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CWF (Cartoon Wrestling Federation): November week 3

Going the Distance by Cake plays as the intro to CWF, Fireworks go off on top of the Titantron.

"Hello Fans. Bender here, and of course besides me is Iroh." greeted Bender.

"We are live in Charlotte, North Carolina where are Main Event is Naruto Uzumaki vs. Monkey D. Luffy with the CWF Championship on the line." said Iroh.

(South Park Theme Plays)

"This Tag Team Match is set for one fall. Making their way to the ring, From South Park, Colorado: Stan Marsh & Kyle Brofloski!" said Tripp as the Crowd Cheers/Boos.

"This match is to determine which team will be part of the Fatal Fourway Tag Team Title Match at Full Contact." said Bender.

"Already in is Cartman & Kenny (The Tag Champs), Zim & Dib of the Nick World Order, and Chiro and a partner of his choosing." said Iroh.

(Ed, Edd, n' Eddy Theme Plays)

"And their opponents, From Peach Creek: The Erupting Eds!" said Tripp as the Crowd Cheers.

"What a sec Iroh, Where are Ed, and Edd?" asked Bender.

"I do not know what is going on, but I just got some word in the back about something going down." said Iroh.

(Backstage) Ed & Edd are getting beaten up by Nelson Muntz & in the Backstage Area. Nelson then hits Edd with the Haw Haw! as Mr. Eddy hits a SpearED onto Ed. Mr. Eddy, and Nelson then head to the Entrance Ramp.

"Mr. Eddy & Nelson are headed to the ring." said Bender.

"Well it looks like they want a shot at the Belts." said Iroh.

Mr. Eddy then grabs a Mic as the two enter the ring.

"Now you all want to know what are we doing? Well we want, now we demand an opportunity to prove ourselves as a Tag Team here tonight." said Mr. Eddy.

Nelson then gets ahold of the Mic.

"Well since we took out those dingusses, We're the only Tag Team left. So that means we qualify. Haw Haw!" stated Nelson.

The Ref seems to agree, and the match starts with Nelson, and Stan in the ring. The match begins with Nelson hitting a Football style Tackle on Stan. Nelson then goes for afew punches, but Stan counters. Stan then goes on the offensive, and delievers a Takedown on Nelson. Stan then goes to the Ropes, and hits a Rolling Thunder on Nelson. Stan then tags in Kyle. Kyle picks Nelson up, and tries to hit a DDT, but Nelson counters with a powerful punch to the spine. Nelson then hits a Backbreaker, and pins Kyle.

Ref makes the count 1,2,... Nelson lifts Kyle up

Nelson then tags in Mr. Eddy, and the two begin to Double Team Kyle. Mr. Eddy, and Nelson both hit a Double Missile Dropkick on Kyle. Mr. Eddy then hits Kyle with a Knee Drop. Mr. Eddy then instructs Nelson to hit a Flying Press onto Kyle. The Ref then threatens Mr. Eddy that he will disqualify the team. Mr. Eddy doesn't seem to care, as Nelson hits the Haw Haw onto Kyle. Mr. Eddy then hits a SpearED onto Kyle as the Ref signals to Bell to be rung.

"Here are your winners by Disqualification: Stan Marsh & Kyle Brofloski!" said Tripp.

Mr. Eddy, and Nelson continue to beat up on Stan & Kyle. Suddenly Chiro runs into the ring, and begins to fight off Nelson & Mr. Eddy.
Chiro then throws Mr. Eddy over the ropes, and then hits a Thunder Punch onto Nelson. Chiro then grabs a Mic,

"I don't know who has been hounding me over the past few weeks, but at Full Contact, I don't I demand you make your appearance because I'm getting pretty sick of having to play Columbo around here." said Chiro.

"Strong words from a man who also might become a Tag Team Champion." said Bender.

"But Chiro might be cruising for a bruising." said Iroh.

(Commercial Break)

(General Manager JC's Office)

JC is seen looking at afew letters from different companies.

"UCW, TWA, VGPW?, FGWE? Man, alot of different Wrestling companies out there today, and afew want to have us in it." said JC.

JC is continuing looking at the Letters when Mas y Menos & their Manager Paulina Guerrera enter the office.

"Hey you guys what is up?" asked JC.

JC shakes Mas y Meno's hands, and hugs Paulina.

"Well you did call us up to your Office." replied Paulina.

"Oh yes, Ms. Guerrera can you translate what I say to Mas & Menos? This concerns them." stated JC.

"Sure." replied Paulina.

