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Chapter 15

Xander spent that night in the cave with Angel and Buffy, too exhausted to do much more than cuddle up to the bigger vampire and doze. Angel seemed to take this in stride, merely wrapping one arm around him and the other around his mate.

Of course that meant when he returned home the following evening that Harry and Kendra were absolutely frantic and even the Kylar's assurances of his good health hadn't calmed them. The pair basically tackled him, dragging him to the cushioned floor of their nest. Harry wrapped himself around Xander's chest, arms around his neck and legs around his waist while Kendra pressed against his back, running her hands everywhere she could reach and sniffing him.

"Shhh, shhh. It's alright guys. I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Xander crooned using one arm to pull Harry closer and twisting the other behind him to catch the back of Kendra's neck. "I'm fine and we're safe. Shhh."

It took quite awhile but finally Harry relaxed and Kendra curled up quietly beside them, her head resting on Xander's upraised knee.

"Where were you," Harry asked.

"I ran into Angel and Buffy last night – somehow they got out of that Hell dimension Acathla's portal dropped them into. I didn't even know that was possible, but hey, there they are. I wound up spending the night in a cave with them, but they're not right. They're more like Kendra was before we found her – all wild and Tarzan-like," he teased, tugging on one of the girl's neat braids.

"Buffy's a vampire now?" Harry asked.

Xander shook his head. "No. She's bound to Angel. Kind of like you are to Spike, only more; she shares his demon but she's still human – mostly anyway.

Harry still looked a little puzzled but he couldn't explain it any better than that. His vampire senses told him a lot; he just didn't have the actual words to go with that information so really he was just as confused as Harry – only he felt better about it.

"What are we going to do? I don't think the Kylar will let us bring more vampires into their lair."

"I didn't think so either. I'd like to see if we can get them set up at the Crawford Street mansion. It's familiar to both of them and maybe living in an actual house will help them remember how to be people again, if they can." Xander replied.

Harry nodded.

Two hours later the three of them approached the cave cautiously; Xander and Harry talking about the boy's magic lessons so that Buffy and Angel would have warning of their coming. The pair were crouched by the entrance, Buffy slightly behind Angel but not by much.

Xander dropped to his knees and crawled to Angel, once again only stopping a hairsbreadth from the bigger vampire. He was only still for a moment before Angel ran a hand through his hair, reaffirming their connection and his acceptance into the Clan. Without moving away, Xander motioned to Harry who followed the example but paused a bit further away from his Master's Sire.

Angel studied the boy critically, and then leaned forward onto his hands to snuffle the boy's neck. Apparently satisfied, Angel simply licked the boy's neck and motioned him and Xander into the cave.

The pair moved back but not very far; Xander was worried about Angel's reaction to Kendra.

The dark girl had her head cocked as she watched the goings on, studying them all carefully. Xander had explained what was expected – or at least what had worked for him – but he could never be sure how much of what he said was actually understood by the other vampire.

He just hoped this didn't lead to one them getting hurt… or dusted.

Holy crap this was a bad idea.

Kendra approached their Grandsire on foot and did not lower her eyes. She dropped to her knees directly in front of him but since Angel was crouched this put them eye to eye.

Xander wanted to scream – wanted to grab Harry and Kendra and run. This was bad. This was so bad!

Angel growled and Kendra growled right back.

The darker vampire quirked her head to the side in a challenge and Angel chuffed slightly.

Xander didn't understand what was going on but apparently they were working something out… then Buffy leapt at the other girl with a snarl.

The pair grappled in the sand at the cave entrance; snarling, growling, slapping, punching, hair pulling…

Holy hand grenade – it was a bloodsucking cat fight.

Xander was beside himself. Part of him was absolutely terrified that one of them would lose and be dusted while the other part… was so turned on it hurt.

Angel just stayed crouched at the entrance with a smirk on his face.

Xander watched the fight and slowly realized that as vicious as the whole thing looked, neither girl was reaching for a weapon of any sort. They were drawing blood, but only with teeth or claws; and that's when he realized it wasn't a 'fight' fight. It was a dominance issue between females and he was fairly sure that the winner got Angel.

The big vamp didn't seem concerned and as the pair fought Xander could see why. Kendra was good but Buffy was better, way better in fact. The blonde actually seemed to be drawing the fight out, letting the other Slayer get in a few extra hits here and there. Eventually she ended the game though; crouching on the exhausted vampire's chest she looked to Angel who joined her over the prone form. The pair kissed and then struck, taking blood from either side of Kendra's neck.

Xander was stunned and it wasn't until Harry shifted next to him that he realized that things were getting a bit beyond PG-13. He quickly and awkwardly jumped to his feet, pulling his friend deeper into the cave far enough that young eyes and ears wouldn't be traumatized by the goings on outside.

Of course that didn't help him much. His vampiric senses made sure he was aware of every moan, groan, growl and gasp outside. Not to mention the scent

Thankfully Harry was content use a light spell to explore further into the cavern and paid no attention to the teen who was hunched over himself staring at a wall.

Finally it grew quiet outside and Xander could breathe again. He stood there awhile longer letting the coolness of the stone around them seep inside of him and got himself under control.

"Come Harry – I think the coast is clear now."

"But Xan there's this really neat carving on this wall."

"Not tonight buddy." Xander didn't want to tell him that he was so embarrassed about what happened outside and his reaction to it that he really just wanted to go home and hide some more. He wasn't sure why he was so bothered by it – he'd practically gotten it on with Angel himself last night - but for some reason having Harry so close made him feel dirtybadwrong. Again, that didn't really make sense given what had happened when Spike had bound the three of them together… but he felt the way he felt dang it and he wanted to go. "Let's go. I'm tired and it's not going to be easy to get them to the mansion."

Harry frowned but nodded, following him back to the entrance of the cave.

And it turned out that Xander was wrong. It was very easy to get Buffy and Angel to the mansion. In fact they seemed rather happy about the whole thing, bouncing up and down on the dusty king size bed in the master suite like a couple of kids. Well… three kids since Kendra seemed to fit right into their strange little dynamic and when it got close to dawn, the dark girl snuggled right into their arms, Angel on one side and Buffy on the other. From the heated looks that passed between the two Xander guessed that Kendra would not be returning to the Kylar lair anytime soon.

Xander suddenly felt very, very alone and he hugged Harry tighter to him as they returned to the nest.

He wished Spike would come back.