My Mate

Chapter 38

Leaving and sneaky surprise attack - ding dong Voldemort's gone

Finally Hermione and Ron made it to Dumbledore's office, shouting the password they ran up the stairs. She had to warn Dumbledore, and then she was going to shower until the stench was off her. Then she was going to find a spell to get that poltergeist back. She wasn't the smartest witch of the generation for nothing. Or so she liked to think of herself, what she didn't realize was she wasn't. Ginny was more powerful than her, it's just that nobody liked to show of their powers like Hermione did. It's why most of the students didn't like her; she flaunted her magic as if she was better than them, someone special.

"Harry's leaving," Hermione gasped out between breaths, her face was red and her entire body was trembling with exhaustion.

"Excuse me?" demanded Dumbledore his eyes going wide; he had been expecting Harry three minutes ago. He had assumed he was being late to irritate him or something like that. He had never imagined they'd come barging in and tell him he was leaving of all things.

"His things, trunk, photos all gone…his bed is empty!" explained Ron, gathering strength.

"Excuse me," said Dumbledore, leaving abruptly, Hermione and Ron weren't able to follow. They were just too exhausted; they had just run from one end of the school to the other. More than once because of the staircases moving on them, they were in no condition to move. Both of them slumped over in sheer exhaustion, unable to stand a second longer.

They could only hope Dumbledore got there in time to stop him - if they weren't already too late that is.

Dumbledore was panicking, he couldn't loose Harry now, and if he did Voldemort could get to him outside of the wards. He made his way down the stairs, practically striding along, and a walk that would have impressed Severus - if the vampire hadn't hated his guts. He'd just have to get the boy, and force him to drink the potion. Either that or put him to sleep, and then get him to drink the potion. He wasn't going to loose the boy now, he had invested too many years in him to quit now.

He made it to the entrance hall, and was stunned to see his pawn, hand in hand with his Defence teacher. He didn't even spare a thought of Weasley and Malfoy, they weren't important in the grand scheme of things. In fact they weren't even pawns on his chess board really.

"Mr. Potter," said Dumbledore his voice held a hint of steel warning in it. Too bad Harry wasn't the least bit intimidated. Being treated like shit at the Dursley's and facing Voldemort on a yearly basis would do that to anyone.

"Ah, yeah about the meeting, sorry no can do I have somewhere else I need to be." said Harry continuing to walk. The hair on the back of his head was raised, in anticipation of an attack.

"Do not make me use force Mr. Potter you are not leaving Hogwarts…it's far to dangerous." said Dumbledore still stalking towards them.

"Force? What you doing to do bind me to a bed? Until Voldemort attacks? I'd leave him to you all." stated Harry truthfully.

"Do not threaten my husband if you wish to live," sneered Severus his voice angry and full of loathing he was showing to Dumbledore for the first time.

"Husband?" gaped Dumbledore stunned; this was more dangerous than he thought.

"I have you to thank for that, if you hadn't tried to force me to marry Ginny," said Harry.

"Hey, you make it sound like a bad thing," said Ginny as though she wasn't in the middle of two extremely powerful wizards. Both of who were very angry right now, and magic was practically pouring off them.

"Considering I like guys it is!" said Harry, staring at Ginny briefly before staring at Dumbledore who had thankfully stopped in his tracks stunned.

"Do you not realize what will happen the second you step foot outside of Hogwarts?" demanded Dumbledore, silently demanding Hogwarts to close the entrance hall door.

"What will happen? I'll be free of your influence sure," said Harry emotionlessly

"He seriously thinks Hogwarts' is going to help him, he's trying to get the doors to close," said Severus very quietly.

Harry merely snorted, "Let's just get out of here, I don't want a confrontation."

"Do not make me do this Harry," said Dumbledore, irritated, Hogwarts wasn't listening to him. He had his wand in his hand, ready to use force if necessarily.

"What are you going to do Dumbledore? Hire more people to spy on me? Manipulate me some more? The Imperious Curse doesn't work on me…that would have been your only chance to control me." sneered Harry, so they walked. Keeping their highly alert state up, being a vampire they could tell that Dumbledore had started walking again.

"POTTER!" snarled Dumbledore running to catch up with them, but a surprise awaited him.

Severus drew back his hand and punched Dumbledore so forcefully; he flew all the way down the corridor. He didn't get up, he lay immobile obviously unconscious, and that's when the three made their exit from Hogwarts.

