A/N: All the dialogue in this chapter between Angelus/Spike/Drusilla is directly from the Episode 'Becoming Pt. 1', BTVS season 2.

Chapter 9

Harry and Spike were in the walled garden. Spike was reading the paper and had had the decency to give Harry the comics so the boy wouldn't be too bored.

The brunette would much rather have stayed in their room with Xander but Spike had insisted they spend more time out in the open - it would give Angelus less opportunities to find out about Xander and they'd all be safer for it.

Harry couldn't argue with that really.

Looking up from Hagar the Horrible he spotted Drusilla wandering into the garden.

"Nice walk pet," Spike asked.

"I met an old man. I didn't like him. He got all stuck in my teeth." She looked to the sky, her voice going dreamy," And then the moon started whispering to me; all sorts of dreadful things."

"It's a naughty moon," Spike drawled.

"What did it say," Angelus interrupted, appearing from nowhere.

That man needed a bell in Harry's opinion.

"Oh, look whose awake," Spike sneered not looking up from his paper.

Angelus ignored him, "What did the moon tell you? Did you have a vision? Is something coming?"

"Oh yes… something terrible," she crooned.


"At the museum. A tomb. With a surprise inside…"

Angelus had moved up to his childe as she spoke and caressed her head with his hand, "You can see all that in your head?"

"No you ninny, she read it in the morning paper." Spike tossed the paper toward the pair in disgust.

Angelus grabbed it with a glare at the blonde and then skimmed the article. Harry noticed that Dru actually looked slightly embarrassed.

It was times like this, times when Drusilla wasn't trying to kill him, when he thought he could almost see what his Master saw in the female vamp. But then, of course, she would try to kill him and that was the end of that.

"Oh, my…" Angelus breathed, a dangerous excitement growing in his eyes.

Drusilla circled her sire, looking over his shoulder at the paper, "Is that what's been whispering to me?"

"Oh yeah," he nodded. "Don't worry though, soon it'll stop." The older vampire looked at Spike, "Soon it'll scream."

Two hours later Spike and Harry had both eaten and Spike had spared a few minutes to allow Xan to feed from the blonde. The pair were in the living room where Dru and Angelus were directing the minions to bring in –

"It's a big rock," Spike sneered. "I can't wait to tell my friends. They don't have a rock this big."

Harry bit his lip to stop a giggle.

Angelus rolled his eyes but it seemed that not even Spike's snarkiness was going to ruin the big vamp's good mood. "Spike boy, you never did learn your history."

"Let's have a lesson then."

"Acathla the demon came forth to swallow the world. It was killed by a virtuous knight who pierced the demon's heart before it could draw breath to perform the act. Acathla turned to stone, as demons sometimes do, and was buried where neither man nor demon would be want to look. Unless they're putting up low rent housing. Boys?"

Two of the minions grabbed crowbars and worked at the sides of the 'rock' until the front separated and slammed to the floor with a resounding 'boom'. Dust filled the air making Harry and one of the newer minions cough.

Inside was a hole, and inside the hole… was the demon. Or Harry supposed it was the demon. It was large, and on two legs, but with it being stone and the horrible expression on its face – and the sword sticking out of its chest – it looked more like a stone gargoyle on an old church, just not as cool.

"Oooh, he fills my head…," Drusilla crooned, "I can't hear anything else…"

Angel approached the statue slowly and Harry was glad all he could see of the brunette was his back, he had a feeling the vamp's expression just might give him nightmares. Angelus had… a tone in his voice when he spoke of the demon that raised the hair on the backs of his arms.

"Let me guess," Spike broke the silence, "someone pulls out the sword-"

"Someone worthy," Angelus clarified.

" – the demon wakes up and wackiness ensues."

Drusilla was smiling, "He will swallow the world."

Harry moved closer to Spike's chair and the blonde petted his head.

"And every creature living on this planet will go to Hell. My friends, we're about to make history...," Angelus turned back to them, his expression making Harry cringe, "end."

Harry thought all the restaurants in Sunnydale that delivered had to be run by demons. It was the only explanation really. I mean who orders a pizza at eight-thirty in the morning besides the nefarious forces of darkness? He decided to ask Sarsuf about it later.

Meanwhile Angelus was killing the pizza boy while chanting in Latin. The vampire paced across the room, chanting, with the dead guy's blood on his hands; grabbing the sword he pulled…

… and nothing happened.

Blinding light filled the room and Harry slapped his hands over his eyes. He heard a noise, like electricity and then a thud but that's it.

"Someone wasn't worthy," Spike singsonged.

Cautiously Harry uncovered his eyes and watches a furious Angelus jump up from his undignified sprawl on the floor.

"The ritual! There must be something I missed. The incantations, the blood… Damn-it! I don't know…"

Angelus stalked back to the stone demon.

"This is so disappointing," Drusilla whined.

Harry thought she was going to have a tantrum but she seemed to be wary of her Sire's anger and only asked, "What are we going to do?"

"What we always do in a time of trouble. Turn to an old friend. We'll have our Armageddon, I swear." He grabbed an old vase from a pedestal and hurled it against the wall.

