Sukata Gawr: last chapter, the campers came to the camp and greeted by Mr. Sir Hitler one of my fellow sorcerers. I've introduce the campers to six rules of the camp, although more can be found in the handbook, and now we're at a pavilion where me and my fellow sorcerers will explain more of the camp, as well as each group of campers are about to signup to a dormitory. But before we get to that, Neya just came into the picture, and Aoi doesn't seem happy about it…

Kouji and Neya standing right by each other face to face in the pavilion. Neya stared oddly over his shoulder, a moment later Kouji turned to face an angry looking Aoi who's clenching her teeth and clenching her hands in fists.

"Kouji, do you mind telling me why is she here?" Aoi asked sweet calmly at first half of her sentence and ended her sentence bitter and harshly, as the others watches from their seats.

"Witchsoaar was right," Criff remarked.

"I was right," Nicks remarked energetically.

"More like we were right," Rakesid corrected with the same manners.

"Neya came to me and I invited her," Kouji replied and Neya's cheeks turned slightly red while Aoi glared madly.

Witchsoaar and Yahlida Prokue got up from their seats and walked toward Kouji, Neya, and Aoi.

"So you've decided to come as well, have you?" Witchsoaar asked looking at Neya.

"Well when we were signing up to come, she came to me like of nowhere, we talked before I asked her to come, and she said that she like to," Kouji replied for Neya who cheeks are kind of redden while Aoi glared harshly angrily.

"Looks like this summer is going to be interesting," Yahlida Prokue remarked to Witchsoaar telepathically.

"There'll be more than we know," Witchsoaar said back telepathically. "I'm Witchsoaar," she started facing Neya. "And this is Yahlida Prokue," Witchsoaar said while pointing at her friend.

"Nice to meet you," Yahlida Prokue started. "Your name is Neya, right?" she asked and Neya nodded.

"How about we'll get back to our seats, Sukata Gawr and the staffs are moving things around on the stage," Witchsoaar suggested and Yahlida Prokue turned to face her.

"Okay," Yahlida Prokue said and she and Witchsoaar walked to the picnic table where their group is sitting at in their respected seats.

"You can seat with us if you want to," Kouji kindly suggested facing Neya.

"I would like to," Neya replied and Aoi stared in disbelief before she, Kouji, and Neya walked to the picnic table where their friends are sitting at. Kouji and Aoi sat back in their respected seats, while Neya sat right next to Kouji on his right hand side while Aoi on his left hand side.

Meanwhile at picnic table where Sharkya, Yihrarikka, and Tahlirhida are sitting on the side that faces the stage while four girls are sitting on the side that faces the lake. Caroline the skinny one average in height with light tan skin, brown hair cut one-fourth above her shoulders, and light brown eyes clad in greenish brown sandals, blue jeans, and light brown cotton shirt. Next to Caroline on her left is Rehot Regush the one above average in height and shape with Asian colored skin, dark-brown hair, and bluish brown eyes clad in brown sandals, blue jeans, and violet T-shirt. Next to Rehot Regush on her left is Ortal Haviv the one above average in height and shape with Asian colored skin, black straight hair, and brown eyes clad in black sandals, black jeans, and a black T-shirt. And next to Ortal Haviv is Chen Kef the slim one with tan skin, black wavy hair, and dark-brown eyes clad in light sky-blue sandals, brown shorts, and a pink shirt.

"What do you girls think?" Tahlirhida asked.

"About what?" Sharkya asked back.

"About what you would like to do while at camp," Tahlirhida informed.

"Let's see," Caroline started low and cupped her own chin with her right hand for a moment. "How about we'll do something with our friends who came here," she suggested.

"Sure," Rehot Regush followed. "We'll see what come up when time come," she said.

"According to the handbook, any individual camper can join a group of campers regardless of sex, race, color, religion, or whatever in epic background," Yihrarikka explained while reading a small book.

"Maybe we could become a group," Chen Kef suggested.

"That would be great!" Sharkya exclaimed.

"How about we'll see what Sukata Gawr has to say," Ortal Haviv suggested.

"Okay," Sharkya agreed and everyone else nodded.

Elsewhere in the pavilion, eight figures are sitting on a picnic table; four of them are sitting on the side that faces the pavement path they've walked on while the other four are sitting on the opposite side. Sitting on the side that faces the path is Chrystal the well-shaped tall girl with literally green skin, olive green shoulder length hair, and green-yellow eyes clad in black boots, black jeans, and a black T-shirt. Sitting next to her is Chrystra the well-shaped tall girl with literally green skin, long olive green hair, and violet eyes clad in black boots, dark-violet jeans, and a black T-shirt. Sitting next to her is Rhestal the well-shaped tall girl with literally green skin, dark green shoulder length hair, and blue eyes clad in black boots, black jeans, and a T-shirt. Setting next to her is Forist the well-shaped tall girl with light tan skin, black wavy hair, and crystal blue eyes clad in gray sandals, gray shorts, and a gray T-shirt. Sitting on the opposite side is Geehon the tall well-shaped guy with brown fur on his literally yellow skin, green spiky hair, brown eyes, and black finger nails clad in green sandals, brown pants, and a yellow T-shirt. Sitting next to him is Wysta the well-shaped girl with literally black skin, black hair, and black eyes clad in dark-gray sandals, black pants, and a dark-blue T-shirt. Sitting next to her is Dian the well-shaped girl with literally yellow skin, straight brown hair, green eyes, and black finger nails clad in brown sandals, brown shorts, and a brown T-shirt. And sitting next to her is Waspman the tall well-shaped thin guy with literally black skin, bald round head, black eyes, and fingers and toes that looks sort of like talons with nails that looks slightly like claws clad in black sandals, black shorts, and a black T-shirt.

