There was no doubt in anyone's mind who had just appeared in the sky. She threw a hand out and stopped the seven idol mermaids from hitting the ground, instead lowering them carefully and glancing at the three other mermaids standing there watching. Anayis and Katiya immediately lowered their heads in respect. Glancing at the two, then squeaking, Aryl did the same.

"Could you three check on them for me?" she asked in a clear, smooth, English accent.

"Of course." Anayis said, quickly hurrying towards the seven Idols, Katiya on her heels. Aryl was a little slower to follow, still incredibly confused and overwhelmed, but she decided to go with it and figure the rest out later.

Satisfied the Idol mermaids were taken care of, Aqua turned to the four minor elements battling in the sky. As she flew towards them, she held a hand out in front of her and began to summon water towards her. Jeredeau caught a glimpse of Aqua out of the corner of her eye and let herself drop just in time, the water-element's blast hitting the spot where she'd been moments earlier.

Milli turned, surprised, "Aqua?"

Aqua smiled and waved, friendly despite the current situation.

"What, you didn't sense her being summoned?" Orfio asked, launching a blast of dark power at Jeredeau, which (as expected) she cancelled out.

"I was a little busy!" Milli snapped.

"Watch out!" Edur shouted. Milli turned, surprised, just as a blast of power from Jeredeau hit her head on, sending her crashing into the roof of a building. Edur was about to fly after her, but Aqua held an arm out to stop him. "She's fine. Concentrate."

Edur, who had never actually met Aqua before, hesitated, but nodded, turning back to battle at hand before Orfio could be overwhelmed.


Milli pushed herself up, grumbling about stupid light bitches and their stupid powers and held a hand to her chest, lightning sparking as her own power began to heal her.

Once her wound was sealed, she flew up into the air and landed on her feet, testing to make sure it wouldn't open again in the middle of the battle. Satisfied that she was healed enough to not be collapsing during battle, she glanced around the rooftop.

"Are you okay?" Madison shouted to her from the far side of the roof, sounding panicked.

"Yeah!" Milli shouted back, "Stay there."

"Yeah, yeah, everyone keeps saying that." Madison sighed.

Milli's eyes landed on the blonde, unconscious girl next to Madison and her eyes widened.

"Lycoris!" she shouted, flying towards them.

"She's fine!" Madison said, suddenly starting to understand why everyone was insisting Lycoris stay hidden, "Just knocked out."

"What happened?" Milli snapped at Madison, landing next to her.

"Jeredeau had her possessed, like Rina and Kiri, but Orfio snapped her out of it." Madison said, "She's fine, she's just resting."

Milli looked even angrier, "Orfio knew she was here?"

Madison paled a little and nodded.

Before she could blink, Milli had vanished, flying towards Orfio.

Orfio was keeping an eye out for blasts of light, so when he saw a blast of lightning flying near him, he didn't even try to dodge, just relieved that Milli was okay and assuming the blast was meant for Jeredeau.

Which is why, three seconds later, Orfio was flying backwards, hit with a blast of Milli's lightning.

"You KNEW she was here and didn't TELL me?" Milli snapped at him.

"Is now really the time, Mil?" Orfio snapped back, flying back over.

Milli punched him in the face.

"Both of you, stop!" Edur shouted, throwing ice at a light blast to gear it away from Orfio, "Fight later!"

Jeredeau, however, was thrilled with the turn of events. If the elements were fighting amongst themselves, it would be even easier for her to take over.

Unfortunately for her, Aqua had no such distraction. She managed to keep her eyes trained on Jeredeau as she barked orders to the three bickering minor elements.

"Milli, Edur, Orfio!" she shouted. The three glanced at her, "You can continue fighting each other AFTER this. Now help me."

Milli glared at Orfio, but flew up next to Aqua. The water element murmured something to her, and she nodded. Jeredeau, busy blocking a full frontal assault from Orfio, didn't even seem to notice the exchange.



The white haired mermaid stiffened as Aqua's voice rang in her head.

'This may sound confusing, but please bear with me. I need you to do something for me.' There was a pause, 'Do you see the building behind you?'

'Yes.' Anayis nodded.

'I need you to get to the roof. I'll give you further instructions when you get there.'

Katiya and Aryl glanced up as Anayis flew towards the building without saying a word to them.

"Anayis, where are you going?" Katiya called to her.

No answer.

"What the hell." Aryl muttered.

Katiya sighed, "She must have a plan, or something." She said, "Whatever. Is everyone okay?"

Aryl nodded, "Everyone's breathing, steady heartbeats, just drained."

Katiya nodded, "Same here. Can't say I'm not feeling drained myself."

Aryl nodded, "Sameā€¦ Is Aqua feeding off our power too?"

"She uses the Idol mermaids power to be summoned, but when she's fighting here, she uses yours." Katiya explained, "Anayis and I are both-"

"Which you still need to explain." Aryl interrupted.

Katiya shot her a look, "So we're being drained both ways."

Aryl nodded, "I hope this ends soon so I can pass out for a week."

Katiya managed a smile and nodded.


It hasn't taken long for the arguing elements to get back into the fight. Milli had put aside the fact that Orfio had known about Lycoris (for now, at least) and was sending blast after blast at Jeredeau, who had been forced to do more blocking than attacking.

Aqua was floating behind them, concentrating, water floating around her. A few blasts of light had tried to interrupt her concentration, but they were intercepted by one of the other elements before they could get to her. They were protecting her, for some reason, and Jeredeau was getting angry, formulating plans to get out of the way of the frontal attack she knew was coming.

"Aqua, if you hurry it up, that'd be great!" Orfio shouted, throwing a dark blast at an escaped light blast to cancel it out.

"Leave her alone, she's going her best!" Milli snapped.

"Stop arguing with me!" Orfio glared.

"Shut up, both of you!" Edur snapped.

Jeredeau, seeing an opening, threw as much power as she could into a blast, nearly draining herself, but it made it past the three other elements and it hit Aqua in the chest.

There was a sickening squelch.

Jeredeau's blast flew backwards, knocked away by a shield of water that Aqua had thrown up just in time.

Jeredeau tumbled to the ground, an arrow sticking out of her back.

A ball of light flew out of her body, zooming off into the distance and falling into Lycoris's unconscious body, and Jeredeau disintegrated into dust, blowing away with the wind, scattering the last of their problem all over Tokyo.

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