Wow! Just…wow! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I'd get so many reviews on one little oneshot! I couldn't possibly answer them all, so I just want to thank Shippostail, Fuffuster, WITHERED, Chicken Yuki, Peach Zelda, Lenga, AshRB, General Dragon, Libra1, Lupia, TigerEyes 1.0, harvestgeek, Mizz Neko, pidgebot, Mystery Hunter, Kuneko (I love you!), Cliff's Boyfriend, KCemployee, Tama-chan, xx--Oni--xx and LULU.BAZUKU. You guys are awesome!

Now before we proceed, I thought I should clarify the cameos. Obviously, I am Starry. Lenga is 1angelette. Now, the rest of them come from the forum Ushi no Tane. Lilangel is a well-known moderator and MiniMe is her daughter. PopAd is an college freshman male who hasn't had 'the talk' yet, so trust me when I say he's innocent. He's like innocent from another dimension. 'smart'girl1000 is one of the most well-known spammers that likes to be rude and spam a lot. So…yeah. There they are.


----DAY TWO----

(2sexi4u has signed on 5:28 pm)

(RickenChicken41 has signed on 5:35 pm)

RickenChicken41: hey karen!!!!

2sexi4u: hey rick.

2sexi4u: wheres kai?

RickenChicken41: who cares?

2sexi4u: me!!!

RickenChicken41: what? y?

2sexi4u: bcuz

RickenChicken41: …wait a minute…

(FarmBrat85 has signed on 5:37 pm)

RickenChicken41: omg! karen, you wouldn't! you don't!

FarmBrat85: She doesnt what?

2sexi4u: nothing. shut ur face rick

(Strong'n'Smexy has signed on 5:38 pm)

FarmBrat85: gray!

Strong'n'Smexy: Hey Claire!

2sexi4u: -rols eyes-

2sexi4u: here we go agian

Strong'n'Smexy: what? hi Rick. hi Karen.

RickenChicken41: hi

FarmBrat85: where is everyone? i thought we were all supposed to meet at 5:30.

(EatthisEmeril has signed on 5:40 pm)

2sexi4u: kai! hey

EatthisEmeril: Yo karen.

RickenChicken41: i hate u, kai

EatthisEmeril: awww give it a rest, idiot

RickenChicken41: yah? wanna fight?

EatthisEmeril: sure and I'll kick your skinny behind

FarmBrat85: geez…shut it, both of you

(frillylilapron has signed on 5:43 pm)

frillylilapron: what have I missed?

2sexi4u: rick bein an idiot

Strong'n'Smexy: hello, Elli.

frillylilapron: hello, Gray.

(Tiraldo has signed on 5:44pm)

FarmBrat85: hey Tiraldo watcha doin

Tiraldo: I am making a complex spreadsheet detailing the Clinic's money flow over the past year.

frillylilapron: tell 'em what you're really doing or I will.

Tiraldo: I'm watching Classical music videos on YouTube.

frillylilapron: Tiraldo…!

Tiraldo: I'm watching the anime Strawberry Marshmallow.

2sexi4u: uve sunk 2 new lows, tir

Strong'n'Smexy: wow. Just…wow.

Tiraldo: Where is Ann and Popuri? We're missing them.

frillylilapron: we're also missing Cliff. and Mary, but she's never on.

Tiraldo: No one misses Cliff.

(Mrs. Cliff has signed on 5:48 pm)

Mrs. Cliff: lololololol hiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!

FarmBrat85: popuri I presume?

Mrs. Cliff: yah lol hi guyzz

EatthisEmeril: wat's up with your SN?

Mrs. Cliff: i dumped u! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! i luv clif now

RickenChicken41: wat?????

Tiraldo: Fantastic! Smashing! Wonderful!

(Girlygirl595 has signed on 5:50 pm)

Girlygirl595: hey guys sorry im late we have a whole bunch of visitors at the Inn

frillylilapron: really? how many?

