Final Fantasy VII

Rewritten by: Jason Tandro

Original story by: Square-Enix

Disclaimer: This is merely a novel version of the Square-Enix game Final Fantasy VII. All characters and events are copyright Square-Enix. It is meant for entertainment purposes only. Also the creative liberties and thoughts expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of Square-Enix Staff or any of their employees, affiliates, or subsidiaries.

Introduction: A detailed explanation of motivation.

When I was very young, probably around 14 or 15 (cause I had just entered high school), I wrote a complete novel version of Final Fantasy VII. It was crude, as my writing style was exceedingly poor at that time, and mostly skeleton work. I never got around to editing it and it wound up taking up hard disk space on a very old computer that I typed it on (a 386 with Word Perfect).

Ever since that time, I've wanted to re-write it, in hopes of completing it seriously. The truth is no other Final Fantasy connects with me the way that Final Fantasy VII does, and I feel there is so much more depth to this story line than any other Final Fantasy (with the exception of second favorite, Final Fantasy VI).

I take some creative liberty with the characters themselves, but my code dictates that I don't change the events in any dramatic way. I.E. Aeris won't live, Meteor will still be summoned, Cloud will go insane, etc. The closer this story is to the actual story of the game, the better. I try to keep the dialogue pretty close to the same too.

The only major change between this and the game is that I will not include the Wutai scene. The only reason for this is I have already written a very detailed story about this event (albeit from the Turks standpoint) called Day Off. I recommend you guys read it, it's excellent stuff if I do say so myself. And I guess I might still write it, if it comes up, but that is many chapters ahead.

So, without further ado, I give you Final Fantasy VII.