hermione's terrified face to the small blue bowl she held in her hands, then back again. He stepped back from Hermione and raised his wand, focusing on her.

Gods, he was going to kill her. Hermione closed her eyes.

Severus' eyes washed over her body again. He hesitated.

"Incarcerous!" he hissed.

Ropes flew out of the tip of his wand and wrapped around Hermione securely. He just managed to catch the pensieve before it hit the stone floor. Hermione fell hard to the side and lay there, completely bound. Severus let her lie there, walking over to the bed with the pensieve and sitting down on it.

He studied the bowl a minute, then looked down at Hermione.

"How do I know you didn't put this together somehow and aren't really trying to kill Tom? He's marked for death already. He knows it. Dumbledore is behind it," Severus hissed at her.

"You are an intelligent wizard in my future," Hermione said to him, her cheek resting on the cold floor, throbbing. "You must have put something in there only you would know about, to prove its validity."

Severus stared at her a moment.

"Don't you move," the wizard snarled at her, placing his wand down on the bed next to him in close proximity, "Don't you even breathe hard. I'm going to view this pensieve…and you'd better hope that it's convincing. Because if it isn't…you're a dead witch. Understand me?"

Hermione nodded, her cheek aching as it rested against the cold, stone floor. She was freezing too, cold air sweeping under the door and washing over her scantily clad body. She hoped the Professor had put what was necessary in the pensieve to make his younger self change his mind about giving Tom Riddle the elixir. If he didn't…it would all be over. She would never return to Hogwarts and Voldemort would eventually take over the wizarding world.

Severus leaned slightly, staring down into the pensieve. Suddenly there was a flash of light and the wizard fell very still. It looked as if he had turned into a pale statue.

For the next hour and a half, Hermione suffered on the floor, shivering but not even daring to shift for fear Severus would start out of the pensieve and kill her. Finally, he stirred, his head lifting, his eyes now appearing much older than he was. He stared into space for a moment, then slowly looked at Hermione.

He stood up, placed the bowl and the pensieve on his nightstand, walked over to the shivering witch and hoisted her off the floor. He carried her over to his bed and dropped her down in it on her back. Hermione looked up at him as his black eyes swept over her bound body. She thought she saw a little flash of lust in them before they became hooded and he sat down, his pale body twisted so he could look at her.

"I don't like you much in the future," he said to her quietly. "You are an irritating little chit. A know-it-all. A pain in the ass. A Gryffindor Golden girl."

Hermione sighed. The Professor had put her in the pensieve too. Thank gods.

"But you're intelligent. You figured how to get back here by yourself. You took a big risk to do this," he said, studying her.

"There's a world to save," Hermione replied.

"Typical Gryffindor response. You are brave to the point of stupidity," Severus said, "Personally, I don't give a fuck about the wizarding world. It's never done anything for me. Or muggles. Or muggle-borns. My father was a muggle, the sick bastard. He beat my mum for years until he finally killed her. The only good thing he ever did was kill himself afterwards."

Hermione listened, horrified. She never knew this about the Professor's past.

"However, I do give a fuck about what happens to me," the wizard added.

The young wizard glanced at the pensieve again, his brow furrowed.

"I believe you," he said, "Or I believe the pensieve. It was the roses that convinced me. I never told anyone about how my father beat me unconscious when I was six years old because I picked all the roses off the veranda to dry for my pretend Potions stores. That was in there," he said softly.

Severus fell silent for several minutes, then looked at Hermione.

"So, there's no power, glory or reward ahead of me if I give Tom the elixir," he said to the witch.

"No. Only years of painful service and spying," she said, "And right now he is so powerful that he will surely take over everything in the next couple of years. And the future you believes that when he does, he will kill you because he will no longer need you."

"Yes, that was in the pensieve too," Severus said quietly. "Still, if I don't give him the elixir, Tom will most likely have me killed. I promised him I had made a breakthrough. He expects me to show him something extraordinary."

"You can take the pensieve to Dumbledore and tell him all you know about Tom. He'll hide you," Hermione said.

Severus looked at her with narrowed eyes.

"Yes, I could do that. But, it doesn't mean he won't still rise to power…and I'll be hunted as a deserter and a traitor. I won't be able to live a normal life," he said, more to himself than Hermione.

Severus looked at the pensieve on the nightstand once more, then picked up his wand and blasted it to pieces, Hermione letting out a gasp as the powdered remains floated to the floor, bed, some even settling in her hair. Severus scourgified the remains, then looked at Hermione again.

