Chapter 5

Cameron unbuttoned the top button of her khaki blouse to reveal a leopard printed pattern adorning her pert breasts.

"You wore it," House said in surprise.

"I wasn't expecting to be in the middle of the jungle," Cameron answered. "But since we are…"

She leaned up on the tips of her toes and placed a soft, teasing kiss on his lips. He stayed perfectly still and she placed a second kiss and then a third. With the fourth, she allowed her tongue to dart out and brush his lips ever so gently. He knew the game she was playing. She was giving him something he wanted and now he was supposed to give her something she wanted.

She wanted control.

He'd never been as surprised as when he found out Cameron was not the tense, uptight woman he'd become accustomed to once she was in the bedroom. He remembered their first coupling fondly. She'd jumped him. Literally. He'd been hiding on the couch in Wilson's office. She'd come looking for him to argue about something. There had been some sassy barbs tossed between them and she'd pounced.

It was hot and frantic. He'd been sure she would want their first time together to be romantic and special. Instead she'd popped five buttons off his shirt because she was too impatient to let him undo it properly. She'd forced him back on the couch, dragged his jeans down off his slender hips and straddled him. They'd never actually removed any clothes at all. She was strong and confident and the hottest damn thing he'd ever seen.

After the sixth kiss and the third tracing of his lips with her tongue he couldn't hold himself back any more. He leaned forward to deepen the kiss and she pulled back, denying him.

The gentle moonlight that had been playing across her features vanished as clouds drifted through the night sky. In Princeton, it's never really dark outside. There are too many streetlights, pizza signs, and traffic signals. In the jungle, when the moon is hidden an inky blackness descends.

"Greg?" Cameron said a little timidly.

"We're safe," House assured her. "I'm right here."

She wrapped her arms around him tightly. He leaned down to kiss her. The darkness was so perfect that he missed her lips and kissed her nose instead.

"Guess we'll have to go by feel," Cameron said.

"What a shame," House drawled. He pulled on her arms gently and they sank to the observatory floor.

House guided Cameron to her back and began slowly undoing the buttons on her blouse. He couldn't see the negligee she'd worn for him but he didn't mind. The fact that he couldn't see her only served to heighten his sense of touch. When he first brushed his fingers over her breast they tingled.

Cameron leaned up and shrugged the blouse off her shoulders. She pulled House's head to her neck and hummed as he first ran his stubbled cheek across her skin and then soothed it with his tongue. Even this close, she couldn't see him. It was surreal; like something from a dream.

She toed off her sneakers and socks and then wiggled her foot inside the leg of his jeans to caress the back of his calf. She tugged on the hem of his t-shirt and he detached himself from her neck long enough to yank it over his head. She trailed her fingers lightly over his exposed chest, following the trail his hair blazed down to the waist of his jeans.

House shuddered at the feather light touch of her nails on his abdomen. Everywhere her skin touched his felt like it was on fire. There was something so strangely erotic about not being able to see her at all. It made him want to feel, hear, smell and taste her, just to satisfy himself that she was real.

He reached one hand down to the leg she had lifted to rub his calf. Running his fingers down her hip and past the edge of her shorts he caressed the back of her knee. She moaned quietly as he teased one of her most sensitive spots. Having heard her pleasure House ran his hand smoothly up her inner thigh under her shorts.

Cameron began unfastening House's jeans as he traced lazy circles on her thigh. House leaned over her and helped her drag his jeans down off his narrow hips. He kicked off his sneakers and shoved his jeans to the side. Cameron's shorts quickly followed.

Cameron pushed House's chest and he lay on his back. She removed her panties and climbed atop him, letting her now dripping core hover just above the tented front of his boxers.

House reached his hand out to Cameron and was surprised to feel her fingers interlacing with his own. In such perfect blackness, she couldn't have seen him. For some unknown reason, no words had been spoken since they'd settled to the floor. It was as if she knew he was reaching for her. Like they were connected somehow. The very thought was so intensely erotic that House had to have Cameron now. He lifted his hips and felt her hands already at his waist to remove his boxers. She obviously felt the connection too and shared his reaction to it.

