Chapter 8: Revenge is Sweet

Before the weekend was over each pair had done their work. They had slipped into the homes and offices of the clients that Dodgson had blackmailed. They stole all the blackmail pictures, leaving a note that told the victim that the problem was being solved and to no longer worry about it.

Spook and T.C. went after Dodgson. This took care and finesse. They had to wait some time before their target left his office so they went to his apartment and searched it thoroughly. The man was smart and had left none of his blackmail material anywhere in his home.

But they did find a folder full of blank contracts with Misha's name on them, just like the letter to Jurgenson. Apparently, Dodgson had had Misha sign a bunch of forms without the model being aware of what it was he was signing. That made T.C. see red but he shoved it back while he and Spook searched for any more incriminating stuff. Unfortunately, their search came up empty. They left with the blank contracts, very dissatisfied with their afternoon's work.

"He's obviously got a safety deposit box somewhere with the good stuff in it," Spook said with certainty.

"Yeah, I'm sure you're right. Okay, this will take the whole gang to pull off," T.C. said his voice cold.

He used his special way to contact his gang and laid out his plan to obtain the info they needed.

Over the next couple of weekends, his gang rotated keeping Dodgson under watch. Finally, by the fourth weekend, Benny and Fancy Fancy followed Dodgson to a small bank on the lower east side. Dodgson was carrying a packet of stuff when he went in and it was gone when he came out.

Reporting back to T.C., they told him what they had seen. T.C.'s eyes gleamed. It was time for one of his patented distracting plans. Taking a day off at the modeling agency, the gang went to the Dodgson's bank. Using their usual method of flim flam and distraction they were able to extract the information on what safety deposit box was Dodgson's and easily stole the data from it.

Grinning with triumph the gang met up again in the alley and all began to read the files Dodgson had stored. Being at the agency had helped the less educated members of the gang to receive lessons in reading, writing, and arithmetic from their helpful coworkers. It didn't take long for them to know they had hit the jackpot.

"Hope this is his whole stash and that he doesn't have any more stored somewhere else." Spook said cautiously.

"I think that unlikely but there is one way to know," T.C. said with a smirk. "When he discovers his stuff is missing that is when we'll see if he has another hidey hole."

"Great idea, Top Cat, though of course it means watching him again." Choo Choo said shrugging his shoulders.

"Then that's what we'll do. I want this finished and finished right," T.C. said firmly. His gang nodded grimly in agreement.

Misha's apartment that night...

"You have been very tense lately, my love. What is going on!" Misha asked as he kneaded T.C.'s back muscles while they watched a movie together.

"It's alright, Misha. We're just tying up the loose ends with Dodgson. When we're through, he will be too," T.C. told him softly not wanting Misha to know what he was doing to rid his lover of his manager.

"Just be careful, T.C. I couldn't bear for something to happen to you," Misha said worriedly.

"I promise to take care, love," T.C. said warmly as he rolled over and pulled Misha into his arms for a long lingering kiss.

Two weeks later....

After watching Dodgson carefully, they were relieved and pleased to learn that this had been the creeps only stash. The man had come out of the bank, white and angry. They had followed him for a few days after that but he never went to another bank but he did go to some unsavory friends of his and began asking questions.

T.C. felt it was time to bring in their own, less than honest associates to finish this problem. Before Dodgson could muster up some bad trouble with his so called friends, T.C.'s connections took him for a ride he would never forget.

T.C. was careful his connections were a combination of cat and man so that it would not come back at him and his gang. They didn't kill Dodgson only beat him up a bit and gave him a very clear warning that he should leave town if he wanted to keep his hide intact.

Basically a coward and a bully, Dodgson thought it best to take their advice. Without warning anyone of his intentions he disappeared. His watchers, however, had been making sure he did indeed depart the city. It was Brain and Choo Choo who witnessed his departure by train late one night a few days later.

There was much cheering and relief that next Saturday when the gang met again. Dibble had come by and was puzzled by their celebration.

"What's happened guys?" He asked curiously.

