Hello! I had this idea and just decided to post it. Oh well. It's kinda funny. I'm sure you all can understand it, but if you do need help with the webspeak, just PM me. You can probably figure out the names for yourself, but they're at the bottom if you need them. I might add a second round, just to shove in some of my own names! Thanks, and PLEASE, oh PLEASE review!


(youngandhott has signed on 3:24 pm)

(Mrs. Kai has signed on 3:24 pm)

Mrs Kai: lol noones here

Mrs. Kai: lolololol wheee

(2sexi4u has signed on 3:26 pm)

2sexi4u: Pop? is that u?

Mrs. Kai: yah lol

2sexi4u: where's Rick?

(RickenChicken41 has signed on 3:28 pm)

RickenChicken41: hey Karen

(EatthisEmeril has signed on 3:28 pm)

RickenChicken41: omg not u

EatthisEmeril: shut up Rick

EatthisEmeril: Yo Karen

2sexi4u: Hi Kai

Mrs. Kai: OMG KAI

EatthisEmeril: -- Hi Pop

Mrs. Kai: OMG KAI

Mrs. Kai: KAI!!!!!!!1!!!

RickenChicken41: stop embarrassing urself, Pop

Mrs. Kai: I H8 U RICK

(Tiraldo has signed on 3:31 pm)

Tiraldo: Oh, heavens. What are you all doing here?

(frillylilapron has signed on 3:32 pm)

Mrs. Kai: chatting lol i h8 rick hes stupd

EatthisEmeril: lol

2sexi4u: wat r u doin here, Tiraldo?

Tiraldo: I'm studying serious ailments on Wikipedia.

frillylilapron: no, you're watching Tokyo Mew Mew on YouTube

Tiraldo: Are you spying on me, Elli?

frillylilapron: yes

Tiraldo: I am docking your pay immediately.

2sexi4u: lol he's watching TMM?

frillylilapron: he also likes Oh My Goddess, Fruits Basket, Pita-Ten and Naruto.


Rickenchicken41: omg he's a girl lol


(girlygirl595 has signed on 3:36 pm)

girlygirl595: Hey guys!

Tiraldo: Hello Ann.

girlygirl595: Wat r u guys talkin' about?

Mrs. Kai: Tiraldo is waching grly anime OMG LOL

girlygirl595: Srsly? Lol

Tiraldo: …er…

Tiraldo: Let's change the subject.

RickenChicken41: ur SN is stupid, Pop

Mrs. Kai: no its not urs is stupd

RickenChicken41: Kai quit mssng w/ my sister!

EatthisEmeril: im not I didn't know she had tht SN

2sexi4u: wat do u mean?

EatthisEmeril: i didn't say she could use tht

Mrs. Kai: OMG wat u dn't luv me?

RickenChicken41: hahahhaha loooool!


EatthisEmeril: well…

EatthisEmeril: no

EatthisEmeril: srry

EatthisEmeril: dn't hate me

Mrs. Kai: OMG I H8 U 2

Mrs. Kai: u n rick suk

girlygirl595: ooook

Tiraldo: Good job, Kai.

frillylilapron: Wow

(FarmBrat85 has signed on 3:40 pm)

FarmBrat85: Hey ya'll

girlygirl595: hi Claire!

FarmBrat85: what's going on? I can hear Popuri screaming all the way in my farmhouse.

RickenChicken41: Kai just dumped Pop hahaaha!

EatthisEmeril: we were never together.

Mrs. Kai: U LYAR

Mrs. Kai: I H8 U

FarmBrat85: Geez

(Strong'n'Smexy has signed on 3:42 pm)

Strong'n'Smexy: hi everyone!

2smexi4u: WTF??

RickenChicken41: who r u?

Strong'n'Smexy: What do you mean?

Strong'n'Smexy: it's Gray…

frillylilapron: what's with your SN?

2sexi4u: high on ourselves, rn't we?

Tiraldo: Like you can talk, Karen!

Strong'n'Smexy: Omg, who changed my SN?

FarmBrat85: Oi, that was me

Strong'n'Smexy: oh

Strong'n'Smexy: ok

2sexi4u: u think he's smexy, Claire?
FarmBrat85: nvrmnd that. --


FarmBrat85: ;

2sexi4u: OMG go cyber somewhere else

(cntblvimtlkng2u has signed on 3:45 pm)

cntblvimtlkng2u: Who is cybering?

frillylilapron: Gray and Claire

Tiraldo: Gray is now 'Strong'n'Smexy'. Claire changed his screen name.

cntblvimtlkng2u: Whatever. It's better than when Claire's brother Jack changed it.

2sexi4u: o yah that was hilarious 'GrayRhymesWith…"


Mrs. Kai: WAT???

2sexi4u: gay

Mrs. Kai: OMG IM NOT GAY!!!

frillylilapron: Not you, Gray!


Strong'n'Smexy: No!

FarmBrat85: he's not!

girlygirl595: how would u know, Claire? -winks-

EatthisEmeril: this is goin crazy im leaving

(EatthisEmeril has signed off 3:48 pm)

Tiraldo: All of you are idiots.

frillylilapron: Hush, Zakuro-lover.

