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Weekends, don't you just love them? Time to goof off with your friends and do normal teen stuff, right? Well, that's your life then. My life's a bit more complicated then most teens. Of course, I still have my two best friends, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley, to hang out with on the weekends; but we spend our weekends doing stuff, well, not so normal. My name's Danny Fenton, a.k.a. Danny Phantom. I'm half ghost, half human and this gets me into a lot of trouble. Let's just put it this way, my friends and I fight ghosts on the weekends and weekdays. Yes, I said ghosts. My parents, Jack and Maddie Fenton, are ghost hunters…only my dad's not that great at it. They had built a portal to the Ghost Zone, but it didn't work. So, I'm a bit on the curious side and I decided to take a look inside only to get zapped by ghost energy. I basically half-way died and now I can changed into a ghost. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, back to what I was saying about weekends. It was a Sunday when all this mess started and so far, it had been a ghost-free day. Tucker, Sam, and I were walking out of the movies. We had seen "Species of a Different Kind" and Tucker was still a little freaked out.

"…and when that big alien blew up the computer, I couldn't believe it! Who would do that to a computer!" cried out Tucker. He's a bit of a computer nerd, so that stuff was a bit emotional for him. I rolled my eyes at him.

"It's not that big of a deal, Tuck." came my reply. Tucker looked at me, dumbstruck. I laughed at his face.

"Tuck, close your mouth or a plane will be tempted to land in there." laughed the gothic girl, Sam. Tuck shut his mouth and scowled at us. Sam looked up at me with her violet eyes.

"Mr. Drama Queen over there is giving us the silent treatment." she smirked.

"Yeah, well, that's an improvement." I teased. Sam and I laughed at our little jokes.

"Laugh all you want, but one day your going to want my techno geekiness and I won't give it to you." Tucker sniffed. I rolled my eyes and slid my hands in my pocket.

It had been a pretty good day today. We'd only had to fight off one ghost and that was the Box Ghost, but that didn't count. I sighed. It was kind of boring not having any ghosts to defeat, but then again it was kind of cool not to have that responsibility. Of course, nothing good in my life lasts for that long.

I wrinkled my brow as I saw a speck in the sky. Sam and Tucker apparently saw it as well.

"What's that?" Tucker asked. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Dunno. Cover me," I said running into an alleyway. I waited until I was in the shadows before I shouted, "Going ghost!" A blue ring formed around my torso and split in half revealing a white belt. One half of the ring moved upwards to reveal a "D" around a "P" on my chest. My hair turned from raven black to white and my eyes went from blue to a glowing green. My body was covered in a black hazmat suit. My hands had white gloves on them and my feet had white boots. When my transformation from boy to ghost boy was complete, I flew from the alley way into the sky. Sam and Tucker were standing ready to fight if something should happen. I flew a little way until I made out the shape of a flying girl.

"Hey, you!" I yelled up to the shadowy figure. Slowly the figure came to me. Her features became clearer. She had long white hair just like mine, but it was tied up in a long ponytail. Her eyes were green and her suit had a "M" stamped on the front of it. I looked at her. She was actually quite beautiful. A smirk appeared on her face and I had no time to register the glowing green fist coming towards my stomach until it was too late. I flew backwards with a yell, but luckily I was able to keep myself flying.

"I take it she's not a good ghost." Tucker stated the obvious quite often. I rolled my eyes.

"You think?" I sarcastically said. I turned back to the girl that had punched me. She floated there with a smile across her face.

"So you're Danny Phantom, huh? Not bad." she giggled. I looked at her. How did she know my name?

"How do you know me?" I decided to ask.

"Mmmm, I just have heard of you. You're not the only halfa around here." she said. This knocked me harder in the stomach than an actual punch. I knew that Vlad Masters, my arch enemy, had made clones of me, but the only one I knew of was Danielle Phantom.

"There are others?" I asked, a stupid look across my face.

"Oh, well just you, Danielle, and I."

"How do you know DanI?"

