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Chapter one


We were currently flying somehwere over the north west coast of Washington. Don't ask me how we got here, we just decided to fly as fast as we could in any direction that pointed away from that creepy, Itex-run castle in Germany,and, well we ended up here.

I looked around at my flock, who still looked rough from that last battle at Itex, and were visibly struggling to stay awake. I flew over to Angel and took a sleeping Total, who she was about to drop, from her arms. Angel smiled at me and my heart melted, I mean, how many six year olds have grown up in a cage with evil scientists for parents, beat up countless erasers witnessed people dying, and still have a smile that angelic?

Looking at my flock again, I decided it was time to land.

"Right guys, if we stay in the air a moment longer, we'll fall asleep and end up smushed like a bug on somebody's windscreen, so let's land."

The flock looked gleeful at the thought of landing, but then glee turned to confusion when they realized I hadn't said where we were landing.

"Uh Max, whereabouts are we landing ?" asked Fang. I looked below me for a place to land, and my eyes fell upon a circular meadow below us.

"There" I pointed, and began to descend, with the rest of the flock in tow.

We landed five minutes later. As we assessed our surroundings our mouths literally dropped. There was only one word for the meadow,beautiful, and even that dosn't do it justice. It was perfectly round with lush green grass and surrounded by thick rainforrest. You could even hear a distant stream burbling in the distance. Not only was it beautiful but it was perfect for hiding in. Wonderful.

"Wow, it's amazing, like something off one of those nature documentaries narrated by David Attenbourough, have you ever seen one of those? aren't they amazing, anyway do you think there are animals in this meadow? Wouldn't it be amazing if Bambi and Thumper came out of hiding and started playing right in front of us like, now? OMG is that a strea-"

"Yeah we get it Nudge, it's a pretty meadow, now just shut up, please " Iggy interrupted Nudge's rambling, much to the relief of the rest of us.

"Thanks Ig" I said "Now, how about we get a fire going? Angel, Nudge gather some wood, Iggy, Fang find something edible, and Gazzy, come with me and get some water from that stream we can all hear." Just call me Max, born leader.

A couple of hours later and me and Fang were the only ones left awake, the others all having dropped off about an hour ago. I was practically falling asleep where I sat, I was so tired, but I was determined to take first watch.

"I'll take first watch" I said to Fang, Who looked incredulously at me and replied:

"How are you going to watch anything if you can barely keep your eyes open?"

"I can keep my eyes open just fine thank you very much." At this Fang gave me a mischevious look and slowly got up and walked towards me.

"What are you doing?" I asked. Fang said noting and carried on towards me, he sat down next to me and, wrapping an arm round me, began to rub between my wings. All coherent thoughts immedeatley left my head and buggered off to candy mountain, along with my conciousness, which I lost incredibly quickly. Before I had time to say 'Piss off, i'm taking first watch and thats that' I was fast asleep.

I was woken by a terrified Gazzy, who was roughly shaking me and urgently whispering:

"Max, Max, wake up, there's a strange man standing over there" He said pointing. I sat up and turned to look where he was pointing. Shit. There was an extremely pale, extremely good looking guy standing in the shade of one of the trees at the edge of the meadow. Looking directly at us. What the hell happened to Fang, he was meant to be on watch, the bastard, and now there was a strange, good looking loner in the corner.

"Right" I said to Gazzy "Help me wake the others and get ready to do a U&A." I then walked directly over to where Fang was slumped on the floor and gave him a good kick, just to wake him up.

"Owww" groaned Fang, groggily sitting up."What was that for?"

"I can't belive you fell asleep"

"Oops" said Fang "But what's the big deal?"

"Look over there" I said, pointing to the loner.


"Yeah, shit" I looked over to the guy again and found that he was walking over to us. Oh. My. God. Fang and me just stood with looks of absolute terror on our faces as the loner approached. Then the guy was in front of us.

"Hi, I'm Edward Cullen" He said. How nice to know his name.

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