A Tale of Two Kitsune

A Tale of Two Kitsune

Chapter 9:1 Month To Save the World and Battles Galore

So yeah it's been awhile since I updated a lot has been going on since the last time and some unexpected things have forced things to get out of kink in my life but the main thing that took up time was MY GRADUATION!! So yeah now I have plenty of time to focus on my stories and I promise not to disappoint! I will be starting yet another Naruto fic which will be loads different from these first two so watch out for that to and without further ado I present the longest chapter ever of this story!!


Naruto sat upon a flat surface hidden behind a waterfall. Nature always seemed to help him concentrate whenever he needed to and this time was no exception. This was one of the hardest seals he had encountered in his life almost as complicated as the seals on him and his brothers stomach. He refocused back on the task at hand. This was the last test before he could be classified no longer as a seal apprentice but an adept and then onto a master, it didn't help any that Jiraiya was giving the test. The fact that this was a seal for a seasoned adept didn't mean that the old bastard would take it easy on him.

It had been three whole weeks since they had left the village to train for the Chuunin Exams. He couldn't help but wonder what his dear little brother was up to. He took one last look at the seal and finished writing down what he thought he knew about it and put it back in his bag. He got up and stretched ready for to start some more of his torture….err training!!

"All right brat, I take it you're ready for some more training all right. This time increase the weights by 30, gravity seals by x3, no bloodlines, and you can only use your minimum of chakra to run up the waterfall GO!!" he yelled as Naruto did as he was told and started the long 1200 foot fun up the raging waterfall. This exercise was something Tsunade had come with for him when he had the small interest of learning medical jutsu. The raging water made it a lot harder to regulate the pulses of chakra since there was not set amount of water you would step on so it took a lot of concentration, and the fact the water was constantly in motion, getting in your face, and being weighed down with various things made it extremely poignant that your control was at its best. Now he had a tougher time since Kyo's demon was fitted with perfect control, but it was a challenge he enjoyed.

Jiraiya watched as Naruto began to make his way upwards and figured he had given the boy enough time and started to make water clones that raced up after him.

Naruto cursed to himself as he felt the incoming mizu bunshin coming his way. Now not only did he have to keep running and focusing his chakra, he would have to dodge projectile and jutsu. The worst part is when a clone would get near enough he would have to maintain focus on his chakra regulating in his feet while harmonizing that chakra with the one he would be sending through his hand to disrupt the mizu bunshin. Too much chakra would get rid of the bunshin but rocket him off the waterfall and too little would keep him on and the bunshin would knock him off.

"You old pervert you could have at least waited another two minutes!!" he yelled as he ducked under a few kunai and palmed a bunshin on his left. Jiraiya couldn't help but smirk as he only increased the number of clones. He still owed the brat from another on of his pranks.

Hours later after Naruto had raced up the waterfall about ten times, sparred with Jiraiya, and an extensive lunch that left Jiraiya with no money in his wallet he decided to go back into the clearing to train his bloodline affinities. Jiraiya had gotten distracted about his research and left Naruto to his own devices. The boy had just sat down and began to use his wind to levitate himself in the air when he felt them. Two very powerful yet expertly hidden signatures that were around him in hiding. He didn't want them to know he knew they were there so he opened himself up to his wind element and searched around. He could see a clear picture of them, one was hunched over and gave off a smell of blood and sand, the other was a blonde with a scope on his eye and a smell of fire and something earthy.

He knew whom they were from and knew what they wanted but if they thought he was a pushover they had something of surprise for them. No doubt there was a group following his brother, they were stupid if they were going to engage in a fight with two super humans bulldozers, oh well he had enemies to dispose of.

"Water style: The Gathering Ocean!!" he yelled as water condensed at an incredible rate around him surrounding his in tons and tons of water in mere seconds. He shifted the water around his levitating body while the missing Nins stayed in place; obviously they thought he was still training.

"Water style: Sea of Neptune, Tentacles of the Kraken" he whispered as his two jutsu went into effect immediately. The water burst from its tight sphere to create an immediate lake beneath his feet. He watched in amusement as the Nins tensed under their genjutsu and moved higher into the trees. The second jutsu took effect as soon as he foot touched his lake and 50 tentacles rose from the water and begin to shoot towards the Akatsuki in hiding.

Deidara and Sasori both jumped out of the way of the vicious tentacles that came at them with the intent to destroy. Sasori and his partner had been watching the boy all day waiting for the opportune time to surprise him and overcome him quickly; he hadn't expected the child too actually to be able to sense ninja of their caliber that would be the first and last time he underestimated the boy. Deidara didn't waste any time in sending clay birds at the boy who's lake merely rose up to slap them away. Sasori drew his poison kunai and aimed carefully before launching them in the boy's blind spot. To his immense surprise the kunai hit the boy in the back of his neck.

The shadow clone went up in smoke as Deidara had to flip back to avoid a fist crackling with electricity. He smirked as his body began to glow and exploded sending Naruto into a rock. Deidara appeared out of the sky on his bird with a smug look on his face. Once again that Naruto went up in smoke; Deidara cursed his luck having to fly up out the way of some vicious wind blades. Sasori closed inform behind and struck with his tail. Naruto twisted to avoid the strike just as he felt it whip around and try again. Using a quick yellow flash he moved out the way.

Naruto tried to flip out of the way of the incoming spiders only to feel his feet bound and he looked down to see chakra strings. He knew he didn't have time as the spiders jumped and exploded. The real Naruto flew back towards a puppet that opened its body. He noticed to containment seals on the outside of the puppet and snarled. He held out his hand and to quick for Sasori to react a bolt of lightning obliterated his puppet.

Naruto flipped in the air and landed on his feet as Deidara aimed a kick at his midsection. He brought his arms to shield himself only for go flying towards Sasori as Deidara used his weird style of taijutsu to spin himself in the air, flip and kick him in the head. The scorpion's tail lashed out at him and he was hard pressed to focus his chakra and land on the tip of the tail. He smirked as a powerful current of lightning burst from his body and raced across the water towards the puppeteer.

Deidara threw more homing birds at the boy confident that Sasori would escape. Sasori cursed at the little brat, it had been awhile since he would have to abandon his shell in battle but the little brat had none the less forced his hand with this one. Naruto watched as the lightning impacted the hunchback and felt himself lighten up just a bit. Something told him that the puppeteer wasn't as dead as he thought. Deidara couldn't believe Sasori had abandoned Hiruko. The brat must have done something, he watched as the boy used his lightning to blast his art before it got near to him. He scowled, the brat was beginning to be more trouble than ever, looked like he would have to break out his special clay.

Sasori stood on a branch from the still sparking water watching as the boy flew up to meet his partner in the air. He guessed he should at least bring out his puppets now since the boy had all but destroyed his primary. He whipped out a scroll and looked at the three names on it before picking one and swiping over it. It was time to bring out the real stuff.

Deidara dodged another blast of the vicious wind and flipped backwards to onto a branch. Naruto smirked as he fazed out and into the shocked blonde's face and delivered a vicious punch to his face. Deidara soared and fell into the lake as Naruto gathered his electricity and was about to shoot it downwards until five fireballs of extreme power blasted towards him. He pushed his power towards the fire causing a big explosion. Deidara came out of the water in awe of such art and nodded to his hidden partner. Naruto eyes widened as he gazed into the eyes of a legend in his village someone that should have never been used by someone like this, someone who's soul is probably raving at how his body was being used against a fellow shinobi of his village.

"Hatake Sakumo also known as Konohoa's White Fang on par with the Sannins' at the time of his death. He is famous for his powerful white chakra, summoning, incredible ninjutsu skills and taijutsu skills. Shouldn't you give up now and come along like a good little fox?" Sasori asked a small bit of amusement seeping into his voice. Naruto was clenching and unclenching his fist at the disrespect his dead comrade was shown. He released his weights and gravity seals and felt all his power rush to him. He could feel Yuki-hime's power even though she was not with him.

"Snow Queen Claws!!" he roared as the lake instantly froze over with his power as the ice began to form claws and launch themselves at the enemy. Sasori was directing the White Fang with superb skill using the dense white chakra and sword to knock the claws away. Deidara soared high to avoid the claws while launching his speedy birds to attack the claws. Sasori's and Deidara's eyes widened when the bombs were frozen just from coming into contact with the claws. Sasori and his partner became a lot more cautious while dodging the claws.

"Secret Art: 1000 Exploding Flowers!!" Deidara yelled while dropping some beautiful flowers downwards. Naruto watched in horror as the bombs actually destroyed the claws. Those were way more powerful bombs that before. He had no time to think on it as he ducked to avoid a sword strike from Sakumo. A rising knee hit the blonde in the chin sending him upwards only for a fist to smash into his stomach knocking the air out of him while sending him backwards. He rolled to avoid a bomb only for it to explode and launch him forward. Sakumo sent a blast of raw white chakra at him and Naruto blurred out of existence. The puppet shot backwards with a powerful lightning and wind infused kick that sent it crashing through some trees. He flashed again to dodge the bombs that decimated his frozen lake into the ground again. He had lost his home field advantage.

