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Chapter 5: Hot Tub Antics

Rory and Tristan went about the next school day as they always did after they had one of their little encounters, Tristan stared at Rory whenever he had the opportunity to, while Rory knowingly avoided Tristan, afraid that if anybody noticed her giving him more attention than usual they would catch on to the fact that something was going on between them.

Rory wasn't stupid, she was aware that Tristan had feelings for her, just as she was aware that the looks he sent her were more than just the looks of a horny teenage boy. However, she had just gotten out of her relationship with Dean and the last thing she wanted was another complicated relationship, especially one with a player like Tristan. The system they had going was good, it was simple, they both wanted each other and they were both having a good time.

As Rory pulled her locker door open a note fell to floor with her the name 'Mary' neatly scribbled across the top. Rory quickly picked it up and smiled to herself as she read it: 'Mary – if you want to get your panties back you should come to my house tonight at around 7 o'clock to collect them...I will have the Hot tub ready – Tristan.'

"So, I've been thinking..." Paris announced as she threw herself against Rory's neighboring locker.

Rory gasped in surprise and placed a hand over her heart, "Geez Paris, would you stop popping up like that!"

Paris rolled her eyes, "Whatever" she stated, "now as I was saying, what is going on between you and Tristan?"

Rory froze for a moment like a deer caught in headlights. It was impossible that Paris knew what was going on, Rory had been so careful. Realising that she was still holding Tristan's note Rory quickly shoved it into her pocket and busied herself with closing her locker to avoid meeting Paris' gaze.

"What are you talking about?" Rory questioned, trying to disguise the nervous tone of her voice. The two girls headed towards the cafeteria for their lunch period.

"Your avoiding him." Paris stated as she glared at a student who stepped into her path.

"No, I'm not," Rory answered a little to quickly, thankfully Paris didn't seem to notice.

"Really because I haven't seen the two of you talking much since that costume party, did you have a fight or something?" Paris asked, her voice was accusing.

"Paris!" Rory sighed exasperatedly. "Why would I be fighting with Tristan?" As Paris opened her mouth to answer Rory continued , "He has probably just been to busy with his bimbo of the week to bother me, personally I'm thankful. I hate him."

This answer seemed to satisfy Paris who gave Rory a slight nod in response before joining the throng of students heading towards the queue for food. Rory gave herself a mental pat on the back glad that she was able to think of something quickly enough to throw Paris off her scent. That is until she heard somebody call Tristan's name and she realised that he had been standing behind her the entire time. Without so much as a glance Tristan brushed past her and made his way to his table of friends.


The rest of the day went by slowly for Rory. She had looked all over Tristan so that she could explain what had happened, but she had no classes with him after her lunch period. She made it to the car park just in time to see him speeding out of the car park at the end of the day. "Great."


Rory's finger was shaking as she rang the doorbell. She wasn't sure whether or not Tristan would still want to see her, but she decided she should come over, apologise and leave. While she was waiting for the maid to answer the door she was left alone with her thoughts, which was a dangerous place for a Gilmore girl to be. Rory began to panic. Maybe she should take this as a sign. Maybe Tristan was supposed to overhear her words and misunderstand them. Maybe this was a higher powers way of telling her that her situation with Tristan needed to end, that she was getting in too deep. She had even lied to her mum about where she was going tonight, she hated lying to her mum...she never lied to her mum. Rory knew she was involved in a bad situation, especially when she was too afraid to tell her mother, her best friend in the world anything about it. She thought Rory was at Paris house studying, like the good little girl that she was.

Rory turned on her heel and began making her way down the porch steps, if she hurried she could probably make it to her car before anybody answered the door. Rory made it to the last step before she heard the creaking of the door opening behind her, she turned around ready to tell the maid how sorry she was and that she had the wrong address. Rory's breath caught in her throat when her eyes did not meet those of one of the Dugrey's many house staff, but instead met the icy blue eyes of a certain boy...a very pissed off boy at that.

Rory gave Tristan a quick once over, he was leaning casually again the door frame, a pair of black track pants sat low on his hips, while a white, snug fitting wife beater covered his torso, his arms were folded over his chest showing off the perfect bulge of his biceps. His hair was even more messed up than usual and it look as though he had just woken up. He had never looked so irresistible in his life. With one glance at him Rory was willing to take back every thought sthat had passed through her head in the last 5 minutes, whoever this higher power was they were definitely playing with her mind.

"What are you doing here Rory?" Tristan asked, his question came out roughly, and his eyes were showing no sign of emotion.

Rory felt extremely nervous all of a sudden. "I..um..I just wanted to come over to explain."

"You don't have to explain anything Rory. You made your feelings about me quiet clear." Tristan spat, the volume of his voice slowly increasing. Rory looked at the floor before slowly making her way up the porch stairs.

"I didn't mean it like that Tristan." Rory responded, she reached the front door and stood in front of Tristan, reaching out to grab his hand. Tristan snatched his hand away as if he had been burned.