"Oh, we're celebrating the fact that old Dodgson has left town...permanently," T.C. said with a lazy grin.

"Ohhhh...and how did that come about?" Dibble asked suspiciously.

"Let's just say we made sure he wouldn't threaten anyone else and suggested it would be healthier if he left town," T.C. said innocently, shrugging his shoulders.

"You shouldn't have done that Top Cat. What if he suddenly got a backbone and came back to take revenge on you?" Dibble said in concern.

"Won't happen, sides it doesn't matter. He doesn't know it was us. I'm not stupid! Other... ...'friends' of ours took care of convincing him," T.C. said assuring him everything was alright.

"Oh, okay. I don't want to know the details but glad you were able to get rid of him peacefully. Good job guys," Dibble smiled in relief.

"Thanks, now we can get on with out lives and stop hiding. It will be nice to be able to talk to each other at work," T.C. said smiling.

His gang was grinning happily too.

"Does that mean all of you intend to keep your jobs?" Dibble asked though he was fairly certain of the answer.

A resounding yes from all of them was his answer. He smiled, truly happy for them. "So what are you going to be doing T.C.?"

"I've been learning how to be a manager and plan on telling Misha that I'll handle his business from now on as well as be his personal assistant," T.C. said grinning.

"Well that's wonderful. Seems like a perfect job for you," Dibble said grinning back. "You guys remember to drop in on me from time to time and let me know how you're doing."

He received various answers and smiles of agreement. He bade them farewell and went home feeling pleased with the success of his favorite gang and knowing he wouldn't be rousting them from the alley any longer.

That night at Misha's place....

"It's finally over, Misha. Dodgson has left town permanently and his victims have been informed the evidence blackmailing them has been destroyed. The best news is, with him out of the way, I can now offer my services as your new manager. I've been taking lessons from the legitimate ones around the agency and have already made some excellent contacts. So what do you say?" T.C. asked his beloved, his eyes gleaming with joy and eagerness.

Misha stared at him in surprise. His lover had done what he said he'd do. He was overjoyed. He threw himself into T.C.'s arms.

"I take that as a yes?" T.C. said grinning.

"Oh yes, yes, my love. You are wonderful, smart and brave and I love you so very much," Misha gushed ecstatically.

"You are most welcome, my love," T.C. purred kissing his love.


At a photo shoot in Greece, T.C. was on the phone with the client of the magazine this particular shoot was for, reassuring him that the contact sheet would be on his desk by the following Friday. Hanging up he handed the phone back to the young server standing nearby. He moved closer to the photographer so that he could watch his lover in action.

Fancy Fancy smiled at him as he help the photographer with setting the lights just right. He was the only one of the gang with Top Cat and Misha on this trip.

T.C. gave a sigh of pleasure. He never got tired of watching Misha. They had been together now for a year and things were great.

Choo Choo had married a beautiful siamese model name Koko. Brain was going out with a gentle female named Gina who worked as a mail room clerk at the agency. Spook had fallen hard for a hard nosed magazine editor who was playing hard to get but was showing signs of capitulating to Spook's persistent lavish attention. Benny was still playing the field a bit. All the models loved him and spoiled with attention. Fancy Fancy had also married a model with fiery red hair name Mari.

They made a point of dropping into the alley now and then to visit with Officer Dibble and tell him tales of their travels and all the cool people they met along the way.

Each of his gang had their own places not far from each other and they all met as often as they could, when they were all in town at the same time, at Misha's place where they would chat, watch movies and generally have a good time together. Spook had finally gotten over his uneasiness with T.C.'s relationship with Misha. He was comfortable in Misha's presence as were all their friends.

However, their relationship was known only within the tight group of models and their circle. The outside world never learned of it. After all, at this time, such things were not tolerated. But T.C. was content and never minded that he could not be intimate in public with Misha. They were very careful. They did discover a hidden world where it was accepted and when they were in those places they freely held hands and went out together. It may not be a perfect world but they were happy and that was all that mattered.