Back I Go

Chapter 38

"We need to talk" groaned Ron coming around.

"Come on into the Leaky Cauldron get a room" moaned Hermione her mind going around all those new memories she had. It was so strange; she had images of her, Ron, Harry, Neville, Luna and Ginny playing together beside the Burrow. Along with other people she had no idea who they were.

"That is the best idea I've ever heard!" said Severus, Hermione squeaked at him, his voice it was exactly like the other Sev from the past. It was no longer cold, hard and unfeeling.

"Anyone else think this is strange?" asked Remus still nursing his head in his hand.

"Come on" muttered Hermione getting everyone up and making her way to the pub asking for a room, they were given the key. Hermione laughed dryly realizing it was the same room Harry had always gotten when he came here. She had to stop the tears from forming by reminding herself she hadn't lost him - he was still here in this time even if he was different.

Silencing spells were erected and finally the four time travellers let loose.

"Dad didn't come back" said Severus looking close to tears.

"Don't worry Sev I'm sure everything will be fine" soothed Remus softly.

"Harry has to come back" said Hermione tears falling down her beautiful youthful face.

"He would have been waiting on us if he had been here" said Ron looking down a frown on his usually happy freckled face.

"Those clothes aren't mine" frowned Hermione looking down at herself until she remembered putting them on and gasped.

"We have merged with ourselves" she yelped.

"I have taken over my others body yes it's as if he has simply disappeared and I have taken over" said Severus trying to make sense of what he was saying.

"We know what you mean" muttered Ron and Remus together as one.

"You're like an Uncle to me in this life how weird is that!" said Hermione sitting down feeling rather out of sorts.

"You don't teach Potions, I teach defence against the dark arts Severus has his own lab and courier service" said Remus talking to Severus more than anyone else.

"I'm a Quidditch player" gasped Ron delighted.

"I'm apprenticed to Lily I'm going to become a charms mistress" gasped Hermione.

"Harry isn't doing anything" frowned Remus.

"That's because Lily and James just told him everything" sighed Severus

"Emily was pregnant with Harry's child, she had a boy naming him Harrison Prince Evanson my brother never got to know his dad" gasped Remus sadly.

Severus just nodded sadly.

"Me and Bella had three more children" smiled Remus softly.

"Me and Narcissa had four" grinned Severus.

"Do you think Harry might ever find his way back home?" asked Hermione this was all so strange to her.

"I hope so" said Severus seriously, "But dad wouldn't want us moping for him, he would want us to live our lives and be happy even if it was only for him"

"We best get going" said Remus softly.

"Yeah we have to explain things to Bella and Narcissa" sighed Severus. The love he felt for his wife shone through like a beacon, Hermione wondered silently why she wasn't accepting as Severus and Remus.

"We will go home in a while" said Ron.

Both men disappeared sad smiles on their faces.

"Why are they accepting this!" demanded Hermione rounding on Ron angrily.

"They have their memories of their younger self's getting used to not having Harry in their life we don't" sighed Ron sitting next to Hermione.

"I guess" sniffed Hermione still feeling as if she was cheated of her best friend. "We can't even bury him…the others wont remember either its just us"

"I know but just think if we hadn't gone back we wouldn't remember it either" said Ron softly.

"Yeah but Harry…" sighed Hermione.

"He did this for all of us if I could go and bring him back I would…but you know Harry he wouldn't do it…even if it meant his death. He would embrace it if he knew his parents would survive" sighed Ron.

"I know I just miss him that's all" sighed Hermione the tears had dried up some still clung to her eyelashes.


"You go Ron" smiled Harry softly watching down upon his two best friends. No one he knew was up here yet, he was alone watching his family and friends together. He didn't regret it in the slightest, he was also very proud of Severus. His son Harry noticed was the spitting imagine of him with a perfect mixture of Severus in him too.

"Harry James Evanson" whispered an eerily voice in the air.

"Yes?" answered Harry back ok he had never had clouds whispering to him before that was new.

"Harry?" asked Hermione and Ron together wide eyed looking around the room.

"For you're selfless acts we have decided to allow you to go back down to earth" said the same eerily voice.

"What's the catch?" asked Harry wearily.

"There is no catch, you changed the world you knew it for the better not a single selfish thought in your heart" whispered the voice.

"Accept it Harry" shouted Hermione wondering at this new strange turn of effects.

"How is it they can hear?" gasped Harry awed.

"They are deeply connected to you, the people who remember you have wished for this moment for a long time" whispered Destiny.

"I thought there was no way to make the dead living again!" said Harry.

"We are from beyond time and space sending someone back isn't a problem for us" said Fate a new voice entering the clearing.

"As long as there's not a catch then go ahead" said Harry eagerly he could get to know his son! His son who was eighteen years old, and a potions genius in the making to boot.

"Very well, good luck Harry James Evanson" whispered another voice, Harry felt three foreign magik's entering him and he felt like he was falling from the heavens. Suddenly as it started - it stopped and found himself in his own body again standing right next to Ron and Hermione.

