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Summary: Jackie/Donna friendship fic at the start of The Season That We Do Not Speak Of. Okay, I decided to do more...

Chapter 2: The Sigh Heard 'Round The World

She had just finished putting her last dress in the closet when Donna came back into the room. The two had spent the passed three hours unpacking all of Jackie's things into the small apartment on the edges of Point Place. Donna tried to get the tiny girl to go back to Chicago, seeing as how the news station offered her job back when their replacement didn't turn out so well. To her surprise, though, Jackie resisted. She wanted to stay.

"I don't want to lose everything just because I lost him," she had told her.

So, they searched for an apartment and found one close to the beauty salon where Fez worked. That turned out to be a blessing and a curse all at the same time. While she did manage to get a job there sweeping up hair and tidying up, she knew it wouldn't be long until she found Fez hiding out in her closet.

She laughed, for the first time in days. It was stupid and it wasn't even that funny, but it was true. She would find Fez there, probably smelling one of her outfits. She'd kick him out and he's sneak back in. Oddly, she found that comforting.

Jackie looked at her friend, who was staring at her. "What? Can't I laugh?"

"No," Donna said and crossed her arms, waiting for the explanation.

"Donna!" Jackie said and slapped her on the arm. She waited for the expected, "Oww, you midget," in which Donna didn't disappoint, before telling her tall friend what she was thinking. Seconds later, Donna's own lips moved into a grin and she started to laugh.

"Good ol' Fez," she said before settling herself on the queen size bed. "So, how do you feel. Really?"

Jackie opened her mouth to give a smart response but quickly closed it. How did she feel? After all, in all of three months she'd gone from having a boyfriend, a place to live and a job to single and jobless to having her own apartment and a job. Even if it was a crappy job. Sighing, Jackie joined Donna on the bed. "Content."

Donna snapped her head in Jackie's direction in surprise. "Content?"

"Well... maybe not content. Steven just broke my heart, I don't know if I'm ever going to be content. But the only way to find out is start being on my own. I thought that if this ever happened, I'd be a mess. But I'm not. I'm not going to just give up because he did. If Steven wants to stay where he is forever, then good for him. But I have dreams and aspirations and I can't let him stop me. I would have given it all up for him but since I don't have him, I won't. Nothing's gonna stop me now."

"That was inspirational and uncharacteristic," Donna said, faking concern. "I think you're delusional. Maybe I should call Mrs. Forman." Patting Jackie on the knee, Donna got up and moved for the phone.

"Don't you dare, you lumberjack," Jackie said sternly, but with a smile on her face.

"Oh, I'm gonna," Donna said right before bolting out of the door, rushing for the phone.

"Bitch!" Jackie screamed as she chased her through the sparsely furnished apartment. The two girls chased each other around, throwing pillows from the couch at one another to slow them down. When it was over, Donna was sitting on the couch with the phone to her ear. Calling for take out.

"What do you mean, she moved out, Bob?" Red said, leaning forward menacingly. He found that helped people stay honest; when they were afraid.

"I mean, Jackie isn't living with me and Donna anymore," he said sadly. It had taken him a week to finally make his way over to tell everyone; he had been crying and knew that Red would make him cry for a different reason if he came over like that.

"Well, where is she, Bob?" Red asked. True, Jackie was "one of those dumbass kids" but he'd taken a liking to her. After all, she always went after what she wanted. Plus, she could fix a carburetor.

"She found an apartment. Donna's helping her unpack now," he replied, picking up a brownie that Kitty made earlier in the day.

Red sighed and grabbed a brownie. He expected the poor girl to break down, not move away. But he thought it was better that she did. Steven decided he wanted to continue to be a dumbass and stay married to Sam. Jackie didn't need to see that, especially when it was obvious that Steven didn't love Sam. "Good for her," he said finally.

Fez watched Charlie's Angels on the basement couch. He always did, at that same time, in that same spot, every day. If you ever needed to know where he was, just wait until Charlie's Angels was on and look in the basement. There he'd be.

Which was annoying the hell out of Sam. Yeah, she loved Charlie's Angels. She often dreamed that she was one, kicking ass and being sexy. But she wanted to have sex with Hyde and Hyde wouldn't do it with Fez around. Actually, come to think of it, Hyde wouldn't do it for a lot of reasons.

He wouldn't have sex if the Forman's were around, if his friends were around, if he was at work, if he just came home from work, if he was hungry or just ate, if the Price Is Right was on. Why do you always go for the complicated men, Sam?

Just how complicated, she didn't realize until Fez 'accidently' told her all about Hyde and Jackie. Now that was complicated. And messy. And... something else. Sam couldn't think of another word for it; she was a stripper not a grammatist!

Sighing, she walked over to Hyde's chair and sat down. The creepy perverted foreign guy stopped watching Charlie's Angels long enough to look at her chest but she didn't mind. Hell, she barely even noticed. She too had immersed herself in the plot of the show.

As he gazed at her decently large chest, Fez found himself getting needy. Somehow, though, it was different from all the other times. While he loved looking at her, he felt dirty and ashamed of it, something that he truly never felt before. But why?

He knew that answer. That girl was the reason his Jackie, his goddess, wouldn't be watching Charlie's Angels with him anymore. When she told him that she was moving, she offered her place as their designated "Watch Charlie's Angel" spot because she didn't feel comfortable in the basement anymore. Not now, and maybe not ever. Fez sighed. The group was breaking up. But Eric was wrong, it wasn't Jackie who was Yoko.

It was Sam.

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