"That's not an option," he said shortly. "I won't go to Dumbledore. According to the pensieve, he turns me into a spy. I don't want that."

Severus fell silent for several more minutes. Hermione could see he was thinking very hard about his situation. Finally he looked at her again.

"I could be the wizarding world's savior," he said to the witch, "But there will be no reward for me. No one will know or believe what I've done if I stop Tom myself. I deserve a reward if I do this, don't I?"

Hermione nodded, just to agree with him. Severus seemed willing to cooperate, but he still hadn't released her.

"You're the only one who knows that I have the future of the entire wizarding world in my hands, and for the time being, that makes me very important. More important than anyone living," he said to her.

"Yes…it does," Hermione said.

"It makes me…a hero," the wizard purred at her.

"Yes," she agreed.

"Since you are the only one who knows…then it's you who will have to give me my reward. I need to get something out of this," he said to the bound witch.

"Me?" Hermione said with a squeak in her voice.

Severus nodded, picking his wand up off the nightstand. He removed the ropes from Hermione and quickly held her down, removing her time turner from around her neck. He held it up, studying it.

"This is what brought you here. I imagine you will return with it," he said to her.

Hermione sat up in the bed, drawing her knees tight against her chest and wrapping her arms around them protectively.

"Yes," she said shortly.

Severus brought up a finger to spin the turner.

"No!" Hermione cried, lunging forward, stopping him by grabbing his hand. She fell right into his lap, looking up at him and panting.

"Don't spin it. It will take you into another time," she gasped at him.

Then she became aware of a throbbing against her shoulder. Severus was getting an erection. She struggled to get up, but he caught her shoulders.

"As I said, witch…I deserve some reward," he breathed at her. "Will you give me one to save the wizarding world?"

Hermione looked into his dark eyes. They were narrowed, but there was something in the depths that seemed vulnerable. Hermione realized Severus was only seventeen years old without friends or support and had no one but himself. Suddenly, she saw him as the selfless man he became. Cold, hard, sarcastic to the point of cruelty but still willing to give up his own life to stop the Dark Lord. He received no reward for that service either, other than being hexed with Unforgivables and whipped until his flesh hung in ribbons. Her heart went out to him. What he wanted was nothing compared to what he gave. Hermione made her second decision of the night. She was a virgin, but she was going to lose her virginity at some point in time. It might as well be tonight with a wizard who would be an unsung hero. Severus was right. He should get something for ending the madness before it began.

"Yes," she said to the wizard. "I'm willing to give you a reward for saving all of us, Severus Snape."

"Yes," he purred, letting the witch up, his dark eyes glittering hotly as they raked over her body, "Reward me then, Hermione Granger."

Hermione sat up, turned around and backed up in the bed, resting on her knees and looking at Severus. She didn't move.

"What are you waiting for? Get naked," Severus said, standing up and removing his boxers, his cock springing out. It was huge. Hermione's eyes widened and a look of fear crossed her face.

Severus was an observant young wizard. He saw the fear in her eyes.

"You've never done this before, have you?" he asked Hermione.

She shook her head.

Severus sighed.

"I should have known. You're a Gryffindor witch. If you had been in Slytherin, you'd be an expert at sex by now. Our witches aren't nearly as uptight about fucking as those of your house. They use their pussies to their advantage. Well, that doesn't matter. I've popped a cherry before," he said, climbing into the bed, Hermione backing away from him.

She doubted Severus had simply "popped" a cherry. With a cock that big, he probably pulverized it.

Severus stretched out on his back then turned on his side to face her.

"You're scared, but a Gryffindor all the way. Martyring your pussy for the wizarding world," he said to her, chuckling a bit. "Godric Gryffindor would be proud."

Severus began to stroke his cock, Hermione's eyes resting on the thick, pale tool almost mesmerized as the wizard's hand caressed the shaft slowly, his black eyes watching her. Yes, she was scared, but curious.

"Touch it," he hissed at her. "The best way to deal with fear is to face it. Use that legendary Gryffindor courage your house is always howling about," Severus said, mocking her.

Hermione hesitated, then decided the wizard was right. She had agreed to this, and needed to make a good showing for Gryffindor. It was clear to see Severus Snape was Slytherin through and through, and despised the House of Gryffindor. He probably relished the idea of fucking a Gryffindor witch. Slowly, Hermione reached out and touched his cock with her fingertips.

