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Uncertain Destiny

A Digimon story by Crazyeight

I suppose that you're wondering who I am, and what it is that I'm here for. Truth is, I don't really know either. I mean, I used to, but now I don't know for sure anymore. A lot has happened between then and now, from when I first arrived here, this strange place filled with monsters, where dreams and nightmares became real and danger was around every corner whether or not you were actually looking for it. Well, maybe you don't care really. Maybe you're just passing through, took a look around, and thought that my story sounded interesting. Or maybe you were just taking a peak. Window-shopping as my mother and older brother used to say. My father would have called it something else, but we won't get into him right now. Besides, I don't see him anymore. I'm getting off topic aren't I? Sorry. Anyways, I'll start things off where it all began. Or at least somewhere close to it. Never been much of a fan of prologues myself…

I'm getting off topic again aren't I? Well, for those of you who have stuck around, this is my tale…

The faint rays of sunlight could be seen through the branches of the trees as the boy slowly opened his eyes, a groan escaping his lips as he stretched his limbs outwards. Feeling around him, his fingers came into contact with solid ground. Coiling his fingers inward the boy clawed at the soil that he lay upon and brought his hands up to his face, his eyes tracing over the dirt that stained his skin, as though he was seeing them for the first time. A sparkle of mirth and relief appeared in his eyes as he sat up and took a look around him.

Solid ground, thought the boy as he took in the nature scene that he found himself in. All around him stood trees, regular maples with a few pines to go with them. The sky above him was deep and blue, with only a few clouds straying across it, but none of them were close enough to block out the light that continued to shine down above him. The boy looked down at where he sat.

Solid ground, he thought again, and he frowned at it. Something was wrong here. He knew it. Of course, the fact that he had been in a completely different setting prior to waking up where he was now was the main reason for his suspicions, so perhaps the feeling of wrongness was warranted.

Where am I? Wondered the boy as he took a look around him. From what he could see he was in the middle of… well, nowhere really. Though if he didn't know any better, the ground that he had been lying on looked to be a path. One that was well worn by the looks of it.

The last thing that I remember before waking up here was… let's review… I was at home, talking to my brother. He had been telling me about the college that he was going to be attending once the summer was up. Then Mom came home… and those two fell to talking about college and on-campus living expenses. Nothing major, and nothing that concerned me. I went upstairs to my room… turned on my computer…

The boy shook his head.

…There was a bright light… And a feeling of weightlessness…

Something was definitely wrong here.

Just where am I? Where on Earth am I? I… this place… these trees… they shouldn't be here. Not if I was home just a few minutes ago… It was a few minutes ago, wasn't it?

The boy raised his wrist and took a look at the digital watch that adorned it before muttering a soft curse. The numbers that were displayed on it made absolutely no sense at all in terms of time keeping. If he was reading this thing right, and he had no doubt that he was, the time was somewhere around 99:91:01 in the month of January. Back home, in the city, it was supposed to be August, and it had been noon when… whatever it was that happened, happened.

Mom's not going to be happy about this, thought the boy as he rubbed one hand in agitation through his sand colored hair before realizing how stupid this thought was. If nothing else she would be far more worried about where he had disappeared to rather then the fact that his watch had been broken.

As time would pass, the boy would realize that with the journey that he was about to embark on she would have plenty of reason to worry.

There was a sound of something humming in the air, followed by that of something massive traveling in his direction. Looking up the boy tried to see through the thick branches of the trees to see whatever it was that he heard, but with the trees obscuring his vision he couldn't really tell. All that he could say for certain that whatever it was, it was going to be huge.

What is it? A plane?

As the boy looked up at a small gap between the trees, he caught sight of something orange, and metallic looking flying above him at a rapid pace, casting a shadow over where he stood. The sound of humming, reminding him of the way a beetle or a humming birds wings hummed when they flew in the air, grew so loud that he had to cover his ears. Panic began to seep into him, but the boy held his ground as he waited for… what exactly he didn't know for sure. Perhaps some giant monster to land near him and then seek him out in an effort to devour him.

But that couldn't be right. There were no such things as monsters…

No monster came crashing down on him. There was no sudden tearing at tree branches (much to the boy's own relief). Rather the humming noise began to taper off, becoming less loud as though it were getting farther and farther away. Breathing in ragged gasps, the boy lowered his hands and tried to calm himself. His legs were shaking violently, making him unsteady on his feet.

I don't think that I'm going to go down that way, he thought quietly to himself as he stared off in the direction that he believed the strange creature to go. Feeling that it was necessary to put some distance between it and himself, the boy turned and began to head in the opposite direction down the path that he had woken up in. Much better that way. Safer too, he felt considering the fact that he was in a strange place with even stranger things going on around him. Briefly he wondered if he should even stay on the path, but decided, out of the desire to have a light and easy journey on his legs, to stick to the beaten path.