"First off, Congradulations on winning your match with The Wild Kru. Now that means you will represent Team Universal Championship Wrestling at Three Chains of Destiny in the Four Team Survivor Series match. Now like you guys, and everybody else on the other rosters, We want our shows to win, but I want to make sure that if Team CWF wins, It will be legit, and since you guys are also CWF Wrestlers I'm worried that some of the guys in the back might try to take you guys out so you wouldn't be able to be in the match at Three Chains of Destiny. So as of this moment: You guys are on Vacation!" stated JC.

Mas y Menos have an odd look on their faces when Paulina tells them this.

"Basically, You're still going to be paid but until Three Chains of Destiny you guys are allowed to skip CWF Shows, and not be fined or repremanded so go to Steel City, Head to Guatemala, but after Three Chains of Destiny, You guys must be back doing CWF shows okay?" asked JC.

Mas y Menos begin to talk to their manager about this.

"One question though, What will I do?" asked Paulina.

"Well I guess you can them then, Since I don't think you need to hang around here without a team to manage." said JC.

"Thanks then JC." said Paulina.

(The Simpsons Theme Plays)

"This Tag Team Match is set for one fall. Making their way to the ring. From Springfield: Homer & Bart Simpson!" said Tripp as the Crowd Cheers/Boos.

"Over the past few weeks, The Griffin Wrestlers, and the Simpson Wrestlers have been going at it." said Bender.

"Two weeks ago Peter Griffin helped his son defeat Bart Simpson, and last week Homer & Bart Simpson attacked Chris Griffin." added Iroh.

(Family Guy Theme Plays)

"And their opponents, From Quahog, Rhode Island: Peter & Chris Griffin!" said Tripp as the Crowd Cheers/Boos.

"At Full Contact, Bart Simpson will defend his Hardcore Championship against Chris Griffin." said Bender.

"General Manager JC states that this match is not only a flashback from days of old CWF, and a preview of Full Contact." said Iroh.

Bart & Chris start off in the ring. The match begins with Chris hitting afew powerful punches onto Bart. Chris then tries to hit a Powerbomb on Bart, but Bart counters with a Facebreaker. Bart then hits afew ground punches onto Chris. Bart then picks Chris up, and tries to hit a Bartdog, but Chris counters, and tags in Peter. Peter goes after Bart, and hits a Powerbomb. Peter then throws around Bart abit much to Homer's anger. Peter then picks up Bart, and tries to hit a Petedriver, but Bart gets out of the Hold, and tags in Homer.

"It's Homer & Peter in the middle of the ring." said Bender.

"The memories of these two Mastadons battling it out are coming back." said Iroh.

Peter, and Homer exchange powerful punches like they were World Champion Boxers in Las Vegas. Peter then hits a Thumb to the eyes of Homer, and then hits a DDT. Peter then puts Homer in a Headlock, but Homer is able to break the Hold. Homer & Peter get into a Tie-Up and Homer hits a Sidewalk Slam onto Peter. Homer then heads to the Top Turnbuckle, and hits an Elbow Drop on Peter. Homer is flexing until Chris attacks him. Bart then helps out his dad by giving hitting a Bartdog on Chris. Homer then hits a Homer Choke Hold onto Peter, putting him down on the mat for the pin.

Ref makes the count 1,2,3. (Rings Bell)

"Here are your winners: Homer & Bart Simpson!" said Tripp.

"Homer & his son pull off a victory here tonight." said Bender.

"But at Full Contact, Bart has to take on Chris by himself." stated Iroh.

(Backstage) John Santoni is standing next to Team Possible.

"I am here with Team Possible. Now at Full Contact, You guys will be teaming up with Spongebob to battle the Nick World Order in a Six Person Mixed Tag Team Match, Any thoughts?" asked John.

"Well I believe that..." said Kim unti...

Suddenly, Spongebob appears wearing a Black Turtleneck, and Blue Camo Pants.

"Hey guys! Like my outfit? I made it myself from my Eyelashes." said Spongebob as he flaunted the Threads.

"Neat." replied Ron.

"Odd... Anyway, Since Spongebob is a valuable comrade, and I am sure that we can beat the Nick World Order." said Kim.

(Commercial Break)

(Promo) Tonight, A match that determines two destinies... For one, Facing his Rival in a match could shatter CWF. For the other, Untold Opportunities. Monkey D. Luffy vs. Naruto Uzumaki for the CWF Championship.

(Danny Phantom Theme Plays)

"This mixed Tag Team match is set for one fall. Making his way to the ring, From Amity Park: Danny Phantom!" said Tripp as the Crowd Cheers.

"At Full Contact Danny Phantom will battle Sokka for the United States Championship." said Bender.

"Both Danny & Sokka will be part of Team CWF at Three Chains of Destiny." said Iroh.