"You call that touching?" Severus said, grabbing her hand and forcing it around his cock, his eyes locked to Hermione's face to see her reaction.

Hermione gasped as she felt his hardness against her palm. The wizard's cock was hot and pulsing gently, but the skin was soft, delicate. It felt like a soft velvet covering an iron pole. She tightened her hold and moved her hand a bit, feeling his flesh slide with it, Severus letting out a little groan as she caressed him.

"That's not so frightening, is it?" he purred at her, reaching for his wand on the nightstand. He pointed it at the witch, Hermione's eyes widening.

"Divesto," he said lazily.

Hermione's bra and knickers disappeared, reappearing on the nightstand. She squealed and covered her breasts, her knees clamping together.

Severus studied her for a moment.

"How am I supposed to get my 'reward' with you covering up like that?" he asked her, "Just lie down."

His voice was smooth and evidenced the beginning silkiness that would one day be able to wet knickers a-plenty just by speaking. But Hermione could hear the impatience and danger beneath it. Young Severus was not a wizard to be played with.

Hermione lowered her hands and laid down beside him on the bed, trying to control the trembling that started. She looked up at the ceiling studiously, waiting for him to do something.

She felt the tip of his wand press below her navel. Severus whispered a contraceptive spell, then replaced his wand on the nightstand. Hermione felt a kind of flipping sensation inside her. Then it was gone. Severus looked at her for a moment, before his eyes rested on her breasts.

"You have big breasts. I like big breasts," Severus said, sitting up and leaning over her. He lowered his mouth to her nipple and drew it in, Hermione squealing and fighting to keep her hands at her sides as his warm lips closed over her tip. Her nipple hardened in his mouth as he suckled her, his other hand going to her other breast, squeezing and fondling it, catching the nipple between his fingers.

Hermione was gasping at the sensation. It felt good, she couldn't deny that as the young wizard switched breasts, his greasy hair falling over her. At least he smelled good. Clean.

Hermione suddenly jerked. Severus had shifted and placed a warm hand on her belly, It was slowly sliding down. She felt his fingertips comb through her pubic hair, and she jerked again. Severus released her breast and looked up at her as he slid his finger between Hermione's labia. She squealed and bucked frantically as he touched her clit, then mashed it. It was like a bolt of electricity shot through her.

"Oh shit!" she gasped, trying to pull away from him.

"Be still!" Severus demanded, his dark eyes resting on her face. "My reward…remember?"

Hermione forced herself to stay put, but he began moving his fingers faster and pleasure began to flood through her, her pelvis beginning to whirl a bit as the young wizard fingered her pussy. Severus watched her.

"You're going to be good," he breathed at her.

He slid his finger lower and felt the small stretch of skin covering Hermione's entrance. She was a virgin all right.

But not for long. Severus stopped fingering Hermione and rolled on top of her. He wasn't yet the lover he was going to be. He was young and impatient. The wizard forced his skinny hips between Hermione's thighs, his cock resting hot, hard and long against her belly. She could feel his pelvic bones as he adjusted himself, pulling back and grabbing her legs, making her raise her knees on either side of him.

Hermione closed her eyes and bit her lip as she felt him press the huge head of his cock against her core, breathing heavily. She clutched the bed, the Slytherin green sheet beneath them gathered in her hands. Severus looked down at her.

"I know I'm ugly," he said to her softly. "Most witches close their eyes when I fuck them. They like my cock but can't stand to look at me."

The wizard sounded bitter as he said this. Hermione opened her eyes.

"That's not why my eyes are closed," she said, "I'm just trying to handle this, Severus. Trying to prepare for the pain. I know it's going to hurt. It's not the way you look. Actually…"

Hermione faltered a moment.

"Actually what?" Severus asked her. When she didn't answer him, he prodded her a bit with his cock, making her gasp at the pressure.

"Actually what?" he asked her again.

"Actually…I have a bit of a crush on you in the future. Your acne clears up and you grow into your body. Your hair is still greasy, but less so…but you have the most beautiful voice, eyes and hands, move so gracefully…and are so skilled…so…dark," she said, her voice dropping again for a moment, before she continued. "Of course, I can't tell your future self that. You'd take a thousand points from me at least and probably humiliate me before throwing me out of the highest turret window at Hogwarts."

Severus did some calculating.

"I'd have to be at least twice your age," he said to her, "Why would you want someone that old?"

Hermione sighed.

"It's your brilliance. I don't do well with wizards my age. They're not engaging enough…" she began.

"You mean intelligent enough," Severus corrected her.