Deidara smiled at his work only for his bird to explode without his command. He noticed the blast of lighting that lingered and knew the boy was tired of him being up there. He flipped onto the ground only to get kicked in the back of his head and sent flying into Sakumo. Naruto rushed forward again. Only to actually stop and flip back seeing the chakra strings that had been waiting for him. Sasori was impressed the boy had actually seen his strings.

'No matter this will be over soon. We will bring this one end, I have no doubt Itachi and Kisame will bring in his brother.' He thought while sending Sakumo into a frenzy of taijutsu at the blonde boy. Naruto ignited his lightning fist and clashed with the white chakra fist of Sakumo. The begin to trade blows and darting back and forth across the clearing. Deidara smirked at Sasori who nodded back.

Naruto aimed a kick at Sakumo who dodged by ducking, the blonde's leg hit the tree only for him to then feel the tree get mushy and explode on contact and send him flying. He was forced to recover quickly as another white fist tried to slam into his back. He flipped over the fist and planted his foot into the dead man's face sending him back. Naruto ran forward again jumped up and tried to slam down on the man. Sasori jerked the puppet far out the way as a little squirrel glowed in front of Naruto's face and exploded.

Naruto cursed his luck, now the bombs could look like any living thing and that was making it really bad for the blonde. He needed Jiraiya here, he was holding good two against one but he was still slightly off from training all day.


'I heard ya, I'll try my best but Ero-Sennin better get here quick or things might just end up their way and not ours!!'

Naruto dodged another volley of kunai and shuriken from the puppet master while blocking the blows from Sakumo. He flipped out the way just in time as a simple pebble under his foot exploded. He used his wind power to soar upwards into the sky. He knew it would be pointless to fly away with Deidara still able to mold a bird. He begin to spin rapidly gathering power before unleashing it to the sky.

"Demonic Sky Storm!!" he yelled as the power condensed. He flew back downwards to avoid more of those kunai he knew were poisoned, the day he left Kyo's antidotes in his hotel room this would happen. He flipped backwards and slapped two spiders back as they exploded on Sakumo sending him backwards. Deidara made to move as Sasori directed Sakumo towards him. Naruto smiled feeling his jutsu ready. He snapped his fingers as black bolts of lighting struck the ground, small twisters came crashing down destroying the hidden traps and chakra strings, the lightning decimated the 'bombs', ice spikes rained down toward the missing nin who moved quickly to avoid being skewered.

Naruto cursed as he felt a kunai graze his arm and the poison seeping into his system. He could feel Kyuubi panicking inside of him.


Naruto cursed as he saw the smug look on Sasori's face and the triumphant grin on Deidara's face. He wasn't going out like that he summoned more power and some hell fire for better measure as he used his full speed and his yellow flash power to snatch the clay bags and throw them in the air as they became incinerated from lightning and sever the strings from Sakumo and throw him away. In a flash he released his hell fire explosion technique on the two stunned and angered shinobi. It rocketed them backward just as he passed out form the extreme potency of the poison that had paralyzed his entire system. He never got to see the two shinobi struggle and get up and move purposely toward him.


Tsunade couldn't help but smile at her little boy, he had grown into all she hoped and so much more. His medical skills were already greater than Shizune's and his fighting skills were coming near hers. The only thing he does have over her was his strength was even greater than hers in her prime. He was definitely not one someone should get in an all out brawl with, they would lose. So far they had increased upon his medical jutsu and efficiency.

Right now though he was healing people at a local hospital with Shizune and she was gambling. She was losing as usual when something unexpected happened she pulled the slot and it started ringing, she had won the 200 million dollar ryu jackpot. A artic chill ran down her spine, she NEVER won it was only the foreshadowing of something bad happening. She hoped that she was overreacting but something told her other wise

Kyo had just finished another shift at the hospital when he decided to go back out and train. He reflected on the past few weeks over what he had learned and felt quite satisfied with himself. He had actually truly mastered combining his telekinetic force with his super strength with amazing results. It was great for quick demolition fights. He expanded the power of his telekinesis itself and his installed his astral projection with more power. His telepathy was still where it was before not really focusing on it. His Mokuton was his new fascination this month. He had found amazing uses for the skill especially in the floral aspect. His light and darkness jutsu were coming along just fine with the sharpening of his Katsugan. He had unlocked the most desired skill of his Katsugan, the mastery of genjutsu. He was sure that with this he could dive more into an aspect of the shinobi life not many worried about.

He wondered out into the nearby place the people around here called a jungle. It was extremely humid and disease here shot out of control with the natives it was a perfect place for a medic Nin to come heal. He found himself near a powerful flowing stream that lead to a gorgeous lake surrounded by lovely trees with fruit and birds of color. He found a smooth rock and sat upon it. He began to meditate focusing through his Katsugan as he closed his eyes letting his psychic senses expand along with his light and darkness pulsing. He felt a jolt before seeing his brother collapse and flashing towards seeing him put into a puppet with containment seals as two missing Nin began to walk off.

He opened his eyes quickly and he flipped out of the way as a sword came down hard destroying the stone where he was. He twisted in the air and flashed out of the way of the fireball that was coming at him. He landed in the tree Katsugan blazing at the two Akatsuki that had to have come for him. He recognized both of them from the bingo books Hoshigake Kisame and Uchiha Itachi. He knew now was not the time to think of his brother no matter how disturbing his vision was and the fact that him and Katsura could not get in touch with his brother and Kyuubi. He narrowed his eyes as he flew out of the tree and sent out his exploding senbon at the Itachi that had appeared behind him. He got to the ground and began to weave out of the powerful strikes from the sword he heard could eat his chakra.

Kyo kept dodging the strikes from the sword Kisame wielded as if it was as lighter than a pencil. He flipped over the shark man once again to duck as Itachi's fist lashed out in a rapid motion. He smirked if it was hand to hand combat they wanted it would be hand to hand combat they would get it. Itachi and Kisame felt a small tingle that said something was about to go wrong. The only information Zetsu had on him was that he had a dojutsu, was psychic, and had Mokuton, shadow, and light abilities. So it came as a shock when the boy lashed out with two fist at both men and they went flying from the force of such a powerful hit.

Kyo smiled as he watched them go off flying but it was short lived as he watched them get up and Kisame started sealing as 5 water dragons rose form the lake and came at him. He began to weave from the dragons when he felt Itachi come upon him. He switched his fighting style to his piercing palms as he began his deadly dance. Itachi cursed as he dodged the powerful strikes that now was coated in black chakra. His eyes could see the way the chakra flowed and knew it was similar yet different to what a Hyuuga could do. He watched as the boy's psychic shield defended him from the dragons as the boy continued to focus on him.

Kyo knew when Kisame jumped back into the fight he could read the small slight twinge of the muscle in Itachi's face that signified he had to fight in tandem. Medics were experts at noticing such for it was their insurance policy. Kyo expertly ducked a swing of the sword but missed Itachi's foot slamming against his chin as he flew upward. He twisted and avoided the sword but not the kunai that slammed into his side. Itachi looked on impassively until a palm slammed into his stomach sending him crashing through trees as the boy jumped away from Kisame to pull out the kunai.

Itachi frowned as he noticed the boy heal himself with a quick jutsu. He didn't like medics, the good ones, took to long to die. He rushed forward at an incredible speed and aimed a powerful kick at the boys head. Kyo landed on his leg and slammed a foot into his chest while flipping to avoid another sword strike.

"Mokuton: Petal Destruction!!" he yelled as cherry blossoms, rose petals, and lily petals raced toward the men glowing with power. Kisame smiled as his sword slashed through them draining them of their chakra. Itachi flashed faster than before landing a blow to Kyo's chin and slamming a knee into his stomach driving the wind out of the boy before bringing an elbow to his back slamming him to the ground.

Kyo kicked at Itachi only for the Uchiha to move backwards and flash through seals before he could blink. He could feel the genjutsu and smirked to himself, it was time Itachi's Sharingan met its Genjutsu better. The Katsugan pulsed twice turning the illusion against Itachi with a much higher constitution. Itachi didn't panic when he felt the image turned against him but frowned when he had to use more chakra to break out of it than he had used to make it. He came to only to get a get a rapid pokes to his arm which rendered it useless. He glared at the boy while shooting a giant dragon from his mouth without the seals.

Kyo erected a powerful shield to block the dragon only to see as it disappeared Kisame shoving his sword through it draining its energy and slashing him across the stomach. The ex Mist nin was obviously not giving him time to heal himself as he strikes became faster grazing Kyo a couple of times. He kept losing chakra and it was beginning to wear on him. Itachi was back in the fray with a flurry of taijutsu that soundly tromped the poor medic Nin. Kyo stumbled backwards and rolled to avoid Itachi's foot and sent a powerful blast of mental power that sent the Uchiha hurtling back into his partner and sent them both crashing through trees. Kyo wasted no time in healing himself as he flew upwards and came back down. Itachi moved just in time as a powerful haymakers crashed into Kisame's stomach making the missing inn's eyes to bulge and extreme pain from the super hit broke all his ribs.

Kyo cursed that move took a lot more chakra than it should have only for him to see that Itachi had taken the Mist sword and stabbed him through with it draining his chakra. Kyo used a bit of strength to get off and flash stepped everywhere around the clearing much to fast for Itachi to see. Kyo knew he was running extremely low on chakra thanks to that sword and all the people he healed and went in for the assault Itachi narrowed his gaze the boys speed was too much as he felt several bones break from the powerful hits he was receiving. Itachi waited until the perfect moment and turned his head as he whispered.

