.:Crimson Love:.


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Snow fell gently against an old wooden shack. It creaked about as if it was soon to collide to the earth. It's appearence didn't help that any. It was just a wooden house, weakened by age, some boards already missing, seeming so cold and uninviting. No human would dare step foot in it, for it had the dreary feeling of something like if you were drowning...unable to catch your breath.

However inside lurked a small frail figure with the appearance of a young man who sat in the corner, hugging his knees, would be cold if not for his condition. He had his head burried in his knees so it wasn't possible to note his eye color. You could see his hair though. It was dark brown and shaggy now. A disarray of brunette strands.

His hands were not visible but he looked strangely pale...unnaturally. Perhaps it could be he was frozen...or...

The brunette slowly lifted his head, eyes aflaring shade of crimson. "Bennnn.." the boy hissed to no one in particular, "Soonnn." With his last word he tucked his head safetly into his knees and grew silent yet again... Sensing the snowy hell outside would soon subside..


A calm boy sat against a window. He was lean, not excessively tiny, but not prominent. He sighed, his breath showing against the cool transparent solid. He shut his eyes seeming to want the whole world to just leave him be... Seeming to be in deep emotion. Painful emotion. He excluded the room by closing his ocean blue eyes. His fair deep brunette hair, which was near black, was damp with the drops that lurked on the glass. The room he sat in looked quite admirable. It was obvious he had some wealth. Yet he just sat there against the pane in thought..alone and secluded like the recluse he had indeed become. The weather outside didn't help his mood. For whatever reason he was down the weather just appended more negative emotions. He slowly opened his eyes and gazed out into the infinite white. The snow hit against the glass hard, in fact he wouldn't be stunned if it broke the glass all together. Not that he really cared. This life meant nothing to him anymore. It was just bitter endless lonlieness with no meaning to it in the least. At least he had no meaning. Not anymore anyways.

Footsteps echoed in the seemingly empty house as something walked up the stairs for the room he was in.
The sound of knocking against wood was heard. "Ben, dinner." Came a voice. An elderly female who sounded tired and had forced enthusiasm within her voice.
The boy, whoms name had been revealed as Ben turned his head to the door. "Come in Mrs. Mills." He mumbled under his breath. The woman was not a parent, but a guardian. A used to be housekeeper and now parent figure for him. The elderly lady stepped in and looked at him. "Ben.." She said as if trying to comfort him. Ben glanced over his shoulder at her. "Emily's grave is covered in snow now. She wouldn't have liked that much." He mumbled to the woman. "Ben, you know Emily loved the snow." She said trying to solace him. He sighed faintly and nodded simply. It had been two years since Emily had died yet the memories lingered about in his head. What could he have done though? He was only thirteen and that boy was a vampire, how could he a mere mortal have competed with him Those sort of things were the positive side of his train of thoughts..then there were the more darker ones like, Why did he do it? What did she do to him? Traitor.. Why couldn't I have been there!? Why not me!? He bit his lip and dropped his head in thought. He looked over his shoulder and noticed the woman had gone..He hadn't noticed. He noticed a bowl of soup by him and quietly picked it up and spooned it into his mouth without thought on how it tasted. 'Em..'

He had no idea how much he was ail he was in for.


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