"Yes. All they want to do is shag," Hermione said, "And talk about Quidditch. Try to discuss the rudimentary precepts of the algorithms of Arithmancy, and they just fall apart. I feel I could connect with you on more than a physical level, if I had the chance. You could touch my mind as well as my body."

Severus shook his head slightly. Hermione Granger was different from any witch he'd ever fucked. So she lusted after his future self. She was the first witch who ever said she wanted him for more than a quick fuck…even though it was years in the future. He found himself feeling a bit more kindly toward her.

"I'll remember that," he said softly, lifting his hips, preparing to enter her. He hesitated.

"I'm going to do it now. Hold on to me," the young wizard said.

If Hermione hadn't told him what she did, the Slytherin had intended to just tear into her and take what he wanted, like he did the other witches. But her honesty saved her from that.

Hermione wrapped her arms around Severus' back and closed her eyes again.

"Look at me," he said to her. "I want to see your eyes when I pop your cherry."

Hermione slowly opened them and looked into Severus' sober gaze.

Suddenly the wizard thrust forward, stretching then ripping through her hymen, sliding deep into her tightness with a groan, then a sigh of pleasure as Hermione buckled and screamed, pulling on the wizard because of the burning pain and the feeling she'd been impaled by a staff. Gods, he was so big.

Severus looked down at her as tears rolled from the corner of her eyes. Hermione made a good effort not to cry, but it had hurt. He looked lower and saw his cock buried between her thighs, the lips of her pussy pursed like a small mouth around his pale shaft. He let out a little groan, but held still.

"You're so tight," he said to her, "You feel good, witch. You are an adequate reward."

Slowly, Severus pulled back and gently thrust back into Hermione, the witch sighing at the sensation. She still stung however.

"Still hurt?" Severus asked her.

"Yes," she replied, her voice quavering like a child who was fighting back tears after a spanking.

Severus had no idea how long it took for a virgin to stop hurting. All he knew was he wanted to get down to some serious fucking. He pulled out of Hermione almost completely, only the head of his cock immersed inside her softness, hesitated, then pushed almost his entire length back inside her.

Hermione let out a moan as he filled her. It hadn't stung so much that time and his hardness felt so good…an inner caress followed by a physical check that jerked her body slightly.

"You like this, Hermione Granger, I can tell. I guess not all Gryffindor witches are frigid lesbians," Severus purred at her as Hermione's pussy pulsed around him. "You know, it's said that Gryffindor wizards make such a poor showing sexually, the witches have to turn to each other to find satisfaction."

Severus pulled back and thrust inside Hermione a little harder this time, bumping against her cervix with some force then paused again, staring down at her. Hermione's mouth had dropped open on that one and remained slack. Her pelvis was moving a little too.

The young wizard smirked. He was right. She was going to be good.

"I think you're ready," Severus breathed down at Hermione, beginning to stroke her rhythmically, his stiff member parting her soft flesh over and over, his lips pursed with pleasure as he fucked the witch, his pale ass clenching and unclenching as he drove into her wetness, listening to her soft cries increase in volume.

But her eyes were open and she was looking up at him, wonder, pleasure and desire in her eyes.

"I'm good, aren't I witch?" he asked her, speeding up. "This is a reward for both of us, and most likely the closest you'll ever get to your dream of fucking my future self."

Hermione let out a wail as the wizard slammed into her to drive home the point that this was the best she could get as far as he was concerned. It was obvious he didn't care for her at all in the future. Certainly he protected her as he did all the students at Hogwarts, but there was no part of him that saw Hermione Granger as anything other than a student he would be glad to see graduate and move on.

"Mmmm," he groaned as he felt her tightening around his cock.

Hermione's eyes were closed again, her lips parted as she bounced back and forth under the wizard's stroke. Severus lowered himself for a moment and kissed her, running his tongue around her mouth, tasting her heat and flavor before rising up on his hands again and tearing into her pussy, which Hermione was thrusting back at him, lost to her first possession.

Yes. This witch was very good.

Severus stopped fucking Hermione just long enough to hook her legs over his arms, then folded the witch over, splaying his arms so her thighs were spread as wide as they could possibly go. His cock was still embedded in her core, the witch's pussy stretched around his well-oiled girth. The young wizard pulled back, then drove into Hermione to the hilt, penetrating her deeper yet, the witch letting out a perfectly beautiful shriek as Severus rammed down into her over and over with blinding speed, his loins slapping against her loudly, reddening her inner thighs as he panted and grunted, stretching out his body, his head thrown back in pleasure and dark eyes closed, focusing only on the delicious tightness choking his cock as Hermione drew close to her first orgasm.

