Chapter 1: A Walk On The Wild Side

Author's Note: TOP CAT FANDOM (Top Cat was a Hanna-Barbera prime-time animated series which premiered in 1961 and ran for 30 episodes and which remains one of the studio's most enduring creations.) The central character, Top Cat (his friends call him TC) is the leader of a gang of Manhattan alley cats: Fancy Fancy, Spook, Benny, Brain, and Choo Choo.

He'd only gone here a few times in the past year and only when he desperately needed to blow off steam and a female wouldn't do. He needed something hard and fast with no emotions attached. This was the best place for that need to be fulfilled if he was lucky.

It was late, some time past ten o'clock in the evening. The pickings were slim. He didn't like the looks of some of the prospects. Sighing in frustration he wandered down the alley to another small cul-de-sac to another narrow alley. There nearly hidden behind some stacked storage crates he spotted a hidden treasure.

A nearby streetlamp cast a sliver of light into the small cubby where the male huddled. Approaching slowly so as not to startle the small male, T.C. moved closer then stopped suddenly and took in a sharp breathe. The male was beautiful. Not just handsome but exotically beautiful. What he could see was a mask of grey with darker ears and nose, paws and tail tip the same color and cream colored body. A pair of deep blue eyes stared at him watchfully. T.C. was captivated. He'd never seen a cat like this before.

"Hi! Can I come closer?" T.C. asked cautiously.

The male watched him a moment longer before nodding his head.

Pleased, T.C. walked around the crates and squatted down an arms length away. Close up, the male was even more beautiful and his scent was bewitching.

"I've never seen you around here before. Just passing through?" T.C. murmured staring at the male hungrily.

The little male studied this scruffy alley cat. He'd avoided the other denizens of these alleys not trusting them. But this cat was different, though he could see the lust in the cat's eyes he could also sense a gentleness despite the cat's rather rough exterior. His scent smelled of the outdoors and a hint of some cologne. He'd come here to escape his lonely existence if only for a short while and though he'd never entertained the thought of being with another male it didn't put him off either to his surprise.

"Just escaping my life for a little while. Wanted to see the other side of life. You're very handsome and have a nice friendly face compared to some of the others I've seen here tonight." He said shyly.

T.C. swallowed hard. The cat's voice had a foreign flavor to it and it sent waves of heat down his body to his groin. This cat made him hotter than any female. Hearing and sensing he was welcome, he moved to sit close to the smaller male.

"I'm glad you did. You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Those other cats aren't to be trusted. It's a good thing you avoided them otherwise, I might never have had a chance to meet you." He breathed in the little male's exquisite scent into his lungs. It harden him instantly. He moved in to kiss gently and was pleased when the beautiful creature returned it.

The kiss turned into a passionate duel. Arms caressed and clung, bodies began to rub together in mutual desire. Never had he felt such intense pleasure with another before. He wanted more and lost all sense for a moment. He suddenly came up for air when he realized he wanted this creature badly but they needed to be in a secure and private place. Panting he continued to hold the other tightly in his arms while he frantically searched his mind for a place. He smiled, he knew the perfect sanctuary and it wasn't far.

"We need to be somewhere safe and hidden from prying eyes. Will you trust me?" T.C. asked the hot bundle in his arms.

The little male hesitated a moment. This tom had set off a hot need in him that he'd never experienced before and wanted desperately to explore further. That made his mind up.

"Yes, let us go, quickly." He said decisively.

T.C. grinned happily and quickly led his new friend to his favorite place. Thurmonds Department Store. He slipped in his usual entry point then pulled his friend hurriedly to a secluded spot in the bedroom department where they wouldn't be seen or heard. It was warm and cozy.

"This is very nice." The little male said approvingly.

"And it's secure and very comfortable. Now where were we? Oh yeah!" T.C said warmly as he began kissing his prize yet again.

Very quickly they were once more wrapped in each other's arms. Soon what little clothing they wore was removed and they were rubbing against each other and groaning in taut pleasure.

