Ishtar sat on her thrown, countless puppets surrounding her. Bending to her will, waiting on her. Her eyes gleamed the dark room for something she clearly didn't find. "He's late," she said.

A dark haired man stood in front of her. "I'm sure he'll be here soon, my queen."

"Soon." she repeated. "But that's not now! Him arriving at this very moment would not change the fact that he is late, now will it!"

At that statement, he appeared. Walking slowly towards her, taking her time. Long white hair and cape slightly trailing him. "Sorry to keep you waiting, princess." Duzell smiled. "The last of our annoyances are gone. They put up quite a fight, I must say."

"So, they will not terrorize my people any longer?" She asked, trying to be assured.

"They will not. But most of your people are gone by now, you realize. It's been decades."

"I know that very well." She said. It had indeed been many decades. So much had happened since that day. she remembered it well.

She'd awakened in Duzie's arms, something that seemed strange at first. She stared into his eyes that were watching her so intently. "Duzie..." she said softly. "I don't feel any different! Are you sure you did it right!"

"Of course I'm sure. Just give it some time, you'll feel the change soon enough."

"How long wi--" But she had never gotten to finish her statement. He'd kissed her. Sweet yet forceful, it had been. It was a long deep kiss and she never told him that it was that kiss that made her fall in love with him. The moment she was really in love. More than she had ever loved Darres. He'd moved away from her lips and examined her closely.

"Sorry, princess, but now you are mine...forever." He pressed his lips to hers again, though she returned everything he poured into the kiss this time. He pushed her onto her bed as they became enwrapped in his kiss.

It had slightly surprised her what he'd said after the kiss. He'd said it so calmly that she became slightly embarrassed. Looking straigh into her eyes, "I've waited so long to have you, now that you are mine, I can wait a little longer to claim you."

I was slightly naive least...more so then now. "Um...Claim...?"

He'd stood up but gave me a look that I couldn't completely read. Though there was a sparkle of hidden desire. "That is something I intend to show you later." He said before he'd left me in the room.

I wasn't exactly sure why that look made me feel the way it did. Something like a blush was on my ckeeks. He left me for quite some time that day and when he returned he took me away for a while. We were together alone for a while before I retook my thrown. Duzie just couldn't let go of his revenge and I found out that he'd left me to make sure Phelios reincarnation died at his hands.

"Princess." His voice was in my ear. I opened my eyes and found him right next to me. "You were daydreaming, again."

"I was just recalling the day I forgot all my misery. You must not have been bored this time, taking over a whole kingdom...and this time you have me."

"Yes," Duzell smiled. "Eternity has never entertained me so much. You've never lost any of your fire."

"No, I don't suppose I would being around you all eternity."

He kissed her deeply and passionately like so many times before, making her love him all over again.