(The Life and Times of Juniper Lee Theme Plays)

"And his Tag Team Partner, From Orchid Bay City: Juniper Lee!" said Tripp as the Crowd Cheers.

"At Full Contact, Juniper Lee will face Azula & Ember McLain in a Triple Threat Match for the Women's Championship." said Bender.

"June is hoping to win back the Championship she never lost." said Iroh.

(SHOW NO FEAR! is heard followed by The Nick World Order Theme Plays)

"And their opponents, First, From The Southern Water Tribe in the South Pole: Sokka!" said Tripp as the Crowd Cheers.

"Sokka has been the United States Champion since winning it back in July at Ultimate Showdown." stated Bender.

"But remember, Danny was also a United States Champion & CWF Champion." said Iroh.

(Dark Orchestral Music Plays)

"And his Tag Team Partner, From The Fire Nation: Azula!" said Tripp as the Crowd Boos.

"Azula will be part of Three Chains of Destiny also as she teams with Angelica Pickles and battle Kim Possible & Naruko, and Shego & Ember McLain in a Triple Threat Tag Match." said Bender.

"The other CWF-only match is Skulker vs. Spongebob in a Cage Match." stated Iroh.

Juniper Lee and Azula start off in the ring. The match begins with June hitting afew punches onto Azula. Azula seems unaffected, and then hits a Clothesline onto June. Azula picks June up, and hits another Clothesline. Azula then hits a Knee Drop onto June, and puts her in a Leg Lock. Azula tries to pick up June, but June counters out, and then tags in Danny. Sokka now enters the match, and ducks one of Danny's attackes, and then hits a Spinning Neckbreaker. Sokka then pins Danny.

1,2,... Danny kicks out

Sokka tries to put Danny in a Boston Crab, but Danny reverses it into a Figure Four Leglock. Sokka tries to grab onto the ropes, but Danny has it locked in. Sokka is about to submit until Azula comes in and breaks the Leglock. June then comes into the match, and goes after Azula. The Ref then gets knocked out by Azula. The four continue to brawl in the ring until the Zuko enters, and hits a Death Valley Driver onto Danny. Ember then comes out of nowhere, and hits a Rock & Roller (Spinning RKO) on Azula. Spongebob then runs into the ring, and attacks Sokka & Zuko. June then rolls up Azula for the pin as the Ref is back up.

Ref makes the count 1,2,3. (Rings Bell)

"Here are your winners: Danny Phantom & Juniper Lee!" said Tripp.

Danny & June then get attacked by Skulker, and Azula as Zim, Dib, & El Tigre run into the ring. Spongebob tries to fight off Skulker, but is no match for the others. Kim & Ron then run into the ring, and evens the odds as the Nick World Order begins to retreat from the Ring. Sokka gets out of the Ring with his United States Title as June, Ron, Kim, Spongebob, Ember, and Danny stand tall in the ring.

"The Nick World Order are leaving the Ring." said Bender.

"Well the Nick World Order will have nowhere to run when it's members will be involved in their matches at Full Contact." said Iroh.
(Backstage) Monkey D. Luffy is seen shadow boxing when he is met by Nami & Zolo (The Straw Hat Crew)

"Hey guys, Cool that you came!" said an excited Luffy.

"Well since it is your first crack at the CWF Championship, We're here to support you from Backstage." said Nami.

"Anyway, After the match Win or Lose, We're gonna go to Gray Crustacean to celebrate." said Zolo.

"Awesome!" exclaimed Luffy.

"Good luck Luffy." said Zolo, and Nami.

"The Title match is next! said Bender.

"This is gonna be a rocket-buster." said Iroh.

(Commercial Break)

(Promo) A video is shown of Chiro entering the Ring, and then performing some wrestling moves. Chiro then hits a Thunder Punch, and then a Lightning Kick onto an opponent. Then afew words appear: Don't try this at home.

"Everyone on CWF are trained at what they do so leave this stuff to the Pros kids." said Chiro.

The Offical Card for CWF'S Full Contact.

Azula defends her CWF Women's Championship against Ember McLain & Juniper in a Triple Threat Match.

June wants the Championship she never was pinned for, Ember is gunning to get the Title Legitimately, and Azula is gonna hold on to the Belt for as long as she can, Something's got to give.

Chris Griffin vs. Bart Simpson for the CWF Hardcore Championship.

The son of a Brewery Worker vs. The son of a Power Plant Worker with all weapons available, It's gonna be a riot.

Team Possible & Spongebob Squarepants vs. The Nick World Order in a Six Person Mixed Tag Match.

Who will be the Nick World Order's first female member?

Kenny & Cartman defend their CWF Tag Team Championships against Zim & Dib, Stan & Kyle, and Chiro and a partner of his choosing.

