Chapter 1

A ten year old Severus Snape walked around the small town of Hogsmeade. He never bought anything, not that he had the money to be able to do so, his father had thrown it all away. Even if he did, Severus doubted that his father would ever give him anything. Longingly, he looked into the window seeing all those nice clothes, Knowing he would never make any friends looking as he did right now. His clothes were going grey from being used so much and his underwear had holes in it. How he hated his life. His hair was greasy, after all, his father didn't buy shampoo. He didn't have the money.

Severus had a picture of his mother that he had been able to save. He looked like his father but had his mothers jewelled eyes. All he could think was that she was beautiful and how much he wanted to make her proud, but even he didn't have any love for her. He didn't know how to love. Severus was much like a dementor: he hated happiness and would suck it away if he could.

As he was about to leave he heard a thump followed by a groan from behind him. He turned around and walked towards it. He then saw a young man who looked about nineteen, perhaps twenty. Though Severus had no idea how wrong he was.

The young man in question was sixteen, but he had the wizarding world on his shoulders. The teenager's appearance was quite different then it had been at the end of his fifth year. During his training over the summer, he had acquired almost a trunk full of galleons from his vault. He bought new clothing, muggle contacts and the means to grow his hair long. Harry Potter looked nothing like the Golden Boy of old.

Harry made sure he looked nothing like his father, who he was not very happy with. He hated the fact that his father bullied Snape just because Sirius was bored. No, he wanted to be nothing like his father, so this was his change. He had just been getting ready to leave, trunk and all, when a white light blinded him, and before he knew it, he was in Hogsmeade.

Getting up, he looked to see a boy next to him. Frowning, he thought it looked like his potions teacher from the pensieve, just much younger. Holding his sore head he made sure he was alright, everything was still intact, and that he had everything with him. He had not wanted to leave anything at the Dursley's. He was not going to take orders from Dumbledore any longer. If he had to kill the snake-faced bastard, he was going to live his life his own way or die trying. If Dumbledore didn't want him to learn, so be it, he would learn himself. Fuck the lot of them. The Order standing watch over him when they could be training him, or better yet, saving lives. He was not worth the lives of many. Of course, Dumbledore would disagree. With a sigh he asked, "Who are you?" He had not known that Snape had any children.

"Severus Snape, who are you?" asked Severus curiously. He obviously didn't know the problems he had just caused, for he thought the man had simply apparated.

"You are joking?" Harry just stared at the boy.

"No, why?" asked Severus, holding his hand out for the strange man.

Looking at over at the newspaper stand his heart stopped. Oh Merlin? he was in the past! And this was really Severus Snape beside him, who looked poor. With a frown, he remembered what Snape had looked like that in the pensive.

"Why are you dressed like that?"

"These are my clothes," said Severus, blushing red. He was about to leave not wanting the man to look at him in disgust or loathing because of what his father had condemned him to.

"Hey! Where you going?" asked the man, getting to his feet.

"Home," said Severus, still not looking up.

"Look at me Severus," demanded the man.

"What?" asked Severus his eyes empty, cold and hard.

"It's not your fault you're dressed like that. I used to be like you. Although my relatives did have the money, they didn't waste it on me, I wore rags twenty times too big for me," said Harry with a soft understanding smile.

"You did?" squeaked Severus.

"Yeah so don't go blaming yourself or feeling down, at least you were not brought up in a cupboard," said Harry with an amused lilt to his voice.

"You were brought up in a cupboard?" asked Severus wide eyed. He could not believe that the man had been brought up in a cupboard. It was just so unreal.

"Yes." was the response.

Severus then realized he had a bed at night. He had food, not much, but food none the less and a shelter over his head. He was not kept in a cupboard. For the first time he realized just how lucky he was.

"So what you doing here? Getting your school supplies?" asked Harry.

"I don't go there till next year, well half a year because the next school year starts then, I'm only ten," said Severus.

"Oh," Was all Harry said, his mind already putting the clues together. Inwardly he started, realizing tht he was stuck in the past with no idea how to get back. With that in mind, he took a good look at Severus, he noticed how hard of a life he had. Suddenly he wanted to change that, at least let someone have a good life and perhaps even change him for the better. He just hoped he didn't do the wrong thing. Deciding not to tell anyone he asked Severus, "Want to go get something to eat? I'm starving."

"Yes, I've not had lunch in a long time," replied Severus. He didn't know where that had came from. He was not supposed to talk to strangers, and he was definitely not supposed to tell a stranger about his home life. For some reason though he trusted this man, perhaps because they were both alike? Who knew.

"Lets go then. If I get anything, I'm going into the muggle world. It's better. There is bound to be a fish and chip shop around," said Harry.

"Muggle world? I won't go anywhere near them! Or the mudbloods!" said Severus.

Harry's eyes darkened before he shook his head in disappointment. Severus instantly felt really bad, that man had just offered him lunch, and he had just been horrible. For all he knew, the man could be a muggle born himself. But it was hard to get out of the habit. Biting his lip he felt like apologizing, but he could not get the words passed his lips. Choking up when he saw the disappointment in the green orbs. He hated the fact that he had disappointed him. It was even worse than when his own father was disappointed in him.

"Fine, stuff you, and for your information, I am what you would call a mudblood. I hope one day you realize that blood means nothing Severus. We all bleed, and check your family tree, you will find your line had to start with a mudblood," said Harry before he walked away.

"Wait!" yelled Snape.

"What?" asked Harry.

"I'm sorry," said Severus, bowing his head.

"Fine, but I am going into the muggle world. Trust me. Their food is great," said Harry.

"Ok," said Severus, looking up, his eyes gleamed with interest and intelligence.

They found a chippy quite fast. It seemed that the muggle world had not changed much in the future. Most of the shops were still there, one exception being that instead of a baguette shop, he found a shoe shop.

"What can I get you?" asked a woman.

"Two large bags of fish and chips please as well as two big bottles of Diet Coke. We will have it outside please," said Harry with a voice demanding nothing but respect and obedience.

"Right away sir," said the woman.

Harry turned around and walked out side, the woman was back with their fish and chips within four minutes, a fork and knife each and a bottle of Diet Coke. Paying for it, she brought them back their change. No one was around, so they were mostly themselves.

"Are you going to stare or eat?" asked Harry, amused by Severus antics.

"Is that real fish?" asked Severus.

"Yes," said Harry.

"Oh," was all he said. Grabbing his fork and knife, he began eating his lunch. He also tried tomato sauce, as well as brown sauce. Putting vinegar on a chip, he put it in his mouth only to spit it back out again.

"Eeegh, disgusting!" said Severus. Drinking his Diet Coke, which he liked, but felt it gave him far to much wind. And had him burping nearly every drink he took. Harry had kept his laugh in when Severus had started putting vinegar onto his chip but kept silent. But when Severus spat it out, he could not help but laugh.

Severus was full to the brim. He could hardly believe how good muggle food was. He could not help but think perhaps his father had gotten it all wrong. Maybe he had never seen a muggle to judge them. The woman Severus had met was nice. Perhaps he did not wish them dead as he had first thought.

"Thanks," was Severus' sincere offer.

"It's not over yet," said Harry, walking in the direction of Luca's ice cream shop. Entering the small shop he strode up to the counter and asked for what he wanted.