It seems so obvious

Theres something up with us

So can I ask you this?

It was start of term once again at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and Draco Malfoy was in his seventh and final year. He walked into the Great Hall with a slight smirk on his face, thinking that this was the last time he would have to do this as a student. His thoughts were disrupted when someone bumped into him. He turned around ready to shout an insult at whoever had done it, then froze.

It was Harry Potter. Draco's feeling for this certain Gryffindor had been building ever since the end of fifth year. After Harry had lost his godfather, the light had disappeared in his eyes. Draco barley got a reaction from Harry when he had taunted him and it had aggravated him, until he had realized what it felt like when you lost someone you loved.

The summer before sixth year Draco lost his mother to the war. Lucius Malfoy, his so-called father, was still locked away in Azkaban. Draco had never really loved his father, and he in turn didn't love Draco. Draco's mother had been the one to raise him and care for him. She was the one who had wanted him to switch sides, not become a Death Eater. This year, Draco would honor her wishes and officially switch sides. So Draco feelings toward Potter had changed form hate, to dislike, to neutral, and at this moment to like.

Harry's feelings had change for a certain Slytherin as well. Harry had heard about Draco's loss and could sympathize. Over the past year Malfoy's threats and taunts had died down, and the two had gotten along for the most part. Harry had always had a slight crush on Draco but had never acted on it because of their past relationship with each other. Now, with Draco only a foot away, Harry was having a hard time getting his body under control.

"Potter," he said with a sneer.

"Malfoy," Harry said trying his best to keep a blush from creeping up his cheeks. And with that, the two former enemies walked to their respective tables.

The rest of the evening went as usual. Everyone sat down at there tables and waited for the first years to come in and be sorted. After the new first years were sorted and welcomed to their houses Professor Dumbledore got up to his podium for his long winded welcome back speech. Everyone forth year and up, with the exception of Hermione, were waiting for the speech to be over and the feast to begin; some more impatiently than others, CoughCoughRonCough.

"Hey mate," asked Ron "What just happened between you and Malfoy? I mean it was really scary to not hear you two argue."

"Did you ever think about the fact that we haven't had a real fight in ages, not since his mum died. We get each other now. I don't think you could really even call us enemies any more." Said Harry.

"Oh…. Mate can I ask you something else?" Ron asked.


"Do you like him" Ron whispered. It was common knowledge that Harry was gay. He came out right after the Cho Chang incident.

"Ummm… No" Harry lied. He wasn't even ready to admit that to himself let alone his best mate. Ron's eyes twinkled with suppressed laughter.

"Sure mate" Ron said.

"Ok, maybe just a little"

"That's what I thought," said Ron glad that his friend could finally admit it to him. Just then Dumbledore clapped his hands and a feast appeared in front of them. Harry was grateful for the distraction. Instead of digging in he looked around the great hall. His eyes immediately went to the Slytherin table where he found Malfoy staring at him. Once he realized Harry had seen him, he blushed slightly and looked away. He turned to Blaise Zabini, said something, got up and walked out. Harry followed him as he walked, or more like sashay, across the great hall and out the doors. He turned to Ron and Hermione and told them he was tired and was going to head up to the dormitories early.

"Ok mate" said Ron with just a hint of laughter in his voice. Hermione gave him an assessing look.

"Goodnight Harry" she said and turned back to her dinner. Harry got up and walked out of the great hall. When he was finally out of there he took out the marauder's map and scanned it for Malfoy. 'He couldn't have gone very far' thought Harry. Sure enough he was heading for the prefects bathroom on the fourth floor. Thankfully this map was very detailed and Harry soon had the password for the bathroom and was on his way there. He wasn't sure why he was even going there. He wasn't sure if Malfoy was gay, but it would be worth a try to make the first move.

What do I have to do

To get inside of you?

To get inside of you?

Cuz I love the way you move,

When I'm inside of you.

Draco had just gotten undressed and was heading to the giant tub with its numerous taps, and was crawling in when he heard the door open and shut. He stood up with the towel around his waist and turned around and saw Potter standing there looking lost.

"What are you doing here Potter?" Draco said. "Incase you had forgotten this is the prefects bathroom, and you are not a prefect!"

"Ummm…I wanted to ask you something." Harry said, as he looked Draco up and down from face to the towel wrapped loosely around his waist to his pale toned legs and back up again.

" What could you possibly need to ask me in the prefects bathroom, and cant it wait, what ever it is?" Draco said as he tried to ignore Potters wandering eyes. As much as he tried he couldn't stop what was happening to his body and he blushed slightly. Harry saw the blush and felt a little more confident.

"No, it cant," said Harry as he closed the distance between himself and Draco. When he reached where Draco was standing he grabbed him and pulled him into a soft kiss. The shy, timid kiss turned into a needy passionate one. Their tongues battled for dominance and in the end Harry's won. Draco loved the taste of Harry and enjoyed not being in control for once. All too soon, it seemed to Draco, the kiss ended and left behind a very confused Draco Malfoy and one happy Harry Potter. Harry quickly headed for his dorm.