Back for round 2 I spose. I've had quite a lot of time on my hands, regardless of working nights- but while I work I think a lot- and this happened to float in one night and this is what came of it. Its another Kyle and Stan thing, so ya… enjoy :)



She Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Chapter 1
You're some kind of wonderful

It's always the same. Tradition if you will that for every senior year there must be a beginning of the year dance and for some reason the entire high school goes. Except me- Stan Marsh, because I'd rather stay at home on that night and finish homework that is due on the following Monday. Well, to be more than honest I've never had a date to one of these things and lets face it: the last three years I got away with not going but this year is really different.

I know lots of people will be dateless but it's me and I don't want to be dateless. I can't be a stupid ass-logger like Cartman and show up and drink all the punch and eat all the mini sandwiches.

Now, there have been many girls in my life since high school and I say this with the greatest apathy because I know I lie. Although, I have had more girlfriends than Cartman so I'm off to a good start. Kyle isn't too lucky either, but he's had his share and right now he's pretty cozy with that home-schooled girl… once again. Kenny, well whatever it is he's doing it is going for him and I'm certain he'll have no problem finding a date… if he even makes it into the dance.

Then there is Wendy; I am doomed to lead this tango by myself. Everyone says we're the perfect couple that nothing can stop us and blah, blah but every time we're together she goes all "One Tree Hill" on me and dude, I just can't take it. It is because of this that we've never really been a "couple" we have only "went" together for a while. Right now that "while" is on time out.

So that is why I am here writing down the names of the girls that I have dated and all of which would never give me a second chance on account that they hate me or are in another relationship.

As much as I try to make things work with Wendy she can be such a fucking bitch that I don't ever want to talk to her but then there are times when she comes over and she does things to me that I have never- well… she was my first… everything. Date, virginity, wet dream, she really is the girl I'm in love with but god damn it I want to kill her sometimes. Maybe that's what makes us perfect, the fact that we're so dysfunctional that we work. Okay, so that sounds stupid but I'm sure that it can be sifted through for some sense.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the last year of high school. Hmm talk about an oxymoron… if I don't go to this dance thingy then I'm going to be a loser for eternity and if I go dateless, well I guess I'll still be a loser. I wonder if there is any chance Wendy will go with me…


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