A TezuRyoFuji oneshot that came to mind. And I decided to post it. No I don't own PoT or any of the characters or the plot line, etc, etc.

x Family.

If someone saw them walking along the street, he or she could imagine that they were a family.

The three of them held hands, the taller ones on the sides of the shorter one.

Holding the short boy's left hand was a serious man, with brown hair and glasses. He completely matched the image for 'hard-working father with a respectable job', and would seem to be the father of the two boys.

Holding the short boy's right hand was a slightly taller boy, with light brown hair and half-closed eyes, his lips curled up into a smile. The taller boy would seem to be the short boy's older brother.

If someone watched a bit longer though, maybe he or she would see the taller boy lean down to whisper something in the shorter boy's ears, his lips barely brushing the shorter boy's earlobe.

If someone watched a bit longer than that, he or she may have been able to see as the man bent over the shorter boy's head and kissed the taller boy gently on the lips.

If someone watched even longer, and followed them for a short while, the things he or she would see would confirm that the three of them were definitely not a family. At least, said someone would hope not.

Because while homosexuality may be accepted, incest generally wasn't.

x owari

Did that make very much sense? It had some sort of plot when I was thinking it up (at least I would like to imagine so) but after typing it up... Oh well.

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