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"Hurry up, oniichan! It's our first day at that new school and we are already late!" yelled Harumi Yamazaki while trying to attach her hair, eat her toast and put on her socks all at the same time.

Her older brother, Katsuo, looked at her with sleepy eyes, then yawned splendidly.

"Don't get all worked up, Haru. It's just school. We are new, so we can just say that we got lost on the way there, no big deal."

"What did you say, Katsuo Yamazaki? "It's just school"?"

Katsuo let out a scream when he felt an unforgiving hand pull him by the ear.

"AOUCH! O-okasan, no, that's not what I meant."

"It better not be!" She let go of him.

The boy raised his head and met the dangerous glare of Mrs. Yamazaki.

"Now pick up your stuff and get outta here!" she ordered.

"Yes ma'am!" yelled the two siblings in sync while picking up their bags, putting on their coats and running out of the house.

Yuki Yamazaki watched her children leave, letting her frown become an amused smile.

"Behave yourselves at school!" she screamed after the running figures of Katsuo and Harumi in a much softer tone.

Harumi bought sushi on her way to school and knocked her brother KO when he tried to steal them from her. Finally, they arrived at the main entrance.

"Seshun Gakuen middle school Academy." read Harumi on the wall beside the door.

"Ok, my first class is over there." muttered Katsuo while checking his schedule.

"And mine is over there."

"Don't get lost, neechan." Her brother teased her.

"You stole the words right out of my mouth!"


Her brother left while humming a melody of an American song. Harumi envied his lack of nervousness, because God save her, she was trembling inwardly! Even though she tried to convince herself that being in a new school was no big deal, she felt scared and lonely.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps coming from behind her. Quick! Search! Search for a hiding place! Her eyes rolled from left to right, then stopped on a spot right below the stairs. Without further thoughts, she rushed there and crouched underneath.

One second later, two guys wearing the blue and white uniforms of the Seigaku tennis club showed up at the main door. They were both breathing heavily from the long run.

"We… we are late"

"Fsshhh, urusei! You baka! If you hadn't interrupted my morning practice, I wouldn't be here right now!"

"Care to repeat all that, Mamoushi?"

"Want a fight?"

"Bring it on!"

The last bell indicating that classes were about to start rang throughout the entire school, interrupting Momoshiro and Kaidoh's fight. With a last glare, they ran in opposite directions to their respective classes.

Harumi let out a sigh. It wasn't the principal, as she had feared, but those two looked scary nonetheless. Someone poked her on the arm from behind. She shrieked. Two figures were watching her from the darkness under the stairs. It was a guy and a girl.

"Care to get out, now?" the guy asked in a rather furious tone.

Then she got it! And blushed violently! Mumbling words she didn't even understand herself, she stood up too quickly and knocked herself KO on the top wall of the stairs. When she opened her eyes and waited for the world to stop turning, the guy and the girl had already disappeared.

Those things HAVE to happen to me…

"Now come in, Yamazaki, don't be shy!"

Harumi blushed and took a decisive step forward. She hated being the new student. She stood in front of the class and looked uneasily at all those new faces. Come on, Harumi, you can do this. You can. You definitely can.

"H… hi, e…everyone! M… my name is Ha… Harumi Yamazaki. Nicetomeetyouall!"

She blushed violently and then bowed deeply to hide her face. The whole class exploded in laughter.

Ok, maybe I couldn't do it after all.

The teacher's severe glare shut everyone up.

"Yamazaki, go sit over there. We are starting class right now."


Harumi ran to the designated seat and sat down with a sigh. It's ok, I just hate the first day at school, it has always been like this, but it will get better after a while...right?

It was math class, the subject that Harumi was not particularly fond of. Great way to start the day! I mean, it could have been anything… but it was mathematics. I hope the teacher doesn't ask me anything. I have made enough of a fool out of myself for one day.

When the teacher gave them exercises to do, she put her mind to it, for once. After 20 minutes, she lifted her head and realized with delight that she was the first one to finish. Satisfied, she sat back and smiled with relief. Her eyes wandered towards the window as she looked outside. It was a cloudy and cold day of winter. The trees she could see from her seat were barren, and everything seemed so gray. She sighed. Being in a new school during winter time was definitely not something she enjoyed.

She thought about the circumstances that led her to this present situation. It was quite simple, actually. Her dad was promoted and had to change offices. The new one was here in Tokyo. Since it was a good thing for daddy, with the promotion and all, Harumi had accepted to move without complaining. But seriously, leaving all her friends and her past life behind was too much for a 14 years-old girl.