They must have hugged for what felt like an eternity.

"Come on everyone is waiting on you" smiled Harry gathering both his friends he apparated to where the mismatched Burrow used to be; now it was filled with manors of houses each place engraved the names of who resided there.

The Weasley's was first

The Potter's was second

The Grangers was third

The Prince's next

The Potter's (Severus & Narcissa)

The Lupin's was sixth

The Longbottom's seventh

The Lovegood's was eighth.

"I remember moving here when I was three, you're mum spoke to my mum and we were moving here before I knew it. Told I was a Witch and living with others like me, unlike first time around we became instant best friends not just a trio anymore" sighed Hermione softly.

"Nope, instead of joining us in fifth year, Neville, Luna and Ginny and a load of others were our friends since we could run" grinned Ron, his parents bought him clothes just like the others, his father was undersecretary for the Minister of Magic - James Potter and still worked in the Muggle artefact department. Molly became a babysitter and was also earning an income of her own watching her best friend's children.

"I'm surprised at you're parents I hate to admit it but I didn't know them very well in our timeline…but its different here I know them very well Auntie Heather and Uncle David" grinned Harry.

"That's not the only Uncle and Aunt we had" smirked Ron "How about Uncles Severus, Fabian, Gideon, Remus, James, Frank, Xeno and Auntie Lily, Alice, Emily, Heather, Bella, Narcissa and Lena". Lena was Luna Lovegood's mother who had died in the previous timeline. She hadn't been alone when it had happened; Severus had been there too and managed to get them to safety in time.

"They aren't my Aunt's and Uncles though" sighed Harry looking slightly depressed.

"No maybe not but you're here now that's all that matters" said Hermione softly.

"True" said Harry.

"Dad?" asked a quiet voice from the Prince's home.

"Hello son" said Harry softly, this was the treasure he had left in the past.

"DAD?" shrieked the eighteen year old throwing himself at Harry with all his might.

Harry not as weak as he once was didn't even budge when his lanky eighteen year old son slammed into him. Harrison didn't seem to want to let go even for a moment, meanwhile he was shouting on his mother.

Who ran towards the door a frown etched on her ageing face then shock took its rightful place.

"Harry?" whispered Emily, it was obvious she wanted to hug him too but was unsure of how he would receive her.

Harry smiled at her fondly before opening his arms inviting her to come to him. She took a lot longer than their son but it was worth the wait. Engulfed in the familiar warmth that was Emily he closed his eyes and for a few moments forgot where he was.

"I never thought I'd see you again" she whispered, for only Harry to hear but everyone heard regardless.

"I'm here now and I'm not going anywhere" said Harry soothing his son and the mother of his child.

"I've wished for this moment for so long" admitted his son who sounded like a five year old right now not the eighteen years he was.

"You have you're wish" said Harry softly unable to believe that this was really happening.

Suddenly he was awash with people talking to him, Severus, Remus, Lily, James, Narcissa, and Bella everyone he had known back in time.

"Hey Pheebs" grinned Hermione surprising herself, this was one of her best friends, along with her younger sisters Helena and Marissa and brothers Carter and Heath all Potter's just as Severus had wanted. The Snape name had died but his mothers name lives on proudly - Prince.

"Hey Mione!" beamed Phoebe.

"Are you coming?" gestured Orion.

They went straight up to a big massive tree house that everyone had built for them with magic it didn't take long.

"We were told you might change…nothing has changed too much right?" asked Regulus aptly named after his father's brother who had died after turning on Voldemort. Sirius had two boys named Regulus and Romulus, he hadn't known about the change so didn't have twelve years of Azkaban still in his memories. However, Lily and James had told him everything as well, it had changed him he had settled down after his friends and to this day he was still an Auror.

"No we still remember all of you…it's just we remember our other life" reassured Hermione.

"Oh good!" grinned Remy Bella Lupin a girl who was indeed named Remy. They also had two other boys called Cullen Remus Lupin and Callum Teddy Lupin twins.

Most of them were either in Ravenclaw or Slytherin some went into Huffelpuff or Gryffindor - but that didn't stop the strong friendship that had formed since they were in nappies.

The group was massive all children that hadn't been born before, even Neville wasn't an only child anymore. He had a little brother and sister Alice and Edward Longbottom a year between them all.

"What happened to Dumbledore?" demanded Hermione to Lily as soon as she had been able to get away from the group. Ron had of course followed her, now they were among the adult group who was sitting talking quietly among themselves. Dobby much to Harry's delight served them, the elf's had left to find new homes after Lucius had died, in Azkaban prison the mark had killed him along with all the other Death Eaters out there.

Surprisingly one Peter Pettigrew was still alive, not being friends with James, Remus and Sirius had stopped his jealous rampage. It seemed like he had saved another soul from the evil that was Lord Voldemort.

"He's in Azkaban" snarled Lily sounding ferocious.

"What happened when we left?" asked Hermione sitting on the large blanket with the adults, Ron was helping himself to some food he was after all starving - as usual that was one thing that hadn't changed.