"Tsukiyomi" at the same time that the medic felt the move was coming he wasn't to be out done. "Toudamubashii"

The result was something that Itachi Uchiha would never forget it was the day that the Tsukiyomi had failed him. Itachi could feel himself in the world of Tsukiyomi but he couldn't find his quarry. He tried to cut the technique off but it wasn't working something was preventing him from doing that and that's when he felt the containers chakra. The Tsukiyomi was in effect but somehow the boy had reversed it so that he was trapped in his own world.

Kyo smiled to himself as he dragged his battered and worn body into the jungle. His technique was a success it allowed for one to turn the effect of any genjutsu back to the other, copying it and sealing the person in it for the amount of time the original user had in time except it became reality instead of illusion. It was the Katsugan most elite power that ever member of his clan would have only if they had the eyes. He had to tell Naruto in case he ever came across the Uchiha about the dangerous genjutsu he could wield... His train of thought stopped when he found himself face to face with Itachi.

"You are quite interesting, you were able to turn the jutsu against me and lock me in there. There was only one thing you didn't count on, for every genjutsu there is more than one way to get out you didn't take into account that there was more than one way for me to get out and now you've been captured. I must admit you caught Kisame quite off guard and he won't be able to move for awhile until I get you both back. Now come along willingly since you're in no mood to fight." Itachi said while looking at him, you could see the exhaustion in his face from breaking free of such a powerful technique as his eyes were their normal obsidian color.

"Fuck you, you filthy murdering bastard!! I'll never come willingly I'll die before you get your hands on my demon, I refuse to be your pawn!!" he yelled as he used his last bit of energy to mind blast the Uchiha. Without the Sharingan's natural mental barriers the attack hit home as the Uchiha clutched his head in obvious pain as he brought to his knees. Once it was over the Uchiha fought with all he had not to give in to the pain and black out.

A Small Dash of Yaoi

He took a soldier pill and straightened up to look at the defiant face that couldn't even move. Even all battle worn and weary the boy was undeniably attractive. Itachi would never be able to explain why he did what he did; an actual emotion had filtered into his system after the mental attack that shook up his head. Itachi growled as he lifted the boy by his collar and smashed his lips against Kyo's the young medic was shocked as he opened his mouth to scream Itachi took the opportunity to delve his tongue in and out of the mouth that tasted so sweet to him. Itachi was so domineering in his kiss Kyo couldn't help but give under such forcefulness and was ashamed to say he felt with every lick fire trailing into his mouth that caused him to kiss back.

Action OVA

"You have no say in this matter you will be coming back with us little one willingly or not." He stated eyes back to their usual Sharingan with the action just now. Kyo didn't know what to do, he still couldn't move but luckily luck followed him today. Itachi never saw the fist that smashed into his side sending him flying back to his partner. Tsunade stood in front of Kyo eyes blazing and power and killer intent rolling off of her in humongous waves while Shizune tended to her little brother. Itachi knew it was time for him to flee and live to fight another day when Tsunade's first step caused a gorge as deep as the one near Konohoa. He quickly teleported him and the injured Kisame away still wondering what had come over him. Once Shizune had Kyo back into his tip top shape with Tsunade's help Kyo jumped up.

"We have to hurry and get to Ero-jiji and Naruto the Akatsuki overpowered him and paralyzed him with something and they're about to take him off. Summon Katsuya and get to the old man, I'm teleporting to my brother!!" he said as a purple light consumed him and he was off. Tsunade was cursing Jiraiya for putting her other 'son' in danger no doubt chasing women, this time it might cost him another apprentice. She summoned Katsuya as she and Shizune hopped on the slugs back. Then with speed unknown to any slug Katsuya was off for the nearby village where Jiraiya was.


Sasori had just put Naruto into the containment puppet and put it up on the bird when The Gama Sannin showed up looking for Naruto and spotted them. Jiraiya cursed to himself at his foolishness that had led to Naruto getting captured by the two men. He knew he could take them on but as soon as he made a move another on that looked like a giant plant melted out of nowhere and nodded to them. The blonde guy hopped on the bird and soared off while Sasori and Zetsu faced off against him. Jiraiya moved to get him only for those two to stand in his way.

"His fate is sealed Lord Jiraiya just let him go and we can all walk away from this alive." Sasori said fingers twitching as he tried to connect his strings back to his fallen Sakumo puppet. Jiraiya growled as he let his power loose astounding the two men who were about to take on this man.

"If it's the last thing I do you two will die now then I'll kill your comrade and take back my apprentice prepare yourselves, I'll show you why I was part of the Legendary Sannin and am feared for good reason!!" he roared just a the giant slug pulled up and a blazing Tsunade who foot falls caused a crater with every step the anger and power spilling from her palpable in the air. Sasori smirked knowing what must have caused her anger.

"I see Itachi and Kisame have taken the other one as well, then you should know that they are a lost cause and this battle will not bring them back or solve your problems." He said smugly until Tsunade got a smug look of her own.

"You actually thought they would succeed in capturing my son. I'm not Jiraiya I always keep track of where my child is. No, Itachi and that giant piece of sushi had to leave Kyo destroyed his ribs while Itachi was forced to flee when I showed up. So that means now your partner has to deal with an angered and demon powered Kyo, who knows that you two had taken and hurt his brother, so if you have any last words for him I suggest you say them now before you die cause when Naruto gets out that blonde menace you call a partner is as good as dead!!" she yelled before flashing in front of Zetsu and driving a fist into his head, the battle had begun.

Deidara was making great progress to their hideout with the unconscious Kyuubi carrier. A deep shiver ran down his back as he felt a pressure compound in the air. He looked all around to see if he had been followed but he couldn't see anything. He knew his instincts were trying to warn him but he couldn't detect a thing but he started to fly higher and faster. He swerved as a blast of black energy burst through the container holding his prize. He felt his nose breaking completely form the punch the enraged Naruto threw in his face. He flew off his bird only to get a gut wrenching kick from the other container that Itachi and his partner Kisame was after. He crashed into the ground with incredible force shaking the earth and creating a humongous crater. He coughed weakly clinging onto his life as he saw the hovering enraged containers staring down at him with killing intent that was choking off his air. He put on a superior grin as his body exploded. Kyo acted rapidly forming a powerful shield around him and Naruto as several bombs exploded on it. Kyo's Katsugan blazed with fury as he quickly identified the real Deidara. He smiled at his brother exchanging a silent conversation. In an instant a swirling purple and red aura surrounded the two as a blasts shot forward towards the weakened Akatsuki.

Deidara never saw it coming the blast was so intense that he hadn't been able to properly defend himself; he cursed his weakened state as pain like no other enveloped him burning off his skin piece by piece working through every part of his body at an incredibly slow and precise pace. It was an attack to be envied by anyone the combination of Kyo's precision and Naruto's ingenuity backed by their demon's power. Deidara was soon no more nothing left but his ring. The brothers smiled as the landed on the ground nearly completely out of chakra. They smiled as they saw their family running through the forest and greeting them. Jiraiya wept for joy as he picked the poor blonde up and enveloped him in a tight hug. He learned his lesson women would have to come second to his grandson, he had nearly lost him and he realized then and there although the boy was strong he couldn't be alone to face the enemies he had alone. He was sure it was only a matter of time before Tsunade beat the crap out of him for his foolishness and force them to travel together.

Naruto was so happy to be out of that damn container and so happy to be with his whole family together. He knew it was only a matter of time before the Akatsuki made an attempt on him and his brother and they would need to be together with their family to start fending off the attacks. He couldn't help but smirk though he and his brother definitely had to use that attack again the pain and agony of the blonde haired Akatsuki was total retribution for the lives he had no doubt taken for the little organization.

"JIRAIYA!! YOU BASTARD HOW DARE YOU LEAVE NARUTO ALL BY HIMSELF!! YOU WERE WITH SOME BIMBO WEREN'T YOU?! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU THAT SOMEDAY SOMEONE WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT, YOU ALMOST COST US A PART OF OUR FAMILY, KYO'S BROTHER, ANOTHER OF MY SONS, A BROTHER, AN APPRENTICE OF YOUR OWN!! IF I CAN GIVE UP GAMBLING YOU CAN DEFINITELY GIVE UP ON THE WOMEN!! THEY ARE CHILDREN AND YOUR RESPONSIBLITIES OUTWEIGH THAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND….." she trailed off sobbing near the end with relief and grief. She never wanted her family to be broken in such a way. She wanted Jiraiya to see, this wasn't himself he was risking but a boy who had family that would miss him. Jiraiya could only approach her with his head down in shame.

"I know I was wrong hime, I wasn't thinking as usual and it almost cost us. Believe me this was my wake up call, if anything had happened to him I would have killed myself. I know that they won't stop they won't give up on them. We're finishing this training together so we can prepare them for their future enemies and face whatever comes at them as a family." He said solemnly face all serious. Tsunade could only nod her acceptance grateful that he finally understood the full implications of their situation. Then her eyes got a dangerous gleam in them as her uppercut him with all her strength only to see Kyo in perfect coordination with her. Jiraiya was out before he was five feet in the air………

Naruto stared as the old man flew off in some direction which meant that was the direction they were going to go in. He smiled as Tsunade hugged him and Kyo close like they were going to disappear on her any second. He was happy to know that his whole family would be traveling together and getting stronger together again. He couldn't wait for tomorrow and his training with his brother.