Back in their room Spike paced and Xander watched him pace from his perch on the bed… the teen was so unnerved by Spike's aggravation that his game face was out.

Harry had tried to get the blonde to explain what was going on but had gotten snarled at for his efforts. He'd filled Xan in a little bit but he didn't really understand it himself.

Spike stilled, head tilted off to the side as if listening to a voice only he could hear.

"Right," the blonde finally said, "we're going to get a bit of a lie down and them I'm going out. Dru and Angelus will be out too so you won't have much to worry about but I want you to lock yourselves in the bathroom anyway."


"But nothing." Spike stalked over to Harry and lifted him by the front of his shirt until they were eye to eye. "You'll do exactly what you're told tonight, Pet. If you go and get yourself killed while I'm trying to get us all out of this mess I will find a way to bring you back so I can kill you in the most painful way possible – got it?"

Wide-eyed Harry nodded.

Spike dropped him and started pacing again while Harry scrambled back onto the bed and into Xander's arms. In his short stay with the blonde Harry had seen him angry, cautious, annoyed and glimpsed a dozen other emotions – but he'd never seen him scared until tonight.

Actually, scared wasn't the word for it. Spike was terrified.

"What's going on Sire," Xander finally asked, voice pitched low – calm even.

Spike snarled but stopped pacing. He stared at the pair huddled on the bed and sighed before settling on the edge of the mattress.

"Angelus is going to try to wake up a demon and destroy the world."

"S-shouldn't you be happy then?"

Spike snorted, "I like the world just fine as it is, thanks; people to kill, films to watch, books to read. What's there to do in Hell that's so great, hmmm?"

Harry though Xander looked like somebody had told him black was white and when it looked like he wasn't going to ask anything more the wizard spoke up.

"So what are we going to do?"

"We're leaving this pit. I'm going to cut a deal with the Slayer and you two are going to stay in that bathroom no matter what you hear outside. Understand?"

They nodded.

"Good. Now shut up and go to sleep."

Spike waited till an hour after sundown before herding his Childe and his Pet into the bathroom and threatening them with dire bodily harm if they got themselves killed before he came back to them.

He hit the streets looking for the Slayer. He headed for the school library first knowing that was where Dru and the minions were going to collect the Watcher and from all the cops on campus Spike supposed his princess had succeeded. Buffy should be lurking about close by – now he just had to find her.

He'd been deliberately vague with Xan and Harry about tonight. If Xan had found out Angelus' plans for the Watcher, the White Knight would have gone off and gotten himself and Harry killed with some harebrained rescue attempt. No, the Watcher would get tortured and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it – not that he really cared. He rather like a good spot of torture but Rupert… Rupert had a reputation for holding a grudge, and no one held a grudge like an Englishman.

Spike planned to get the hell out of dodge and hopefully the Watcher would have more interesting things to do than chase him down.

A heavy 'thump' and sliding noise had Spike jumping back away from the mouth of a nearby alley before he really registered the sounds.

"William the Bloody," a baritone voice hissed.

"Yeah," the blonde replied, his demonic face coming forward. Even his vampiric senses had a hard time penetrating the shadows that hid the creature, all he could really tell was that it was large, very large.

"I know your plans vampire."

"Good for you then." Spike turned away.

"Harry and the White Knight must not leave the protection of the Hellmouth."

Spike spun back around and the creature slid forward into the glow of the streetlamp. The human looking torso towered seven feet over his head, it's tail – twice that long – trailed down the alleyway; silver scales ran from head to tail tip while a thick strip of white hair bisected its bald head and hung nearly to the ground. It was a Kylar demon – a Leader Kylar.

The vampire sucked in a breath to tell it where to go but hesitated, the Kylar were not known for wasting their breath.

"What do you know about it," he finally asked.

"Harry and the White Knight cannot leave the protection of the Hellmouth."


"Drusilla the Mad and the Order of the Phoenix."

"The Order of the who?"


"Who are they?"

The demon just looked at him, apparently he either couldn't or more likely wouldn't tell him everything.

"What happens if I take them away."


"For me or for them?"


"You're quite a helpful bloke aren't you? I can't very well stay here now can I?"

"No. You and Drusilla the Mad will leave. Harry and the White Knight will stay in our nest. We shall provide and teach until you claim them again."

"And when will that be then?"

"You will return in a year but reunite in two."

"What does that mean?"

Another silent stare.

"You'll teach?"

"All they'll need to know before you return."

Spike growled in frustration. He didn't want to leave his boys behind. The idea alone grated against everything he'd promised himself since Angelus and Darla had abandoned him and his Sire. They were his bloody family… but Dru was a danger to them. She was going to be enraged about being separated from her precious 'Daddy'. Harry was a child and Xander not much more than one yet…

"I'll be vistin' and checkin' up on them."

The demon nodded.

"I'll know if something happens and I'll hold you personally responsible for their safety."

The Kylar bowed, accepting his terms.

"Send them tonight, during the battle and all will be well William the Bloody, this I swear to you on the Eggs of my Nest."

Spike nodded and stalked away – he needed to kill something before he talked to the Slayer.