Harry felt a twinge in his scar, casting a silencing spell; he grabbed Ginny and Draco in each arm and ran. Running around the forbidden forest, he could sense Voldemort was near. Severus was of course right by his side, as always.

"What are you doing?" cried Ginny indigintly, but her voice was still silenced.

Harry leant forward and whispered into her ear, "Voldemort is here, be quiet I'll remove it okay?" he repeated the process with Draco suddenly serious, they both nodded their heads.

Severus was the one that removed the silencing spell, as Harry crept around the trees' they were at the edge of the wards. Further in the forbidden forest, than they were so their backs were to Severus, Draco, Ginny and Harry.

"It would be so easy to take them out now wouldn't it?" asked Harry quietly.

"Well I know one I'd like to kill," said Draco, Lucius Malfoy was there.

"Isn't he being stupid? Coming with just three men?" asked Ginny very quietly. She knew Tom Riddle, and he was in fact Voldemort so she knew a lot about him. How he thought, what he did, why he did it. It's more than she wanted to know about him, but there was nothing she could do. She was asking that because she knew Voldemort wasn't a stupid man, er snake now she supposed.

"He doesn't want to fight Ginny, he's up to something…" said Harry.

"Trying to find a weakness in the wards no doubt," summarized Severus.

"We could end this now…" said Harry his Slytherin nature coming to play.

"Whatever you want to do we must decide fast, Dumbledore could come around any minute." said Severus smoothly.

"Four of us, four of them," said Harry, a wicked grin forming.

"I'll kill Lucius," said Draco as if he wasn't talking about his biological father.

"I'll kill Avery," said Ginny.

"I'm taking Voldemort," said Harry, from where they were hiding behind the trees.

"I guess I've got Crabbe, Vincent will be happy," said Severus bluntly, go figure he'd get the stupid fat one to kill.

"You ready?" asked Harry, taking a hold of them, as they fished their wands out.

And so he ran once more, until he was in line with them, and together four killing curses were simultaneously cast. All of them hit their targets, and four bodies who were in mid turn, stunned looks forever etched on their faces, fell with a thud.

"What do we do now?" asked Ginny, she had just cast a killing curse at a man. Sure he deserved it, but who knows what the Ministry would do if they found out. She wasn't an Auror she wasn't allowed to freely use the Unforgivables.

"We bury them," smirked Harry using his wand to dig the earth up. Levitating the dead corpses he dumped them in the hole before replacing the earth.

"What about letting the world know Voldemort's gone?" asked Severus.

"Fuck them, they will find out sooner or later…the Death Eaters are probably panicking." said Harry bluntly.

"Then lets go," said Draco, taking Ginny's hand in his, wanting to get away from the oppressive school as quickly as possible.

With a quiet pop, the four left Hogwarts grounds never to return there again.

They appeared instead in front of a beautiful, but ancient looking manor "Well…I'm home." said Severus; his arm lay across Harry's shoulder, keeping him close. They were free; Dumbledore would never get to them here. He hadn't been here since before his final year at Hogwarts. Since he was sixteen years old. Now he was coming home with his mate to experience it together.

"It's beautiful Sev," said Draco quietly staring at it.

"That's an understatement," breathed Ginny awed by the sight in front of her - she had never seen anything like it - other than Hogwarts of course.

"Let's go," said Harry, and together they walked to a place that was always going to be home to them. Reunited with Samantha, Serena, Alexander, Vincent and Greg. They celebrated well into the night. Not only had Harry killed Voldemort, Alexander and Serena's father had been taken care off as well as Vincent and Draco's.

Freedom had never looked more beautiful.

The papers over the next few weeks were amusing to say the least, Granger and Weasley had been publicly humiliated (with proof) in the newspaper. Panic was ensuring because of Harry's disappearance. A fortnight after Harry had killed Voldemort, they finally found out and celebrations ensuing. They never did find out who had killed him and how.

Dumbledore, was evicted by Hogwarts herself, Minerva made Headmistress. Dumbledore spent the rest of his life searching for Harry to no avail, he died alone two years later, it seemed old age finally caught up with him.

Nobody mourned his passing.

Nobody knew anything about Ronald Weasley or Hermione Granger…they hadn't been seen since the paper had revealed their dirty deeds.


There finished! that's how i was always orignally going to finish the story so i stuck with it :) i wanted to show how Severus had affected Harry...letting out his Slytherin nature. No slytherin would have let that out of their sight without doing something about it. :) tell me what you thought! R&R bye