Naruto was astonished at the progress that his brother had made with his combative techniques. He couldn't believe the sheer amount of power his brother wielded with his fighting style. Naruto always considered his brother the more graceful and poise of the two. Naruto knew thought that he was the more boisterous, kind-hearted, and gregarious one. Even now, Kyo's style was more a graceful yet deadly agile dance and his was more like a ferocious storm of precision. He watched his brother and Tsunade duke it out. Even old Tsunade was one of the most powerful ninja out there. The mother son medic duo were ruthless in there battle of strength and medical techniques and had to admit having that awesome strength was something to be envied.

Soon it was Naruto's turn up as he and Jiraiya faced off. Kyo smiled at the control his brother seemed to have gained in those three weeks. His twin could execute some high level jutsu without over extending his chakra which made him so proud. He knew his brother had trained himself into the ground this past week like he had after their encounter with the Akatsuki. Naruto was matching Jiraiya with fierce tenacity and his genius thinking. Naruto was using his entire arsenal and Jiraiya was not pulling the punches. Kyo knew that both he and Naruto might be incredibly strong but they knew that Jiraiya had aces in his sleeves that could easily grant him Kage status.

The testing ended there for the two boys. Their family smiled at them hoping that they were prepared enough for the tournament and no doubt whatever sinister plot Orochimaru had planned for their village. They spent the last two days relaxing as a family and kindling their bonds. Jiraiya had taken Naruto out to try and get him to participate in some research. Tsunade let him go knowing that Naruto was in no danger of turning out like her teammate.

"Kaa-san I know you really hate the village and I must admit that some of those people in there makes me want to hate it to but I've found people there that are precious to me and I can't abandon them. At the same time I just don't feel complete without you there to worry over me and guide me. I miss you and Shizune and sometimes the old pervert to. I just wish you could come home and stay with me again…." He whispered loud enough for her to hear. It broke her heart to leave him and there and she knew sooner or later she would have to return just for his and Naruto's sake.

"I know I miss you to son, although I still resent that village even more so for what you and your brother experienced when you first got there. I will return this time and stay. I will stay because it's your home and that snake is planning on destroying it and getting you and your brother. I made a vow to never let go of my family and I won't let go of you now." She whispered to him and hugged him tightly to her. Shizune saw the mother and son embracing and couldn't help but walk over and embrace them herself. She loved her family and she felt the same, no one would tear them apart.


"Say old man, where are we going?" Naruto yelled after the old pervert who had just up and took him and threw him over the shoulder while making a run for the nearby trees. He had actually let himself be carried till they got to a clearing with a crystal clear lake and in the middle a small little island that held a statue of the 4th.

"This was the first place your father ever used his Yellow Flash technique and got his fearsome reputation. I'll always remember and cherish this place. Many times your father would come back here to meditate and reflect he said that there was something peaceful about the place." He said standing up as Naruto sat on the edge of the lake stirring the waters and reflecting at his father's statue. He smiled in a serene way connecting to the place the same way his father probably did.

"Yeah he would have that same smile on his face to gaki, you look so much alike ya know?" he said to the boy as he sat down beside him gazing at his former apprentice statue.

"Naruto, I'm so sorry. I realized how horrible I've been with you. Tsunade was right; I always assumed you would be all right. I always thought that you would bounce back and beat anything in your way. When Itachi came for you I thought I had lost you. In that one moment I had swore that no matter what kid, I'd be there for you like I should have been. Ya think ya can forgive this old pervert huh?" he asked and in an instant he had an armful of blonde as the kid flung himself at him and hugged him tight. Their family was once again whole.


It was the day before the tournament and all the various officials were arriving in large numbers. Everyone was filing in ready and eager to watch the much anticipated fights. Almost all of the participants had found their way home for a rest before the exam tomorrow. Kyo could feel the excitement in the air and yet something still felt unsettling about the whole thing. He knew that Orochimaru wasn't done yet with the village and he felt that this would be the time he would be acting out whatever plans he had before. He had been trying to avoid his boy issues since he had come back and yet he was finding it hard to focus. He should've hated Itachi but the way he kissed left him dazed and confused. He knew he really liked Shika and yet he couldn't help but think of the mass murdering Uchiha also. He shook his head to clear his thoughts, he couldn't be caught off guard at any moment the menace known as Tasuki could show up and pull one of his kiss and rape Kyo tricks. Then supposedly his own teammate was crushing on him.

"Why is my life so complicated!!" he moaned out loud to no one in particular. He glanced around him and caught sight of his brother and his girlfriends walking with each other holding hands. He smiled, he was happy Naruto had found someone for himself. It would do him so much good to have someone like Haku by his side. Kyo continued on his way up to his usual hill that was filled with flowers to help ease his mind before the tournament tomorrow. He could feel the disturbance in nature and he knew he would need the most rest he could get.


Naruto had just walked Haku back to her house and was on his way home. He couldn't help but ponder over what his brother had been saying. He knew when it came to Kyo it was best just to go with it. He knew that snake wasn't going to give up on them so easily especially after what he knew what they could do and what they contained. It was almost a guarantee that the snake would make another move soon. Then it was more than that, now they had the Akatsuki hot on their asses now. He just couldn't fathom what they would want with the demons and their power.

Then there was the whole thing about him hiding his true strength. It was no longer an option with him facing Neji in his first match. Neji was on the team with his brother and was no doubt powerful in his own right, not to mention his bloodline gave him even more ammo. It was going to be a tough fight and he knew he couldn't afford to pull any punches especially with the Byakugan waiting for him to slip up and mess his system up.

Naruto could sense someone coming up on him as he extended his senses. He moved swiftly as several kunai whisked through the air at him as he flipped around the kick aimed at his head. He smirked as he yellow flashed all around his assailant tying him up in special chakra draining ninja wire. He looked and frowned as he noticed who had attacked him. It was one of Danzo's Ne agents.

"What the hell do you want?! I know who you work for so just tell me or else?" Naruto said glaring at the man. The agent merely struggled a bit before realizing his chakra was being drained from him.

"Yes, Lord Danzo has requested that you and your brother come to him immediately to discuss some future endeavors that would help the village." He said in a monotone voice that Naruto couldn't help but note.

"Look I don't want to kill you so I'm going to tell you and your 'employer' once I have no use for Danzo and I have no reason or would I want one to join Ne." he said towards the man. He cut him off and stepped back as the man got up.

"You are quite foolish to deny Lord Danzo. You will be joining Ne, whether it is now or later. You are a shinobi, therefore you are a weapon and he can make you into an even better one. I am only going to tell you once again to accept his offer. You only managed to subdue me because I wasn't sent to kill or take you by force but should you refuse again I will have no choice but to show you why Ne are the superior shinobi in this village." He stated as Naruto glared at him with eyes as cold as glaciers.

"Well then you better get to moving cause I refuse to become some emotionless shinobi tool whose main goal is to serve that old warmongering bastard!!" he hissed as the man flashed out of his sight. Naruto let out a calm breath as he ducked a sword to his head and sent a kick of lightning at the mans chest catching him and frying his nerves to produce a small shock; and without missing a beat he impaled the man with a kunai in the throat and in the heart.

He took off towards the rooftops heading home to get to his brother before they got to him only to bump into him.

"I was just coming to get you! The Ne agents and Danzo finally made their move on us. It took him long enough but they were sent to recruit me by my will or against it, what about you?" Naruto said in a rush to his brother.

"Yeah I came home and went into the greenhouse to check on some of my stuff only for those idiots to barge in. Needless to say my plants took care of them before I could even blink so I wasn't worried until I made it outside and one went at me. It was easy to beat them but they spat me the same crap that Danzo has brainwashed them with." He said evenly as his eyes activated scanning their surroundings.

'We aren't alone there's a highly skilled Ne agent cloaking his presence nearby listening to every word we say and will no doubt report everything to that old codger. The question is to give him false information and lead him and his cronies to a trap or kill him now….'

'Lets not kill him Kyo, ya know being a medic and bloodthirsty does not make for a demeanor which people will flock to you for healing. Anyway its best to give him a lot of false information and catch him in a trap where we can finally get him off the council and influencing policies going on, not to mention shutting down Ne for real this time.'

Kyo simply nodded as he turned his dojutsu off and went back to the casual conversation with his brother.

"We shouldn't really worry about Danzo and his guards if tonight was anything to judge by we'll be okay. I mean no reason to keep out watch when more enemies we have are probably on our back." Naruto stated while Kyo just nodded and they took off back to their home while the Ne agent just made his way back to Danzo to report.

In no time the shinobi made his way into the hidden chambers and facilities that would take him to the Ne headquarters and was soon in the room with their leader to report.

