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Chaper Three : Vampires


Oh my god, what the hell was I doing ??? What possesed me to do something as unbelivebly stupid as telling a random good-looking stranger, who might I add could read minds, that we would go to his house, stay there and reveal that we were mutant bird freaks !!! We were following this Edward through the thick forrest right now. Fang was glaring at me every now and then and holding the side where I kicked him, honestly, if looks could kill i'd be dead nine times over.

I was just about to make some sarcastic comment regarding our current situation, when Edward spoke in his velvety dulcet tones.

"Welcome to my house" I looked up to find that we were standing in front of a large house. How I hadn't noticed that before I don't know. Edward led the way into a magnificent open-plan lower floor. Everything was really light and the entire rear-facing side of the house appeared to be made out of glass, increasing the feeling of openness. I looked to the rest of the flock, whoose mouths were hanging open. We all looked at Edward, who smiled. All I could think was 'wow'.

Edward POV

I smiled at their reactions. I wonder where the rest of my family are. Wait a second, I think I can hear Emmett and Rosalie upstairs, please let them not be expressing their love for each other in intimate ways. I left the kids downstairs with a brief explanation that I was going to find the rest of my family.

I ran at a human pace up the stairs taking two at a time, then along the corridor to Emmett and Rosalie's bedroom. I knocked, but recieved no reply. I slowly opened the door, wary as to what I might find. And belive me, what I did find nobody should ever have to see and live with.

Emmett was dressed as a cowboy, with no trousers and a cowboy hat hanging off his manhood. Rosalie had tassles on her nipples and an incredibly short skirt that was more like a belt on. The sterio in the corner was playing Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) by Big and Rich. I was horrified. I slowly backed out of the room and back down the stairs, all the time cursing my vampire memory. I finally got back downstairs again and stood before the kids.

"They're busy" I said shortly, sitting down heavily on one of the armchairs that was conveniently placed behind me. I was supprised when the kids started laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked confused.

"Angel can read minds, She told us what you saw" The older girl, Max , replied. Whatever I was going to say next was cut off by my siblings walking down the stairs, fully dressed thank god. Emmett was smirking and Rosalie looked as if she'd be blushing if she could.

"Sorry Bro" Emmett said, still smirking "We were watching Brokeback Mountain, and Rose here had the idea that we could-" He was cut off by a death glare from Rosalie. Then they finally noticed the kids.

"Who the hell are they?" They asked simultaneousley.

"I found them in my meadow and decided to ask them if they wanted to stay here, seeing as they're not exactly normal themselves, and so here they are" I explained, realising how stupid that sounded. Emmett and Rosalie both had incredulous expressions on thier faces.

We would have continued to discuss the matter of the kids if the rest of my family had not returned from their hunting trip at that precise moment.


I could tell the conversation about who the hell we were would have continued if not for the arrival of four incredibly good-looking people. There was a small pixie-like girl with short black hair standing net to a muscly looking guy (though not as muscly as Emmett, I think his name was). A shortis woman with a heart shaped face stood next to an incredibly looking man with blonde hair (a/n I've forgotten what colour Carlisle's hair is, I think it's blonde, but if i'm wrong correct me).

"What's going on?" asked the latter person. Edward then explained that he found us in his meadow and just decided to bring us back here. We all just stood there trying to blend in to the walls as this was going on.

"Why don't we all sit down" suggested the woman with a heart shaped face. Everybody sat down on something.

Introductions were made and we found out that the woman with the heart shaped face was Esme, the short pixie girl was Alice, the two that Edward had been fighting with were Emmett and Rosalie, and the other two men were Jasper and Carlisle.

Then Edward broke the silence with a question.

"So, what are you?"

"You first" I replied.

"Alright" Said Carlisle "We're vampires"

Well that was unexpected.

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