The New Order

Chapter 19

Returning To Hogwarts

The next few weeks flew by; when Harry wasn't reading the books he was finishing the rooms. Every single room was now basically apartments for everyone needed sanctuary from the war. Needless to say in that few weeks, many people entered Grimmauld Place either having lost someone or both their parents. Harry remained packed just in case he had to leave in a seconds notice. He wasn't sure just how long Dumbledore would make him 'remain' at the Dursley's. He had no idea who was going for him or whether his cover would be blown.

If it came to it he would just tell Dumbledore he had left the house, stayed in a Muggle hotel or anything other than the truth. Dumbledore could never find out he had been in Grimmauld Place. He couldn't find out that he had learned things that the old fool didn't approve off. Goodness knows what Dumbledore might do if he knew, Azkaban came to mind. Dumbledore he knew wasn't as light as everyone assumed, he would do what he had to, to see Voldemort gone for good. Including killing, maiming, kidnapping and goodness knows what else. He wasn't sure if he had actually done any of those things but Harry knew he couldn't put anything passed the old man.

"Did you manage to go to the Ministry? See about a Wizarding class? I'd make it mandatory from year one to four at least." said Harry thoughtfully, eating dinner in Grimmauld Place dining room. Narcissa, Ted, Dora, Andy, Severus and Draco were sitting around too.

"Compulsory classes aren't looked well upon," said Severus.

"And? Pureblood's get on our back for not knowing everything…but compulsory they don't like? Tell me something Severus, tell me of something they do like other than Voldemort and I'll happily retract my previous statement of making them mandatory."

Severus just smirked in amusement "I do not take wagers I know I will loose,"

"The Muggle studies class is useless," snorted Draco in distain.

"Why? All the Muggle stuff alien to you?" laughed Harry; he hadn't been required to take Muggle studies, as he had grown up in that world.

"Have you seen what you have to wear to blend in, in the Muggle world!" asked Draco looking disgusted. "I refuse to wear such clothes! Those collars just make you look like a dog!"

Harry stared blankly at Draco before he burst into laughter, clutching his belly as what Draco said fully sunk in. Ted looked just as amused as Harry was by Draco's declaration. Severus shook his head in silent exasperation at his godson; of all the silly things Draco had said this topped them all. Draco turned red in anger at the fact he was being laughed at, unfortunately the pureblood's weren't any more understanding of the situation and didn't understand Harry's merriment either.

"Draco…I'm wearing Muggle clothes, this is how they dress…Sev is wearing Muggle clothes…that's how they dress." explained Harry his breathe heaving as he got himself under control.

"But the books we got didn't show them like that!" protested Draco…not that he had ever read any of them just took one look at the book and set fire to it.

"What book is he talking about?" asked Harry, Ron had taken that class but he never spoke about it much. In fact they didn't talk about many classes, just defence and what idiot that was hired at the time.

"I assume he's speaking about the Shakespeare books that Charity Burbage likes," smirked Severus in amusement.

"She teaches them Shakespeare?" gaped Harry his eyes wide as saucers.

"Yes," said Severus.

"Anything else?" asked Harry hopefully.

"I do not know I did not have to take that particular class none of my Slytherins elect to take it either." said Severus arching an eyebrow.

"Is she pureblood?" asked Harry.

"Indeed, however, she is very outspoken about Wizards needing to breed with Muggles and Muggle born's to strengthen their magic." explained Severus.

"Outspoken? I'm surprised she hasn't had a visit from Voldemort," cried Harry in shock.

"If she keeps it up she will do," said Severus wryly.

"So let me get this straight, Muggle born's learn nothing of Wizarding studies and pureblood's learn sweet fuck all at Muggle studies apart from about a man that's been dead for centuries?" asked Harry shaking his head in distain.

"That's about right," sighed Severus.

