Didn't She?

Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson, nor do I own Annabeth, or Luke… To bad, huh?

A/N: Takes place somewhere before Luke is exposed as a traitor, so…mid Lightning Thief. I wrote this in about ten minutes, just as suddenly as it came to mind. I don't know where from, though. XD Enjoy!

Annabeth liked Luke.

His dark eyes. The way they always seemed to be looking at you to see how easy it would be to pick your pocket…

His green eyes, which made him look like a rebel- wait Luke didn't have green eyes.

Annabeth liked Luke.

She liked the way he smelled like Coke, if Coke had a smell, his musky, cologne-like scent.

The way he smelled like the sea...since when did Luke smell like the sea?

Annabeth liked Luke.

The way he was kind to everyone, and seemed to really care about her.

The way he made her so mad that she just wanted to slap-Luke didn't make her mad.

Annabeth liked Luke.

Sometimes she just wanted to run her hands through his dark hair...just to see what it felt like...didn't Luke have blond hair?

Annabeth liked Luke... didn't she?