She was watching him ponder under the great maroon curtain of old dirty window. Two of his long fingers were rubbing pale flesh of his chin while violet eyes wondered from clouds to buildings like rough looking fields with windows and doors. Nervous he seems to be.

She didn't like him nervous. Being nervous to a sin is like human being in pain.

Something's missing.

"Envy…"-she whisper his name and walks closer to place her palm on his shoulder.

He stops rubbing his, almost red, chin and looks up.

"You seem tense?"

"I don't know what you're talking about…?"

He won't admit it. He never does.

"It's them, isn't it? You are mad because of Elrics."

But of course it was them, he thought, it's always them.

The boys and their father deserve to die. And Envy's finger moves back to chin to continue its work.

"Maybe you should stop now. Let me help you."

She was like a mother to him sometimes. She was always there to bring him food or inform about Elric's current location. But Envy didn't notice that.

She placed both palms on each shoulder to give him a slow massage.

He drops arms on side and leans against her chest.

Her big breasts presses back against him and she moans silently.

But she also was a whore. She reacts easily on sensitive touches and is always in need for sex. Hence her sinner name "Lust".

Envious sin grins and turns around to face her. She had a small pink shadow on her cheeks and soft desire in eyes. It was Envy's turn to satisfy her tonight.

She starts walking backwards, still facing him, until she hits the table and sits on it.

He spreads her legs and lifts her black dress to reveal pale legs and no panties.

Yes, a real whore she was.

Envy licks his index finger and moves it between her legs to show it deep into her.

But she was eager, and she wanted something bigger from him.

"Envy, please…"

"Lust, I'm trying to follow the rules."

"There are no rules in sex, Envy."

"What man told you that? The one from the last week or the one from yesterday?"-He drops his gaze to his finger and moves deeper in when she kicks him hard in shoulder and frowns.

"Envy, I don't do that!"

This is the first time Envy is seeing her mad like this. She was red in face, trembling in anger with narrowed eyes.

"But I saw you Lust! With that fucking human you like. What's his name again?"

"Envy, are you jealous?"

She already seemed calm.

He glares coldly at her when she kneels next to him and cup his cheek. In next second, their lips lock.

Envy was melting, her lips tasted like that lipstick she's wearing and her breath was hot, making Envy horny more than he already was.

She could feel hardness between his legs, which means she must do her part.

She pulled his skort down to his knees and took his erection in hands.


Envy's look drops to her black hair covering his tights and moan escapes male's lips when she starts sucking on his shaft.

Was he blind? He lives with the best whore and he never did this before.

She licked and sucked like a real professional, moving deeper every time to hear him moan.

Suddenly she felt his hand in her hair, pulling her lower to take his shaft completely in mouth.

"I can't hold for a long…."

She felt the tip of his cock touching her throat and quickly pulled out to let him cum.

"Your man is lucky…."-he mumbles while gasping for air.

Lust smiles and gives Envy another kiss on cheek before fixing her dress and turning to leave.

"Leaving already?"-He states with cool smirk.

"There is no point of staying. You already seem better."-With that Lust leaves.

"Whore."-He mumbles and walks back to his window-"I know you're seeing Hohenheim…"