My second Zelda fanfic. I would extremely enjoy any reviews and constructive criticisms.

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I hope you enjoy this first chapter, if you do, then there will be more to come!

Corona de Umbrae

"Sister, I believe a contest of power, in our land, has been started by you."

"Nay sister, t'was not I who released Malrex from the realm. T'was our other sister here, perhaps wanting another show of courage?"

"I did not release him, he is just projecting his power beyond the realm."

"Sisters, it would be wise to not to overly manipulate this world of ours."

"This from you, sister? Who gave the fair princess a certain book?"

I shaded my eyes from the harsh desert sun and peer through the blowing sand, the building ahead looked like the Gerudo Fortress, stationed at our entrance to the valley. I could not be certain though, having only seen the building before once in my short life. But, the Fortress was far away from where my tribe was currently camped, and I knew I had not wandered across half the desert in the night since the storm. The storm!

One of the worst of my memory, the wind was whipping up giant dervishes of sand, they blotted out the sun but I was still aware of its scorching heat. I remember crying out in pain as the sand roughly scraped my uncovered face. I remember a shadow approaching me, features blurry and indistinguishable through the sandstorm. Was it Broorub, my friend?

I could not remember much more then that, so I looked through my belongings to make sure they were all there. I shook my canteen and frowned at the small sloshing sound that meant it was nearly empty, I would soon have to set out for the Fortress. I then checked my second most important resource, The Spirit Scroll, it was perfectly normal, as much as a book on necromancy and spirit magic could be considered normal anyway. A thought struck me, could I have brought down the storm? I immediately dismissed the foolish notion; my last spell was a simple one I tried just to find out what was annoying a Poe that kept following me. I paused at the last item in my haversack, a mentmori, an ancient thing that I learned about in my frequent conversations with the dead. I almost laughed then; I really would not be what is considered normal! Anyway, Gerudos used mentmoris long ago, back when necromancy was common instead of taboo; it was something they left behind so that people who found their bodies could learn about them. I have taken to carrying one around just for the reason of antiquity, I love all things ancient, probably comes with being a necromanceress.

Suddenly my book opened up on its own and flipped to a blank page, which then began to write itself. I excitedly sat down next to it and gazed at it intently, this is how I learn new spells. The book only lets you see things when it thinks you are ready, this is for your own safety, and so I eagerly awaited the new knowledge.

The Crown of Shadows is a great artifact of the Elfin shadows and bears most many great attributes. The one ye should be concerned with is its power over the dead. A powerful necromancer may be able to perform the dream of all deathtalkers with the aid of this crown. To reanimate a long dead body and bring it back to a passing semblance of "life". But take ye note, it does not bring back the spirit or the soul and thus the corpse reanimate will not truly be "alive". This crown is rumored to lie in silent repose in the temple of shadows, but first you need to find the keys hidden in or near all the other temples in order to reach it. The key to the crown, spirit, may be read in here.

The word "spirit" in the last line started to shine bright, and with a flash, there was a golden key with a topaz gem embedded in it lying in front of me.

"I wonder how the dead in the Elfin land talk," I wondered out loud, grinning. "I guess I will be going on a long journey now…"