Me no own Naruto ok? Thank you. Yay! This is now a tribute to Dei-dei chan! (glomps Deidara) The godfather!!!!

Deidara: Yes, but godfather of what, un?

Itachi: Deidara you need a crash course on what happened since...June. takes Deidara away.


Deidara was in Konoha one day for a mission, not to capture Naruto but to track his growth. As he walked around in disguise he happened to come upon none other than Ino Yamanaka.

"Can I by some soil...something with a little sulfur for my "'flowers'?" Deidara said looking for an explosive element with which to kill others.

Ino looked at Deidara strangly. She'd never seen him before, but he looked a lot like her.

"Hey girl, you like, copied my beauty!" Ino said annoyed. Deidara twitched. Girl? That didn't sound right.

"Well it's not like I can blame you. You must want to impress some boy by like, dressing up as yours truly. Whatever! I would advise you to lose the black fishnet and get surgery on that like, virtually flat chest. And eat something girl, your hips are like, skinny!"

"I'm a boy, un!" Deidara said.


"No! I look like a chick, un!"

Ino looked at Deidara. Strangly at first, then with that crazy look like all fangirls have.

"I've, like, always been into guys with long hair. Here's your soil!" She handed him a small bag of sulfur rich soil.

"Well I'm leaving, un." Deidara said.

Ino was about to glomp him, but a small clay spider had crawled up to the top of her head using her freakishly long ponytail. I need not say mopre, after all, when Deidara's clay spiders/other animals come close to you, it's obvious what will happen next.

Walking away, Deidara chuckled. "Heh he heh. Art is a bang, and so is murder, un. Now let's see if this stuff works on the Jinchurrikki...and maybe Tobi, un!"