Empty Jaded Emerald Eyes

Chapter 43

A Ball In Rememberance and a statue

"It seems everyone is depressed today" sighed Harry.

"Of course they are the relief they won the battle is over, they are mourning for their friends and loved ones now" said Severus softly.

"How can we lift their spirits?" asked Sev curiously, he didn't like seeing anyone down.

"A ball?" asked Hermione, despite the fact she hated the things, she remembered what it had been like during the Twi-Wizard tournament. Despite the danger and fear of the unknown upcoming events everyone had enjoyed themselves...except for poor Harry.

"I suppose it could work" said Zach.

"Maybe a ball, in remembrance to everyone who fell get a statue made and put on Hogwarts grounds and maybe Hogsmade. With their names on it and maybe pictures?" asked Harry.

"That sounds like a good idea son" said Severus smiling proudly.

Harry grinned, despite how long Severus had been his father he couldn't get used to being called son. The feelings he felt with that simple word alone was enough to stagger him. Most of the time his heart felt like it was fit to burst, and he would change nothing.

"I will start getting invitations ready" said Hermione.

"Ask them to bring pictures of anyone that's died so it can be put on the statue" said Harry softly.

"Great idea Harry!" grinned Hermione.

"I guess we will get Hogwarts ready when do we hold the ball?" asked Zach.

"Tomorrow night" replied Harry.

"They won't have time to get dresses!" protested Hermione, she wouldn't either.

"There's plenty shops and it will keep them busy and won't think about what has happened. Just tell Madam Malkin's so she's forewarned" said Harry.

"He's right" said Sev.

"Then we better get this show on the road, I will ask Zabini to help" said Severus.

"What about the injured students?" asked Hermione sadly.

"They can come as well, the ones really injured obviously can't but there will always be other balls or parties" said Harry. They had to help the people they could right now, even though the Hospital Wing was twice the size it had always been.

Hermione sighed she knew he was right, everyone was beginning to get depressed over everything had happened. This would be the thing to take their minds of it and hopefully cheer them up, make them see it wasn't the end of the world. Maybe she should make a speech, let them know that the people who had died wouldn't want them mourning they would want them laughing and enjoying the life they had fought so hard for.

Hermione couldn't help but think back, not believing Harry when he said he didn't kill the Dursley's trying to get with Ron. She couldn't remember what had opened her eyes to the real world, but she was glad it had, she no longer wanted to be with Ron and let her true self shine through. She decided if she couldn't befriend Harry again not that she blamed him she would help him win the war. So she pretended to be with Dumbledore all along hating Harry. Inside that had nearly killed her, but she had done it and helped bring Dumbledore and Voldemort down. In the end of the day, Harry had forgiven her for everything and she didn't know how he did it but she was over the moon that he had. She had never felt surer of herself and her life, she would find someone she truly loved and have a family and be beside Harry in all ways as he would be with her.

Hermione left and magically began creating the invites they would need, she wasn't sure how many people had survived so she made sure she had a lot of them. Written in gold was the invites with a multi coloured ribbon, Green, Silver, Gold, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Silver once again, all the houses colours in one go. There was no more prejudice and she hoped it would last.

On the envelope she put 'ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE' the war had changed them all maybe not for the better but the change wasn't all bad.

Most of the children had been picked up by family or were with friends still inside Hogwarts.

Dear Parvati Patil and family

We herby invite you to the HOGWARTS FANCY DRESS BALL in memory of the fallen ones, it will be held in the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At 6.00pm until late.

A statue will be erected in memory of the fallen and we ask you if you could bring any good pictures. That will be placed upon the statue next to their name so people can see what they fought for.

We look forward to seeing you.

Harrison James Severus Potter – Snape, Zachery Shaun George Weasley Snape - Severus Aidan Fredric Weasley Snape – Severus Tobias Snape – Hermione Jean Granger.

"I don't know if I should go" sighed Parvati to her parents once they had all read the invite.

"You must sweetheart, for Padma she would want you to go, now get the best picture you have of her for this statue because she deserves it. She died for you sweetheart and we cannot lose both of you" said Mrs Patil.

"We will all go" said Mr Patil although he had been crying there was an air of determination around him. It was true he couldn't lose both his children; he had already lost one daughter this week.

"I will, I must get ready I'll get a dress that will make Padma proud" smiled Parvati nodding her head slowly.

"That's girl" smiled Mrs. Patil.