"Yeah, well, you seemed pretty certain to me." Tristan spat. "You know what, don't even worry about it. We both know that this meant nothing. We were just fooling around. Just say the word and this can end, I have plenty of other girls that have been waiting for for a chance with me." The second that the words left Tristan's mouth he instantly regretted them. He just wanted to hurt Rory the same way that she had hurt him.

Rory opened her mouth to retort to Tristan's harsh statement but no words would come out. She could feel her throat tightening and her eyes began to water. Seeing this made Tristan's heart break.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry Rory. I didn't mean that. Please stop crying. I was just so angry and upset and...and...confused." Rory looked down at th floor, refusing to meet Tristan's eyes. She knew that if she did she would lose it completely.

Tristan groaned in frustration and rubbed the back of his neck, his eyes scanned his front yard as if he were looking for some kind of magical portal that would take him back in time and let him handle the situation completely differently. Unfortunately all he found were the eyes of his neighbour's gardener who seemed to have been watching the entire encounter intensely. 'Oh Great!' Tristan thought, not only did he make the girl he had ever felt anything for cry but now the whole neighbourhood was going to know everything about it.

"Rory" Tristan stated, dropping his voice so that it was almost a whisper, "I'm sorry, please come inside and let me try to explain." All he received was a sniffle in response, and that was all he needed. He reached out and gently grabbed Rory by the wrist and towed her along behind him, her eyes remained on the floor the entire time until they seemed to come to a stop and Tristan released her wrist, they had made it to the kitchen.

The two stood in an awkward silence, neither knowing what to say. Surprisingly it was Rory who was the first to speak. "I really didn't mean it." She whispered, still looking at the floor.

"I know" Tristan responded, and he really did believe it. "Look Rory, all that stuff I said before I didn't mean it. Really. Besides there is only one girl that I want. I like you Rory." He gently wiped a piece of stray hair off of her face and tucked it behind her ear and then lifted her chin so that her eyes met his. "I like you a lot."

"Oh, Tristan" Rory sighed. She wanted to say in back, she really did, but something was holding her back. "I want to...but I can't...please...don't hate me." Rory stuttered.

Tristan could see she was about to panic and couldn't help but chuckle. "Hey, hey don't worry about it. You can't say it yet and that's fine, but hopefully one day you will be able to say it, and when that day comes I will be waiting."

Rory offered a small smile, unsure how to respond to the statement. She was beginning to think that there was something wrong with her and that she would never be able to say those words out loud to anyone. But after hearing Tristan say that he would wait for her, she was beginning to think that she was one step closer to falling for him.

"Now come on" Tristan started, "I believe you asked me if I had a hot tub." Rory rolled her eyes as Tristan began dragging her towards the glass sliding doors that led to his backyard.

"Yes I asked if you owned a hot tub. I never said I wanted to go in it with you." Rory replied. She burst out giggling when Tristan suddenly stopped midway through walking out of the door and swung around, his face resembled that of a child who had just had his favourite toy taken off him.

"That was just cruel!" Tristan cried, which only caused Rory to laugh more.

"Awww I'm sorry." Rory offered and gave Tristan a quick peck on the lips. "However, we have one small problem, I don't have my bathing suit."

"Does that really matter?" Tristan asked, as he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Rory felt her confidence creeping back. "No, I suppose it" she responded, she slid passed Tristan who was still standing in the door way, making sure she rubbed against him in all the right places as she did so.

Tristan threw his head back against the door frame and groaned, but just as soon and the contact was there it was gone again. Tristan opened his eyes to see that Rory was already halfway across the yard headed towards the pool, taking her shirt of as she went. It didn't take long for Tristan to sprint off after her.


Tristan followed the trail of Rory's discarded clothing and found her already in the hot tub. Although only her head and shoulders were visible above the waters edge, the panties and bra that ended the trail allowed Tristan to know that she was naked. Tristan looked down at her and grew hard at the sight. Her hair was wet and was clinging to her cheeks, her cheeks were flushed as a result of the steam that was swirling around her and she was slightly biting her lower lip and looking up at Tristan from beneath her long lashes, clearly wondering why he was still standing before her while fully dressed.

After realising what he was doing Tristan hurriedly began to remove his clothes, almost tripping over himself in anticipation. He heard Rory gasp as he tugged off his boxer shorts and revealed his hard cock in all of its glory. Although she looked slightly embarrassed Rory did not look away as he thought she would, instead she beckoned him to join her with a crooked finger and stood straighter in the water, revealing her glistening breasts. Tristan's breath hitched in his throat and he sat on the hot tubs edge prepared to lower himself in. He was distracted from his task however as Rory began to glide toward him, elegantly cutting though the water until she was standing between his legs. She reached up and hooked a hand behind his neck pulling him down for a short but heated kiss. The kiss was broken when Rory placed her hands on Tristan's chest and gently pushed his back into a sitting position. Tristan's eyes opened at the loss of contact and he looked down to meet Rory's mischievous gaze which remained locked on his as she lowered herself down into the water, pausing briefly to slowly pump a hand up and down Tristan's shaft before placing a kiss against the tip. Tristan groaned at the contact, but never allowed his eyes to stray from Rory's. His eyes became clouded with confusion however as Rory began to lower her body once again, stopping when the water was just above her chin, not once did she break the eye contact.