Suddenly Hermione stiffened and let out a piercing cry, her eyes flying open as she climaxed, pleasure rippling over her body in waves as Severus cursed and stiffened as well, Hermione's orgasm milking a release from him, the wizard continuing to thrust reflexively into her body as he filled her with his thick, hot sperm.

Spent, Severus dropped on the witch, kissing her once more before he rolled off her quaking body.

Panting, he turned his head toward Hermione, who was panting also, her hair a crazy halo around her head as she came down from her first climax. Presently, her breathing slowed and she turned her head toward Severus, who hadn't taken his black eyes off the witch since he rolled off her body. He smirked at her.

"Now, that was a reward worth a world or two," he said to Hermione, one pale hand moving her hair out of her face so he could see her better and remember her features.

"Definitely worth a world or two, Hermione Granger."

The next night, Severus stood in the small cave Tom Riddle used for his base of operations. He was slowly having it enlarged, and had told Severus of his plans to have a large circular throne room, sparsely furnished, some labs and so forth.

"The riches will come later when I am in control," he told the wizard. Severus already knew he was taking tribute from some of the richer Death Eaters in his ranks, but said nothing.

Tom walked up to Severus and shook his hand. They were alone as they always were when he took Severus' potions. Tom was hiding what he was doing from his followers. Only Severus knew he was trying to increase his power and longevity. Tom warded the cave entrance, sealing it off, Severus watching his motions carefully…memorizing them. When he finished closing off the entrance, Tom turned to Severus.

"You have the elixir?" Tom asked him excitedly.

Severus removed a black bottle with a snake-headed stopper from his pocket.

"Yes. Here it is," Severus said.

Tom looked at it hungrily.

"Are you sure it will work?" Tom asked him, eyeing the impressive packaging. Severus took extra time to make sure it looked powerful and attractive. Image was everything.

"I am positive it will do what it is meant to do," Severus replied evenly

"Very well. What do I need to do? Is there any preparation?" he asked Severus.

The wizard looked at the would-be king.

"The elixir is going to cause you some pain, maybe very great pain as it courses through your body. It is the venom that does it. I would advise you to be strapped into a chair in case you seizure. You may break your own bones if you aren't," the wizard said.

Tom nodded. He wasn't afraid of pain. Severus had already given him two previous elixirs, and he did go through agonizing pain. But his magic was always just a bit stronger when he recovered. Now, supposedly the wizard had made a great breakthrough. It would be worth the pain.

"Very well," Tom said, waving his hand and causing a heavy wooden chair with manacles on the arms and legs to form in mid-air. It fell to the floor, then brackets and bolts appeared, fixing it to the floor.

Tom sat down in the chair.

"Attend me," he said to Severus, who looked at him a bit strangely.

Attend him? Tom never talked like that to him before…as if he were…a servant. Still, Severus locked the manacles around his wrists and ankles. He uncorked the bottle.

"Are you ready?" he asked Tom, his dark eyes somber with purpose.

"Yesss. Very ready, Severus. Ready to become more than what I am. Ready to take my rightful place. Give me the elixir," Tom replied, his eyes shining with lust.

Severus tilted the bottle to Tom's mouth. The restrained wizard drank it down greedily, despite how horrible it tasted. When he finished, Severus took the bottle away.

"How long before it takes effect?" Tom asked him…then suddenly let out a horrible scream and began convulsing, his eyes rolling up into his head.

"Not long," Severus smirked, remembering his future self hanging a foot off the floor while Tom as Voldemort scourged his back unmercifully, blood running down his legs.

Tom shook in the chair so strongly, it creaked as the wizard choked and groaned, pulling up his fingernails as he gripped the wooden ends of the arms. Spittle began to flow from his mouth, pouring down his robes, then it turned red.

Suddenly the wizard's lips drew back from his gnashing teeth several times…he was chewing his own tongue. A piece dropped out into his lap, and he convulsed twice more, then fell still. Those few pinches of deadly Nightshade really did the trick when combined with snake venom. Severus reached into his pocket and pulled out a long dagger.