"We went straight to the Ministry and demanded Dumbledore be arrested, but things happened all at once - Crouch was disgraced his son was among the dead Death Eaters. They tried to get Fudge in the office he was a yellow bellied Huffelpuff I wasn't letting it happen…then Lily suggested me and well the Wizengamont all agreed and Dumbledore was arrested. He was charged with the murder of Harry Evanson and capable homicide of the three of us" said James.

"He got four life sentences, forty years before he will see the light of day again" said James not hiding his satisfaction.

"Good" said Hermione a satisfied smirk on her face.

That night the entire inhabitant of St. Catchpole, Devon that new Harry to some extent were out celebrating everyone's return. Harry was still surprised at the amount of children in the area…and that was just people he knew …what about all those Muggle born's he had killed in his time? If the amount of people here was anything to go by Hogwarts would be completely packed.


"Hey dad what are you doing out here? It's five in the morning!" said Severus softly. The more he stayed here the more his other life seemed like a dream…which could no longer hurt him physically or mentally.

"Couldn't sleep" said Harry softly.

"I'm glad you're back I didn't get to talk to you last night" said Severus softly.

"Well you have a family now and have been without me the majority of you're life" said Harry sadly he had missed so much.

"You changed my life, you were the better man you made me a better man too" admitted Severus the older man shining through briefly.

"That life is of no consequence Severus there is no need to hang onto it any longer" said Harry.

"Yes there is so I know not to take everything for granted" said Severus.

"Point taken" smiled Harry sadly.

"Harrison has always wanted me to talk about you…he has missed you so much more than Emily or even he shows it" said Severus.

"I have both my sons with me and I will spend the rest of my life making sure you are all happy" said Harry. It had been more than he could have ever hoped for, he was alive his parents were alive and he had changed everyone for the better and life was good.

"You already have" said Severus patting his father on the back before going back in.

No one else disturbed him for another few hours but it was only Ron and Hermione who came out.

"You ok?" asked Ron concerned.

"Is it just me or do you feel like this is all a dream?" asked Harry softly; accepting the cup of coffee Hermione gave him. The three leaned on the poach drinking their hot drinking talking.

"It's real Harry…and I feel the same way too…I've never had so many friends before in my life" said Hermione awed.

"Yeah nor have I ever been called names because of my clothes! We are rich not as rich as you guys are but we aren't far off it" said Ron.

"I don't have anything" said Harry looking slightly panicked.

"What about you're trunk didn't you keep some of it in there?" asked Hermione frowning.

"Yeah but it will have disappeared I mean the future has changed!" said Harry confused.

"No it wont disappear that money is yours one of the many loopholes in magic" grinned Hermione.

Harry calmed down after hearing that, he had just about had his heart jumping out of his chest in fright.

"Just enjoy what you created mate" comforted Ron.

"Do you know how weird it is seeing you talking iambically with a grown man" smiled Narcissa coming out.

"What do you mean?" frowned Hermione.

"Well think about it you have her memories you hardly spoke to adults other than to ask questions. Here you are exactly as you were for me the last time I saw you in the past too old for you're years" sighed Narcissa sadly.

"That's sometimes a good thing" said Hermione matter of fact.

"You're parents have known for years and I think they still have trouble with it" sighed Narcissa.

"They will be fine" smiled Hermione softly. She hadn't changed all that much after all so it shouldn't alarm them that much.

"They will be it surprises me that we can still surprise them!" laughed Narcissa.

Hermione smiled softly - yes she was glad to have gone back.

Harry said goodbye to his best friends and went back into the house right now he wanted to spend some time with his family, Emily, Harrison, Severus, Narcissa, Draco, Phoebe, Helena, Marissa, Carter and Heath his grandchildren strictly speaking.

A year later Harry and Emily who had been married had a little girl whom they named Emma Lillian Prince. Harry knew he couldn't walk around as Harry Evanson - or his normal life would disappear on the onslaught of Press annoying him. So he had taken the Prince name, so his family Emily, Harrison and new Emma and himself were Prince's.

Severus and his family was still Potter's and happy about that fact, Narcissa was the Deputy Headmistress. Working along side Minerva McGonagall in bettering Hogwarts school. She got to see Remus every day as he taught Defence against the dark arts, Sirius taught transfiguration after McGonagall had stepped up to be headmistress.

Lily taught Charms and Harry had been bought up alongside Hermione who's parents had a long drive to work at their dentist beside Ron and his family.

Hermione and Ron got married that summer and like Harry had a child a little boy whom they named Hugo Ross Weasley the only other name they liked with the beginning H as a small way of thanks to Harry - there was already too many Harry's in the family as it was. And that was what they all were a close nit family even if two of them were normal people. That was just the start of another big Weasley family.

That my good people is a story for another time, at least we can all say that they lived.


I am slightly disapointed in the ending i dont know why...I didn't want Harry merging with his younger self...and until the last minute i didnt want him to survive...but then i decided i did. Anyhoose I hope you liked it. R&R Plz! any questions just PM me or even just ask in the review and ill answer!