Rory parted her lips and let some of the water drip into her mouth before slowly rising again. She placed a hand around the base of Tristan's cock and took him into her mouth. Tristan's breathing began to quicken at the sensation that was being caused by the warm water swirling around him. Rory began to pay special attention to the tip of his cock, pumping her hands up and down the length of his shaft while Tristan buried his hands within her hair. Tristan was not going to lie, he had experienced a few blow jobs over the years...a lot of blow jobs actually, but none of them had made him feel like cumming within a matter of minutes. Everything about Rory turned him on, from the way that she kept eye contact with him throughout the whole ordeal, the way that she made no sound allowing the only sounds that could be heard to be that of her moving around in the water and of Tristan's heavy breathing, to the way that she still managed to look so damn innocent while she was sucking him off.

Tristan was pulled from his thoughts as he felt Rory move away from him. He let out an unintentional groan of disappointment and looked at her with questioning eyes. She simply smirked at him as she angled her head and blew air along his shaft. Tristan moaned in pleasure and leaned back to rest on his elbows as the air hit the spots which Rory had recently wet. He involuntarily shuddered as Rory moved around him, blowing air all over his cock. Just as Tristan could feel himself reaching the edge, Rory moved a hand down and gently tugged on his balls. "MARYYY!" Tristan screamed as collapsed onto the pavement, his feet still dangling in the water.


Tristan laid like that for a few minutes, trying to regain his composure and waiting for his body to stop trembling. He slowly sat up to find Rory on the other side of the tub. Her head was resting against the edge of the hot tub, making her already long neck appear even longer. Tristan had to talk himself out of leaping across the tub and attacking her neck. She looked so peaceful and relaxed. Tristan moved slowly and quietly, removing his feet from the hot tub and tip toeing his way across the pavement to the switch that allowed him to activate the hot tubs bubble jets. As the jets gurgled to life Rory jumped up and looked around for Tristan slightly panicked. When her eyes finally spotted Tristan near the button she shot him a mock glare. Tristan responded with a chuckle and ran back across the pavement. He leaped pack into the hot tub and pulled Rory against him. "Sorry Baby, but I couldn't resist" he muttered, as he placed kisses up and down her neck.

"That was mean!" Rory pouted. Tristan pulled himself away from Rory's neck.

"Hmm. You're right, it was mean. I suppose I better find a way to make it up to you." He nipped at Rory's pouted lower lip before pulling her in for a rough kiss. The two teenagers fought for control, hands running all over one and other, their slippery bodies sliding against one and other. Tristan pulled away from Rory and spun her around. Before Rory could even comprehend what was going on Tristan had positioned her body directly in front of a jet, the gushing water perfectly hitting her clit. Tristan pressed his body against Rory's back and snaked an arm across her hips, holding her firmly in place. He used his other free hand to roam Rory's body, running it up and along her flat stomach before stopping to play with her breasts. Rory laid her head back to rest on Tristan's shoulder, her breathing was getting hitched in her throat and moans of pleasure were escaping her lips. Tristan took the opportunity to lightly bite Rory's neck. Rory's body begun to buck against the water as she was overcome with pleasure, and although her first reaction was to move out of the gushing water's path Tristan held her firmly in place. Rory rotated her head slightly on Tristan's shoulder and pulled his face to her hears for a kiss. Rory could feel herself reaching the edge and began to whimper against Tristan's mouth. "Tris..I'm going to..I'm going to.."

"Shhh. Just let yourself go" Tristan said in a soothing whisper. As Rory's body began to buck more violently, Tristan took one of her nipples between his fingers and lightly pinched it. The small action was enough to push Rory over the edge and she came stronger than she had ever cum before, calling out Tristan's name and collapsing against him as she did so.


A short while later Tristan awoke to find that he and Rory and fallen asleep next to each other in the hot tub. They were sitting along the hot tubs seat, Rory's head against his shoulder. "Mary" Tristan whispered in her ear, "wake up baby."

"Mmmm" Rory whined as she stirred against him.

"Come on baby, we have to get you out of this water before you get sick."

"It's warm water you idiot," she snapped as she snuggled deeper against his neck.

Tristan chuckled. "Regardless I think it's time that we got out. I don't fancy you with wrinkly skin."

Rory opened her eyes and glared at Tristan. "Come on, get out now and you can have your panties back." Tristan coaxed.

"No. I will just get them off of you next time." Rory muttered.

"Oh, so there will be a next time?" Tristan asked with a smirk.

"There doesn't have to be," Rory snapped as she removed her head from Tristan's shoulder. "Feel free to give up your turn."

"You are grumpy when you wake up," Tristan teased, and he laughed at Rory's sheepish face. "But no I think I will keep my turn, you're not getting out of it that easily...I just haven't figured out which fantasy of you I want made into reality..believe me there are MANY to choose from."

Rory turned a deep shade of red at that response, yet it seemed to satisfy her. She laid her head back down on to Tristan's shoulder and the two collapsed into a comfortable silence. Although they were both sitting their completely naked and exposed, neither of them had ever felt as calm, relaxed or comfortable as they did right then.