"Bloody hell, has Hogwarts always been this useless? I mean I've never had a decent defence teacher…other than Remus I suppose. Hell the rest of them has either tried to kill me or torture me." cried Harry exasperated.

"It wasn't always that way, Dumbledore has lowered the standards Hogwarts prided itself on. Ironically enough they believe Hogwarts is so popular because of Dumbledore. Not the increase of Muggle born's accepting their place at Hogwarts." said Narcissa dryly.

"Why would your teachers try and kill you?" asked Ted Tonks.

"Why not? Let see Quirrell who ended up possessed by Voldemort, Heh, and Lockhart who wanted to Obliviate me of my memories so he could write a new book. Um, Crouch in the guise of Moody because I survived Voldemort's rebirth, and a Ministry toad who by the way fancied herself above the rules. If Hermione hadn't interrupted her she would have cast the Cruciatus curse on me. After torturing me all year with a blood quill making me write 'I must not tell lies' in my own blood." Harry's lip curled in disgust just speaking about them.

"She did what?" asked Severus his black eyes glittering dangerously.

"Didn't your Slytherin's tell you? I know at least one suffered by her hand." asked Harry surprised. He knew the Slytherin's respected Severus, and came to him with their problems. Unlike the other heads of houses, Snape listened to his students, or so Draco insisted.

"Who?" asked Severus his voice trailing off indicating Severus had a very good idea who it was.

"I don't know, but Draco should," said Harry staring at the blonde.

Draco paled when he realized once again, he was in a pickle, and he had reassured Severus that none of the Slytherins were being hurt. Greengrass had went to Severus and tried to tell him, but Severus had been too busy to listen. He had asked Draco a day later, when he saw him if any of the Slytherins were in trouble. Draco had then told him that he was looking after them all.

Harry gasped when he suddenly dawned on him, he could sense it, Draco was in trouble. Harry knew the Slytherins were like Severus' children, no matter the choice they made. He tried to save as many as he could without being obvious about it, something he was going to do when he got back even better.

"Greengrass was in detention with Umbridge," whispered Draco eventually. The adults in the room were all frowning in confusion at Draco's meek voice.

Severus' face went extremely tense; he looked ready to throttle Draco. Severus breathed sharply through his nose, trying to calm himself down before he did something he wouldn't regret. "You gave me your word none of them were being hurt by that woman." hissed Severus furiously.

"Does that mean you knew about the quill?" asked Harry curiously. Was Severus really not any better than McGonagall.

"I did not, but a usually amount of students feared having detention with her, I knew something wasn't right. Especially considering I heard them saying they'd rather have detention with me." growled Severus furiously.

"But Greengrass…" asked Harry.

"Came to me, but I was too busy to listen I told her to go to her prefect a mistake I will not make again." sneered Severus giving Draco a loath filled look.

Draco swallowed sharply, well he could say goodbye to his badge anyway that was for sure.

"Just like McGonagall," sighed Harry it was always the students that paid the price because of teachers.

"Excuse me?" snapped Severus, very, very insulted.

"I tried to tell her what Umbridge was doing; she didn't even give me a chance to explain. She told me to keep my head down and not aggravate her," snorted Harry bitterly.

"You? Her Golden boy?" asked Draco surprised.

"Do not call me that," grimaced Harry in disgust.

"Do you know whose defence teacher this year?" asked Narcissa a look of worry in her eyes for her son. Just what kind of school had Hogwarts turned into? Would she have been better sending her son to Drumstrang, giving into Lucius' demands?

"I do not," admitted Severus, Dumbledore liked to surprise him by seeing who could be even worse than the next year.

"Has Hogwarts always been this dangerous?" asked Ted looking at his daughter.

"No dad, not always," said Tonks softly.

"None of us had any problem…or heck hem any…adventures quite like our young Mr. Potter." said Narcissa.

"Lucky me," said Harry in a false happy tone.

"Can I ask you something Harry? Why did you stay?" asked Ted once Harry had nodded.