"They are as talented as you said Lord Danzo. They have a hefty amount of power and skills that we the Ne shinobi could put to use. They have no interest at all in taking our offer and disposed of the agents sent after them. It didn't take long for them to defeat them and as of now they think that we're not a big threat to them. The only thing is Lord Danzo is when the opportune time to acquire is them. The Chuunin exams are out of the question, so when?" he asked

"We will have to wait and see. I doubt Tsunade would be making an appearance in the village anytime soon and Jiraiya drops in few times and even then the brats don't know. It would be great to take during a long term mission. I will see what I can arrange in the mission room. We will have their power and they will become great puppets for us." He spoke darkly as he motioned for the man to leave him as he himself made his way to his home to plot.


The day of the tournament everyone could be found making their way towards the stadium for the Chuunin Exams. It was the talk of the village, especially since the kids in this exam were kids of unnatural talent and skill. People from all over Fire Country were coming just to see the last of the Uchiha Clan fight.

The contestants were all in the stadium all except the one and only Sasuke Uchiha. It was weird to note the most perfect Uchiha was not on time. One would think with this much talent the avenger would be eager to prove he was the best of them all. Everyone was ready for the fights to begin, the excitement was charging the stadium, and the people were ready. It was high time for it to get started by their standards and they were drooling with anticipation. Kyo was watching the crowd and feeling around with his senses. He could feel the eagerness beneath his opponent's calm mask. He smiled because he knew this would be one memorable fight that he would never forget. He was itching to see how his fight would come out especially with Kimmimaro being as powerful as he was. He glanced over to see his brother grinning broadly.

Naruto was so ready for this to start. Of course though the rules would be bent for the little spoiled brat. He could literally feel the tension in the air going on between all the finalists. He could also feel the heady threat of something, looming over them as the tournament was about to begin. He was really waiting to show the people of this village that he was strong and would try from this point on to become someone they could grow to respect so that he could become Hokage. He smiled at his brother who would be going up against one powerful opponent. The finals really were going to be something for the people to see. They were probably under the influence that the only powerful people they had in this tournament would be the Uchiha and the Hyuuga's but they were in for one big shock. He knew though that somewhere out there Orochimaru was probably waiting to spring something huge he just hoped that everything would come out for the better in the end.

Time was passing along quickly and the people began to get agitated waiting for the fighting to start. Genma looked at the Hokage for a sign to disqualify the Uchiha but in surprise got the wave to let the Uchiha go last. He shook his head as he turned back towards the candidates that were there. He nodded to both Kyo and Kimmimaro as they went off towards the opposite sides of the stadium. Naruto gave both a thumbs up as the rest of their friends did except the two from Sand. The rest of the participants quickly made their way up into their section as Genma began to speak.

"The first match of the Chuunin Exams will be Kyo of the Neo-Sannin team and Kimmimaro leader of team Bloodline!! Hajime!!" he yelled as he quickly flashed out of the way. He moved not a second to soon as Kimmimaro launched a volley of bone arrows from his body towards Kyo. Kyo ran forward amongst the shock of the crowd and began leaping one the arrows and heading towards Kimmimaro. Kimmimaro flipped back just as Kyo tried to stab him with a kunai, and raised his fingers.

"Bone Bullets!!" he cried as he fired the sharpened bones of his fingers towards the demon carrier. Kyo reacted swiftly and raised a quick barrier to deflect them towards the Kaguya. The crowd watched as the skillful boys jumped back from each other and ran through a series of seals.

"Fire Dragon Jutsu!!" Kimmimaro yelled as he blew out a large dragon of flame towards Kyo. Tasuki smiled as Kimmimaro launched the attack the pyromaniac had taught him earlier and frowned on who he was using it on. Kyo was not to be caught by the dragon as he finished his last set of seals.

"Elemental Barrier 1: Aquaria!!" he chanted as a shield of icy blue water formed in front of him to douse the powerful dragon as it slammed into his shield creating steam all over the stadium. Kyo ducked as a bone spiked leg lashed out from behind him to catch him in the head. He rolled as the other foot came crashing down to where he was a few seconds ago. He summoned his energy and flipped back avoiding spike after spike of razor bone pyre. He stuck himself to the wall as he flashed through seals.

"The Black Haze!!" he cried as a deathly black mist spread from his mouth towards the bone user. Kimmimaro watched in morbid fascination as the mist began to mutate the few sparing of grass where the mist had spread. Kyo smirked and with and flick of his wrist the blades of grass turned black and launched at the bone user. Kimmimaro dodged the tiny blades as best he could. He pivoted on one foot only to find the last patch of grass slamming into him and exploding with great force upon impact. Kimmimaro flew and crashed into the wall with a sickening crack. The audience was in shock at the display of subtle power that had just been displayed. Kyo landed on the ground and filled his fingers with senbon. Kimmimaro came out of the crack in the building bent at odd angles.

There was a collective gasps at the twisted body of the young man until Kimmimaro began to pull the bones out and new ones grew properly in their place resulting in two bone swords for the user. He smirked a bit at the younger boy and medic.

"Very interesting technique, must be new eh? No matter, it's about time the kiddie gloves came off don't you think?" he said as he launched himself at the blink of an eye. Kyo ducked as the sword slashed over his head only to get kicked in the stomach and sent hurtling backwards and kicked in the back with a resounding force that sent him flying forwards. The crowds gasped at the brutal style of the Kaguya as Kyo went flying. They learned then that the boy was not just a medic in title but skill as he healed himself instantly and twisted around to land on his feet on the wall and pushed forward. Kimmimaro twisted out of the way of the flying senbon only to get punched in the chest with staggering force.

To everyone's shock who didn't know Kyo the Kaguya went flying and crashing into the wall of the stadium with a resounding boom causing the side of the stadium to shake powerfully. Kyo was done holding back, that's when everyone could have sworn they saw the image of Tsunade standing in his place before it went back to him. The strength was legendary and they knew then this battle was going to get intense.

Two spiked bone whips shot out from the hole in the wall to wrap around the young medic as blood arced in the sky from the pierced bones. Kimmimaro began to pull ripping and shredding at the same time. Kyo smirked as he lashed backwards pulling the bone user off his feet and towards him. Using his medical knowledge he manipulated his body to squeeze in and slip out the holds and land an uppercut to the bone user.

Kimmimaro twisted in the air despite the pain from the blow as he began to spin downwards bones shifting all around him. People's mouths opened wide as he soon became a spiraling spiked drill heading towards the young medic. Kyo jumped out the way as the young man hit the ground with incredible force and going straight through. Kyo was forced to dodge as the group erupted and the drill almost took his side with it. Kyo knew that this attack wasn't something that his brute strength would solve no matter how strong he was. He kept dodging until he finally had enough.

"KASTUGAN!!" he roared as his bloodline raced to effect. He eyes took on their powerful form as he looked under the ground and began to dodge the attacks even more easily. Summoning up his power he dove out of the way of the drill as it rose up and thrust his palms outward halting it in midair with his telekinesis. He ripped the drill apart to find the boy in the middle and sent him flying into the wall. Kimmimaro quickly recovered as he pivoted out of the way of an incredible kick with Kyo's strength and telekinesis behind it crumbling the part of the wall into bits and pieces. Kimmimaro knew he was going to have to kick it up again with the bloodline being active.

"White Forest Jutsu!! Dance of the Lily!!" he called out as he seemed to vanish into nothingness. Kyo frowned as the Earth beneath him began to shake and groan. He looked downwards and was alarmed to see something speeding to the surface. He moved his body agilely as the towering spikes rose higher and higher into the air literally filling the stadium with their presence. He groaned as he felt a bone sword pierce his shoulder at his last minute attempt to dodge. He grunted in pain, realizing the bones were made of pure chakra and were helping to conceal the bone user from even his eyes. This was not going to be easy, not to mention the fact he could move around through every last spike. He dodged another slash a little too late as this one pierced his thigh. He slammed his fist too late and to only get a few cracks for his efforts. He flipped out of the way and quickly began to heal himself while focusing his mental sensors. He dodged the sword and was able to pull the bone user out and unleash a rapid combo of blows. It did nothing to defer the boy as he went back into hiding.

Kyo jumped down onto the ground and ran through another set of seals. Neji recognized the seals and was smirking while Tenten just shook her head and prepared herself. Kyo knew that this was going to be cutting it close he could feel the bone user speeding towards him not knowing what the jutsu could do but wanting to stop it never the less. As the boy finished his last set of seals a pulsing purple barrier arose around him. Kimmimaro watched as his legions of bone clones which had came from his spikes were repelled back with tremendous force as the air began to saturate itself with chakra. Kyo began to chant as the chakra began to condense itself making itself visible to the naked eye.

"Psychic Chaos Skill: Molecular Disruption!!" he yelled as the chakra began to act maliciously on its masters will. The purple haze moved throughout the bone forest slowly draining it of its chakra and reducing the once strong tower spikes into brittle bone that fell into no use. Kimmimaro dodged the haze until it took on the shape of tentacles beneath its summoner. It lashed out with lightning speed that Kimmimaro was hard pressed to deal with. He flipped out of the way as three tentacles came from different angle. He wondered how long he could keep it up with his chakra pressing hard into every muscle until a tentacle slapped his shoulder sending him spiraling. He recovered quickly and moved as another slammed into the ground draining the grass of its chakra making it wilt. Kimmimaro could feel his bone in his shoulder as he ripped it out to find it in a rubbery substance. He scowled at the power behind the jutsu knowing it could be his downfall. He wasn't going down without a fight. Kimmimaro quickly forced a load of chakra into his bones as he let his bones come out to create and armor and two swords while re-growing his skeleton in a mere second. He quickly rushed forward and smirked as the tentacles had no effect on his armor.

