Chapter 4

by Wolfic

Yggdrasil was a tree so mighty and vast, that many could not help but view her as more than just simply that.

More so than a tree, Yggdrasil was also a symbol.

For Yggdrasil's kingdom, the forest that housed her, Yggdrasil stood as a symbol of peace and strength, as the massive tree's mere presence guaranteed protection to all under her reign.

For the select few beings that were privileged enough to glance upon her, she could've very well been a symbol of immortality. Through whatever unknown enchantments and sorceries imbued the tree, there was always vibrancy in Yggdrasil, one that would never wither or fade.

But for the tiny female Pooka, garbed in red silk, Yggdrasil was a symbol of the past, of things that were no longer there.

A kingdom that no longer exists. Fairies that no longer exist.

A dear brother that no longer exists.

And so she remained in Yggdrasil's presence, her small eyes fixated upon the young man that slept in the tree's embrace.

He was so peaceful there. There was none of that anger, that frustration that he had felt when he was alive, being forced to live as an outsider because of his sin, and forced to fight the world to achieve his goals.

Now he was simply at peace.

Behind the female pooka, her companion, a blue furred pooka, stood at a small distance away, far enough to give her solitude, but close enough to leap to her side if necessary.

Giving the tree one last sad look, the pooka looked away and glanced at her companion, her lover, with her eyes reflecting her troubled thoughts.

Leaving the leafy bushes, the male pooka drew near and laid a hand gently on her shoulder.

"Is something the matter, Velvet?"

"What do you think he would say, Cornelius, if he saw me in such a state? Would he laugh at my foolishness?" She ran her gaze over her small body, so furry and beastlike.

Cornelius moved closer to her and smiled at her. "No Velvet. I dare say he would not. Rather I'm sure he would be proud. Proud to be the brother of sister who was willing to bear such a curse, in order to save Erion."

She smiled a small doubtful smile. "Would he really?"

"Indeed he would. Though he may object to my ever constant presence in your company."

Velvet giggled at that comment, a giggle that rang with such clarity and merriment it was like the ringing of tiny bells.

"He never did like you, did he?"

"I suppose not. But that's only because he loved you so much. Moody and aloof he may be, I'm sure his love for you was always present."

"Indeed," her gaze swept back towards the sleeping man, "Ingway was always mysterious, one could never get a glimpse of his thoughts."

Cornelius walked up to the tree, glancing at the man that was the sole reason for his rabbit like appearance.

But there was no anger in that gaze. No hatred or accusation. Only a small sort of contemplation.

"It's strange, isn't it Velvet? I never knew Ingway could show such an expression."

"Despite him being my brother, there was much of him I will never know." Regret hung heavily in her words.

"Do you wish to remain here longer, Velvet?"

"No," she gave her head a small shake "it will be fine, Cornelius. Just as he has left us to our peace, I feel it should only be proper that we leave him to his own."

And so, hand in hand, paw and paw, the couple left the woods, leaving behind symbols of times they would never forget.

Because while the tree may never age, the Pooka were just the same.

Small bodies that would never feel time's hold, the Pooka live just as the tree would live.

Inhabitants of a past world. Bearers of memories that no one would remember.

Beings of a past Erion.