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This is my first Twilight fic. It starts out on Bella's first day in Forks. What if she had decided to get groceries?


How could every single person in that supermarket already know my name? Why was it that I had to tell at least fifteen people that I go by Bella, not Isabella? It was only my first day in this town and people were talking to me like we had known each other forever.

I contemplated how difficult it would be for me to adjust to such a small town as I walked home from the store. My truck was beautiful and I couldn't wait to use it, but I had to give myself something to look forward to for tomorrow. The pain of my first day at a new high school might just be dulled if I could have a good drive to and from school, however short.

The pavement passed by slowly beneath my feet. After all, I didn't have much to go home to. This road was absolutely deserted, and I took advantage of it, moving to walk in the center of the road.

I wasn't watching the road in the least, and I was completely tuned out to any sound around me. Which was probably why I didn't know exactly how fast a small yellow corvette was going until it hit me from behind. I felt myself flying, and for a short moment the only pain I was aware of was in my back, where the car had hit me. But then I hit the ground. I heard my arms snap against the pavement first, then my back again, and then my head hit with a deafening crack.

A car door slammed a few yards away from me, and I forced my eyes open as the sound of footsteps grew louder. A large woman with long white hair approached me cautiously. Upon seeing me, she muttered a number of profanities before turning and rushing back to her car. My eyes slipped closed again as I heard an engine revving and a squeal of tires as she swerved around me and continued down the road at more than fifty miles over the speed limit.

I groaned, attempting to roll out of the middle of the street but giving up when I heard a sickening crack and a sharp pain erupted in my wrist. I lay there for a few minutes, helpless, until I heard the hopeful sound of a car approaching. The headlights shone through my eyelids, and I was grateful to hear brakes squeaking.

For a moment I thought that the woman who had hit me was returning. But once I had found the strength to reopen my eyes, I found I was wrong. This was a boy, about my age. His eyes were gold and his car was silver and I had never seen anything so glorious.

He approached me slowly, hesitantly, his face screwed up in concentration. He paused when he was three feet away from me, seeming to consider turning back. His eyes were a bit alarmed, but that was to be expected of someone who just found a dying girl in the middle of the street. I knew I was bleeding rapidly, but I couldn't bring myself to look at anything but him.

I panicked as he cast a glance back at his car. "Please," I tried to whisper, but even I couldn't hear any sound come out of my throat. He did. His head whipped back around, and his anxious eyes locked with mine immediately. His expression became determined, his jaw clenched and his eyes narrowed slightly. He marched toward me with a finality that didn't seem necessary. After all, it didn't seem like it would be too hard to walk a couple of steps.

He knelt next to me, his light golden eyes a mixture of sadness and anxiousness and…hunger? His arms lifted me with ease and he pulled me lightly against his muscled chest, and I couldn't help but notice that it was completely still. He wasn't breathing. He walked us back to his car, placing me gently in the passenger seat and closing the door behind me. He was starting the car before the door had shut, which seemed awfully impossible to me, but I couldn't very well think about it at that moment.

We had only been driving a few minutes in silence before I became even more aware of the blood I was covered in. I chanced a glance at my arm. Bad idea. I caught a whiff and an eyeful and I was unconscious within seconds.


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