Girlygirl595: six theyre from out of town n theyre staying a few nights

2sexi4u: whoa thats a lot!! put em on IM wit us so we can meet em.

Girlygirl595: alright! I'll do that!

Tiraldo: I bet you're busy, then, right?

Girlygirl595: u bet!

Mrs. Cliff: r ny of them hottt??? lol

2sexi4u: i thought u loved Cliff now

Mrs. Cliff: i do

Girlygirl595: here they r!

(HMAngel has signed on 5:53 pm)

(Lilangel has signed on 5:53 pm)

(MiniMe has signed on 5:53 pm)

(Starry has signed on 5:54 pm)

(PopAd has signed on 5:54 pm)

(smartgirl1000 has signed on 5:54 pm)

FarmBrat85: er…hi!

Starry: Hey.

HMAngel: Hello!

PopAd: Hello!

EatthisEmeril: what are ur names?

Starry: Um…just…call me Starry.

HMAngel: I'm Lenga.

PopAd: You can call me PopAd! Or Ruu! Whatever makes you happy!

smartgirl1000: spamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspam SPAM!

HMAngel: Ignore her. It's such an honor to meet you! Where's Cliff?

Girlygirl595: how do u know Cliff?

Starry: Um…we…met him. Somewhere.

HMAngel: Yeah, that's right. We…met him.

2sexi4u: oh. im karen.

FarmBrat85: i'm Claire.

PopAd: Hee hee! I'm just sooo happy to meet you all! Are you all happy, too?

EatthisEmeril: oookay wat's up with the happy kid?

Starry: It's hard to explain. He's…innocent.

RickenChicken41: wat does the 'HM' stand 4 in ur name Lenga?

HMAngel: Umm…Hitchiker's Manueltothegalaxy…?

Starry: -giggles- That's the best you can come up with?

Mrs. Cliff: lololol im poopuri nd im n luv wit cliff lol!!

Mrs. Cliff: gess wat i fund out the oter day i found out that grays gay!!! lol!

Strong'n'Smexy: no, I am not!

PopAd: What does 'gay' mean?

2sexi4u: its were a person likes another person of the same sex

PopAd: What's 'sex'?




Starry: I told you he was innocent.

HMAngel: Yikes.

Lilangel: And I absolutely forbid any of you from polluting him.

MiniMe: yeah! forbid it!

FarmBrat85: holy crap you weren't kidding

PopAd: What does 'crap' mean?

Lilangel: I said stop it!

MiniMe: yeah! stop it!

Frillylilapron: do you have a girlfriend, Ruu?

PopAd: What's a 'girlfriend'?

Lilangel: That's it. You're getting off this computer right now.

MiniMe: yeah! get off!

PopAd: Okay! Bye everyone! It was so nice meeting you!

HMAngel: We'd better go too, Starry.

Starry: Yeah. Though I came to this town to…get in touch with the characters in my stories.

smartgirl1000: SPAMSPAMSPAMMMMYSPAM!!!!111!!1!!111!11!

(Lilangel has signed off 6:12 pm)

(MiniMe has signed off 6:12 pm)

(PopAd has signed off 6:12 pm)

(Starry has signed off 6:12 pm)

(HMAngel has signed off 6:13 pm)

smartgirl1000: lololol SPAM SPAM SPAM!!!!!

(smartgirl1000 has signed off 6:13 pm)

Mrs. Cliff: lololol smartgirl1000 wuz so immmiture! lololol!

Tiraldo: Popuri…ah…nevermind.

frillylilapron: that's a weird bunch, Ann. good luck.

Girlygirl595: thnx

(Cliffhanger has signed on 6:15 pm)

Cliffhanger: …hi…

Girlygirl595: HEY CLIFF!

2sexi4u: wazzup?

EatthisEmeril: Yo

FarmBrat85: nice seein you

Strong'n'Smexy: hey, Cliff!

RickenChicken41: hi.

Mrs. Cliff: OMG OMG OMG hi cliff!!!!!! hi!!!!!

Cliffhanger: Why does ur name say 'Mrs.' me?