She was the first one to go to Madam Malkin's and picked a dress that would have had her sister drooling in envy.

Suddenly before she knew it Madam Malkin's dress shop was filled with people old and young buying dresses for this upcoming ball. Everyone was invited not just Hogwarts student. One thing for sure most of the Wizarding world was going to be inside Hogwarts tonight.


"Is the statue ready?" asked Harry.

"It is sir, where would you like it?" asked Simon, he was one of the best sculptures in the Wizarding world. He used a combination of Magical and Muggle means to make them last.

"I've changed my mind about where I want it, I'm going to put it in the hall, where the students line up before they are sorted into houses" said Harry.

"Very well sir," smiled Simon using his magic he got the statue to where he wanted it and sat it down. It was an angel figure with its arms around a robed figure, a lightning bolt in one hand and the other cupped around the face of the robed figure.

"It's perfect!" smiled Harry in admiration.

"Thank you sir" said Simon puffing up proudly; the chosen one liked his work.

"Here I've added a little something extra" said Harry handing the pouch of money over.

"Thank you sir," said Simon.

"There's no need for Sir, Simon" smiled Harry. Inwardly thanking Merlin himself that no one knew he was the Heir of that said man.

"Ok" said Simon smiling kindly.

"Will we see you at the ball?" asked Harry making a conversation with the man.

"I will sir, my daughters lost some of their friends, we hope this cheers them up" said Simon looking subdued.

"Good idea," smiled Harry "Now I must get the decorations done in the Great Hall thank you for everything."

"How did it go?" asked Severus when he saw his son enter the Great Hall.

"Brilliant it looks fantastic, he added a lightning bolt to it" mumbled Harry looking slightly embarrassed.

"It has been a symbol of peace in this world for nearly two decades son" sighed Severus.

"I suppose, to me it's a symbol of mums love" admitted Harry.

"As it should be" smiled Severus softly, today was a day for remembering.

"I've managed to get a DJ, he's a squib does both Muggle and Magical music" grinned Hermione.

"Now all we need to do is get the place in shape for a ball" mumbled Harry.

Suddenly as if Hogwarts was answering his command, a stage was set up in pure white for the music and the walls had satin silk flowing like drapes. Seats were white and gold everywhere a beautiful big dance area and the doors of the Great Hall disappeared and in place stood a beautiful carved white arch. White not black – they weren't mourning for the people who had died but living for them. The Great Hall looked absolutely perfect; there was even a white carpet as they came in. In front of the stage there was a massive drape with a badger, snake, lion and raven together, the names one right after another. Hermione added once again 'One for all and all for one' it seemed to be becoming a new school motto.

"Perfect." grinned Harry.

When they went out into the hall the statue had a few lights and the banister was wrapped with Lily's. Lanterns were unlit for now bobbing up and down in mid air quite comfortable.

That night everyone was dressed up, Harry had on beautiful green new robes his father had given him. Zach and Sev both had similar robe's on but different in their own way. Severus had blue robes on which surprised every one of them. It shouldn't have because he was no longer a Death Eater and no longer bore the Dark Mark he could wear what he liked.

That night people danced, ate and drank their fill as Harry had predicted it did lift everyone's spirits up. Everyone got up on stage and said a bit about someone they missed and shared stories about their missed loved ones. People were laughing and crying throughout the night.

Then Harry told the DJ they had one last song as they went out to pay their respects and add inscriptions and pictures to the statue.

And it was a fitting song too.

Every night in my dreams...I see you, I feel you...That is how I know you go on

Far across the distance...And spaces between us...You have come to show you go on

Near, far, wherever you are...I believe that the heart does go on...Once more you open the door...And you're here in my heart...And my heart will go on and on

Love can touch us one time...And last for a lifetime...And never let go till we're gone

Love was when I loved you...One true time I hold to...In my life we'll always go on

Near, far, wherever you are...I believe that the heart does go on...Once more you open the door...And you're here in my heart...And my heart will go on and on

You're here, there's nothing I fear...And I know that my heart will go on...We'll stay forever this way...You are safe in my heart...And my heart will go on and on

Song by Celine Dion (Titanic) My Heart Will Go On (Not that there's a lot of people that don't know that!)

That night hundreds of names were put on the statue, people adding their own pieces to it. The pictures were then inserted and would never be removed. It was about five o'clock in the morning before they were done.