He walked up to Tom Riddle and without hesitation, slit his throat…just to make sure he was dead. Then he opened Tom's robe, pulled up his shirt and proceeded to make a deep, vertical cut in his abdomen. He retrieved a small, double-sided mirror out of his pocket and pushed it deep inside the wizard. Mirrors were used to halt magical resurrections, even those using the darkest magic. Severus wasn't sure if Tom had somehow managed to find a way to come back from the dead, but by the way he talked about immortality, it was possible.

Better safe than sorry. He didn't want to chance running into a reanimated and very angry wizard. Using his wand, Snape sealed the wound cleanly, pulled down Tom's shirt and refastened his robes. The mirror wouldn't be found. They didn't do autopsies in the wizarding world. Dead was dead.

There was no remorse in Severus' black eyes as he wiped the blade of his knife on the dead wizard's robes then put it back in his pocket.

Severus then unwarded the cave entrance, exited and left it open so Tom's body would easily be discovered. No one would suspect him. He disapparated back to Hogwarts.

His would not be a life of servitude.

Years later, Severus Snape, Potions Master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding, sat at the staff table with a bored expression on his face as Minerva McGonagall led a group of nervous first years in. Severus scanned the group, and his eyes fell on a black-haired boy with round glasses that was the spitting image of James Potter.

"Oh good gods," Severus breathed, frowning. "Not another Potter."

James Potter and Lily Evans married when they left Hogwarts, James getting a spot as a seeker on the Bigonville Bombers Quidditch team. The last Severus heard, they had a brood of children whose numbers were only rivaled by the Weasleys. This boy must be the oldest.

He listened as Dumbledore droned his usual first-year address, then watched as the filthy Sorting Hat was brought out then suffered through another dreadful annual song. The hat sung at every Sorting, then obviously spent the rest of the school year thinking up more horrible lyrics for the next term. When it finished, Severus clapped with everyone else, not in appreciation, but because the song was over.

Minerva mounted the dais and stood next to a wooden stool on which the hat sat. Didn't they ever wash that ratty old thing? Greasy as his hair was, Severus would never allow that hat on his head for even a moment. The gods only knew what was crawling around inside it after a few centuries.

"Hannah Abbot!" Professor McGonagall called out. A chubby and rather dull looking red-haired girl walked up and sat on the stool. Minerva lowered the disgusting chapeau on to her head.

After a moment the Sorting Hat called out, "Hufflepuff!"

"That figures," Severus thought as the girl hopped off the stool and headed for the Hufflepuff table, the other students greeting her.

Severus watched as a couple more students were sorted. Then Professor McGonagall called out a name that made him stiffen.

"Hermione Granger!"

Severus watched as a small, bushy-haired, buck-toothed little girl marched purposely out of the crowd of first years without hesitation, then almost ran to the dais, hopping up on the stool and looking very excited.

"Gryffindor!" the hat announced.

Hermione Granger squealed with delight, clasping her hands together and sprinting for the Gryffindor table…Severus staring after her.

After a few years, Severus began to believe that Hermione Granger's appearance had been some kind of sensate vision warning him about Tom Riddle's treachery. When time turners were invented, he also attributed this to a bout of true divination. But now…now he realized that this had been no vision. Hermione Granger was as real as he was. That little girl smiling at all of her new housemates was the young woman he took his pleasure with the night before he killed Voldemort. She didn't look much like she would when she grew up, but when she turned a certain way…Severus could see it.

"Harry Potter!" Minerva called out.

Harry Potter marched up to the dais and sat down, his eyes upturned as the hat was lowered on his head. It barely made contact before it called out his house.


All of the teachers on the dais murmured about this as Harry Potter walked over to the Slytherin table and was welcomed into their ranks. Harry was the son of two Gryffindors! How in the world could this happen?

Severus' mind was immediately taken off of Hermione as he looked at his newest first year. A slow, nasty smile crossed his face as he eyed James Potter's son. Harry was in his house, and under his influence.

"Payback is a bitch, James Potter," Severus thought as Harry's eyes met his and the boy nodded a greeting. Severus nodded back.

Harry Potter would make a fine Slytherin. He'd be every bit as resourceful, devious and self-serving as the rest of his housemates. Maybe even a bit more so.

Severus smiled again.

He would make sure of it.

A/N: This is just something that popped into my head tonight. So I took a break and wrote it out. I haven't read any Time Turner stories really, so I have no idea how original this is. Most likely, it contains a lot of the same elements as others do. I didn't include lemons because I am trying to focus on the upcoming lemons in Emmet's story. I thought implied would work well enough this time. This story is going to stay a one-shot, but I could imagine it happening this way. Thanks for reading.

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