Kyo frowned, he hadn't expected on the other boy to figure away around this so quickly. By re-enforcing the armor to his body it keeps it in constant supply of chakra and allows him to let his usual bone density is lowered beneath his skin since he was moving at a breakneck speed. Kyo hurried and cancelled the jutsu and jumped back from the punch coming his way. He gasped as the boy flashed out and sent a powerful kick to his spine. He twisted in mid air, only to get a punch that sent him sprawling to the wall. He quickly shoved a wall of psychic energy between the wall and himself which allowed him to land on the ground safely. He smirked knowing it was coming down to the end.

Kimmimaro was on the offensive once again adding a vicious tail to his armor as he charged himself at the young medic. Kyo flashed stepped an amazed the crowd. Kimmimaro narrowed his eyes as the boy flashed out of existence. He had been warned about this technique damn near impossible to keep up with, the moving of extreme speed through a compressed special area where there was little resistance. All he had to do was add the resistance of his own chakra in the air. He let a powerful wave of chakra loose only to have it slam back into him and a powerful heel drive kick slamming into his back sending him flying into the wall. Kyo smirked, he had long since figured out how to keep his technique up, especially since he sparred with his brother and the Yellow Flash Technique so many times. He flipped out of the way as the vicious tail tried to impale itself in his head. He slammed his foot on the ground causing a huge fissure to appear revealing the hidden bone user. Kimmimaro jumped out of the fissure as his eyes searched for his target.

Suddenly he felt an enormous pressure encase itself around him when he looked up he could see a powerful black and white barrier surrounding him.

"Prison Skill: Tao Spell #3: Containment Field" the young medic chanted as he began to flash all around the stadium. Suddenly he stopped right below the bone user as the places he flashed began to glow with weird kanji.

"Tao Spell #4: Celestial Requiem!!" he called out as the sphere holding the bone user began to spin and the kanji began to shoot blast after powerful blast into the dome tearing away at the bone users armor to his body where the beams began to rip into him. Kyo felt a large portion of his chakra leave and saw Kimmimaro falling towards the ground trying to form another set of seals. Kyo flashed forward one last time to give the bone user a powerful fist to the face packed with telekinesis in case sending the bone user through the wall and knocking him out.

The crowd was silent; one of the ones they had scorned had shown masterful skills in a battle. They began to clap a bit hesitantly not knowing how to see the boy now. They were glad to have such a powerful young shinobi in their village but at the same time they still knew of his demon and were wary. Kyo rushed over to the unconscious boy and began an extensive healing on the boy the last attack had never been used before and he could see the damage he had done to his friend. He began the work in earnest as the medical team went to get the stretcher. Naruto smiled at his brother who was now patching up the boy he had just beaten. Kyo may not have known it but he had changed a lot of people's opinions that day. The people had only thought them capable of violence but his brother was down there proving them wrong. He watched as Kyo made his way up the stands and Kimmimaro be taken away.

"Good job out there little brother! I think you might have even had more of an impact than you think though." Naruto said as he gave his brother a high five. Kyo only smiled at the older twin as he turned to get a face full of Shikamaru. The shadow user only gave him a bright smile and a wink. Kyo didn't need anything else to know what Shika was trying to say to him. Suddenly Naruto tapped him on the shoulder and pointed up to the box with the old man Hokage.


"My, my, my Lord Hokage I didn't know you had such talent among your ranks! Those two were certainly impressive fighters; I must say I was quite shocked at what they could do. They are just marvelous, the one who won though he fights a good bit like one of your old students with the ruthlessness of the other!" the Kazekage said to the older man. The Hokage merely lifted a brow at the Kazekage.

"Well yes, he does fight exactly like my student Tsunade; she did raise him after all. Although his ruthlessness he also gets from here. She was known to not give up no matter what in a battle and he shows that also. He has none of the maliciousness of what Orochimaru would call ruthlessness, he even helped to heal his own opponent a true Leaf shinobi." The old man stated never seeing the dark look that had flashed across his face. Suddenly two guards with animal masks came over and whispered to the other two standing by the old man. They nodded as the new guards took their places. Sarutobi smirked as he waved his hand for the next match to begin.


"Temari vs. Shikamaru!!"

Temari didn't waste anytime opening her fan and sending razor blades of wind at the Shadow user. Shikamaru wasn't about to estimate her so he jumped backwards. She smirked sending even more his way with several strong gusts. Everyone watched as the young shadow user sunk into the shadows just as the blades of wind hit the wall. Temari was wide-eyed now. She twisted towards the ground and propped herself up with her fan just as a spear shot out of the shadows and grazed her cheek. She immediately brought her fan up just as Shikamaru slammed a pitch black axe down creating sparks. She flipped back an opened her fan and let loose.

"The Screaming Banshee!!" she yelled as sound breaking winds with a red tint soared at the shadow user. Shikamaru thrust his sword in front of him as he whispered his jutsu.

"Kageheki!!" A humongous black dome surrounded the young man as the blades ripped into the ground off the shield cutting and searing as it went. She focused again letting loose heating up the air currents again to give loose to the burning wind blades, which screeched across the stadium trying to break his shield. Shikamaru knew that she wasn't a big problem for him. He needed to end this now so that the tournament could be over sooner.

"The Dark Veil!!" he cried out as the shield flew up a blotted out the sun in a veil of darkness. Before she could even get in a good hit, everyone heard Shikamaru's voice ringing loud and clear as if the darkness itself was speaking.

"Shadowed Warriors: Destroy her!!" he yelled as armored warriors rose form the ground with various weapons surrounding the girls and attacking her. She was soon overwhelmed as the more chakra she used to get rid of them the more appeared and swamped her. In the next 5 minutes she was out of chakra and badly beaten when Shikamaru called off his jutsu. He was breathing a bit heavier since that jutsu was a constant drain from maintaining the veil and the warriors, and the chakra for the warriors to move and have weapons he needed a good break.

"The winner is Nara Shikamaru!!"

Shikamaru made his way back and up into their waiting area only to be greeted with a glowing smile from Kyo and thumbs up from Naruto. Many in the audience were stunned at the quick victory. IT wasn't as if the girl was weak but she had been blatantly outclassed, and by a Nara. No one would think that this boy used to be nothing more than a lazy shinobi in training not to long ago and here he was breaking all those preconceived notions on his persona in a scant few minutes.

Naruto was amazed at the young genius's powers. The boy surely took his family legacy and was making it into something even more famous or infamous than what the previous shadow users could. Shikamaru knew the match up that was next a lot of people did. Gaara was taking it up next; he was going against the hot-headed Tasuki. Everyone was worried for the flaming red-head; the boy was known to be a bit uncontrollable.

Tasuki glanced around and caught the concerned eyes of Kyo. Although Kyo was loathed to admit it, he really wanted the boy to at least come out alive of this match up. Both Naruto and himself could feel the demonic taint reeking from the boy and could only wince at the horribly done seal that kept the demon in his body but little else. Naruto nodded at the red-head and Kyo gave him a small smile. Tasuki smiled brightly as he made his way down with Gaara.

Tasuki could feel the maliciousness that poured off the other red head. Something about the boy was really off and he knew that he would have to be very careful while dealing with the sand user. He was confident in his ability but he was also wary of how the boys chakra powered Sand would react to his fire ability. He was certainly going to have to give it all he had.

The signal was given for the two of them to begin and the sand user didn't waste anytime in lashing out with powerful tendrils of sand. Tasuki dodged the tendrils as he flipped over to another part of the arena. The tendrils stopped and hit a sharp turn coming back towards him. He cursed his luck as he flipped again to avoid the sand and see it make a powerful dent in the ground. He frowned, seeing that the sand could actually do some brutalizing damage.

Gaara mused to himself as the red-head kept dodging his assault oblivious to what he was really doing. He smirked the red-head's blood was going to satiate mother until he could get to the brothers who seem to radiate power. He smirked as the last of his plan fell into piece as the red-head dodged the tendrils again. Tasuki cursed when he felt the massive buildup of chakra beneath his feet. He had felt the amount of chakra the boy had been giving off and should have stopped him then but he couldn't cry over spilled milk now. He jumped way towards the back wall just as o fountain of Sand flew up from various spots of the ruptured ground.

He cursed to himself as the Sand nearly covered just about the entire arena which put him at a sever disadvantage here. He cursed as he moved faster to avoid grabbing hand of sand, weapons made of sand, and the powerful tendrils of sand. Everyone was waiting with baited breath knowing that the boy couldn't keep running forever, his chakra would eventually get low and then he would die. No one expected nothing extraordinary to happen so that's why they let out a gasp when Tasuki began top move towards his fellow red-head.

Tasuki had had enough of running from the attacks. The way Gaara was standing there looking bored it seemed as if the boy could keep this up all day. He needed to take the fight to the bored looking boy. Tasuki picked up speed and flashed in front of the red-head much to his surprise only for the sand to form a shield and try to grab on to him. He got away quickly and frowned the boy must have trained his sands reaction time to match that of Lee when they fought. Tasuki smirked, that was all good and what not but it wouldn't help him with his bloodline helping to back him up. He flashed behind the red head and delivered a vicious flamed roundhouse to the boy.

