A Tale of Two Kitsune

Prologue: The Foxes Shadow

"Lord Hokage, the demons are approaching the East gates" a silver haired ninja in a facemask called out.

The blonde haired Hokage, known as the Yellow Flash looked up from his scrolls at the young man. The demons were moving much faster than he anticipated. It was coming down to the wire and he only had one plan left.

He glanced at the two cribs next to his desk. His sons, both were born just seconds ago. His beloved Kaori Uzumaki had died in childbirth. And now he were about to leave them parentless and bear a truly heavy burden. As much as he hated to do it, he must. It was for the good of the village.

Snatching up his sons he burst out onto the balcony and looked out near the forest. His eyes met the most frightening sight he'd seen. Kyuubi in all his malevolent glory were burning through the shinobi lines with his Hellfire. His nine tails thrashing about causing quakes and tornados to attack the helpless ninja. His blood red eyes instilled feared into ninja paralyzing them with their own fear before crushing them in his paws. The demon was clearly in a fit of rage.

He looked more to the West to see his mate, Katsura decimating the Uchiha and Hyuuga clan's lines. The jewel on her forehead shone brightly as she used her psychic abilities to life shinobi and crush them or redirect their own attacks back at them. She let out a fierce beam of energy from her eyes that utterly destroyed any in its path.

Yondaime knew he needed to end this quickly before the demons reached the village. He flashed through seals as he summoned Gamabuntas.


"I'm right here boss. I need u to take me over there to the demons so that I can seal them up!!!!"



As Gamabunta neared the battle ground the foxes immediately sized him up as the bigger threat and ran towards him. Just as they were about to attack Yondaime voice rang out.

"Shiki Fuuin!!!!!"

Both demons seemed to pale a bit before realizing they couldn't move. Shinigami had stuck both of his hands through Yondaime as he reached out and grabbed onto the demons souls. Both demons tried to escape but couldn't. Gamabunta watched as the souls of the demons were placed into the two babies sleeping on his head.

Yondaime knew he was dying but he had to have one last look at his sons. He smiled as sapphire and silver eyes stared at him with tears in there eyes. It was like they already knew what was going to happen. He gave them each a quick hug and kiss as he died with a smile on his face.

Gamabunta laid the Fourth down in front of Sandaime whom had just arrived on the scene along with the babies. He then went back to his plane of existence. Sandaime smiled as he remembered Arashi's request to name them as heroes.

It had been two hours since Sandaime took office again and hailed the boys as heroes what he wasn't expecting was the fact that the villagers began to demand the boys' blood. So far there had been 12 attempts on the babies' lives. Sandaime didn't know what to do. He feared putting them in anyone else's care. He was about to give up when a knock came at his door.

He told the person to come in and as the door opened it revealed two figures that he thought he would never see again. His pipe fell to the floor as he gazed upon two faces he knew too well.

One was a blonde with almond eyes and huge breast with a purple diamond in the center of her forehead. The Slug Princess, Slug Sannin, and Granddaughter to the Shodaime and Grandniece to Nidaime. The Legendary Medic Ninja of Konohoa and deadliest Kunoichi alive…..Tsunade.

Next to her stood a man with long white hair and red marks running from his eyes. He had a large scroll trapped on his back. Another he knew to well. The Toad Hermit, Seal Master, Teacher to the 4th, a Super-Pervert…….Jiraiya.

To say he was shocked was understatement. He couldn't believe it two people who wanted nothing to do with Konohoa were standing in his office seemingly for a reason.

"Why are both of you here, in the village?"

Tsunade decided to speak up before Jiraiya did.

"Don't think this is a social call, because I'm here for a reason. I owe Arashi a lot and so he called Jiraiya and me to tell him of his plan and his children. Originally we were to train the boys here but I knew that the villagers were going to be as dumb as ever. So we're here to take them away until its time for them to take the Genin Exams in 12 years. Besides the training from us the will have to get their family scrolls now so that they can train their bloodlines."

"BLOODLINES!!!!!!!" Sandaime shouted as he heard the news. He didn't know there was going to be such potential to the boys.

Jiraiya just shook his head as he finally took a seat and propped his feet up.

"Yeah I was shocked to! It seems the Kazma clan can control wind and lightning. That's how Arashi always knew when a storm was coming or how he does he the Hiraishin. It's through his bloodline. Not only than but it seems Arashi was the Nidaime grandson. Since it was said my sensei's wife died and his son did too it never occurred they left the country and settled elsewhere. This means that both of the boys could inherit Nidaime or Shodaime abilities."

Tsunade spoke up as Jiraiya stopped talking. "Let's not forget the Uzumaki bloodline. They had the Katsugan, another dojutsu only it can see 360 degrees and the inner chakra system, circulatory, and nervous systems. It also gives the user the power over yin and yang. Then if Arashi was correct the boys would absorb their demons power and abilities. Such as Kyuubi's Hellfire and Regeneration or Katsura's Psychic powers and Barrier spells."