"It was better than the alternative, at least I could fight back here." said Harry eventually.

"But you couldn't with Umbridge!" Ted pointed out.

"He makes a good point," said Tonks who looked remarkably like her father today.

"I'm used to it, what she did to me was nothing I'm not used to." shrugged Harry uncomfortably.

"You shouldn't be Harry, that's what makes this so terrible. Many families offered to take you in when your family… died. Alice Longbottom was one; she was close to your mother as one could be. Being pregnant at the same time and in the Order brought them even closer. The Weasley's also wanted too, Molly was pregnant at the time if I remember or had just given birth. The Diggory's also wanted to adopt you, they wanted to give Cedric a brother." said Andy failing to stop when Severus began shaking his head in warning.

That wasn't what Harry should be hearing right now, it wouldn't bring him any comfort.

"Excuse me," said Harry abruptly leaving the kitchen, thudding feet went though the house and stopped up on top of them. Harry's room was above the kitchen, it was the biggest room in the house, or rather was until it was turned into mini apartments.

"What's wrong? I thought it might bring him some sort of comfort," said Andy looking confused.

"Unfortunately now, Harry will believe himself responsible for what happened to the Longbottom's. He will think they were tortured because they offered to take him in, not because Lestrange wanted information. There's also the fact Harry does blame himself for the death of Cedric Diggory. The knowledge they could have been raised as brothers will torture him for years." sighed Severus, "Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to have a word with him. Try and get through his thick skull that he doesn't hold any blame on what happened."

"I am sorry Severus…I was just trying to help," sighed Andy sadly.

"I know," said Severus who was just starting to get up when an owl flew through the open window straight at him. Closing his eyes, he prayed for patience, because he didn't have much left. Not after finding out his godson had neglected his duties, broken the first rule of Slytherin. Always help a fellow Slytherin in need of it; they are your brother in arms for the next seven years. Now he had to deal with a guilt tripping Harry Potter, and of course whatever this owl wanted from him as well. Today just wasn't his day at all, he couldn't wait until it was over.

"Fantastic," grunted Severus.

"What is it?" asked Narcissa.

"I have to collect Mr. Potter and take him to Hogwarts at dawn tomorrow." growled Severus.

"Dawn? Don't Muggles sleep?" asked Draco wide eyed.

"Of course we do!" shouted Ted loudly, causing Draco to jump at his unexpected volume.

"Muggles? Who came up with such a name? It makes us sound like a bunch of criminals!" grouched Ted, he hadn't heard it so much before, Andy had told him the official name once and that was it. Now though he was hearing it on a daily basis by this boy and it was quickly getting on his nerves.

Severus walked out of the kitchen shaking his head, silently as usual making his way to Harry's room. He shouldn't have left it this long; Lily would have killed him for not doing it sooner. He had to make Harry see what had happened wasn't his fault, by laying out different scenarios. Hopefully before he goes back to Hogwarts, he will have realized it wasn't his fault. Otherwise it was going to be something Dumbledore could and will use against him.

He smirked at the sign on Harry's door; it was a crest sort of detail, a lion on one hand and snake on the other. Both holding onto what most Muggles and Muggle born's would recognize was the scales of justice. Of course there was usually a woman statue holding them, but hey, nobody couldn say it wasn't fitting. The scales had been uneven too long, but with Harry running a sanctuary and helping people fight the war and leading himself the scales had tipped back in even. Once Harry was ready to face Voldemort, the scales would definitely tip in their favour.

So, yes, he indeed liked Harry's symbol.

The symbol of hope.

Of sanctuary.

The Sign of the New Order.

The End

THE END hope you enjoyed it! do you want a sequel? it will be called the lion the snake and the scales of justice if i do go for it possibly after harry has finished his education and taking full control of his destiny and running his own order with dumbledore aware of it or would you prefer to see him doing that while under the old fools nose? only coming out after he tries to have severus arrested on bogus claims? R&R Please!