Gaara went flying only to land safely in his sand. He felt more than saw the flamed fist that smashed into the side of his face that sent him flying once again. Tasuki wasn't going to waste time when he knew if Gaara got the chance he would eliminate him. He quickly flared up his fire power and went towards him.

"Flaming 16 Hit Combo!!" he cried as he went into a flurry of flaming taijutsu on the sand user. Gaara's body jerked from the rapid and powerful hits. Every time his sand made a move for the boy abusing him the boy would move and hit him from a totally different angle and deliver a powerful hit. Everyone watched as Gaara went hurtling into the ground and towards his sand. They watched in fascination as Tasuki who was still in the air had a fiery phoenix form surrounding him and launching himself towards the fallen boy.

Gaara had barely recovered before two heels dug into his body and intense flames wrapped them inside the crater his falling had created. It was then that Tasuki jumped back off of him and flipped onto the ground. Gaara could feel the pain as it soared throughout his body. His demonic power grew as he began to let the bloodlust take control of him. Tasuki could feel the shift in power coming from the smoking crater. He nearly cried out as the sand began to gain a slight tint and began to lash at him faster and more vicious than before. It was then that he noticed the glowing yellow boy coming out of the crater with a slightly crazed look on his features.

Tasuki began to flash all around the arena trying his best to stay out of the way of the vicious assault. He flipped over a tendril only to get drilled in the back from another and hit in the middle and into the wall. There was no time for rest as he moved in time to see a much sharpened point of sand stabbing into the wall where his head would have been. He kept on moving till he thought he found an opening.

"Immortal Blaze!!" he called out shooting blasts of fire from his hands this time. Gaara was hit by the first sending the sand Nin flying only for him to be saved by his Sand which blocked the others. Tasuki was about to run when Gaara smirked.

""Devils Sandstorm!!" he cackled madly as the sand whipped around blinding the flame user who still tried to stay on the move. When the storm finally cleared all anyone could see was Tasuki and even more sand than before. Kyo was panicking; this was not going to end well. Tasuki jumped trying to land on the wall knowing that this was not going well for him right now. As soon as his feet were about to touch the wall the Sand roared to life as a powerful tendril shot above him and slammed him to the ground. He groaned moving as soon as he could only to get hit more and soon encased in Sand.

Kyo was gesturing for the referee to call the match, Haku doing the same. Gaara raised out of the sand a maniacal glint in his eyes. He was ready to kill and spill blood. He clenched his hands as the sand began to crush the body held in its master's grasp. Tasuki could only widen his eyes as the sand soon encased him completely. Haku was hysterical by now knowing what was going to come next, Hinata and Neji activated their Byakugan only to see the sand obscuring the picture. Gaara was laughing madly now as everyone felt the surge of chakra.

"DESERT FUNERAL!!" he cried out in his bloodlust.

The sand clenched and a shock went through many. The once red-headed trickster was gone from them. Taken by the hands of one who couldn't care what he had just done. Up in the stands the Kazekage smirked to the old man whose pipe had fallen out of his mouth.

"Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Gaara was much too powerful for that boy. Don't be so sentimental Lord Hokage the boy was a shinobi and the rules stated that some fights could result in death!" the man whispered a bit too happily. The old man was about to tell Genma to tell Gaara to get his mad self off the field when a sudden flare of chakra and wave of intense heat seared across everyone's senses. Gaara looked up only to see his sand take on a red hue then a black one.

Suddenly the sand turned to glass as black and blue flames raced out of it breaking them into different heated shards that flew towards the sand user whose sand brought up a shield. Gaara eyed the boy in the air whose body was ablaze with blue and black flames. Kyo was impressed, that was the secret the boy had been working on. It was a good thing too it probably saved his life, but he knew the technique was far from perfect it took a lot and could burn a lot of chakra. Tasuki knew he was loosing chakra and quite quickly as he flew towards the sand shinobi. Gaara was too shocked to see his powerful technique fail and was getting ready to summon more power when immense pain seared his body.

"The Dueling Dragons!!" Tasuki cried out as he stopped in the air and his black and blue flames got off of him and formed two powerful dragons that slammed roared their way towards the other red-head. The dragons slammed into the red head knocking him into a wall and continuing to damage him. Tasuki smiled that he was able to give the demon boy a run for his money as he closed his eyes and let the darkness welcome him. Kyo was out of the waiting area as soon as the boy had collapsed knowing that the medics took some time to get to the injured.

As soon as he got there Genma had called the match in Gaara's favor that was looking a lot worse for the wear, even more from the battle he had with Lee. Kyo got to work immediately as the boy was obviously still angered as a wave of sand shot towards him and the unconscious Tasuki. Kyo's eyes glowed a violet color as a wave of telekinetic energy slammed into the wall dispersing it into nothing. Kyo glared but turned back to stabilizing the red-head in front of him. He didn't have the time he just hoped Genma could get the boy under control for now.

Soon the medics came and nodded thankfully to Kyo who moved back up the stairs and watch as Gaara began to make his ascent back up there with the rest of them. He eyed the boy and nodded to his brother and Neji who both smirked and began to make their way down into the battle scarred arena. By the looks of things Neji would have the advantage being the earth affinity type since so much of his element was readily at his disposal.

"Neji vs. Naruto……Hajime!!"

Surprising many there Neji flew through seals as three large Earth dragons roared and launched themselves toward the blonde. Naruto knew Neji wasn't going to waste time playing nice. Naruto skillfully dodged the dragons expecting them to hit the ground and return to nothing only for his eyebrows to raise as the dragons lashed out with their tails nearly hitting him. He once again did a series of acrobatics to skillfully maneuver his way out of massive jaws. Neji was even better than he thought as he flipped back and called for three water dragons to deal with them. Neji saw the three water dragons formed and threw a horde of exploding kunai towards the blonde who jumped and lifted an eyebrow at the explosive power behind them. Seemed his brother wasn't keeping it in the family after all.

Naruto landed on the ground and dodged a solid fist cased in diamond from the earth. He jumped back and landed on his hands and spilt his legs and began to twist to blow away several large boulders. Neji was not intent on giving the blonde a break as he ran through seals again.

"Solarium Cannon!!" he cried out as the boy gathered sunlight in his hands and began to fire massive beams at the young blonde. Naruto dodged many of them as the seared the ground and caused ruptures all around him. Naruto frowned as he jumped on the wall. Just in time since sinkholes had begun to appear all around the arena. Naruto smirked at the smiling Neji who shrugged his shoulders in a –couldn't-hurt-to-try way. Naruto smiled as he launched himself at the very out the ordinary Hyuuga. Neji wasn't known as a taijutsu genius for no reason as he avoided the blonde's hits and would raise earth to defend when Naruto got to close. Naruto was grinning; this is exactly what he needed another challenge. He grits his teeth and really began to fight.

Neji ducked as a lightning covered fist struck out at his head. He spun on the balls of his feet in time to miss getting kicked in the face or sliced from the blade of wind that came along with it. Neji ducked once again missing a lightning roundhouse only to get another kick in the chest and the impact from the wind sent him flying. Neji was not going down that easy as he flipped in mid air and had a pillar of Earth raise itself to his feet. Naruto was impressed until Neji started making motions with his hands as razor sharp disks of earth flew from the pillar and at him. Naruto didn't waste time as he took to the air with a push from the wind and watched as the disk cut clean into the wall. Neji wasn't playing nice at all. Naruto whipped out his hands as dozens of white blades danced towards the Hyuuga. Neji jumped off his pillar only to see them coming back.

"BYAKUGAN!!" he cried as his bloodline went into effect and he began to spin. The Kaiten formed easily much to the amazement of the Hyuuga elders that were present. The blades bounced off and hit the ground slicing deep. Neji kept spinning as he used his earth affinity to pull minerals around him. Neji kept spinning as he forced the swirl of minerals and himself into the air with a leap and stopped.

"Diamond Storm!!" he cried out as the minerals instantly formed into thousands of tiny diamond shards that rained down on Naruto. Naruto tried to use his wind to knock the shards off but they were not budging. He quickly dodged most of them and winced as a few cut into his skin with pain. He smirked knowing that the Elders of the Hyuuga were gaping at the young branch member who could turn their prime defense into a powerful offense. Neji didn't waste any time as he dove back towards the ground lashing out with his earth affinity causing the boy to raise a wall of rocks and earth that came hurtling towards Naruto.

"Instant Ice Age!!" the blonde roared as he flew through seals and let an artic chill sweep the wall. In an instant it froze over as Naruto was finishing another set of seals in rapid succession. Neji was moving through his own set of seals but wasn't quick enough to catch Naruto.