Tiraldo: Stop it, Elli.

girlygirl595: oh. my. gosh. that's too funny.

Tiraldo: --;


girlygirl595: srry, Tir

Tiraldo: It's fine.


2sexi4u: OMG

RickenChicken41: wat?

FarmBrat85: look up, idiot.

RickenChicken41: wat?

Strong'n'Smexy: what?

2sexi4u: boys r so stupid

FarmBrat85: amen

Strong'n'Smexy: Hey…

RickenChicken41: ur stupider than I am Karen

2sexi4u: OMG thats it! you're goin down! im coming down there right now to show you how stupid i am! i can still beat you at wrestling!

RickenChicken41: omg I was kidding!!!

2sexi4u: 2 late

(2sexi4u has signed off 3:51pm)

RickenChicken41: she wouldnt srsly beat me up, would she?

cntblvimtlkng2u: Yes.

Mrs. Kai: i hope she does it will srv u rite u meenie!

cntblvimtlkng2u: Whatever. This isn't worth my time spent away from my books.

(cntblvimtlkng2u has signed off 3:52 pm)

FarmBrat85: heh heh goodbye Mary!

Strong'n'Smexy: how's your brother, Claire?

FarmBrat85: he's fine. I think that there's ttly something between he and Mary

Strong'n'Smexy: -sweatdrop- thank goodness…

RickenChicken41: OMG OMG OMG!

frillylilapron: What?

RickenChicken41: karen's at the door! OMG she IS gonna beat me up! OMG!

Mrs. Kai: i wanna wach!

(RickenChicken41 has signed off 3:53 pm)

(Mrs. Kai has signed off 3:53 pm)

frillylilapron: So where is Cliff, Ann?

girlygirl595: I can't get him on the chat room hes too nervous

Tiraldo: Too bad.

frillylilapron: You don't sound too upset, Tir

Tiraldo: What? I am devastated. Simply devastated.

frillylilapron: why are you giggling, then? I can hear you all the way in here

Tiraldo: I'm not giggling.

frillylilapron: liar liar pants on fire

girlygirl595: do u not like Cliff, Tiraldo?

Tiraldo: I haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about.

FarmBrat85: omg I know the reason why he's giggling

Tiraldo: -sweatdrop- No you don't!

FarmBrat85: i'm gonna tell 'em!

Strong'n'Smexy: what?

FarmBrat85: Tirrie's got a bit of a thing for waitresses, you see…

Strong'n'Smexy: r u serious?

FarmBrat85: yah

(Tiraldo has signed off 3:57 pm)

Farm Brat85: see?

youngandhott: OMG u meen tht Tiraldo lyks Ann? OMFFFG!

FarmBrat85: who the heck r u?

Strong'n'Smexy: yeah, who r u?

frillylilapron: I've never seen him before.

youngandhott: im young and hott! yar! you guys are funn to read

girlygirl595: o. m. g.

FarmBrat85: what?

girlygirl595: DAD, WHAT THE HECK R U DOING?

frillylilapron: omg, that's Doug?

youngandhott: heh heh heh

(youngandhott has signed off 3:59 pm)

girlygirl595: OMG! he heard about Tiraldo and I!

frillylilapron: you mean that was REAL? OMG!

FarmBrat85: lol!! that's hilarious!

Strong'n'Smexy: srry 'bout that, Ann

girlygirl595: my life is ruined omg

girlygirl595: id better go my life is freaking ruined

(girlygirl595 has signed off 4:00 pm)

frillylilapron: I told Tiraldo and he's hyperventilating. I'd better go, too. See you guys soon.

(frillylilapron has signed off 4:00 pm)

FarmBrat85: and theyre gone.

Strong'n'Smexy: just us!

FarmBrat85: hmmm…

Strong'n'Smexy: gah, my grampa is calling me see you later?

FarmBrat85: definitely.

Strong'n'Smexy: hey, Claire?

FarmBrat85: yeah?

Strong'n'Smexy: ...

Strong'n'Smexy: eh…

Strong'n'Smexy: you know. -sweatdrop-

FarmBrat85: I love you, too, Gray.

Strong'n'Smexy: 00;;

(Strong'n'Smexy has signed off 4:01 pm)

(FarmBrat85 has signed off 4:01 pm)

(Cliffhanger has signed on 4:02 pm)

Cliffhanger: Ok, I finally worked up the courage to come on!

Cliffhanger: Guys?

Cliffhanger: …guys?

Cliffhanger: Fine.

(Cliffhanger has signed off 4:03 pm)


Cast: (For those that couldn't figure it out!)

Mrs. Kai: Popuri

RickenChicken41: Rick

Tiraldo: Tiraldo

frillylilapron: Elli

2sexi4u: Karen

Strong'n'Smexy: Gray

FarmBrat85: Claire

Girlygirl595: Ann

eatthisEmeril: Kai

cntblvimtlkng2u: Mary


Cliffhanger: Cliff


PopAd: Himself

Starry: Herself

Lenga: Herself

Smartgirl100: Herself

Lilangel: Herself

MiniMe: Herself