Challenge: Cuisine
Canon: Yes, any.
Genre: Any.
Length: 500+ words
Rating: Any.
Time Limit: One week.

Task: A lot of CCS characters love to cook, and almost all of them love to eat. So here's an open challenge, this time: anything that has to do with food. Tell us about a character's favorite recipe, misadventures in the kitchen, romantic dinners, part time jobs in a restaurant, or even the amazing story of how ice cream was invented according to Yamazaki.

Title: Cakes

Pairing: Lots implied, but nothing blatant I think. Implications of Syaoran and Yukito, Sakura x Syaoran, Meiling x Syaoran

Summary: Several drabble-length-ish pieces

Canon: Yes

Length: Around 500 words

Rating: G/PG

Drabble 1

He sneezed, sending white puffs of flour into the air.

"Are you all right, Li-kun?" Yukito asked kindly. They were both in Yukito's kitchen, wearing white aprons, hands covered with chocolate cake batter. Syaoran stifled another sneeze and nodded.

Apparently school in Tomoeda included cooking classes. Normally, Syaoran did not find that a problem, but when he had mentioned it idly in passing, Yukito had volunteered to teach him how to cook.

Syaoran didn't bother to enlighten the kind high school student with the fact that he already knew how to cook. Why pass up such a rare opportunity?

He smiled. (101 words, could be anime canon)

Drabble 2

Sakura wasn't at school today. He stirred the batter anxiously, watching butter and flour and sugar mix with chocolate in a dark, luscious swirl. Dark like the power he kept feeling, sweet on the outside but bitter in aftertaste, like the feeling he got from that new transfer student… he added the eggs and watched as they were seamlessly blended into a homogenous mixture.


Daidouji wanted to talk to him? What for?

"Do you want to come visit Sakura-chan with me after school?"

The impulse to say no was on the tip of his tongue, but a sudden determination made him nod his head.

Daidouji's knowing smile was enough to send him into a fit and he turned back to his mixing bowl, furiously whipping the batter with his spoon, as if that would help with his conflicted feelings.

Perhaps that explained why the stuffed animal disliked the taste. (150 words, manga canon, book 7)

Drabble 3

That cake was the bane of her existence. She had sifted and measured and threatened, poured all her love into one compact package, sweetened and filled it with chocolate, all for him, because chocolate was his favorite. She had blended butter and egg white and sugar seamlessly, and she knew that this time, her technique was flawless. There would be no mistakes. She had painstakingly watched the texture and she was sure it would have tasted wonderful, this time, there was no Sweet Card to mess things up!

Then it had burned.

Meiling glared at the charred remains and bit back angry tears. (103, anime canon, Twin Card episode)

Drabble 4

Cake always made people feel better. Whenever Clow was unhappy, he and Sweet would get together in the kitchen and throw stuff at each other, ahem, cook, and soon enough there would emerge from the oven, rising gloriously warm and brown, topped with frosting, their source of salvation!

Pity Yue never ate them. Yue was strange.

He didn't know why he was thinking about Yue right now, honestly he didn't, because he really should be concentrating on the rich taste of strawberry in his mouth and under his paws as he climbed up the mountain.

Red juice stained his cheeks as he smiled. Bliss. (104 words, anime canon, Little Card episode)

End Fic

Completed 12/4/05

Sorry, I couldn't meet the word limit. I can't think of any other drabbles right now