"Shattering Death!!" the blonde yelled pushing his hands forward as the ice shattered into many shards and driving towards the Hyuuga. Neji found out the hard way that those things were made of more than chakra as he tried to Jyuuken them away only to get quite a few cuts before being forced to dodge more that came speeding at him. Naruto wasn't going to let up as he flashed forward and began to engage the boy in taijutsu. A quick lightning covered fist struck the brunette in his arm shocking the nerves into uselessness as Naruto followed up with a crushing kick which Neji smirked at and focused his chakra outside his body into a small shield with powerful force to stop the blow and allow him to get a powerful Jyuuken strike to the blonde's abdomen. Naruto flew back but not before a bolt of lightning struck the Hyuuga sending him flying also. Both crashed into the wall with a resounding crash. Naruto slipped a medic pill as the effects of the strike lessened. Neji used his powerful chakra control to re-regulate his chakra to his shocked nerves. Both boys stood looking at each other with the unspoken challenge in their eyes.

Naruto summoned his sword to his side in a flash while unleashing its power. He let some of his true power unleashed as wind, water, ice, and lightning billowed all around him resulting in an image that would stay imprinted in the minds of all there. Neji new that the time for playing was over as he stop holding back his power as the white and green aura swirled around him as he summoned a glaive from the earth. Both boys were gone in a blink only to re-appear in the middle with Naruto's sword bearing down on the glaive. Naruto smirked Neji's glaive was anything but ordinary if it could stand up to Yuki-hime. Naruto jumped over Neji and landed going for a backhanded swipe which Neji ducked under and swung his glaive around for steel to meet steel once again. Naruto jumped back and slashed the powerful sword as shards of ice came toward the Hyuuga in a dangerous speed. Neji slammed the staff part of the glaive on the earth as a wall of diamond came up and deflected the shards. Neji thrust his weapon out as the wall shattered and formed two more glaives. Neji's original glowed as the other two began to correspond.

"Triple Threat Attack!!" Neji called out as the other glaives moved along with him towards the blonde as the all attacked him at once. Naruto grit his teeth as he began to use his entire prowess with his sword to block all three glaives at once. Naruto flipped over one and bent backwards to avoid another only to grunt as he brought his sword up and was slammed to the ground by Neji and the original. The power of earth was staggering in the glaive as its weight began to press down on him.

"Tidal Rush!!" Naruto called as a powerful wave of water and ice slammed into the Hyuuga throwing him off and into the wall as Naruto spoke words of power and his sword began to glow and he flashed out of the eyes of many and destroyed the two diamond glaives and began to rush toward the staggering Hyuuga. Neji let the glaive fly as Naruto twisted out of its way and onto the path of Neji's attack.

"Earthen Cannon!!" Neji roared as the massive mound of open earth let loose with powerful energy that sped towards the blonde. Naruto focused his power and stop and slammed his sword into the ground.

"Tempest Destruction!!" he roared as the sword glowed with power and his elements converged and shot out with incredible power. The two attacks met and struggled against each but the extra powers behind Naruto's won and slammed into the Hyuuga. Naruto was not going to let up as he charged his fist with lightning and used his wind speed to flash all around the Hyuuga and attacking the boy ruthlessly. Naruto was prepared to deliver a powerful blow to the boy when Neji's eyes shot forth a powerful blast of concentrated chakra at the blonde knocking him into the wall with incredible force. Naruto grunted as he felt his chakra system in erratic disarray. Neji smirked to himself, that technique took a lot out of him but wherever the attack would hit would have the same effects as his taijutsu.

Naruto grinned knowing that this technique the Hyuuga had unleashed gave him time to recover from the powerful shocks to his system Naruto worked furiously to get his chakra system back in control as he made his way to his sword. Neji had just regulated his body in time as Naruto when the blonde grabbed his sword and launched giant stalagmites of ice at him with wind blades slicing up the earth. Neji moved out of the way in time and cursed feeling his reserves weakening. Naruto knew that Neji was running mostly from willpower the boy had huge reserves but nowhere near his size. Neji muttered some words and Naruto felt the wave of chakra as Neji unleashed the last hints of his hidden power. Naruto smirked letting loose another chord of power to match easily.

Neji and Naruto flew at each other with unseen speed and began to trade, block, and evade blows from each other. Neji ducked under the quick lightning fist and coated his hands in chakra and blocked the two fists coming at him while moving within Naruto's guard and trying to deliver a powerful strike which the blonde evaded and retaliated. Naruto and Neji both lashed out with powerful fist/palm and ended up sending each other sliding back from the power in the blows. Naruto let loose several lightning bolts from his fingers as Neji saturated the air around him with his chakra and formed small shield's to block every one. Naruto swiftly moved to attack but the chakra changed from defensive to offensive as it all blasted Naruto backwards. Naruto hit the wall and moved in time to avoid several kunai that would have stuck him there and quickly summoned his wind power and blasted Neji with several wind blades without saying a thing.

Neji never saw the blades as they were sent with much more speed and force as the hit him sending him sprawling to the ground. He moved his body in time from being slammed down upon from the blonde and sent a blast of chakra out his palms which Naruto bent to avoid and slamming to the ground when his feet were kick from underneath him. Naruto opened his mouth and to Neji's surprise let loose a stream of black fire that almost turned him to ash. Neji flipped back only to find the black flamed was hovering in the air with Naruto standing and soon it rushed toward him Neji didn't waste anytime in forming a powerful Kaiten as the flame came upon it encircling it causing the fire to form around and spin with the Kaiten. Neji couldn't believe it, this flame was nothing normal he knew that now and could feel the flame eating the chakra in his technique draining him quicker and quicker and he knew if he let go the flame would fall upon him and destroy him. He smirked he had one option left.

Naruto was waiting for the boy to eventually call the match knowing the Hyuuga could figure out what was going to happen soon. He soon felt the disturbance and cursed himself for thinking that the Hyuuga would not give up he would try and find a way. He jumped in time to avoid being clamped in the middle of some formidable jaws of the earth completed with diamond teeth. Naruto was amazed as the teeth launched themselves at him. Naruto smirked as he saw Neji follow the teeth and the Kaiten close in and burn something, must have been a clone. Naruto used his wind power to fly and stay afloat and easily dodge the spikes. He knew this would be the end Neji was not made of chakra. Neji had hidden behind one 'tooth' and launched himself at Naruto not knowing he could fly. Naruto took the Hyuuga by total shock when his body charged with blue lightning and flew at break neck speed toward the Hyuuga and clutched him letting the volts surge through the boy before spinning towards the earth and at the last moment throwing him down causing a huge explosion and crater in the earth with blue lightning still sparking. Neji tried to get back up but his body was not listening.

The Hyuuga collapsed and succumbed to the darkness and in an instant his teammate was down there patching him up until the medics could come. Naruto landed next to his brother to make sure Neji hadn't had too much damage. Kyo smiled up at him and went back to work Naruto made his way back once the medics arrived and forced his brother to come along with him. The crowd was in total awe the 'demon spawn' was more than just powerful he was amazing they thought that the other brat was something The boy had beaten a Hyuuga and wasn't looking totally destroyed in turn. Many wondered why he had hidden his strength for so long while many others were in awe thinking that this was the boy they had called weak. Questions were appearing in all their minds about Naruto and for once none were negative.

The Hokage could only smile as he watched the young man he had known was powerful finally come out with dramatic flair worthy of his father. He could feel the subtle hummm of perverse excitement coming from his friend the Kazekage. He raised his eyebrows at the man as the Kazekage turned towards him once more composed.

"My my my Lord Hokage you certainly know how to train them around here. These children are quite powerful especially that blonde one?! I've heard he is the container of the 9-tailed fox demon is that where his power comes from?" he said towards the older man.

Sarutobi merely looked at the man before he burst out laughing at him and merely shook his head. "No Lord Kazekage that is all of that boys power, he has been trained quite extensively. The fox has yet to make an appearance or show any control over the boy The boy's willpower matches his power which makes him impossible to corrupt by the fox no sir that power is all his!" he said as he gazed proudly at the young man.

Haku and Tenten stared at each other and smiled this was the time of the women. They were there to show that females were more than those pathetic kunoichi who fought only over boys and not serious about being a shinobi. They knew they were two of the only three young kunoichi who were serious about there career as shinobi and was ready to prove that to everyone out there. Both girls looked hard at each other expecting the best and moved to their opposite corners and just as they were beginning to make a move a wind blew and in came the Uchiha and his lapdog.

"Are we late?" Sasuke said smoothly smirking up at the stands. Haku's eyes took on a glacial glow as the arrogant ass stood in front of her. He looked at her and smirked. Haku could feel his arrogance all the way from where she was standing.

"I think we are Sasuke but we're here so….." he said poignantly looking at the girls for them to move so his pupil could fight. Tenten had heard enough and glared at the two idiots.

"He is late, his match should have been cancelled, but it has been delayed till AFTER this match so move your asses before I am forced to move them myself!" She growled a flash of Anko slammed Kakashi's vision as he looked at her. Just as Sasuke was about to say something both men were incased in water and moved to the spectators' box with the others.

Sasuke was seething in rage and was about to jump down there when the killer intent of all gathered was aimed at him as the demon brothers blocked his path. Kyo looked at the boy with disgust all over his features.

"That is my teammate down there and I will kill you before you interrupt her match!" he said calmly and quietly.

"And that is my girlfriend down there take another step and I'll show you what u missed while you were out playing with the pervert!" Naruto said lewdly not letting the meaning of his words be mistaken. Before the Uchiha could say another word the Hokage nodded and the match began.

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