Sandaime couldn't believe what he was hearing these boys were going to be powerful ninja no doubt and with two Sannin training them for over 12 years they would be a force to reckon with. "Wait or you going to travel 2gether?"

Tsunade frowned at this while Jiraiya did his happy pervert dance in which he was force to stop when Tsunade punched him into a wall. "Yes for the first six years we will be together but after that when we start teaching them our techniques we will be apart. I'll be taking Kyo while Jiraiya takes Naruto."

Sandaime blinked at this. "No one gave them names"

Tsunade just shook her head. 'Leave it to Arashi to not tell Sandaime the boys name that dumb blonde……wait I'm a blonde. Well then that dumb man!!!'

"Arashi told us the boy's names when he asked us for our help." Tsunade walked over to the crib that held Kyo. Kyo looked nothing like his father and all of his mother. He had silver eyes, shiny jet black hair and ivory skin. She reached in the crib and picked him up while Jiraiya walked over to Naruto. Naruto was Arashi all over again. He had spiky blonde hair, sapphire eyes and tanned skin.

Both Sannin held the boys close as they bid a farewell to their former sensei. Sandaime watched as the Sannin sped off into the night carrying the last if the Uzumaki and Kazma blood. He wished they could have stayed but he knew the Sannin had a better idea. At least they would grow up with love is what he thought as he returned to his desk.

7 Years Later

Naruto Uzumaki age 7 was standing in a field with a blindfold on. He kept his sense alert waiting for the slightest twinge. The 7 year old heard something whizzing through the air all around him.

Hundred of kunai and shuriken were coming at the boy with immense speed. Naruto knew he couldn't dodge so he pulled out his favorite defensive jutsu. The boy began to speed as his power over wind kicked in.

"Kaze Kaiten" The winds picked up quickly as they surrounded the spinning boy whom was directing the current of the air with his spinning. The weapons came to the wind dome only to be caught in it. Naruto smirked as he quickly rotated in the opposite direction sending the weapons back exactly where they came from.

AS he finished spinning he used the wind to give him a push as he jumped back when a kick was delivered to where he was standing causing a small crater to appear. The boy wasted no time in clapping his hands together and yelling.


Razorblades of wind came hurtling at his opponent with unmatched speed. He knew something was off so as soon as he hit the ground he did a few seals.

"Upside down Mud Wall!!!!"

A dome of Earth surrounded the boy as a Katon jutsu came at him. AS the wall fell down he had just finished another seal. But before he could activate his just a solid punch to the chest sent him crashing into a tree. As he looked up a lightening bolt was coming at him. He knew he couldn't dodge in time. So he did the only thing he could do.

"Lightning Release!!!!"

He raised his hand as the attack was absorbed into him. He saw his opponent smirking. "So Gaki it seems you can unlock the other half of your bloodline!!!Impressive."

Jiraiya was really dying of shock. 'The kid can utilize both elements at such a young age!!! Usually one doesn't even unlock their first element till 16 but this kids can use both at the age of seven. This kid……he's something else."

He watched as the boy shifted into what he knows calls the Sky Dragon taijustu style stance. The by was even trying to invent his own taijustu style that could incorporate his powers.

"All righty kid lets see what you got"

Meanwhile In Tea Country

Tsunade and her assistant Shizune watched in fascination as young Kyo brought a fish back to life. He had been wanting to show them his new jutsu that would allow someone to bring someone/something back to life only if the victim died within an hour. He incorporated his light abilities with cell regeneration to bring about what he calls his "Holy Resurrection Jutsu." This is unique to him alone.

Tsunade couldn't help but swell with pride at the sight of the young effeminate looking boy. He was truly gifted with medic abilities. His Katsugan granted him a priceless view at a person whether in battle or in the medic field. Then when using his light abilities he can do amazing things. He often takes techniques, studies them and makes them even better.

He took everything Tsunade had and soaked it up like a sponge, even making improvements on some things. He also wasn't just a wonderful healer but a dangerous fighter. He improved chakra scalpels and coupled that with Tsunade's strength and his darkness poison powers and chakra eating abilities makes him dangerous in taijustu. He has numerous amounts of light, darkness, and wood jutsu since he prefers taijustu and genjutsu.

Tsunade watched as Kyo place the fish back into the pond and it swam off. She watched him as he sighed with relief he didn't know if it was going to work or not.

"Great jutsu Kyo!! It's a truly amazing breakthrough for any medical ninja. Especially one as young as you! You make me proud with every accomplishment you do, I gotta say you surely are quite the medic ninja." She said patting his head.

"Thanks Kaa-san!!! Shizune-nee-chan did you see, did you see, I brought it back to life!!!!" He said running over to his 'sister'. He continued on about how scared he thought the fishy was going to die and never live again. Then he went on about how he came up with the jutsu.

