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What do I have to do
To get inside of you?
To get inside of you?
Cuz I love the way you move,
When I'm inside of you.
When I'm inside of you...

Draco woke up several hours later to the feeing of steady, warm breathing against his neck and a toned, hard body pressed against his back. He was also aware of a dull throbbing in his rear which left no doubt as to what he did last night. He remembered all at once where he was and what with whom he had been doing. He let out a small sigh and opened his eyes. He guessed by the darkness out side it was very early morning. Carefully, so as to not wake up his partner, he got up and headed for the small room not far from the bed. He shut the door quietly as he went inside.

Harry had been awake for several minutes before Draco woke. He had laid there reflecting on the prior evening and the question that had come at the end. Why hadn't he answered Draco's question the night before, but what was there too say; that he loved the irritating, captivating, and utterly gorgeous blonde that was now completely naked in the shower. When that thought occurred to him he moaned wantonly and got out of bed. He padded quietly over to the bathroom door and looked inside. Sure enough Draco was in the shower. Harry undressed himself and peeked into the shower. Draco was standing there with his head under the jet and his eyes closed. Harry got in quietly and wrapped his arms around Draco waist. Draco made a surprised sound but then leaned his head back onto the strong body behind him. Harry took this as a good sign and leaned down to kiss Draco's neck. Draco moaned and Harry's half hard cock gave a little twitch which only made Draco moan louder. Draco turned his head and Harry caught his mouth in an unhurried, lazy kiss. Harry reached around and grabbed Draco's half hard member and began to stroke lazily. Draco responded by pushing back against Harry's crotch. They both started to pant as there breathing became more labored.

Draco turned around and dropped onto his knees. Harry looked down into his eyes and saw that they were clouded with lust and that only turned him on more. Draco took the base of Harry's cock and began stroking up and down slowly and as he reached the head would rub his thumb over the slit and spread the pre-come that was leaking from it down the rest of his swollen prick. Draco leaned forward and licked from base to head which caused Harry to moan loudly. Draco took that as encouragement and did it again before he bent his head and took all of Harry into his mouth. Harry's eyes shot open and looked down at the man who was on his knees. His heart filled with an emotion he never thought he would have felt for this man. He pulled Draco up and kissed him in a way that conveyed every emotion he was feeling. When they broke apart Draco looked into his lover's eyes and saw what it was he was looking for. He lent in and kissed him again and responded in kind. Harry lifted Draco up onto his hips and Draco wrapped his legs around him. Harry put Draco between himself and the shower wall to help support him. Draco reached down and positioned Harry's hard member at his entrance and Harry slowly pushed into his tight hole. Once he was fully sheathed he waited for Draco to adjust. Draco looked into Harry's eyes and said one word,

"Move," That was all Harry had been waiting for. He pulled out and slammed back into Draco's tight hole over and over again. He changed his angel and found Draco's prostate. "Fuck! Don't Stop!" Draco cried.

"I wasn't planning on it" Harry grunted. "Gods Draco, so tight!" was the only words Harry could get out. His breath was coming in short pants as he kept slamming into Draco's body relentlessly. With each thrust Draco saw stars as Harry hit his sweet spot repeatedly.

"I don't think I can last much longer Harry!" panted Draco. "Please *pant* Harder *pant* Faster!" and Harry obliged.

"Cum with me Dray" gasped Harry. He kept pounding into him with no mercy. Draco's legs were wrapped around Harry's waist so tightly that they would probably leave bruises. His nails dug into Harry's back so hard they left crescent shaped cuts which were starting to bleed. Harry leaned his head on Draco's shoulder as he slammed on last time in to Draco's body and stayed sheathed fully in as he emptied himself into Draco's tight hole.

"Mine" whispered Harry and then bit down onto Draco's shoulder. The enormous amount of pain and pleasure he felt well up inside him was too much and Draco came on both their stomachs yelling out Harry's name. Both men were spent. Draco Slowly lowered his legs to the floor but almost fell. Harry helped him sit down on the shower floor and joined him there.

Harry gathered Draco into his arms and held him there tightly. They sat there in comfortable silence with only the noise if the shower until Draco said, "We should probably get out of the shower, we'll turn to prunes." And indeed he was right both he and Harry were starting to wrinkle up. So Harry got up slowly and then helped Draco up. They rinsed off quickly and then stepped out of the shower. They toweled off and went back into the room where the fire place was blazing once again.

When they reached the bed there were two pairs of sweatpants sitting on the bed for them. They each put on a pair and sat on the bed facing each other.


Yes it's short, yes it's a cliff hanger. This chapter some how got lost in translation. It was on one of my old desk tops that i hardly use anymore. I just happened to stumble upon it recently. There will be another chapter to finish off this story. Bear with me, I'm in the process of moving into my new school, so this update might take a while. Let me know what you think of this chapter!