Flowers and teddies and all sorts of trinkets were laid down beside the statue. Lining the halls and they were never moved until they had withered and died. The one in Hogsmade was even bigger, there was also one put in Diagon Alley no one ever forgot them.

Lily Potter - The mother that died for her only son and gave the world ten years of peace. May she rest in peace.

James Potter

Deagus Diggle

Mundugus Fletcher

Kingsley Shacklebolt

Mad Eye Moody – died how he always imagined – in a battle taking out dark wizards.

Cho Chang

Padma Patel – twin sister of Parvati Patel

Teddy Zabini – cousin of Baize Zabini

Dennis Creevy – younger brother of Colin Creevy

Ronald Weasley – Brother of Ginny, Charlie, Percy, Bill Weasley

Theodore Nott – Big brother of Edward Nott

Percy Weasley – brother of Ginny, Charlie, Ron, and Bill Weasley

Ginevra Weasley – Sister of Ron, Charlie, Bill and Percy Weasley

Sara Malkin's – granddaughter of Madam Malkin's

Rita Skeeter's

Rubeus Hagrid – saved fifteen children from the killing curse using himself as a shield friendliest half giant in the world.

Griddy - Loyal to Hogwarts till the end

Moddy Loyal to Hogwarts till the end

Winky - Loyal to Hogwarts till the end

The list continued on and on...


Molly Weasley only had two children left and they were at the other side of the country away from her. She missed her children so very much, but Arthur was at her side to comfort her - she only wished her two twins would come home. It didnt matter to her that she hadnt carried them, they were still her babies.

Zachery Snape eventually married and settled down with Parvati Patil, Zach was really the only person who could understand why she had taken the loss of her twin so hard. Eventually they had gotten close and soon after became an item. They had three children two boys (Paul Harry and Sean Severus) and a little girl they called Padma Samantha after her twin and his mother.

Sev settled down a little after his twin and got married to Alicia Spinnet and they went on to have two children. A little boy and girl who were named Rosaline Lily and Roland Samuel.

Harry married Luna Lovegood and had five children with her, who were all spoiled rotten with the help of his father and brothers. Their names were Lily, Jasmine, Daisy, Sam and Edward. He had held onto the tradition from his mother's side, naming their children after flowers after he had found out his grandmothers name had been Rose. His great grandmother's name had been Violet.

Hermione settled down just before Harry, as she had gone on to university which the help from Harry. However, she had told him she would pay it back and she had plus interest. She became a lawyer the best one in fact she was known in both worlds and had the best rate for getting people off – if they hadn't done it that is. She always refused to help anyone guilty; did she mention she was a brilliant Legilmens? No well she was and knew just about right away.

She had four children, Harry, Phoebe, Masie, Paige three girls and a boy. She had married much to everyone's shock Draco Malfoy. Draco had only given in and let her name the children those names because they were right at the top of his family tree and because Harry had become his best friend.

Nymphadora Tonks stayed close to Harry she unlike Sirius had believed him to be innocent; she settled down with surprisingly Remus Lupin. Harry hadn't forgiven the man he made that clear, but he said he was welcome anywhere Tonks was. He made it also clear he didn't want to talk to the man or be his friend. He tolerated him for Tonks and that was that.

Sirius Black died a lonely bitter old man, as hard as he tried Harry wanted nothing to do with him not after what he had done. Remus started dating Tonks and Sirius practically lost his only friend, who couldn't stand to see Sirius drowning in guilt which was his own doing.

Severus never really settled down with anyone, he seemed quite content to see his sons have families and see his grandchildren. He knew some day he would be re-united with the women he loved Lily and Samantha. For now he was quite happy to be a granddad to his son's children and he got to see them grow up he had a few depressed moments when he realized what he had missed out on with his own kids.

Now look at the bond he had with his sons now...he wouldn't change anything for the world.

Severus remembered giving Harry the potion fifteen years later that would make the potion permanent. That particular blood adoption potion needed given twice, and of course Harry had wanted it. It seemed even after all those years he loved to curl up against his father - although he didn't quite fit there anymore.

And as they all say the show must go on...and indeed it did.

Severus had watched as Harry's eyes went from Empty Betrayed green eyes to Vibrant Jaded Emerald Eyes.

They did make up for those lost years.

It wasn't long before Dumbledore was forgotten; Voldemort was only a scary story. The only thing that did remain was the hero's forever engraved in the statue. Names that children would touch with awe and understanding when they noticed a family member.

But as they say the heart always goes on...


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