"I don't know her; I've just seen her before. But you don't have to worry about me, Ghost Kid, I'm not on the good guys side." she laughed evilly. Nah, duh, I thought rubbing my stomach.

"Well, I guess I'm going to have to bring you down!" I said as I readied an ectobeam.

"I was hoping you'd say that, but first," she pointed a metallic gun down at my friends. "I need to make sure they won't interfere." she finished firing two nets at my friends. They caught them and I watched as the two tumbled backwards on the pavement. Anger fueled the already huge ectobeam as I threw it at her. It hit it's mark and sent the ghost girl flying backwards.

"Don't you dare do that to my friends!" I yelled as I threw more and more ectobeams. She giggled and easily dodged my attacks. She got in my face and punched me again. This time I went all the way down to the ground. I tried to sit up, but this psycho girl was sitting on top of my chest. I tried to punch her off of me, but she just held my hands down. She was pretty strong for a girl. I jerked and struggled, but she held me down.

"I thought you wanted to know my name." she said holding me down tighter.

"Not really, but I guess I have no choice." I growled. The girl on top of me giggled.

"My name's the Mystic Phantom. I like it…sounds creepy." she said. She bent down to my ear. "I'm here to give you a message, Danny Phantom." I stopped struggling and listened. "My master sent me to tell you that you will be his, very soon." she finished. She giggled again and kissed my cheek. Despite myself, I blushed. I told you she was beautiful. I sucked in a breath. I had to get this crazy chick off me! I did my ghostly wail and she flew backwards about a hundred feet. If I wasn't a "C" student, then I probably would have thought of that sooner.

"Well tell your master I don't want to be part of your little 'club of psychos'." I said as I floated above her. She sat up and smiled at me.

"Oh, but you will, Danny Phantom." she laughed evilly before she disappeared into thin air. I felt a fist impact with my back and I fell onto the concrete.

"Ouch." I said before walking back over to my friends. They were sitting there with confused faces.

"Who was that?" Sam asked as I released her from her net.

"I don't know. She said that she was another halfa like me and her name was the Mystic Phantom." I helped Sam stand up before I worked on Tucker's net.

"Mystically hot, you mean." came Tucker's reply. I rolled my eyes. Tuck always had a comment for girls.

"Yeah, she was pretty cute." I said. I heard a slight growl from Sam and I turned around to look at her.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Nothing," she blushed, "I-uh-just don't like being put into a-uh-net. Yeah." she finishes somewhat nervously. I just stared at her.

"Okay, whatever."

"So what did she say to you before she kissed you?" Tucker smirked. I blushed and touched my cheek where she had kissed me.

"Um, well, she said that her master wants me and would get me soon…whatever that means."

Tucker and Sam stared at me.

"Master?" asked Sam.

"Yeah, I thought at first that it was Vlad, but this isn't his style." I sighed. I couldn't figure out who else would want me to join them, but Vlad would have named the ghost girl Danny or Danielle again…he's not very creative. I bit my lip.

"Oh, well, we'll research later. Maybe some of the other ghosts know something about the Mystic Phantom."

"Well, let's go to the ghost zone then." Sam sighed. I nodded my head and picked my two friends up. We flew back to my house. I was still wondering about that kiss-I mean-girl. She was odd…very odd.


A lone figure sat at a rather large computer screen. He smiled at the ghost boy flying away with his friends. Everything was going as planned. He zoomed in on Danny Phantom's face. The boy looked determined now, and that was good. It was exactly what he wanted.

"Master." came a young girl's voice. The figure turned to the young Mystic Phantom.

"Hello, Mystic. Did you have fun?" he smiled.

"Yes, sir. You were right, he is tough." she said revealing a torn suit. She had landed pretty hard on the pavement.

"Yes, he is. That is why we need to bring him to our side."

"But how will you convince him, Master?" she asked. The man looked at her young face. He smiled such an evil smile that Mystic even shuddered.

"I have my ways, but rest assured that he will be mine." he said turning back to the screen with Danny Phantom on it. "All mine."


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