I decided to rewrite the Prologue. Why? Well, because it seemed to get a lot more hits than the rest of the chapters and I had to wonder if people were turning back because the prologue was so bad.

So, since I wrote it over a year ago, I decided it wouldn't hurt to rewrite it. I mean, it's only the prologue. I might do the same thing for the first few chapters, but only much later.

Plus, this story has been giving me problems lately, mainly because my brother just bought Spore and what I have of chapter 21 is saved on the computer it's installed on. Argh.

So, on with the rewrite of the Prologue. I tried to make it less confusing this time, but we'll see.

Same warnings as before, which I'll list, since I'm changing the author's note as well as the prologue.

OC Warning: The story revolves mainly around original characters meshing in with the canon characters. It's semi AU, since the canon characters have different backstories, but I spent a long time thinking through it, and even though I hate giving myself credit for anything, I will say that at I'm at least 90 positive that these characters aren't Mary Sues. (At least, I really hope they're not.)

Disclaimer: I don't own Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. I own the plot, the idea of warrior mermaids, and my OCs.

Full Summary: When an elemental spirit becomes corrupted with power, the mermaids are going to need some help to bring her down. War is brewing, and we're caught in the middle, unaware. (Personally, I like my new summary a lot more than the old one.)

Parings: Up to a vote. Though, since this is a rewritten chapter, a few of them have been decided now. When you want to request a pairing, read the whole story first, since I may have already confirmed a pairing.

Okay, here we go (finally.)


(A length of time ago that is currently unknown…)

Everything in the world is comprised of the eight Elements. The Elements each have Guardians, who not only control the Element, but feel its pain and suffering as well. These Guardians were the closest thing in power to the Element itself, and therefore were kept secret from the majority of the world.

The Elements were split into two groups, major and minor. The major Elements were Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, which were seen in everyday items necessary for life. These four elements split their immense power among a group of creatures who were otherwise powerless. A variety of half breed races were chosen for this honor, and the Keepers of the Elements were born. Among some races they were cherished, among others scorned. Soon after, the Guardians of the four major Elements faded into the woodwork to await a calling from the Keepers.

The minor Elements were Lightning, Ice, Light, and Dark. Unlike the major Elements, they kept a single Guardian and that Guardian stayed in the Human World to control the weather and other unexplainable natural occurrences that related to their power.

Within the Water Element, the power was being abused, however. With the Water Guardian not around, the Mermaid Elders took it upon themselves to fix the problem and split the power of the Water Element that was given to the Mermaid Princesses in half once more, giving half of the power, the Idol side, to 8 of the Princesses and the other half, the Warrior side, to the other 8.

As time passed, the knowledge that the powers had ever been one disappeared, and soon it was believed that they'd always been split.

However, nothing ever stays the same.


Unfortunately, the prologue is still shorter than the author's note. Oh well, I tried. Hopefully this is better written than the original prologue. If you want to see the original, drop me a PM or a review and I'll send it your way.

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