A/N: This is the very first smutty piece I ever wrote. So here's the scene: Cuddy organized a fund raiser where Cameron was to be in a dunk tank. Someone (House) had the tank filled with Lime Jell-O instead of water. Of course, Cameron would have made him help her get cleaned up!!! This little vignette would take place a few days later. The parts in italics are House's memories.

A Green Lollipop?

"Are you eating a green lollipop?" Wilson asked as he stepped into the conference room. House looked up from his seat in the corner chair and then shifted his gaze from Wilson to Cameron, who was blushing brightly.

"I can't eat a green lollipop?" House asked.

House leaned down and licked a gob of green Jell-o from the hollow of her clavicle.

"You can," Wilson said. "I've just never seen you do it before."

"You've never seen me do paperwork before either, but that doesn't mean it can't happen," House said. Cameron snorted.

As she peeled the t-shirt from her body, House greedily consumed bits of the wiggly material that clung stubbornly to her skin.

"Actually, I'm pretty sure it can't," Wilson said. "I think the world would spin off its axis."

"No, that's what would happen if you were faithful to one of your wives," House retorted. Wilson rolled his eyes.

Her eyes rolled back as his tongue flicked across her nipples; she let a soft moan escape her lips and he grinned against her skin.

"And what happens if someday you're not an ass?" Wilson asked.

He ran his hands across her 'stunning little ass' collecting bits of Jell-o in his long, nimble fingers; as those nimble fingers deposited the Jell-o in a much warmer home she moaned again, louder.

"The world stops spinning altogether," House replied. "I have list in my office if you'd like to see it." Wilson sighed loudly.

She sighed contentedly as she came down from her climax; now it was time for her to return the favor.

"Lime is zestier," House said, grinning wickedly as his mind flashed scenes before his eyes, "Green lollipops are Cameron's favorite, aren't they, Dr. Cameron?"

She wrapped her lips around his length, but not before she'd rubbed herself over him to coat him in the lime dessert as well.

"That reminds me," Wilson interrupted. "Cameron, how were able to get all that Jell-o out of your hair?"

"Oh, it took a few showers, but I managed," Cameron said, turning her back to House and Wilson to prevent the blush from giving her away.

Both now covered in Jell-o, they stepped into the shower and washed each other thoroughly, leaving no skin untouched.

"Cuddy does have some crazy ideas for fund-raisers," Wilson commented. "Did she ever find out who put the Jell-o in the dunk tank instead of water?"

"I have a few ideas," Cameron replied dryly.

'That Jell-o was worth every penny,' House panted, managing to sound smug; Cameron arched an eyebrow at his admission, and then arched her back against him as another powerful climax consumed her.

"I'm going to the cafeteria to get some lunch," Cameron said, eager to get away before she couldn't hide her blush any longer.

"Bring me back some dessert," House said to her as she was exiting the room.

'Lime is my new favorite flavor', House said once he'd recovered. Cameron kissed his lips gently. 'Mine too', she agreed.

"I just bought you lunch!" Wilson protested.

"What would you like?" Cameron asked.

"There's always room for Jell-o," House drawled. Wilson studied the intense look that passed between them. He would never figure them out. What the hell was so intense about Jell-o?