Just what was that? He wondered as he made his way down the dirt road, trying to calm himself. No answer came to him, though his mind refused to leave it alone. Slowly he began rationalizing what was going on, convincing himself that everything that was going on around him was the result of too many spicy foods and horror movies over the course of his summer vacation. He had been overdoing it lately, and his mother and brother had warned him about the excessiveness of his eating habits. Not that what he ate had made much of a difference to him. He was still the same, scrawny kid that he was before the summer started. Besides, it was supposed to be summer vacation, so why couldn't he afford to eat the way he wanted. He paid for it himself didn't he?

This is all just a bad dream, the boy thought to himself, smiling nervously at the road in front of him. Yeah. That's it. No reason to be concerned. Nothing to worry about. After all, nothing can hurt you in a drea…


The boy gave a small cry of surprise and pain as he felt something smack against his head and bounce off his right foot. Looking down at the offending object that had just hit him, the boy blinked to find an apple rolling on the ground next to him, its very presence almost mocking his earlier thoughts about the reality of his situation.

Where did that come from? The boy thought as he took a look around. Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement. Turning his head quickly his eyes, which were a curios mixture of gold and green, widened in surprise as he thought he saw…

Darting into the branches of a nearby tree, and vanishing completely all together was what appeared to the boy to be a small, dark colored, imp-like creature with a red bandana wrapped around its neck. The boy waited for a moment to see if the creature would return to make a guest appearance, his heart beating like a battering ram in his chest all the while. Once that moment was up, the boy resumed his journey, casting a worried glance over his shoulder to see if there was going to be anything new coming out of the woods.

Take it easy, the boy thought to himself, sounding as though he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It's all… just… a dream…

Glancing over his shoulder once more, the boy clearly saw a small, impish creature standing in the dirt path, calmly munching on the apple that had just a few seconds ago smacked into his head. It had a rather large red bandana wrapped around its neck, covering what looked like a smiley face emblazoned on its chest, and red gloves adorned its hands. The look on the strange creatures white face was one of nonchalance. The Imp looked over at the boy, smirked and waved. The boy blinked and the Imp was gone, apple and all.

Okay. I'm positive that I didn't see that.

Scratching the back of his head in agitation, the boy continued his journey, hoping that somewhere down the line he'd find something that would alleviate his tension and, hopefully, help him wake up from this crazy dream that he was having.

Minutes passed by slowly, but as time went on the boy began to collect himself and relax from the strange sights and experiences that he had had thus far. Having decided that his first order of business was to find some semblance of human life where he could make a phone call home or to a police station, the boy felt that sticking to the main path was his best option. Besides, with what he had seen so far, suddenly the woods were looking a lot less friendly then they were earlier. Not that they had looked particularly inviting to begin with, it was just that after seeing the strange imp creature he no longer had a desire to go into them. Besides, the road offered him the best chance of finding civilization. Hopefully human.

Briefly he wondered if he was having hallucinations.

As he walked down the path, the trees began to thin out and widen, becoming fewer and fewer between until finally opening out onto a vast field. With a wide smile on his face, the boy looked out over the field, his oddly colored eyes settling on the center of it, and for good reason. There were tents there. Tents! And where there were tents there were people…!

The sound of giant wings beating came to him, and looking up bewilderedly, the boy's eyes widened in shock as he saw a giant, orange bird with flame like wings coming in for a landing. And another noise, the same humming noise that he had heard earlier was back! And it was coming his way again! As the boy watched in horror, his eyes bulging in their sockets as shock began to fully take hold of his body, a giant, orange colored insect that looked like a great stag beetle flew in towards the tents, joining the bird in its chosen parking spot.

The boy's legs became unhinged and he fell backwards, landing on his rear and sending a jolt of pain up his body. Due to what he was seeing in front of him however, the complete and utter alien ness of it all, this didn't quite register in his brain. In fact, nearly all his mental processes seemed to have stopped working all together. He was frozen in place, unable to think or move; so complete was the shock that flooded his system. The only reaction that could possibly be gotten out of the boy was simple, and almost laughable in its simplicity. Yet somehow, it was appropriate for the situation.

A stream of stutters and whimpers made their way out of the boys mouth, but for one long minute nothing coherent came out. Finally, the boy took a breath to express all the emotion that he was feeling.


Yup. Never before had such a soul stirring sound ever been heard in all the universes existence.

A/N: Welcome to my latest story, Uncertain Destiny. It's not meant to be a primary project like my other stories Digital Manifest, Hazard's Sorrow, and Four Seasons, but it's something for me to play with when I need to break away from them (so updates for this fic won't be as rapid as my other ones). This story is intended to be more of an experiment in plot and character development, working with original characters, subplots and one (or two) overarching primary plots. No idea as to where I'm going with this story, so this story is going to be an adventure in itself in writing. The title itself is something of a pun on the idea and reason behind writing this story. It is all uncertain, but I do have a few ideas kicking around on the backburner. Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading. Later. :)