Mrs. Cliff: bcuz i luv u!

Cliffhanger: Y-you do?

Mrs. Cliff: yup!!

Girlygirl595: she's not serious, u realize tht, rite?

Cliffhanger: You love me? For…real? You love me?

Mrs. Cliff: yah! u rok!

(Cliffhanger has signed off 6:18 pm)

frillylilapron: look! you embarrassed him and chased him off!

Mrs. Cliff: he luvs me 2 n were goiing 2 live hapilly ever after! lol! imma go fnid him!

(Mrs. Cliff has signed off 6:19 pm)

Tiraldo: Oh, dear.

frillylilapron: I'm going to leave now, too. C you all tomorrow!

(frillylilapron has signed off 6:20 pm)

Tiraldo: I'm signing off now as well. Goodnight, Ann. Goodnight…everyone else.

(Tiraldo has signed off 6:20 pm)

2sexi4u: lol u n Tir r getting it onnn aren't u?

Girlygirl595: shut it, Karen

(GossipQueen has signed on 6:21 pm)

(GossipGoddess has signed on 6:21 pm)

(GossipDiva has signed on 6:21 pm)

FarmBrat85: What?!?!?!

(DukeofWine has signed on 6:22 pm)

(youngandhott has signed on 6:22 pm)

Girlygirl595: DAD!!!! WHAT THE HECK??

(WheelsofFire has signed on 6:22 pm)

(Crazy4Cattle has signed on 6:22 pm)

(SuperSmithy has signed on 6:22 pm)

youngandhott: yar!

GossipGoddess: now were cookin!

GossipQueen: oh yah!

GossipDiva: hey ther peeps!

Crazy4Cattle: smokin hott young adults comin through!

youngandhott: yar im young and hott! peace out!

Girlygirl595: DAD! what the holy dingdong do u think ur doin?!?!?!?

WheelsofFire: we're bringing sexy back!!

2sexi4u: omg wtf?

EatthisEmeril: omg!

FarmBrat85: OMG

Strong'n'Smexy: omg. Grandpa. tell me that isnt you.

SuperSmithy: did yu thnk i coudn't handle it, boi?

(Strong'n'Smexy has signed off 6:26 pm)

FarmBrat85: ths is messed up

(FarmBrat85 has signed off 6:26 pm)

Girlygirl595: im gonna kill u, dad!

youngandhott: haha!

Girlygirl595: get the heck out of my chatroom!

youngandhott: never!

GossipQueen: were taking it ovr!

Girlygirl595: who's who? I kno Saibara, Barley, Duke and DAD…

GossipQueen: im sexy Sasha!

GossipGoddess: im bustamove Manna!

GossipDiva: i'm amazing Anna!

Girlygirl595: then whos WheelsofFire???

GossipGoddess: ellen of course

(Girlygirl595 has signed off 6:27 pm)

EatthisEmeril: I guess its just us three now Karen

2sexi4u: yah ricks still here

EatthisEmeril: im leaving now u can come down 2 my snack shack if u want, Karen

2sexi4u: k thnx

(EatthisEmeril has signed off 6:27 pm)


2sexi4u: im leavin

RickenChicken41: wait!!!

2sexi4u: wat?

RickenChicken41: u…love kai…dont u?


2sexi4u: yeah

2sexi4u: i do.

2sexi4u: …im sorry rick.

(2sexi4u has signed off 6:29 pm)

GossipGoddess: see rick? we can b cool 2! were lyke tenagers again!

RickenChicken41: i dont care anymore.

(RickenChicken41 has signed off 6:29 pm)

youngandhott: we drove em off! we roc!


GossipGoddess: whoohoo go us go us go us!

GossipDiva: i feel young agan!

Crazy4Cattle: they cudn't stand our heet

SuperSmithy: im cooler than my grandson now!

GossipQueen: yeah.

SuperSmithy: haha.

youngandhott: yar.

GossipGoddess: um…




WheelsofFire: wat now?