Who is Chiro's friend, and most of all, Who is mystery man stalking Chiro?

Danny Phantom vs. Sokka for the CWF United States Championship.

Danny maybe a former CWF Champ, but Sokka does have his NWO buddies behind him.

Finally; It will be either Naruto Uzumaki vs. Sasuke Uchiua with the CWF Championship on the line or Monkey D. Luffy vs. An Opponent of JC's Choosing with the CWF Championship on the line.

I would love to see Naruto vs. Sasuke, but with the ramifications there, I'm gonna hope we see the ladder.

Fall Out Boy's Thnks Fr Th Mmrs is the official theme for Full Contact.

Full Contact is sponsored by Spider-Man 3 on DVD.

(One Piece Theme Plays)

"This match is set for one fall, and it is for the CWF Championship. Making his way to the ring, From Fucshia Town, Monkey D. Luffy!" said Tripp as the Crowd Cheers.

"Monkey D. Luffy may have treasure coming his way if he beats Naruto." said Bender.

"But if he wins, He will have to defend his Title against a Superstar of JC's Choosing at Full Contact." said Iroh.

(Naruto U.S. Season Three Theme Plays)

"And his opponent, From Konoha, He is the CWF Champion: Naruto Uzumaki!" said Tripp as the Crowd Cheers.

"If Naruto wins here tonight, He will battle Sasuke Uchihua with the CWF Championship on the line." said Bender.

"Sasuke has been signed for one match only so if Sasuke wins, I don't know what will happen." said Iroh.

The match begins with Luffy & Naruto in a staredown. Naruto then hits a Chop onto Luffy. Naruto then tries to hit a Suplex on Luffy, but Luffy counters with a Sidewalk Slam. Luffy then puts Naruto in a STF Hold, but Naruto counters out of it. Luffy and Naruto then exchange Chops until Naruto Irish Whips Luffy into the Ring Post. Naruto then hits a Rolling Head Scissors onto Luffy. Naruto then begins to get ready to hit a Ninja Kick onto Luffy. Naruto almosts hits it, but Luffy ducks at the very last second, and then hits a Gum Gum Rocket right onto Naruto's jaw. Luffy then pins Naruto.

Ref makes the count 1,2,... Naruto kicks out

"That was Wicked!" Chants start up by the Fans as Naruto gets the upperhand on Luffy by hitting a Clothesline. Naruto then puts Luffy in a Choke Hold. Luffy though is able to grab the Ropes, and break the Hold. Luffy then hits a Suplex on Naruto. Luffy then gets ready to hit a Gum Gum Rocket on Naruto. Luffy tries to hit a Gum Gum Rocket, but Naruto is able to counter, and then hits an Arm Lock onto Luffy. Luffy is in pain, but he is able to get himself out of the Arm Lock. Luffy tries to get the upperhand on Naruto, but Naruto hits a Ninja Kick on Luffy. Naruto then pins Luffy.

Ref makes the count 1,2,... Luffy kicks out

Luffy then gets back up, and hits a Spinning Kick onto Naruto. Luffy then heads to the Top Turnbuckle, and then hits a Diving Double Axe Handle onto Naruto. Luffy then gets the Crowd going as he then picks Naruto up, and hits a Sidewalk Slam. Luffy then puts Naruto in a Cobra Clutch. Naruto is in major pain as he desperately tries to get his arms to the Ropes. Naruto continues to crawl until he finally gets his hand onto the Ropes, and breaks the Hold. Luffy then gets ready to hit another Gum Gum Rocket, but Naruto dodges, and hits a Curse Seal. Naruto then pins Luffy.

Ref makes the count 1,2,3. (Rings Bell)

"Here is your winner and still CWF Champion: Naruto Uzumaki!" said Tripp as Naruto is given the CWF Title.

"So it is official, Naruto vs. Sasuke at Full Contact." said Bender.

Suddenly, Sasuke Uchihua walks down the Entrance Ramp, and confronts Naruto in the ring.

"But it looks like we're gonna get a preview of this match now." said Iroh.

Naruto, and Sasuke stare eachother down. Naruto then holds his CWF Championship above his head as the show draws to a close.


Stan Marsh & Kyle Brofloski vs. The Erupting Eds (No Contest)

Stan Marsh & Kyle Brofloski def. Mr. Eddy & Nelson Muntz (Disqualification)

Homer & Bart Simpson def. Peter & Chris Griffin

Danny Phantom & Juniper Lee def. Sokka & Azula

Naruto Uzumaki def. Monkey D. Luffy (Retains CWF Title)

Another Chapter finished. I'm a little bit stuck on CWF Classics, but I'm sure I can come up with another Chapter soon. Reviews are up!