By Wolfic

It wasn't the grandest of rooms, and yet, at the same time, it wasn't the shabbiest of rooms either. Of course, that wasn't saying much, considering the fact that the room being referred to, wasn't really a room, but rather, an attic. But despite such a title, it did not contain the appearance of such. No spider webs clung from the corners, no dust settled on the floors, and no objects of various sizes and shapes were strewn across the floor in an unshapely manner. Rather, everything was placed in a welled organized way.

If one were to open the door to such a homely place, their eyes would first wander across a red armchair, settled in front of multiple items ranging from antique clocks to well engraved chests. Next, they may spot the table covered by a white table cloth, off to the left of the chair. A large phonograph was situated upon that table. And then finally, if they were done trying to figure out what other objects were placed across the room, their eyes would finally rest on the two book shelves nestled next to each other. Both of which were situated to the right of the armchair.

They were both large, wooden bookshelves with two shelves on each, which rested many thick books, some standing, others on their sides. It was hard to imagine what stories lay within each book. If one were to take a tentative step to examine the many different colors of books, their steps would stop short as to avoid stepping on the purple book that lay on the floor, its cover, recently touched.

This recently placed book would probably then bring to attention of the other six books that lay upon the wooden floor, each with the impression of being recently read. The books were of various colors, ranging from blue to green to black and even to gray. Various titles were proudly displayed on the covers and with just a simple touch one would soon be pulled into the magical world that each book would withhold, drawn in by the smooth words that flowed off the pages.

But considering the objective of the new comer to this attic, they would not know which book to begin with. So putting this into consideration, this new comer would instead gather all of the scattered books, to get a better look at each individual title. And while this person may be gathering the books, they may then notice, the opened red-violet book near the armchair, and the two books untouched hidden underneath the red armchair.

Carefully pulling these two new titles from under the armchair, and closing the opened book, one would then begin glancing over the new found treasures. Under careful inspections one would then realize these books too contain spectrums of different colors. After randomly picking up a book, which in this case, contained the color of forest green, and jumping onto the comfortable red armchair, the newcomer would then proceed to read the book. After glancing once at the title, Yggdrasil, and opening the book, one's eyes would then begin to take in the words, and lose oneself, to the magical world where fairies and valkyries once rode upon the air, and an undying love that can exist, even after death.