The last barrier between them gone, House sat up and pulled Cameron down hard onto him. He buried his face between her breasts and wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight to him.

They rocked together in an ageless dance of passion, clinging to each other fiercely. Their moans lilted through the valley as they pleased each other.

Cameron could feel her climax coming by the tingling in her soles of her feet. She pressed her head into House's neck to stifle a cry of pleasure.

House had been holding off his own climax waiting for Cameron's release. When she clamped her mouth against his neck he let go.

Just as his own orgasm began Cameron yelped loudly and pushed hard against him. He fell back against the observatory floor and rapped his head sharply.

"What the hell are you doing?" House barked

"Something touched me," Cameron hissed.

"That was me," House grumbled.

"No, something wet and slimy touched my back," Cameron insisted. House opened his mouth to tell her she was imagining things when a low, deep noise startled them both.

"Greg?" Cameron called out in fear, scrambling into his lap. "What was that?"

"I don't know, but it sounded close," House answered. He wound his arms around her and wished that the clouds would pass.

"I'm scared," Cameron said. Before House could answer he felt something graze his leg. He jerked back and Cameron yelped again.

Suddenly, a strong breeze parted the blanketing clouds and moonlight flooded the night.

A brachiosaur blinked it's large, placid eyes at the pair lazily. The low, deep noise sounded again and was followed by a searching tongue. The brachiosaur breathed deeply, rustling the piles of discarded clothes. The leopard print negligee fluttered off the edge of the observation deck.

"What is it doing?" Cameron whispered nervously.

"Looking for something," House said slowly, thoughtfully. He tilted his head to one side. "I think it heard us."

"Heard us?" Cameron asked in confusion.

House looked at her pointedly and Cameron flushed.

"It's a herbivore, right?" Cameron asked in a more confident tone of voice. House nodded and watched as Cameron crawled slowly forward and tentatively stretched a hand out to pet the brachiosaur's nose. "Oh my god," she breathed.

House grunted. "Two weeks of planning, I cured a half dozen sick patients and arranged for a real life jungle adventure and the dinosaur gets the breathy 'oh my god'."


House tapped his cane in an annoying rhythm on the floor of the plane that Mr. Hammond had chartered to return them to civilization.

"Greg, would you please stop that?" Cameron asked with a false patience.

"I'm annoyed," House said shortly.

"Yeah, got that," Cameron said. "Want to tell me why?"

"No, I want you to be annoyed too," House replied.

"Mission accomplished," Cameron said. "Now tell me why you're annoyed."

"What was the most memorable part of this vacation?" House asked, and Cameron furrowed her brow at his apparent change in topic.

"Petting a brachiosaur?" Cameron suggested and as soon as the words came out of her mouth she realized why he was annoyed. "Okay, petting a brachiosaur and not you."

House didn't answer, just looked out the window into the clouds. It was petty and childish, but that was House. He knew the dinosaurs would be amazing; he was just looking to get a little credit.

"Of course the beach was pretty nice too," Cameron continued. Now that she knew what his problem was she intended to have a little fun torturing him before telling him what he wanted to hear. "I've got a great tan. And I've never been to Costa Rica."

She crawled across the seat and into House's lap. He turned his face away from her. He didn't want to let her off the hook so easily.

"I guess I owe a thank you to the man who made this all possible," she purred into his ear. He turned his head slightly and Cameron pressed several soft kisses to his cheek before planting one soundly on his lips. "What do you think Mr. Hammond would like as a thank you gift?"

"You are such a …"

"I love you."

"Yeah, yeah," House said, still grumpy.

"I bet I can cheer you up and salvage this wreck of a plan," Cameron said knowingly. House raised an inquisitive eyebrow. "You still get to tell the boys how you solved the case even before you saw the patients," House nodded while Cameron began unbuttoning his shirt.

"And you still get to rub it in Cuddy's face that you secured a huge donation for the hospital," House nodded again as Cameron continued by removing his belt from his jeans.

"But you're looking for a good story to tell Wilson about me," House didn't react. Cameron just looked at him until finally House nodded in agreement.

"Want to join the Mile High Club?"

House grinned.

"That's my girl."