'Oh god! He's soo fantastic. I can't get enough of him' T.C. groaned hotly. He burned a trail of kisses down the silky fur of the beauty under him. The little male writhed and moaned in restless desire. His paws caressed T.C.'s back and sides, occasionally using claws as well, sending jolts of pleasure through T.C.'s body.

T.C. licked the toms well defined cock driving the little male to cry loudly in excitement. T.C. then covered the little male with his body so wild with need he couldn't restrain himself from rubbing their bodies together and plundering the small perfect mouth. Their cocks dueled between their bodies.

Their excitement rose and they began to bite and scratch each other as the fire between them became overwhelming. T.C. couldn't hold back any longer. He pulled the little male over onto his paws and knees and prepared to enter him. The little male had never been taken this way before but was so on fire for T.C. he never thought twice and lifted his tail. Taking the invitation T.C. pushed in slowly and firmly.

The little male yowled but not with pain and pushed back in urgent desire. T.C. growled, leaned forward and grasped the male's ruff in his teeth and began to thrust in a steady, fast rhythm. The fire leaped higher and higher. The world shrank into this moment of perfect union. Sooner than they wanted the end came. The little male screamed and clenched T.C.'s cock hard. T.C. released the little male's ruff and roared his climax pouring his seed deep into his conquest.

They shuddered together for a moment then collapsed in an exhausted heap. Recovering, T.C. licked the salt from the little male's facial fur. Normally that would be it, he'd say goodbye and look for another but desire for this male flamed again and once more they were screaming their climaxes into the still air of the department store. The night moved past as they coupled when they finally realized it was time to part. T.C. was stunned to realize he'd spent most of the night with this incredible male.

T.C. took the little male to the store bathroom where they both could clean up and get some water. Then they raided the employees fridge for an early breakfast. T.C. led the little male back to the alley where he'd found him but was very reluctant to let him go. The beautiful creature was regretful as well.

"I must go! Thank you for such a wonderful evening. Good fortune to you!" The little male said sadly.

"Do you think we might see each other again?" T.C. said hopefully.

"I'm not sure that's wise! I must go!" He said sorrowfully and quickly scurried away.

T.C. watched him disappear. He felt bereft and couldn't understand how the beautiful tom had gotten under his skin so deeply. Sighing regretfully, he turned and made his way back to his alley home.

Next day, in a well known alley...late morning...

T.C. woke to the sound of laughter near his trash can home. Yawning, he rose up and popped the lid and looked blearily around. A few feet away was Choo-Choo, Fancy-Fancy, and Spook. Choo-Choo had a magazine in his paws and the three were oohing and laughing at whatever it was they were looking at.

"Alright, you guys better have a good explanation for ruining my beauty sleep." T.C. grumbled.

"Oh, sorry T.C.. I just found this fashion magazine and was showing the guys it. Some of these cats are soo beautiful even the guys but some of the clothes are a riot." Choo-Choo said in apology.

"Let me see!" T.C. demanded. Choo-Choo obligingly handed it over. T.C. flipped the pages then stopped in shock. The picture he opened to was the little male he'd been with. Unable to read, he thrust the magazine at Choo-Choo.

"Read that to me!" He said sharply pointing to the article under the picture.

"Uh, okay! It says Misha de Pontes, a blue point Balinese, is shown here wearing the latest Ralph Lauren evening wear. This spectacular Balinese is the top model for the Winshire Modeling Company and is much sought after by fashion designers. Wow! He's quite a beauty for a male and probably snobby too." Choo-Choo commented.

"No he's not. He's just lonely and tired of it all." T.C. muttered as he took back the magazine and stared longingly at the best lay he'd ever had.

His gang stared at him in surprise. "What makes you say that T.C.? You sound like you've met this fancy cat?" Spook asked curiously.

"Huh!" T.C. looked up in surprise not realizing he'd said that out loud and blushed slightly. "No never seen him before, just thought being ogled by all those people could be hard to take and maybe he'd be tired of it all." He shrugged his shoulders trying to turn the subject and hiding the magazine in his can.

"So what's on the calendar for today?" He said briskly as he climbed out of his can and changed his clothes. The conversation turned to the days task of finding food for the day. No one spoke of the magazine again.