The Slug Princess couldn't help but smile at the boy. He had been calling him mother since forever. He refused to call her anything else. He brought a smile on her face like a real child of hers would. She was really debating on letting him go back to Konohoa and when she told him of such he refused to leave her behind. 'If you leave, I leave' was what he said. It was inevitable though, it was his fathers wish.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts, now wasn't the time to be thinking of such. She was going to make the best of their time and teach him everything that she possibly could. Hopefully she could finally pass down her summon. Kyo was also learning to appreciate poisons from Shizune who used them quite often in battle. He had learned several of her jutsu.

Surprisingly Kyo had the best chakra control she'd ever seen. It was surprising because his chakra capacity was sky high. It must have something to do with his abilities. Mokuton abilities and his eyes required precise control. Then when you take into account Katsura the Demon Queen had impeccable chakra control herself.

She got up as her two apprentices moved away to get food. She smiled as she followed them listening to Kyo ramble on some more about his jutsu.

5 Years Later

A group of five stood in front of the Gates to the Hidden Leaf Village. The first two were quite easy to recognize. They were Tsunade and Jiraiya of the Legendary Sannin. Then in between them lay the jounin medic ninja Shizune. The last two though seemed to be a mystery.

The first was a boy with golden yellow hair which was spiky in all direction but covered his forehead and fell below the nape of his neck. He had dazzling sapphire eyes, a strong masculine face that seemed to have been carved out of marble. He bore three whisker marks on his cheeks making him seem exotic. He had smooth tanned skin and a lean but muscular figure. He wore black pants with flames at the bottom and no shirt, but a black half jacket which was open to reveal his tight abs and muscular chest. He wore crimson fingerless glove and black ninja sandals. He bore two red streaks on his face like Jiraiya and a tattoo on his left arm. He had a sword strapped to his back and a red diamond in his left ear.

Next to him stood a boy with long shiny black hair that was tied in a ponytail that reached his thighs. Large, silver, heavily-lashed bedroom eyes, a small nose, and pouty lips that begged to be kissed. His skin was flawless and ivory giving him an ethereal glow. He was slim and slightly curvy. Like Tsunade he bore a diamond on his forehead. His ears were slightly pointed and he wore a yin-yang earring in his right ear. He wore tight black shorts that stopped above his knees. He wore a tight white shirt with a V so deep it went to his naval and sleeves that flowed past his hands, but he wore an even tighter black mesh shirt underneath. He wore a white sash around his waist and black fingerless glove. He wore a scalpel pouch on his right leg and senbon on his left. He carried two large steel fans (Think Kitana from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance) on his back one black one white to channel his yin-yang powers. He wore white ninja sandals and a white diamond around his neck.

It had been twelve years since they had last been at the village and Naruto was happy to see where he came form while Kyo was trying his best to find an escape route. Naruto noticed and looked at his brother.

"What are wrong aren't you happy to be back home?" He asked quite puzzled that Kyo didn't want to return to such a beautiful place.

Kyo simply looked at him a minute before speaking. "Home to me is where Kaa-san and Shizune-nee are, not with people I don't know!! You know my Kaa-san hates it here and she's not going to stay but we have to. I really wish it were different but it can't be and I don't know if I'll ever see her again."

Naruto just shook his head. "We'll at least you'll have me from now on baby brother. I'll look out for you and make sure nothing scary get you." He said in a teasing voice. Kyo bristled at Naruto audacity.

"Don't patronize me, you shit for brains!!! I betcha hanging out with that pervert over there has made you even slower than before!!" Kyo hissed back at his brother. It was like old times again poor lil Kyo would get picked on by Naruto just because he's an hour younger. Tsunade and Jiraiya just chuckled as Shizune attempted to make them stop. Suddenly the doors to the gates began to open as lone figure stepped out to greet them.

Sandaime walked to the group and gave them all a very warming smile. He had been waiting for this day to come for over twelve years. His eyes scanned the group till he found the two he was looking for the most. Naruto he noted was happy and seemed to welcome the sight of his old home. While Kyo looked displeased about the whole thing. Sandaime knew the boy wouldn't want to leave Tsunade but Arashi's words were crystal clear. He could only hope the village wouldn't drive the boys away. 12 years was long enough time to get over what happened and for them to open their eyes.

"Welcome to Konohoa Naruto and Kyo Uzumaki. Also welcome back Tsunade, Shizune, and Jiraiya. It's always so wonderful seeing you here. Now come on there are lots to be discussed."

Soooooooo what do ya think!!! Better than my last attempt I hope. I would really appreciate some feedback. I want this to be a fairly long story and I'm bubbling over with ideas. So yeah there will be 1 yaoi pairing in this story otherwise its all m/f. Naruto is straight so girls are up. Not Sakura, I hate the ho and not Hinata too many of this.