"Yamazaki!" someone called her from some a very distant, blurry, unpleasant and "mathematical" world. She ignored it.

I wish there was something here that would be fun to do. I mean, attending classes every day and then going back home is so boring. At least where I was before, we had clubs. I wonder if this school has some too. Hum... oh, there is something there...


Could it be... no, it can't be! Wait! It is, it totally is...


" A TENNIS COURT!" she screamed, standing up with excitement.


Harumi turned around to see the furious face of her teacher at one inch of hers. Then she realized that she had just screamed "tennis court" in a loud voice and had ignored her teacher calling her name for the last minute. She backed away and sweat dropped.

Her teacher's eyes were sending sparkles. The other students were cackling behind their notebooks.

"I'm sorry, Sato-sama! I'm really sorry!"


"Yes! I mean no! Well, kind of!"

Harumi sighed inwardly. "I'm really sorry Sensei! I promise that it won't happen again!"

Sato-sama breathed heavily and calmed down with difficulty.

"Good. Then maybe now you can go to the front and do exercise 26-B like I asked you 10 minutes ago?"

"Sure thing, Sato-sama!"

Harumi rummaged through her papers and finally put her hand on her set of exercises. She went to the board and looked at her answers.

"26-B… 26-B… eto…"

Then she felt her world breaking up into a hundred pieces. Unable to say a word, she stared blankly at the wrong set of exercises that she just did.

When the last class ended, Harumi was exhausted.

I had the worst day ever. The - worst - day - ever. Math class was a mess! The food at the caf was not meant for humans, and music class this afternoon was boredom reincarnated. It's not my fault if I can't sing!

She picked up her stuff, sighed deeply, and went outside. A sharp and cold wind was blowing, so she tightened her coat around herself and rearranged her scarf. It was indeed a chilly day.

Now, where was that tennis court that I saw from the math class window? She looked right and left, trying to orientate herself.

"Hey, Yamazaki-chan! Yamazaki-chan!"

Harumi turned around and saw a girl her age running towards her. She recognized the long black hair and the big green eyes of the girl she met during lunch time.

"Oh, it's you, Amaya-chan. Please call me Harumi! What are you doing here?"

Amaya arrived at her level and tried to catch her breath.

"Are you going home already?"

"I haven't decided yet, because I thought I saw some tennis courts somewhere around here?"

Amaya's eyes sparkled.

"Yeah! Want to come? I will show you around!"

"Ok, I'd like that!"

The two girls hurried in direction of the tennis courts.

Harumi was getting quite excited. "You know, I had a feeling this morning, and even brought my tennis clothes! I didn't have a place for my racket, but I believe you have some in your club, right?"

"That's right! Neh, Harumi-chan? Do you happen to play tennis?"

They finally arrived at the tennis courts. Harumi's eyes were shining. "Well, I used to! But I stopped two years ago, so basically right now I'm back to where I started!"

"I don't think you are a beginner then. Even if you think you have forgotten how to play, I'm sure your body still remembers some moves."

"Hm… well, we will have to see about that!"

Even though it was winter, some players were still warming up in the different courts.

Some of the guys were wearing a blue and white uniform that Harumi recognized instantly. Amaya followed her gaze. "They are the Seigaku Regulars, a very strong team! The only team that has beaten them is the Hyotei team, but next summer they are going to take their revenge and definitely aim for the Nationals!"

"Hmm, that's interesting! Are they nice people? Cause some of them seem creepy!"

"Haha, you must be talking about Kaidoh, then. Don't worry! He looks like the devil, but he's just the I-play-with-kittens-when-no-one-is-looking type of guy!"

Feeling more reassured, and the catastrophes of the day forgotten, Harumi took Amaya's hand and ran with her to the girls changing room.

There, she opened her bag and took out a white and purple t-shirt with a white short. She put those clothes on, and then attached her honey-coloured hair in a ponytail. From the many rackets hanging from the wall, she chose one, tested its solidity and flexibility, and then swung it over her shoulder. Somehow she felt like a different person, more confident, less clumsy (at least she hoped!).

"Woah, Harumi-chan, you look great in those clothes!"

Harumi blushed only a little bit.

"Well, thank you, Amaya-chan!"

On her way out, she caught her reflection in a mirror hung beside the door. The girl in the glass did look quite fierce, with her tennis clothes, the racket on her shoulder and those deep purple eyes filled with fire and passion.

Well, here goes nothing! Me playing tennis again, who would have thought?

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