"What do you guys think?" Chrystal asked and everyone else at the table turned to look at her. "Aoi pretty much like coming here with her friends, especially Kouji," she said.

"And there's Neya," Chrystra started and catching the attention of everyone else. "And she seems to like him more than we know," she stated.

"I've read her mind and there might be something, however I feel there may be a lot more than that," Rhestal remarked.

"It's seems we can't find everything, even with telepathic powers," Chrystal remarked.

"What would you guys like to do while we're here," Geehon asked.

"How about we'll wait and see," Dian suggested.

"Right," Waspman stated. "When the heck is Sukata Gawr going to start?" Waspman asked.

"Sukata Gawr will start shortly," Rhestal said.

Moments later back at the area of the pavilion where Kouji and friends sitting at there respected seats of each respected table.

Rakesid got up from her seat and walked toward the front of where Kouji is sitting. "Can I ask you something?" Rakesid asked politely.

"Sure," Kouji replied.

"Why did you invite Neya?" Rakesid asked.

"I don't know… when she came to me we talked and I asked her to come here, and she said that she'll like to come here," Kouji replied and Neya blushed slightly while Aoi growled harshly. "It's not like that," Kouji said.

"Don't worry, I won't interfere with your affairs if there's no reason to," Rakesid stated. "And good luck with that," she said before walked back to her seat.

"Aoi acted like she was going to explode like a nuclear bomb," Nicks remarkably whispered to Akihiro and Rakesid leading all of them to laugh lightly.

"What are you three laughing about?" Aoi asked harshly glaring at them.

"Nothing," All three replied at the same time.

"That's not true and you know it," Aoi said scoldingly.

"You don't want to know," Witchsoaar said sharply facing toward Aoi.

"Let's drop it," Kouji suggested and Aoi turned her glare toward him.

"Is she always like that?" Neya asked.

"No," Witchsoaar started and almost everyone else turned to face her. "She was really happy while we were coming here and when we first got here," Witchsoaar continued. "However, when Kouji walked up straight toward you, Aoi instantly became not as happy as she was before," Witchsoaar finished.

"Why," Sobin Lanson asked catching the attention of the others. "What does Aoi has against Neya anyway?" she asked.

"Who knows," Yahlida Prokue started and the others turned to face her. "Maybe she just doesn't like it when Kouji is with other girls," Yahlida Prokue stated.

"You got point there," Myrobinerg remarked.

"Aoi hasn't been that way since Fina," Rolin Suta said.

"Speaking of it, how is Fina?" Reiko asked.

"Fina's sanity is unknown," Witchsoaar stated. "But she's rumored to have gone mad," Witchsoaar said. "During the last party, I've met a strange guy, he didn't say a word, he didn't had to since I could read his mind; he somewhat knew something about Neya, and we did have a conversation before I left and came to the party, later I've heard that the strange guy died from suicide for unknown reasons," Witchsoaar said.

"What did that guy said?" Yahlida Prokue asked and Witchsoaar replied in a sentence.

A moment later at the table next to their, Juli turned her head to look at Blue, "What do you think?" Juli asked.

"Hmm," Blue stated before he his head to look at Juli's. "About what?" he asked back.

"About what we'll do," Juli said.

"We'll see," Blue replied.

"Looks like it going to be fun," Criff said and Charlie nodded.

"We're going to have a great time Ikumi!" Kozue exclaimed.

"Yeah," Ikumi said in response.

"Kozue seems happy," Reiko remarked before gazing at Aoi. "What about you?" she asked.

"Don't worry about it," Aoi replied.

"Hey Yuki, what would you like to do?" Cullen asked.

"Who knows," Yuki started. "Let's see what Sukata Gawr has to say," he said.

"It's going to be fun Kouji," Neya remarked and Kouji turned to face her.

"Yeah, looks like it's going to be fun," he remarked back.

"Um hmm," Aoi cleared her throat and Kouji and Neya turned to face her. "How about we take a walk when we have time," she suggested.

"Ok," Kouji said and Aoi smiled. Kouji turned to face Neya, "You can come with us if you want to."

"I would like to," Neya replied and Aoi growled.

"Kouji you're CRUEL!" Aoi yelled so loud it could be heard throughout the pavilion.

To be continued…

Sukata Gawr: next chapter, the campers are going to signup to dormitories, more of the camp will be explained, and the chapters may be longer as real thing is about to start…

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