Chapter 1

Harry Potter gloomily made his way to the car with his aunt, uncle and cousin from the station. His fourth year had just ended; he had just watched Cedric Diggory, the other Hogwarts champion, die, his godfather had gone back into hiding and his depressed state was only being made worse by his Aunt and Uncle, who were about as pleased to see him as they would be a rather large cowpat. He was deep in thought as his uncle drove the car around the corner and it was only when they were nearly at number four did Harry see what he had hoped never to see again, the dark mark glistening malevolently in the sky. He spun in his seat, yelling at his uncle.

"Get out of here! Drive, move, the bad guys are here, come on!" Harry shouted desperately, trying to convey the urgency of the situation. He may not like his aunt and cousin but he would never wish them dead. His hands were itching to grab the wheel and drive himself; his Uncle didn't seem panicked enough.

As he was thinking this, popping noises surrounded the car. His uncle started driving faster. Vernon was going to knock them down; he had always wanted to do that to Harry Potter's kind anyway, so it was no trouble for him. Before the car could get any further however, it was frozen on the spot, the doors flying open.

To Harry's surprise he was not killed on sight, but grabbed roughly and forced into the house with the Dursleys. None of the neighbours seemed to notice anything wrong, so he assumed there was a notice me not spell around the house. He had wondered why the Death Eaters had not killed him out right, but this was answered as soon as he entered the lounge. He could not help but screw his face up when he caught sight of Voldemort. He was even more disgusting than he remembered him being.

"Well, well, well what have we got here? Potter's doting family. Aren't you going to introduce us Harry?" asked Voldemort, as if he was insulted that Harry had not introduced him to his relatives.

"As if Voldemort" said Harry, almost snarling, at the man who had ruined his life; killed his parents, and his friend. If only he could reach his wand! He wondered how the hell Voldemort had passed the blood wards. His aunt, hearing the man's name, had fainted on the spot, Vernon's chins had started to wobble and Dudley was desperately trying to cover as much of his huge backside as he could reach, which was, admittedly, not much.

"You are wondering how I got passed the wards, Potter? You have your mother's foolish curiosity. I used your blood for the ritual to return my body; it now runs in my veins, so I can walk in here with my Death Eaters and no one will ever know; the wards will just record Harry Potter's blood entering the house. And where else would that be except in Harry Potter?" sneered Voldemort, causing Harry to snort – he was sure his blood was all over the place, with the number of injuries he'd had, but he knew that that was not what Voldemort meant.

He was cuffed gently on the back of the head as if he was being a naughty boy, which annoyed him. He kicked out, but was quickly put into a body bind. Smiling, Voldemort slid Harry's wand from his pocket. Sickened, Harry was forced to watch, as, to his horror, the man who had murdered his parents killed his only remaining relatives. His aunt and uncle were first, and then he heard the familiar incantation as Voldemort used the Imperius Curse to make his cousin start beating him. Laughing at Harry's anguished gasp, Voldemort raised the stolen wand and killed the boy he had reluctantly grown up with. Through watering eyes, Harry glared defiantly at the pale skinned man, waiting for his own death. It didn't come.

"Well, are you going to kill me or just stand there looking stupid?" Harry hoped if he got the man mad enough he would just kill him, a painless death, unlike his normal methods - he had been having visions of Voldemort's activities since the tournament. He had not told Dumbledore because he knew the headmaster would try and get him to talk about them, use them to his advantage, and he didn't want to.

"Ah, ah, ah that won't work Harry" said Voldemort deliberately using Harry's first name. He would have continued but Harry interrupted.

"I won't join your side if that's what you're thinking" snarled Harry, hiding the shock that Voldemort actually called him by his first name. He shivered, the house was getting cold. The heating was not on, the door had not been closed properly and the windows were open wide.

"You will by the time we are finished" said Voldemort, as if certain that Harry would join him. Then he said "Because we are going to leave you here to be found by Dumbledore; let's see how long he sticks by you when you have killed your own relatives." smiled Voldemort almost grandfatherly, causing Harry to gag.

"Like he would believe you over me" said Harry sounding more confident than he really was. He knew he was the headmaster's tool to win the war; he once thought that the old man would really like to be his grandfather but now he was not so sure, he had been in-between for a long time.

"I know what the old man is like; he will use you till there is no more use for you. He tried to get me to kill Grindelwald, but he didn't realise that I would agree with his views and when he saw I did he chucked me away. Eventually he killed the man, then, knowing I was his apprentice, he tried to kill me. I've wanted my revenge ever since." whispered Tom.

"Liar" snapped Harry, he didn't want to believe him, but he did, and he hated himself for believing the man who killed his parents over the man who was his mentor.

"Are you sure I am Harry? Have I ever told you a lie at any of our meetings?" murmured Voldemort, causing Harry to flinch. What Voldemort said was true. He had never lied, apart from the part about his parents begging, his mother had begged for him, not for her own life.

When Harry didn't answer Voldemort grinned maliciously, making Harry feel ill; the man really was disgusting. He waved Harry's wand in the air. "We will see how much he really likes you soon enough" hissed Voldemort. It was the last thing Harry heard before he was plunged into darkness.

He never saw Dumbledore come in, never saw the twinkle fade from his eyes, as he gazed at Harry Potter lying limp on the floor, his wand by his hand, his dead relatives lying beside him. The Aurors arrested him quickly, following the procedure even though he was not awake to notice. The reading of rights brought Dumbledore out of his musing on how on earth he was going to sort this out and he watched in silence, never protesting.

Harry was port keyed out, his wand taken in as evidence. That was all they needed. Harry Potter was branded a traitor even before a trial was held. He was never even woken up. It was in the Prophet that Harry Potter had argued with his Muggle family and killed them all; it was said that his cousin tried to stop him but it was too late.