Chapter 1

When Voldemort first started taking over the wizarding world many people left - not to another country, but aboard a ship on the water. Severus Snape, being a vampire and a great potions master, had been offered a place in Voldemort's inner circle. Even though he was 'asked', it was, in reality, a do it or die threat. He then found out his friend, Lucius Malfoy, was a Death Eater and a plan formed.

At the age of seventeen, he had made a potion that would let a vampire live an almost normal life. Being out in the sun, holy water and a dagger through the heart no longer posed a threat. It had taken him seven years of hard work to develop the potion, but to actually be able to go outside without putting cream on his exposed skin was worth the effort. The cream was a yellow colour and it made his skin look horrible. He used to put a glamour over his teeth, otherwise they would have been unnaturally white. Moreover, his two fangs were sharp and pointy, even though they sank back into his gums after feeding.

He had continued using the cream for a while, but now he was fine, as the potion worked wonderfully. He was actually getting used to not needing the cream and glamours. In other words, he was a sexy, black haired male, standing at 6' 2", with a trim frame.

He had planned his escape very well, knowing Voldemort knew nothing about boats, and the man would not look for him out on the vast oceans. The ship was magical, with many different wards on it, such as, water could never get inside, they would never be able to fall overboard, even if they tried and no matter how much magic they used it could not be detected by anyone outside the wards. The ship was unplottable, so no one could find them. Severus had known he would need them, if he were taking children, as little ones did accidental magic, no matter how trained they were.

He had one thing to do before he left, though. He found people to take with him, including his brother, Sebastian, and others that had wanted to come, should this exact senario come to pass. He also kidnapped several infants including Draco Malfoy, Gregory Goyle, Vincent Crabbe, and Alexander Avery, along with bringing his sister, Serena, a 12 year old squib and their injured mother.

After finding people to look after the children, they would set sail with enough provisions to keep them at sea for a very long time. They also brought a house elf along as it was able to apparate on and off the moving ship, something wizards were not able to do.

To do something like that, buying a boat and fleeing so that Voldemort could not get him, and then kidnapping children of Death Eaters, was a great accomplishment. Severus had kidnapped them wanting to give them a life where they could make their own choices, and not be brought up with prejudiced views. No child deserved to be brought up deprived of love, attention and care, as Severus knew if they would be, if they stayed with their families.

No one would ever find out what happened to Severus Snape, Serena Avery, her mother or any of the children, because most did not care, as a war was slowly spreading around England faster than a curse.

As soon as the newborn children were in cribs, Serena came to tell him that they were asleep as her mother had told her to. He nodded to her, then she sat at the side of the boat smiling. She had never been this happy before. Her father had been horrible to her mother and herself, and everything would be all right now. Samantha, her mother, was scared having never been on one of these floating contraptions before, but Severus assured her that they would be fine.

Taking one last look at the land, he knew it was time to go before anyone saw them. Starting the engine of the key to his, and their, freedom, the ship slowly moved away from the pier, then it moved faster. The lights behind them began to get dimmer and dimmer as the city became smaller and smaller, the farther they went.

Severus had spent a long time learning about boats and ships. He had found what he was looking for in a surplus gunboat, of the muggle Royal Navy. He had had it completely refurbished into a one hundred and fifty foot yacht, with cannons and ammunition, on board. He knew that there were pirates still sailing the oceans, and maybe other dangers. He had also spent a lot of time learning about lighthouses, navigation and everything else of importance.

He had a magical map of the seas where every bit of dry land was marked down, as well as every port, the ship dock in, but Severus knew he would only be using them in case of an emergency.

When they were out of sight of land, and Samantha, and most of the other adults and the children were asleep, Severus stopped the ship. He stared out into the distance in the direction that used to be his home.

"Goodbye, know that I will be back one day, if only for a short time," he said, sadly, as he imagined all the lights that seemed to twinkle at him.

"Don't worry Sev," his brother Sebastian tried to reassure him.

"How can I not worry, Seb? That was our home, the place mum and dad brought us up in," Severus replied.

"Don't worry, everything will be still there. The Fidelius will hold it."

"Nevertheless, I will not go back, except for one reason," Severus said, tightening the rope.

"I know that. 'Night, Sev," said Sebastian, going off to bed.

"Night," Severus called back.

Severus did not go to his bed straight away, but merely sat there in the kitchen drinking a coffee, and thinking of the reason he would eventually go back home. He knew he had a mate out there somewhere and when his mate turned seventeen he would know instantly.

He had known since he was eleven, that he would have a mate who would be turned into a vampire like himself, and live with him for all eternity. He had not exactly worried about that until he became sexually active. He engaged in sex many times, but no one felt right to him because none of these partners were his mate. He wondered, sometimes, what his mate would be like. He hoped it was neither a light, nor a dark side person, as the light side was stupid to believe there was only good and evil. The dark side, on the other hand, was stupid to think muggles were the cause of their problems. Someone neutral, who was not on either side, would be fine to him.

When he had left that day, he had known that his mate may die before being turned, but since he did not know who his mate was, he could hardly take everyone with him just in case. When the time came to collect his mate, only then would he go back. Even then it would be only to collect his mate, and after that he would be gone, especially if the war was still raging.

It was not long before he was too tired to stay up any longer, knowing he was going to have to move the ship tomorrow. They were in no rush to go anywhere, as they were planning on staying on the ocean. That was something else he knew, as that was safest place where they could actually stay the night. He got to sleep fairly easy as the ship did not move in the wind like most boats, thanks to magic.